IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course – Which One Is Best For You

When you are searching for the best course in financial modeling course online, you will find there are lots of institutions that provide offers to join their financial modeling courses. Most of them do not have any live class option. Therefore, you may struggle to learn all the modules. It will be better for you to read all types of financial modeling-related articles. This article will share a healthy comparison of IIM SKILLS vs IB institute financial modeling course. You will be able to find out which financial modeling course will be good for you.


IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

Overview of Financial Modeling Course  

There are several departments in any type of company like producing goods, marketing, distribution and supply chain, research and development, and others. Therefore, the financial department is the most vital for every company. It depends on the company’s revenue model and future growth profit structure. There are some institutions available in the market that offers financial modeling courses. Like any other company, they also have competition based on the course structure like IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling courses. Both of their course structure is no doubt good but they are competing to give good services to the students.


Finance is an important thing and you have to have analytical skills to understand a company’s financial structure and how it works for them. After joining any of their course you will understand the financial statement and financial ratio calculations to know about the investment decisions. The two steps to understand the whole course.



It mainly helps to understand the company-related revenue model and financial statement. It will help to understand systematic methods that can be applied to the company.



It mostly showcased the equation methods to find outcomes. You can develop a prospect from that outcome.  It also helps you understand if the price is overvalued or valued for the company.


Procedures of Financial Modeling Course

  • Having good flexibility in the financial model is always helpful for you to modify the course models. Therefore, you have to adopt and find flexible solutions to handle every situation. You also can modify it as per requirement.
  • It should be appropriate with structure. When you produce a good financial model that can be represented anywhere.
  • All the structures you are provided will have strong and logical integrity to understand the importance of the process. You can change the structure as per requirement. You have to change logically.
  • You have to develop and use formulas and understand the financial models. Sometimes you have to identify the financial model to describe their process to the company.
  • You will understand when you join the IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling course to decide which one will be good for you.


Future of Financial Modeling 

  • Everything sector artificial intelligence has taken over. Slowly machine learning and artificial intelligence will be able to produce functional-based financial models with analysis. After a few years, every financial modeller has to know artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a financial structure.
  • There are several types of software already available in the market. That can help to create financial models. The companies go those these models because it will help them to clear all the doubts and share all the model-related details that can be useful for their future development. After enrolling on any   IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling courses. You will be learning about these tools and models.
  • There are several types of evolutionary models available in the market. That can be helpful to understand the new data sources to optimise the analysis process.


Job Responsibilities and Salary Structure of Financial Modeling Course 

There are lots of opportunities in the market. You just have to find it and grab all the opportunities. Therefore, you will get one opportunity as a financial modeling expert or that related designation when you choose any IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling course.

Institutional Sector 

  • Portfolio-Manager 

Average Salary 

INR 111,6264 / year

Job Responsibilities 

A portfolio manager has to find several types of investment opportunities for the company or clients. They have to create investment strategies and be able to understand market trends. It will be good for them to understand all benefits and recommendations as per the requirement

  • Research Analyst 

Average Salary 

INR 394,187 / year

Job Responsibilities 

A research analyst mainly completes their research and gathers financial data from the market. It can be any type of data like customer preference, economic, operational base or current market trends.

Banking Sector 

  • Investment Banking Analyst 

Average Salary 

INR 537,732 / year

Job Responsibilities 

Investment banking analyst helps to create financial models to understand profitability. They can identify the merger and acquisition model of other companies and select good private equity settlements.

  • Bank Branch Manager 

Average Salary 

INR 9,17,229 / year

Job Responsibilities 

A branch manager helps to settle and implement a business plan. It can be included with the sales. Every month they have to reach a specific target to increase the revenue of the company.

  • Equity Analyst 

Average Salary 

NR 7,02,373 / year

Job Responsibilities 

Equity analysts will be helpful to give good guidance to the company’s investors and their brokers. It always will be a good thing to understand the stock-related data and create forecasts to understand the opportunities.


Corporate Sector 

  • Treasury Officer 

Average Salary 

INR 8,41,572 / year

Job Responsibilities 

The Treasury officers always will be helpful to analyse the funding activities. They take charge of the treasury control and options. It can be controllable using forex hedging, cash pooling and others.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis 

Average Salary 

INR 10,10,463 / year

Job Responsibilities 

A financial planning and analysis expert mainly completes all the forecasted benefits. They have technical abilities and an analytical mindset to set -up the decision-making process.

  • Corporate Development Manager 

Average Salary 

INR 7,49,684 / year

Job Responsibilities 

The corporate development manager always helps to manage the company’s growth structure. It always will be helpful for them to manage all the merger and acquisition processes.


You have to remember that salary can be changed based on the job location. Therefore, you can have one of the job roles if you take any IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling courses. Both of their course has good course structure.


Let Us Understand the Skills for Financial Modeling before We compare IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

  • You must require excel skills. It will always give you benefits to implement good results. You have to understand the shortcut keys to create useful results within a few hours. Therefore, you have to remember all the functions and formulas that can be helpful to get a financial statement. Both IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling courses have demo classes you can join them to select a good course for you.
  • You have to focus on knowing all the accounting fundamentals. Therefore, you can use it to recognize the revenue model and other principles. You can use your accounting skills for the company. Therefore, they will know that you can easily create a revenue model.
  • You have to apply methods to link three financial statements. These models are the most important part of the financial model. When you apply for any  IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling course. They will help you to understand all of these techniques and using methods. Therefore, you will be able to connect with all three financial statements.
  • You have to understand the forecasting part. It can be a good thing to find an overview of the company’s future revenue models. You can provide suggestions if the financial model has any bad forecasted future. The company always thinking about future development like if they are gaining any profits or will be a loss for them.
  • Problem-solving skills are essential for a financial expert. If you have it then you will be able to think in a logical format. You will utilize these skills to create financial models with loads of logical information. It can take time to understand all the processes but you will learn while working for a company.
  • If you attained every detail then you are good to take a financial modeling course. You have to develop your skills by joining any  IIM skills vs IB institute financial modeling course. When you keep in touch with the course and practice every day. It will help to develop your skill set and during the training process, you will be able to learn new things that can be helpful for you.
  • If you know the basics of excel then you can easily learn advanced excel. There are lots of tools and techniques you have to understand. Practice them to understand and gather all the information simply. If you take it in a complex way. It does not help you to develop ability skills. All types of skills are important to get a good job. After enrolling in any courses you can start practicing every day.
  • You have to have good design skills. After finding results from the financial data. You have to design all the charts in excel to make them attractive. Only then the company will find it good and professional during the presentation. Under excel color combinations and format has to be good. It will come under different types of graphs and other charts to make professionally. You have to learn all these methods in excel. That this the main topic of your discussion during the presentation. You have to maintain all of them using your design skills.

IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Courses 


IIM SKILLS offers a live financial modeling course. It contains 50+ hours of lectures with 4 live projects and 5+case studies. Their well-trained and experienced faculties provide you support to clear all your doubts. They will prepare you for mock interviews. Total 3 months course with 2 months guaranteed internship. They also give you 100 % job support.

Course Contents & Duration

  • Basic and advanced excel (Module 1) – Duration (8-10 hours)
  • Accounting concepts and financial statements (Module 2) – Duration (5-7 hours)
  • Ratio/ KPI analysis (Module 3) – Duration (4-6 hours)
  • Basics of financial modeling (Module 4) – Duration (4 hours)
  • Different types of financial modeling (Module 5) – Duration (12-15 hours)
  • Business valuation (Module 6) – Duration (7-9 hours)


Benefits of their Financial Modeling Course 

  • You can access their courses anytime. Suppose you have an urgency to travel somewhere and you are classes to attain. Therefore, you can access their live online classes.


  • Suppose you are a busy person but wanted to learn this course. They have both weekend and weekday batches, which you can take as per your time. If the time is suitable for you. Therefore, you can shift to other batches.


  • They have expert facility members with years of experience. They always provide you with a clear understanding of the topic. They always try clear your doubts if you have one.


  • When you attain all of the classes you will be able to know all the techniques and hacks. These techniques you can use in the future.


  • After enrolling with them you can access the learning resources. Therefore, you will find every course recording. You can access it 24/7.


  • Financial course certifications are recognized worldwide. After completing the exam with a 50 % score, you will get your master’s course certifications. It will add valuation to your resume and you can upload it to your LinkedIn profile.


  • The course is selected by industry leaders. It covers all the basics of finance and valuation models.


  • You can learn basic and advanced excel within this course. After learning all of this, you can use them as per requirements.


  • You can access their learning sources for a lifetime. Learning materials are most helpful when you forgot something during work. You can access the resources material to understand better.


  • They have demo sessions if you have doubts about the course structure. You always can take free demo classes to understand their teaching techniques.


  • They offer you complementary services. If you miss any classes and wanted to join again to understand better. You always can talk to the mentor and join with other dates. They have session recordings on your LMS. you can watch and listen to uploaded recordings anytime you want.

Criteria to Join their Financial Modeling and Valuation Course 

  • Firstly, there are no strict rules for joining this course. Any individuals can participate in their course but if you know the basics of financial modeling and valuation. Then, it will be good for you to understand the modules.
  • You are good to go if you are from a finance background, have basic computer skills and understand basic excel.
  • You are eligible for the course if you want to change your career and wanted to do something in the financial domain.

Overall Financial modeling Course Structure 

  • You will get to understand an overview of the financial modeling and its statement.
  • You can create financial models and analyze all historical data and forecast the cost structure.
  • You will be able to develop key ratios and financial statements using excel.
  • You will understand the primary source of the course and use it to solve business problems in the real world.
  • After improvement, you will be able to create an analysis and provide recommendations accordingly.
  • You will be able to learn about the investing style from the company’s record and calculate it to get all the possible outcomes. You can apply alternative methods to develop financial parameters and facts.

Course Fee

INR 39,900+ 18% GST

To Reach Out




+91 9911839503


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Financial Modeling Courses In India 


Investment Banking Institute 

This institution offers financial modeling and investment banking course. They have two types of opportunities for you. Both of them can be comfortable for you. You can take any of the classroom/ live courses or self-paced courses. Both have different price structures. You just have to talk to them related to courses.

Online Course Structure of Financial modeling 

  • Basic and advanced excel (Functions – 150+)
  • Pivot table/dashboard
  • Visual basic application
  • Introduction to financial statement and ratio analysis
  • Multi-tab financial modeling (oil and gas sector)
  • Multi-tab financial modeling (Netflix- OTT Platform)
  • Multi-tab financial modeling (Tata motors – automobile sector)
  • Multi-tab financial modeling (Kellog’s -FMCG sector)
  • Project finance (Real estate model/solar power model)
  • Discounted cash flow valuation analysis
  • Trading combs valuation techniques
  • Merger & acquisition analysis
  • Pitchbook benchmarking, company profiling and price rebasing.
  • Placement and interview preparation to understand core financial roles
  • Business valuation
  • IPO valuation
  • Equity research model
  • Power BI
  • Mock interview/ interview preparation for core finance roles

Online Self-Paced Course Structure of Financial modeling 

  • Basic and advanced excel (Functions – 150+)
  • Pivot table/dashboard
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Financial module (case study)
  • Financial module (entertainment sector – Netflix OTT)
  • Financial module (auto sector – Tata motors)
  • Financial module (Kellogg’s quarterly model)
  • Financial module (telecom sector – upcoming)
  • Financial module (FMCG sector -Colgate)
  • Financial module (oil and gas sector -XTO company)
  • IPO valuation (Upcoming)
  • Project finance (real-estate and solar power model)
  • Discounted cash flow valuation analysis
  • Trading combs valuation techniques
  • Merger & acquisition analysis
  • Pitchbook benchmarking,
  • Company profiling
  • Interview preparation kit
  • Equity research model
  • Capstone project assessment

Importance of Financial modeling Course from Investment Banking Institute

  • They give you placement support.
  • They have interactive and self-paced sessions.
  • 400+ videos are available for you.
  • They have all experienced trainers to solve your queries.
  • They will prepare you for mock interviews.
  • They offer 4 certifications.
  • They have flexible schedules for their students.
  • You can access the course module on a mobile application.

Course Fee

To know more about course details. You have to reach the page and contact with admission department.

To Reach Out







FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. IIM Skills vs IB Institute Financial modeling courses are well described here. Which one will be good for me? 

You have to compare their course structure. Maintaining professionalism, clearing doubts, and friendly behavior if you find all these criteria in an institution then choose them. Better to talk with them and clarify things more clearly.


Q2. I am a working professional. After reading IIM Skills vs IB Institute Financial modeling courses article, I remember that my company suggests taking the IB institute Financial modeling course but I like the IIM Skills Financial modeling course. What shall I do?

If you like the IIM Skills Financial modeling course then just shared their course structure with your company. It will be good if you explain their course structure to them. You share what types of benefits you will gain if you enroll in their course. Make them understand your thoughts. That’s the way you will be able to join this course.


Q.3 IIM Skills vs IB Institute Financial modeling courses both institutes’ course structure looks good to me.  I saw IB institute provides 4 certificates and IIM skills provide 1 certificate. Which one will be better to choose? 

Choosing institutions depends on you. You just need to think of the benefits you will get. What types of extra things you will learn? If you want you always ask your professor, friends, and family member. You also can suggest reading this IIM Skills vs IB Institute Financial modeling courses article. Then can choose which institution you want to join.


Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

The finance world keeps on growing. Every company always needs a financial expert to join the company. IIM Skills vs IB Institute Financial modeling courses the reason to choose this topic is to make it clear. You can join any institute of your choice. Both of the institutes give you certificates if you clear their examination. You have to work hard and attain every session. Everything you will be doing for your benefit. The institutions just help you to unleash the real you and they will help you to understand the future market demands. Therefore, you don’t have to look back and ask for them.

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