Top 4 GST Certification Courses in Surat With Placements

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act went into force on July 1, 2017, replacing a slew of indirect taxes in India, including the central excise duty, state value-added tax, and central sales tax. With such a massive overhaul in the tax structure, tax specialists were expected to become familiar with GST details. Today, GST professionals find themselves pursuing a lucrative career. For those in Surat who wish to become a GST expert, we have listed the top institutes offering GST certification courses in Surat. Continue reading to learn more!


List of the best GST certification courses in Surat


Top Choices for GST Certification Courses in Surat


IIM Skills


If you are looking for GST certification courses in Surat? IIM Skills, founded by Vaibhav Kakkar, offers an entirely online comprehensive GST Course. This course is for anyone interested in pursuing GST certification courses in Surat. Its salient features include four weeks of live, interactive online classes comprising 16 hours’ worth of in-depth learning, hands-on training, and practical assignments. In addition, students are provided with free e-books, invoicing tools, and software to resolve their queries whenever they want. They are also assured lifetime access to all learning resources.


Furthermore, students receive assistance from a dedicated placement cell. Their placement team schedules interviews, screens resumes, and assists in the shortlisting of profiles. According to IIM Skills, their powerful global presence influences companies to approach them for fulfilling their hiring needs.


They have partnered with several job consultants who are looking for GST-certified professionals. Students can also avail themselves of freelancing opportunities because GST-certified candidates are frequently approached for remote and freelance opportunities. It is the best institution that offers GST certification courses in Surat.


Students have been hired by companies such as Dell, BMW, IBM, Genpact, Amazon, Barclaycard, and others after completing the GST certification courses in Surat offered by IIM Skills.


However, the most lucrative of all features is the provision of a certificate that validates your skills. According to IIM Skills, their certificate implies the following:


1) The awardee is a GST-certified expert who is capable of handling all aspects of GST.

2) The awardee is eligible for a salary hike of 15–25%.

3) The awardee can set up a GST consultancy.


Students are taught by prominent subject-matter experts who have considerable expertise in the domain. The syllabus is fresh, replete with cases studies, and constantly updated to reflect the most recent advances in the field of GST. By course completion, students will not just have a fundamental understanding of GST. Still, they will also have a detailed knowledge of its theoretical and practical applications, including GST health checks of any business/organization, new GST returns, and contingency preparation after analyzing the areas of impact. Check out popular financial modeling courses for beginners here.


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This GST certification course in Surat comprises nine modules, which are outlined below:


Module 1: Genesis and Concept of GST

In this module, students are given an introduction to GST and its types. They are taught methods of determining GST liability, individuals/businesses, threshold limits for GST registration, GST rate slabs, all due dates for GST returns.


Module 2: Process of Registration under GST

In this module, students become familiarized with online registration and its process, certificate of registration and its issuance, and amendments and surrender of registration.


Module 3: Framework and Structure of GST

In this module, students learn the meaning of goods and services in the context of GST. They also learn about the meaning, time, place, and valuation of supply and the taxable events in GST.


Module 4: Rules and Regulations of Invoicing

Students are taught about raised invoices, charged GST, GST invoices, bill of supply, debit and credit notes, and payment vouchers.


Module 5: Input Tax and Credit Payment in GST

This module explains how to offset your GST liability, claim an income tax credit, use payment modes, and use electronic liability, credit, and cash ledgers.


Module 6: Filing of GST Returns

Module 6 teaches students about the various types of return forms and their respective due dates. In addition, they learn about the tax filing procedure. They also learn GSTR1 return filing, GSTR2A reconciliation, GSTR3B return filing, and GSTR9/9B return filing.


Module 7: Composition Scheme under GST

Students learn about the registration of the composition scheme and its limitations. Under the composition scheme, they are also taught about the tax rate and return form.


Module 8: Reverse Charge Mechanism

Students learn about the reverse charge mechanism and how it affects taxation.


Module 9: E-Way Bill under GST

Students will learn about the E-way bill’s importance in GST, individuals responsible for issuing an E-way bill, and how to issue an E-way bill.


Following Course Completion:

  • Students acquire an overall understanding of GST, its inception, compliance, implementation, and enforcement.
  • Students are well-equipped to understand the nuances of GST and its framework.
  • Students can re-conceptualize and restructure pricing strategies under
  • Students acquire practical knowledge of all processes under GST.
  • Students are becoming job-ready with an in-depth understanding of GST provisions.


Course Details:

  • Course Schedule: 10 am to 2 pm every Sunday.
  • Course Fees: INR 2900


Contact: +91 99118 39503 for more details on this GST certification course in Surat.


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ICA Edu Skills


Founded in 1999 by chartered accountants, ICA Edu Skills (hereafter “ICA”) is widely regarded as India’s premier training institute. It has over 200 training centers across the country and has received numerous awards, including the Best Vocational Course for Commerce Students award (Mumbai University; 2013), Global Quality Award (Brands Academy; 2015), National Educational Excellence Award (Brands Academy; 2016), Best Vocational Training Company Award (Worldwide Achievers; 2017), and Outstanding Contribution to Education Award (ASSOCHAM; 2018).


ICA offers a short-term online GST certification course in Surat. The course was designed and kept ready for more than a year before GST implementation. It has a live simulated platform wherein students can practice activities from registration to return filing.


All aspects of regular accounting transactions, maintaining flawless records in Tally or any other accounting software, and documentation are covered in the courseware. In addition, students can download ICA’s “Learnersmall” application from the Google Play Store and access e-content (in English), mock examinations, and self-assessments. They can also buy physical books (at an additional cost).


Through its GST certification course in Surat, ICA has trained job-seeking adolescents in India and made them employment-ready at reasonable costs. The institute not only imparts practical training but also placement assistance at top companies and multinational corporations.


ICA has placement offices in over 30 cities and works with a large number of employers. Only students pursuing graduation or are undergraduates after completing the course are eligible for ICA’s assistance finding a paid internship.


Their first aim will be to position the candidate in the city that is closest to them. If jobs do not arise during the specified period, they will provide possibilities in other cities. Students have been hired by businesses and firms such as Tanishq, Axis Bank, Reliance Jio, TATA, Capgemini, etc.


The course itself comprises eight lectures. By course completion, students will have gained a thorough understanding of India’s indirect taxation system. They will know how to use input tax credits, register for GST, file multiple GST forms, and use e-way bills and e-invoicing. A brief overview of the course is outlined below:


Lecture 01: Students learn about GST and its basic concepts.

Lecture 02: Students learn about levy and tax collection.

Lecture 03: In this lecture, students learn about valuation.

Lecture 04: In lecture 04, students learn about tax payments.

Lecture 05: This lecture covers GST returns.

Lecture 06: In this lecture, students learn about Tally’s operation from the perspective of GST.

Lecture 07: Students receive practice on GSTN.

Lecture 08: Students receive a project on GST.


Course Details:

Course Eligibility

  • Candidates must be 10+2 qualified at a minimum.
  • Candidates must be pursuing graduation.
  • Candidates must clear the “Common Entry Test” that is conducted by the ICA.


Brain-Point Computer Education


Brain-Point Computer Education, founded in May 2000, offers its students a wide range of certified courses comprising a unique curriculum designed to impart quality information and high-level skills. Brain-Point is predominantly a computer-education institute; however, it has been added to this list of institutes providing GST certification courses in Surat because one of its Tally-training modules is GST-oriented.


This institute has trained more than 10,000 students. Following course completion, students can avail themselves of internships and jobs. The salient features of their courses include the following:


  • A Pre-Defined Curriculum: The pre-defined curriculum is designed to meet industry standards.
  • Updated Course Material: The courses are regularly updated to ensure that students receive the latest training.
  • Informative Lessons: Students are given a simplified, step-by-step explanation that is easy to comprehend.
  • Courseware: The courseware is well-researched and designed from a scientific viewpoint; this ensures practical and systematic learning. It also comprises 45 practical exercises.
  • Certificate: A certificate, i.e., the Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. (TEPL) Certificate, is awarded to students who clear the practical exam.


Students can learn about GST through the TallyAce course. The course covers:

An Introduction to Accounting:

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of accounts, golden rules and important terminology of accounting, and journal entries with practical exercises. ​


The Tally Software:

1) Getting Started​: Students are given an introduction to Tally and taught about its installation, ways to create, alter, delete and shut companies, and features and configurations of companies.

2) Masters in Tally:​​ Students learn about creating, deleting, and altering groups and ledgers.

3) Daily Transaction Vouchers: Students learn about vouchers.

4) Journal entries​.

5) Trial balance.

6) Service society management.

7) Inventory Management: ​Students are introduced to inventory management, inventory masters, stock groups, items, and so on.​

8) Management of Price List: Students are taught about the management and use of multiple price levels.​

9) Godown Management: Students are introduced to godown management; creation, deletion, and alteration of godowns; transfer of materials; production entries; and so on.

10) Investment Management: Students are taught about shares, fixed deposit transactions, and mutual funds.

11) GST ​and Tax Types: This covers the ​​intrastate and interstate supply of goods, including tax features.​

12) Defining Tax Rates: Students are taught about the GST rates at the stock group, stock item, and transaction levels.

13) Defining Service Tax Rates: Students are taught about the GST rates on incomes and expenses. They are also taught about the GST rates at the transaction level.

14) GST Reports.

15) TDS:​​ Students are introduced to TDS, TDS statutory masters, and TDS reports.

16) Practical exercises.


Other Features of Tally:

It includes management information system reports, data security, printing reports, backing up and restoring a company, importing and exporting data, and practical exercises.


Course Details: 

Fees: INR 7,100


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Henry Harvin Education


According to a Higher Education Digest survey, Henry Harvin® is one of India’s fastest-growing Edtech startups. It is the oldest institute in India offering GST certification courses in Surat and was the first to launch a formal course on GST in December 2016. It is a career and competency development institution that emphasizes value creation. Students looking for a GST certification course in Surat can also look at the online certified GST practitioner course offered by Henry Harvin.


The Salient Features of The Course Include:

1) 32 hours of live, online interactive sessions.

2) Hands-on projects on GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, and GSTR 2A, among others; internships for acquiring practical experience.

3) 100% guaranteed placement support for one year after successful course completion.

4) Access to several tools, video content, techniques, and assessments, among others; regular boot camps for a year.

5) Free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions.

6) A one-year Henry Harvin® Accounts Academy gold membership for the course.


Previously, students were hired by companies such as Adobe, IBM, Philips, Accenture, McAfee, SAP, and HP, among others, following successful completion of the course.


Again, the most lucrative feature of this course is providing a GST practitioner certificate from an India-recognized institute. It can be used by students for branding and identifying new opportunities. They can also increase their credibility by sharing the certificate on Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.


Students are taught by mentors featured on national media platforms such as NDTV and Aaj Tak for providing an expert’s insight into GST. These mentors have been invited to more than 230 keynote sessions on GST, and since late 2015, have advised businesses on achieving an efficient transition to GST.


After course completion, students understand practical issues in GST through focused questions and answers sessions, acquire computer-based practical training, are made aware of the recent amendments in GST and their challenges, and much more.


The curriculum of this GST certification course in Surat is divided into four extensive modules, briefly outlined below:

Module 1: 

In this module, students learn about the basics of GST. They also learn about taxable event supply (conceptual definition, a comparison in taxable events between the pre-GST and post-GST periods, detailed understanding of supply), place of supply, export, import, e-way bills, composition levy, and registration.


Module 2: 

In this module, students comprehensively cover input tax credit and transitional and miscellaneous provisions.


Module 3:

Module 3 covers invoice accounts and records, supply time, refunds in GST, GST returns, and annual return and audit under GST.


Module 4:

The final module covers appellate level in GST; advance ruling and appellate authority; offenses, penalties, and prosecution in GST and the power to arrest; e-commerce TCS, and special topics such as litigation management, demand and recovery, audit and assessments, and exemptions.


Two Additional Modules Cover The Following:

Complimentary Module 1: Development of soft skills

Complimentary Module 2: Writing of resumes


Course Details:

1) Self-paced Course: 

Fees: INR 8,099

Features: 24 x 7-lifetime free upgrade; lifetime support and access.


2) Live Online Classroom:

Fees: INR 8,999

Features: 24 × 7-lifetime free upgrades, lifetime support, access mentoring from award-winning trainers, weekly boot camp sessions, one-year gold membership, unlimited live sessions during active membership, flexible schedule, and lifetime access to recordings of all batches.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is the salary of a GST practitioner in India?


Answer: GST practitioners can earn up to INR 6,00,000 per year. Of course, this is subject to factors such as academic background, expertise, and so on.


Question: Is it worth pursuing  GST certification courses in Surat?


Answer: Of course, it is worth pursuing  GST certification courses in Surat. These courses can result in a pay hike of almost 15% to 25% on average. Individuals will also have more job opportunities and can use the knowledge learned to drive their consulting firms. Furthermore, these courses help advance the skills of various taxation, finance, and accounting professionals.


Question: How can I start my career after completing GST certification courses in Surat?

Answer: You can start your career as a tax consultant and analyst after completing GST certification courses in Surat.




Do consider these four GST certification courses in Surat to either upskill or boost your resumes. Happy learning!


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