Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Faridabad

Goods & Services Tax (GST) is a form of unified indirect tax adopted by India on the 7th of July 2017. It applies to the supply of all goods and services except petroleum-based products, electricity & alcoholic drinks. GST was introduced to replace several indirect taxes & to bring the tax system under better control. The primal focus of GST collection is the end-users, unlike the previous tax systems. GST was introduced to rearrange India’s $2.4trillion economy. This article will not only cover the importance of GST but also some of the top GST certification courses in Faridabad.


List of best GST certification courses in Faridabad


History of GST in India


Before we get into learning about some of the best GST certification courses in Farihadbad, let’s understand its origin. GST, as already mentioned is a form of indirect tax collected by the government of India. An indirect tax is a tax that is applied to goods and services before they reach the end-user, who eventually pays the tax as a form of the MRP.


GST is preceded by VAT, also known as Value Added Tax. The main reason to replace VAT was the nonuniformity of the VAT percentage. Since VAT percentages varied from state to state, the MRP for the same product was different in different states.


GST has helped in unifying taxes like central excise duty, services tax, additional customs duty, surcharges, state-level VAT & Octroi. One of the major benefits of GST introduction has been the reduction of interstate travel time of good by 20%.


Who Can Undertake GST Certification Courses?


GST certifications can be undertaken by any student willing to learn. The students’ qualifications can range from a bachelor’s degree (in commerce, arts, or engineering) to tax professionals, chartered accountants, or company secretaries.


Why enroll in GST Certification Courses?


We will get to the best GST certification courses in Faridabad but first, let us understand the benefits that come along with a certification course in GST. These benefits are listed below


  • An individual with a GST certification can take the entrepreneurial path & start his or her consultancy firm 
  • Having a certificate in GST assists in increasing an employee’s salary by 15% to 20%
  • The client has more trust in your services when the service provider is certified by a reputed institution, ultimately benefiting the service provider
  • Job Opportunities soar for a certified GST student or a professional


Now that we have covered the basics, we can dive deep into institutes offering GST certification courses in Faridabad. Below is the detailed list to help you in your next career move.


Top 6 GST Certification Training Programs in Faridabad


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading ed-tech institutes across the globe offering comprehensive courses in multiple subjects like Content writing, Technical writing, Digital Marketing, Advanced SEO, BAT, and of course GST. As a top-ranking institute, IIM Skills have made it to the number 1 spot in this article on GST certification courses in Faridabad. Most significantly, it is also the best when it comes to business accounting and taxation courses in Delhi


Course Name: GST Certification Course


Key Highlights of the Course:

    • 16 hrs interactive lectures
    • Practical Assignments
    • Weekly Assessments
    • Freelance Opportunities / Placement Cell
    • Free Ebooks, Invoicing Tools & Software
    • Lifetime Access to Learning Material
    • 24*7 online support


The course is recognized by the MSME Government of India


Course Curriculum:

The course is further divided into 9 modules:

  • Module 1: The genesis & concept of GST & its impact on business
  • Module 2: The framework & structure of GST
  • Module 3: Registration Under GST: Criteria & Process explained
  • Module 4: Invoicing in GST: Rules & Regulation
  • Module 5: GST Returns Filing
  • Module 6: composition Scheme Under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • E-Way Bill under GST
  • Input Tax Credit & Payment in GST


Learning Outcomes of the Course:

  • Overall understanding of GST like its inception, compliance, implementation & enforcement
  • Understanding the nuances & ner points of GST
  • Impact of GST on business organizations
  • Practical knowledge of all processes under GST
  • Becoming ready for professional experience


Course Fee: INR 9900 + 18% GST


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Contact information: 

Phone # 9911839503

Email id:


Other Courses


2. AKB Institute of Finance & Management


AKBIFM is one of the top institutes offering multiple types of GST Certification courses in Faridabad, along with other Finance related courses. The institute has been in existence for more than 2 decades. Their approach to imparting knowledge involves the use of easy words & easy methods for all the topics covered


Read below to learn about the GST certification courses in Faridabad offered by AKBIFM


A- Course Name: 1-year Advance Diploma in Tally GST Accounting & Taxation


  Key Highlights of the course

  • Most suitable for freshers 
  • Most popular amongst GST Certification courses in Faridabad


  Course Fee: INR 32000 (You can enroll for a fee up to INR 27,000)


B- Course Name: 2 Weeks GST Crash Course


Course Curriculum:

  • Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • SGST (State Goods and Service Tax):
  • CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax):
  • IGST (Interstate Goods and Service Tax):  
  • UGST (Union territory Goods and Service Tax):
  • GST Tariff: Main Commodities and Service Tariff with rates
  • Reverse Charge 
  • Job Work
  • e-Commerce & TCS
  • TDS


Course Fee: INR 5,100 (You can enroll for a fee up to INR 4,200)


C- Course Name: 3 months-Certification Course n GST ally ERP 9


Course Curriculum:

  • Company Creation Ledger Creation
  • Journal Entries  Sales  & Purchase Entries
  • Payment, Receipt Entries       
  • Cash Book, Sales Register & Purchase Register               
  • Alteration of Entries
  • Inventory Reports Trial Balance                  
  • Accounts  Receivables and Accounts Payable
  • Goods and Service Tax(Intro)


Course Fee: INR 12,000


They also offer a Diplomas in Tally GST Accounting & Taxation


Contact Information:

Address: SCF-65, Syndicate Bank Basement, Opposite Nehru College, Sector-16 A Faridabad, Haryana (India) – 121001

WhatsApp No: 9310137300

Email @:


3. Cleartax


Cleartax is India’s leading SaaS-based platform for tax filing. Their platform has reached over 10% of Indian MSME. Apart from being a technology-driven platform, Cleartax also offers one of the outstanding GST certification courses in Faridabad. Cleartax as a service-based application has made over $4Billion in tax payments. It has helped in filing over  $300B worth of invoices, amongst other achievements. 


The Platform Has the Following Achievements Under Its Brand

  • Number 1 GST platform for Enterprises
  • Number 1 platform for tax experts
  • Number 1 tax returns platform for taxpayers


Cleartax now has a dedicated wing focusing on teaching the concepts of GST to learners


Reasons to Learn From Cleartax

  • The modules are built by 80+ Chartered Accountants & Tax Experts
  • It is trusted by 10m users annually
  • The course is up to date with revised tax rules


With the above-mentioned point, it is evident why Cleartax has made it to our list of GST certification courses in Faridabad


Course Name: Comprehensive E-learning certification on New GST Returns


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 8+ hrs. of training
  • Detailed transition plan to New GST
  • Lectures by Industry Experts
  • Assessment & Clear Tax Certification


Course Overview:

  • Introduction to New GST Returns
  • Complete Filing Process for RET-1/2/3
  • In-depth analysis of ANX-1/ 2
  • Transition plan from current to new returns
  • Case studies by expert CAs


Course Curriculum:


1- Basics of GST

  • GST Basics, Registration & Composition Scheme
  • Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Place of supply
  • Time of supply
  • Value of supply
  • GST payments & refunds
  • Assessment Procedures
  • Offenses & Penalties
  • GST Rates & Recent Notifications


2- New GST Return System

  • RET 1/2/3 with comparison
  • Comparison of old and new GST filing process
  • Detailed analysis of return types Monthly, Quarterly, Sahaj, and Sugam
  • Things to remember for buyers and supplier
  • Complete analysis for ANX-1, ANX-2, and RET forms
  • Matching & its complexities
  • Concept of missing invoices
  • Concept of locking, unlocking & deemed locking
  • Importance of invoice management
  • Live case study on new GST returns


3- Transition from Old to New System

  • Transition Plan proposed by the government
  • How to report invoices missed in the old GST system
  • How to claim ITC from the old GST system
  • How can a CA/ SME /Enterprise move to a new filing process?


4- Expert Section

  • Impact of new GST returns on the industry
  • Potential changes in ERP
  • Key take-aways for CFOs on changes expected in finance
  • Adoption of technology as a precursor to managing compliance cost


Course Fee- INR 4,800 (Discounted Rate- INR 3,600)


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The National Institute of Financial Markets is a center for financial expertise. NIFM is a private vocational training institute offering courses in the financial market, stock market & accounting taxation sector. NIFM offers one of the best GST certification courses in Faridabad.


NIFM is registered under the name of ‘NIFM Educational Institutions Ltd” under section 1956 of the Indian Companies Act. GST certification from NIFM ensures practical knowledge on topics related to GST. It also ensures learning how to apply that knowledge in a real-life situation.


Read Below to Know More About the Course:


Course Name: Certified GST Professional 


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Professional GST Certified Course
  • In-depth knowledge of GST Laws, applications, and concepts.
  • Curriculum-based on 80% practical training & 20% theoretical
  • Changes in the business process are required for compliance with the new law.
  • Training by industry experts
  • Practical knowledge of the different procedures required under the GST Act, such as Registration, Filing of Returns, availing Input Tax Credit, TDS
  • Faculties with over 10+ years of experience
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Unlimited Practical hours
  • Complete GST accounting training with online GST software
  • Smart, well-equipped classrooms.
  • Consolidated learning with regular home assignments
  • Good infrastructure and supportive management
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Lifetime support from faculties
  • Availability of weekend batches


Course Curriculum


Introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST)

  • Types of GST
  • How we determine GST liability
  • Who is eligible for GST
  • Threshold limit for GST registration
  • Who should register for GST
  • GST rate slabs
  • Due dates for all GST returns
  • What does not fall within the ambit of GST


Structure of GST

  • Meaning of Goods & Services in GST
  • Meaning of supply in GST
  • The taxable event in GST
  • Time of supply
  • Place of supply
  • Valuation of Supply


Invoicing in GST

  • Raised invoice and charged GST
  • GST invoice
  • Bill of supply
  • Debit Note / Credit Note
  • Payment Voucher


Input Tax Credit & Payment in GST

  • Offset GST liability
  • How we claim ITC
  • Modes of Payment
  • Electronic Liability Ledger
  • Electronic Credit Ledger
  • Electronic Cash Ledger


GST Return Filing

  • Type of return forms and due date
  • Process flow of return filing
  • GSTR1 return Filing – sales outward supply return
  • GSTR2A Reconciliation – purchase inward supply return
  • GSTR3B return filing
  • GSTR9/9B return filing 


Composition Scheme Under GST

  • Limitation and registration of composition scheme
  • The tax rate under the composition scheme
  • Return form in composition scheme


Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

  • What is RCM
  • Taxability under RCM


E-Way Bill under GST

  • Why E-way bill is required in GST
  • Who is responsible to issue the E-way bill
  • Issue E-way bill


Registration under GST 

  • Online Registration
  • Process of registration
  • Issued registration certificate
  • Amendments in Registration
  • Surrender of registration


Course Fee: INR 25,000 + GST

Course Duration: 2 months


Visit their website or call on 9910300590 | 011-45646322  for more information




ITAA, founded in 2016, is a leading institute providing accounting and recruitment courses. Among the many GST certification courses in Faridabad, ITAA has made it to our list because their course bridges the gap between the skills possessed by students and skills demanded by the industry.


ITAA is known to cater to the learning needs of students and professionals across the country.  Currently, they run online classes but they intend to expand to in-person classes as well shortly.


Course Name: GST Pro


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 35+ hours of Online Classes
  • Classes conducted over 7 modules
  • Certification is provided by ITAA
  • The faculty involves qualified Chartered Accountants


Learning Exposure Through the Course:

  • Advanced GST knowledge
  • Practical learning experience under a GST expert CA
  • How to reply to notices sent by the GST department
  • Practical Exposure to Relevant Market Practices of GST
  • Practical Experience with Relevant Market Practices of GST
  • Advanced compliances concerning GST


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to GST
  • Supply: Place, Time & Value
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Initial Compliance & Records under GST
  • Advanced Concepts in GST
  • Assessment procedure in GST
  • Advanced Compliances as per GST


The course is available in English, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati languages

Course Fee: INR 25000

You can call on 9811986595 or visit their website for more information.


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6. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is a world-renowned digital education provider. They provide courses on various topics including GST certification courses in Faridabad. Henry Harvin has a presence in more than 97 countries & is headquartered in USA & India. With over 3000+ students trained by the institute, students looking for GST certification courses in Faridabad should consider Henry Harvin as one of their options.


Read Below to Find Out More Information on the Course


Course Name: GST Practitioner Course


Key Aspects of the Course:

  • The course gives a 360-degree insight into GST regulations
  • The course is delivered by experts who speak on India’s leading news channels like Aajtak, NDTV
  • The course covers topics like GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, new provisions of e-Invoicing, how to take ITC in case it is not reflecting, etc.


The course is a 9-in-1 model which involves

  1. a) 32 hrs of online training
  2. b) Projects
  3. c) Internship
  4. d) Certification
  5. e) Placement
  6. f) E-Learning Access
  7. g) Bootcamps
  8. h) Hackathons
  9. i) Membership


More Information on the GST Practioner course @ Henry Harvin

  • Industry Recognition: Trusted by 160+ Corporates, including Apollo Tyres, Crompton, Mega Cabs, HDFC, Tata Power, L&T, Whirlpool, Symphony, ICICI, JM Financial, Godrej, Hindustan Zinc, Honda, Berger Paints, Hero, Moserbaer, and more
  • Media Recognition: Featured in Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, India Today, Business World, and Mail Today
  • Ranking: Ranked No.1 GST Training Institute by in Delhi and among the top 3 in India
  • Alumni Network: Henry Harvin® has an alumni network of 18,000+ professionals in 23+ cities across India
  • Oldest GST Training Institute: The first institute to formally launch a GST course in Dec. 2016


Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Supply or Levy, Place of Supply, Value of Supply, Export & Import, E-Way Bills
  • Module 2: Registrations, Input Tax Credit & ITC04, Transitional Provisions, Job Work
  • Module 3: Account & Records, Invoice, Tax Payments, Time of Supply, Returns, Refunds
  • Module 4: Litigation Management, Audit & Assessments, Offenses & Penalties, Demand & Recovery
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


Visit their website for more information. Alternatively, you can also call them at +91- 9891953953.




1- What is the salary income of a GST practitioner?

  • A GST practitioner in a managerial position earns around INR 4 LPA to 7 LPA. The salary of a beginner-level GST professional may start from 2 LPA to 2.5 LPA. Salary is influenced by the skill set of the applicant along with other factors like market scenario, the economic situation of the organization, etc.
  • As a GST consultant, an individual can earn a monthly average of INR 20,000. This value varies on the number of consultancy provided or the number of clients.


2- What are the responsibilities of a GST practitioner?

The job responsibilities of a GST practitioner on behalf of their clients are listed below:

1- Filing GSTR  (1 & 2)

2- Furnishing GSTR 3 & GSTR 9

3Depositingor credit into the electronic ledger

4- Filing a claim for a refund

5- Filing application/ amendment / cancellation of registration

6- Appear as  an authorized representative


3- What are the basic conditions to become a GST practitioner?

  • The individual should be a citizen of India
  • The individual should be of sound mind
  • The individual should not be adjudged as an insolvent
  • The individual should not be convicted of any offense with imprisonment of 2 yrs or more




So here we are. A complete and detailed list of top institutes providing GST courses. In this article, we discussed the basic understanding of GST, and the growth opportunities it provides in the accounting field. We listed our top 6 institutes you should consider while choosing amongst GST training in Faridabad. If your interests lie in the accounting field, or you are someone who is already established in this field, a certification in GST will provide you with an extra push towards reaching better heights in your career.

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