Top 5 Online Content Writing Courses

Looking for the best online content writing courses? Then this article is for you. Content writing is one of the in-demand skills one can learn in this digital world. Content writers are high in demand as content is important to build an online presence because search engines reward sites with good content with top ranking. In this article, we will discuss what is content writing, job opportunities, the best courses, and much more.


List of best online content writing courses


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is one of the digital marketing tools created for an online audience. It is a process via individual plans writing and editing web content. Content writing is the category of job which has grown exponentially in the 1990s with the rise of active internet users.  


Content writing doesn’t only include writing articles on the web, it is an umbrella of the term that encompasses blog writing, white paper, proofreading, research article, infographic, social media writing, press release, product description, marketing material content, and much more.


With more and more people using the internet to get relevant information, the demand for credible and well-organized content also has increased which lead to the development of content writing as a commercial service. Companies and brands also need a content writer to create desired band image on the internet.


In today’s world, where the internet has become an integrated part of our day-to-day life, content writing services are more in demand. Online content writing is now are in demand in various niches and industries, for example; 


  • The eCommerce sector requires content writing for product description and review, social media platforms for interaction with customers, website content, and much more.


  • The travel/tourism industry requires content writers to create travel guides, travelogues, memoirs of travelers or visitors, blogs about tourist places, travel advice, etc.


  • The education sector also needs content writers as educational institutes like schools, colleges, business school coaching centers, and other educational bodies require blogs, academic articles, brochures, banners, etc.


  • Small businesses need a content writer to create an online presence of their business through a blog page, website landing page, social media posts, copywriting for online advertisement, etc.


  • Digital marketing agencies also need content writers as content writing is one of the important tools of digital marketing. Apart from blog post-digital marketing also needs content in the form of video scripts, survey questionnaires, podcast scripts, etc.


  • The finance sector also needs content writers for web content on the topic of current financial trends, reviews of various financial instruments, investment strategies, and much more.


Importance of Content Writing


One must think about why the majority of sectors need content writing services. It is because content writing is one guaranteed way in which a brand can build its brand value and reputation in the online world. Right now every business, small and big, like investing greatly in content writing and online marketing strategy.


When done correctly it positively impacts the reader, it also gives information to the reader and helps them make an informed decision. For businesses, it is particularly important as it introduces their mission, objective, and goal, the most important details about the company’s product and services, and several other aspect like owner its credentials, and much more.


As Customers want to know how the business’s product and service are beneficial for them, good content, case studies, newsletters, e-books, and blogs do exactly for your business. Content writing is an essential part of a marketing strategy in the digital medium, making content writing immensely important today as a digital marketing strategy. 


Still don’t believe it, do one thing, search for any question in your mind. Let’s say tools for content writing or content writing as a career or anything. You will be overwhelmed by the amount of content available on this or any particular topic. With more and more businesses and organizations coming online, the importance of content writing is only going to increase in the coming years.


Even now, with the betterment of businesses, content writing is high in demand. You’ll find hundreds of content writing job openings in every job portal. The world has gone through tremendous changes in recent years as the population today uses various online mediums for information.


Making online presences for small, medium, and big businesses mandatory. It is no longer a luxury to have a website as it once was, it is a thing that every business must have.


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There is the innumerable benefit of content writing for businesses, some of them are the following:


  • Consistent content writing in the form of blogging can help a business gain considerable traffic on your site.
  • It also increases recurring visits and decreases the bounce rate.
  • Create recognition for the brand and built trust among people.
  • Creating good content is also a sure-shot way of enhancing search engine ranking, which will increase your business visibility and exposure.
  • Good and well-researched content also increases the goodwill of the company immensely.


Job Opportunities in a Content Writing


As already mentioned in the article, content writers are required across the various sector, a content writing career is diverse with many more opportunities and good online content writing courses can be a door to them. Some of the popular and the suggested jobs that one can pursue to make a career as a content writer are:


  • Social Media Writing: Writing for social media is one of the most popular and in-demand forms of content writing in which writers have to optimize the content on social media to reach large audiences. Every company with a social media handle requires content for product promotion or any kind of service.


  • News Writing: News writing is one of the most respected and well-paid posts for content writers. People with a degree in journalism, English, or literature are preferred. The job here for writers is to report on news articles that can either be published as online or newspaper articles or both.


  • Blogging or Blog Writing: Content writers can opt for blogging either for themselves or for other site owners. 


  • Copywriting: It usually includes writing a catchy tagline for a business that attracts the attention of the consumer and influences them to take action. Copywriting is possibly one of the most interesting jobs in content writing, it is also one of the highest-paid jobs. You can easily find an online content writing course that specifically teaches copywriting.


  • Freelancing: In freelancing, content writers take virtual writing assignments and get paid for finishing them. It is very suitable for students and for people who already have jobs. Freelancing also has the potential to give writers international exposure as many small start-ups and companies outsource their content from India and other middle or low-income countries. Many online content writing courses teach their students about various aspects of freelancing.


Top online Content Writing Courses


To kick-start your career as a content writer, it is a good idea to take good online content writing courses as they are affordable and flexible to fit in your schedule as a student or working professional. Here is the list of a few best content writing courses available in India:


1. IIM Skills


IIM skills is one of the leading skill learning platforms. It offers professional courses for many in-demand skills like digital marketing, technical writing, GST certification, business accounting, taxation, and content writing. IIM skills’ online content writing courses are named content writing master courses. It offers four weeks of live online classes and three months of guaranteed internship.


They also assist you in your placement or freelance journey. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have two certificates, one from IIM Skills and the other from HubSpot (USA). Here are a few key features of IIM Skills’ content writing master class:


  • The top-tier trainer teaches you in this online content writing course.
  • All their sessions are interactive, where each student gets individual attention as they accept only a minimum number of students in each batch.
  • Suitable for students and working professionals as their class schedule is also very flexible and convenient. As this is an #online content writing course, it is quite time-efficient for everyone involved making it easy to manage along with studies and full-time jobs.
  • The online content writing course is pocket friendly.
  • The candidate will get back up for missed classes, as all classes are recorded enabling students to watch sessions a number of times.
  • This online content writing course provides several online resources like guides, e-books, PPTs, video recordings, and blogs.


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2. Google


Google’s content writing training is known by the name ‘promote a business with content’ and are 3 hours free course. It comes under Google’s digital unlocked. It is a combined initiative by google, the Indian school of business, and the ministry of information technology to raise digital awareness and assist small businesses and startups in India in going digital.


The courses cover a wide range of topics including how to take advantage of the opportunities that digital media and the globe offer, as well as advanced tools that can assist organizations in a variety of ways. Those who finish all of the courses and pass the final exam will receive a certificate from the training program.


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3. HubSpot


HubSpot Academy is the world’s leading provider of free online training for inbound marketers, salespeople, and customer support reps. For professionals wishing to advance their careers and businesses, they specialize in full certifications, single-topic courses, and bite-sized sessions.


HubSpot’s content marketing course is another excellent course one can take for content writing. This course curriculum not only includes the subject of marketing but also of content creation like blogging, and content writing, and also little induction in SEO. This course has 12 lessons covered by 54 videos in 6.12 hours. 


Suitable for newbies to intermediate content writers. In this online content writing course, one will learn to develop outstanding content outlines, generate great ideas, and create a flawless research method. Develop your skills in editing and proofreading. You’ll also learn how to create effective content regularly by following a content development structure. Make yourself a more powerful leaner and strategic content marketer.


4. Content Vidhya


Content Vidhya is another well-known and reputable institute providing online content writing courses in India. They offer online content writing courses in three different forms; one is a 6-day content writing workshop which includes 6 sessions and assignments, and the second one is copywriting certification which is 21 days long and includes 8 sessions and 7 assignments.


The third one is blogging mastery. It is three months long with a lot of sessions and assessments. Following are the key feature of all content writing training offered by content Vidhya:


  • To help their students get in-depth knowledge in the area of their choice, Content Vidhya has built a patented, easy-to-follow, structured curriculum. Their program provides targeted and fundamental assistance to students in becoming self-sufficient and successful writers.


  • Their online content writing course curriculum includes both theoretical learning and practical training as without the appropriate practice learning will never be complete. Practicing not only helps students remember topics better but also helps them become an expert on the topic. To help students develop a deeper understanding of the subject, all of their courses include several assignments on various themes.


  • To help their student improve, they provide detailed feedback on their assignment to assist students to correct errors in their future papers. Their feedback will assist learners in producing better and more valuable articles.


  • Content Vidhya offers lifetime 1-on-1 help to ensure that no questions or obstacles prevent students from achieving their writing goals.


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5. Henry Harvin


It is also another well-known online learning platform that offers both offline and online content writing courses. It also claims to be one of the oldest South Asian content writing course providers. Their online content writing courses come with a one-year Gold membership which has numerous benefits like access to recorded videos, projects, and other resources; monthly brush-up sessions for a year, a guaranteed internship with the institute or its partner firms, and also a complimentary soft skills development module to make you job-ready. 


Here are a few key features of Henry Harvin’s online content writing course:

  • Apart from training, they also give the candidates live projects to work on along with various boot camps and hackathons.
  • In the online content writing courses, you’ll learn about 30+ different types of writing skills like creative writing, business writing, technical writing, SEO writing, social media writing, and much more. You’ll also learn to earn online.
  • The candidate will get one year of gold membership with the writing academy and lifetime support.
  • Candidates once enrolled are allowed to attend unlimited classes of the different batches with different trainers during their membership period.
  • Candidates will also get exclusive access to the institute’s learning portal and mobile app for easy access to their course material.




Q1. Does free online content write courses well?

Some of the online content writing course are excellent, one just have to wisely choose from the infinite option.


Q2. Is certification necessary to start a content writing career?

The most important thing to becoming a content writer is a skill, certification is aren’t necessary but they do give a kickstart to one’s career.


Q3. Do online content writing courses better than offline courses?

One is not better than another, in both cases, you have to attend class and submit an assignment. Though online courses have the upper hand as the recording of sessions is available, you can attend class from anywhere in the world.




Content writing is one of the in-demand services in the digital world. For a variety of reasons, marketers and business owners post information, or copy, on the internet. They can want to enhance website traffic or notify their clients about a new product or service. Content writers are frequently hired by business professionals to provide high-quality communications for sales copy, blogs, articles, and social media posts. Taking up a good online content writing course to learn a skill is a good idea.


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