Top 5 Renowned SEO Courses in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in the region of Southeast Asia.  Vietnam is one of the most populous countries in the world and it has a rapidly expanding market economy. The economic resource of Vietnam lies in the literate and energetic people with high literacy rates. Emphasis is given to science and technology, economics, and business.  It is a major tourist attraction with scenic beauty and attractive beaches. Vietnam is not limited to just tourism. It has agriculture, industries, forestry, oil refinery, fishery, etc. There is a huge scope for occupational digital marketing courses such as content writing, technical writing, and SEO courses in Vietnam.


List of best SEO courses in Vietnam


With changing times, and the existence of pandemics all over the world, online classes have been the most preferred choice, which helps to learn from the convenience of your home/office anywhere.  There are so many reputed institutions offering both online and offline short-term courses.


SEO Course is one of the most chosen short-term courses at the present time.  Due to SEO being an integral and indispensable part of Digital Marketing, more and more students are taking a keen interest in the SEO courses in Vietnam. It is no different in Vietnam either, SEO course is a short-term course that is in high demand even here.


What is SEO?


SEO is the short form for “search engine optimization.”  When people search for items/ products/ services related to the business in any search engine such as Google, Bing, etc., then the increased visibility of the site by improving the site is SEO. The more visible the pages are in search results, the better reach it has.


It helps gain more attention hence attracting better prospective customers to the business.  It helps to get noted. In much simpler words, SEO is a ranking method. It is a method used to rank a website, content writing, blog, an article, etc., high on the search engine page.


Now we all know, the reach digital marketing has.  For an article or content to figure at the top for the people to read it is no easy task.  This can be achieved by making the article or content rank above all the other similar category contents. This is precisely what SEO does.


SEO is a set of tools and best practices that are used to help websites reach higher search engine rankings.  It is a part of digital marketing.  The best part is there is no need to pay or spend even a penny on this, unlike the other advertising campaigns which have to pay. SEO organically ranks the article or content high than the other articles of the same genre.


Importance of SEO


SEO plays a very important and crucial role in the field of digital marketing. It especially is very important for online companies as it is a tool of digital marketing which helps in ranking the webpages through the search engines like google. The modern SEO techniques help the businesses get a free and unbiased platform for their marketing with very little or limited chance for people to manipulate the outcomes.


Here the quality of the content written is very important. The content should make the website feel and look inviting, attractive, and engaging. The content should have a very engaging effect on the target audience as this ensures a better chance of ranking higher on the search engine.


Without having to spend huge amounts on buying expensive spaces for advertising, SEO does the needful.  It plays a very vital role in helping bring immense traffic to the landing page without actually spending much money. SEO courses in Vietnam emphasize the importance of SEO in the field of digital marketing.


SEO Writing – In Brief


SEO courses are designed for those people who want to create contents that are engineered to rank high in the search engines like Google with the use of the strategies. When we want more people to view the content at the top then we need to start SEO writing usage. Practicing SEO writing from the very beginning ensures the content is at the top for people to view.


For any website to rank high and stay in the top position on the SERP rankings, SEO writers play a pivotal role as they are used to escalate the organic results of the website.  Needless to say, the business a person is in when catering to a very large set of people online, then SEO writers are much needed to ensure the reach is really high.


The methodology of writing by exploring, outlining, generating, and optimizing the content on the web to rank higher in Google and other search engines for targeted keywords and phrases is what is known as SEO writing. Just writing endlessly a large number of pages or unnecessarily stuffing the keywords will not help in getting the desired ranking on the web.


The content should be what the potential audience is looking for.  It should engage and address the queries the reader has. The searches are hence divided into 3 primary types which people most often do.  They are:


  1. Navigational, where the end-user is looking for a specific website.
  2. Informational search is the type that people use when they are trying to find information on a particular subject or issue.
  3. Transactional search is the one through which people intend to purchase a certain product or service.


The short-term (SEO) Search Engine Optimization course is designed to transform students into the most sought SEO professionals.  All the facets of Search Engine Optimization from basic to advance would be covered ensuring that the student masters all the facets of the SEO.


This would include all the most important facets such as the method of organically driving the traffic to the websites with SEO analytics, keyword research and management, URL building, both on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and much more. The course would extensively cover all the major and important aspects of SEO.


The course would help you get ready to manage inbound marketing initiatives through extensive project experience. This specialization teaches the student to optimize the website content for search engine ranking in the best possible way.  All the logic and theories behind the search engine algorithms will also be taught.


They would also teach them how to build practical and real-world skills which helps immensely for a quick start career in the field of digital marketing and online content development.


This would be inclusive of both the on-page and off-page optimization, conducting search-focused website audits, optimizing for the local as well as the international audiences, and most importantly aligning the SEO with the overall business strategies.


Types Of SEO


Now let us know a little more about SEO and its types.  There are basically three main types of SEO that are required to develop an organic search strategy.


1. On-page SEO: On-page SEO is also known as on-site SEO. This is a process used to optimize the content for certain keywords on the web to help increase traffic as well as search visibility.


2. Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO involves those activities carried out on the page to influence the rankings in the pages of search engine results. This type of ranking optimization depends on many factors like the popularity of the website, relevance, credibility, and dominance.  For this to happen we need to link our websites to many other known trustworthy pages, people, websites, etc. on the internet which can vouch for the quality and authenticity of the content.


3. Technical SEO: Technical SEO as the name is suggestive is related to the elements which are non-content of the website. Have a look

  1. Site speed
  2. Crawlability
  3. Security
  4. Quality of the website
  5. Data structure
  6. Indexing
  7. User-friendliness


Top 5 SEO Courses in Vietnam


There is a large number of courses, a short term, certified, and free available both online and in the classroom sessions in Vietnam, but thanks to the current pandemic situation, there is a higher demand for the online classes. Some of the reputed online SEO courses in Vietnam are as follows.  Almost all of the below-stated academies provide in-depth video tutorials, a series of hacks and practical tips, and lots of worksheets, which are focused on helping the student achieve the SEO goals.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a leading online institute in India renowned globally which offers the best professional courses such as content writing, technical writing, and digital marketing courses to reshape the career.  This online ed-tech institute provides some of the best professional certification courses. IIM Skills is by far one of the best SEO courses in Vietnam. It has reached across the world and is one of the most acclaimed SEO courses globally.


SEO Course Key Features

  1. Basic concepts of SEO
  2. Convenient batch slots, weekdays, and weekends.
  3. Flexible timings
  4. Secret SEO hacks
  5. Online live training by experienced expert professionals
  6. Provides an opportunity to work on real-time projects
  7. User-friendly learning management system
  8. Certification


Other Courses


2. Yoast Academy


Yoast is a well-renowned academy for SEO courses in Vietnam. It is quite popular in SEO-related fields.  It has been a highly recommended academy for SEO courses in Vietnam. Yoast has the distinction of being responsible for the famous WordPress SEO plugin and its remarkable unparalleled contribution to WordPress. The Yoast Academy offers a course known as All-Around SEO training. It is a subset of the Yoast Academy’s Premium SEO course.


Key Features

  1. Video educational material of three hours
  2. Best SEO training even for the non-technical students
  3. Practical guidelines provided for ranking high
  4. Optimize both content and webpage to prevent mistakes
  5. Includes Yoast SEO Premium plugins
  6. Free Demo session of an overview of the course
  7. Quizzes to monitor your progress
  8. SEO Certification upon successful course completion
  9. Content created by Experts


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3. MOZ Academy


MOZ Academy is another well-recognized academy related to SEO courses. This academy has come a long way as it has been there in the market for quite many years now and has been well recognized for its dedication and commitment to furthering the SEO course far and wide. Being an online course, this also offers SEO courses in Vietnam. The name of their certified course is ‘SEO Essentials Certificate’. This can be followed even without a Moz Pro Subscription.


Key Features

  1. Six hours of comprehensive and fundamental SEO training divided into six different parts
  2. The course is led by top educators
  3. Exam conducted after completion of each section
  4. Credentials awarded on successful completion
  5. In-depth learning on Keyword research, Page optimization, link building, and SEO reporting.


4. Semrush Academy


Semrush Academy is acknowledged to be one of the most preferred and best SEO tools. They also offer a huge variety of short-term online courses, SEO courses in Vietnam being one of them. This course fundamentals of SEO is covered and conducted by a very famous Mr. Greg Gilford, a very well-known name in this field who is supposedly having 16 plus years of experience in this industry.


Key Features

  1. The course consists of 8 modules
  2. 31 exclusive lessons in video format
  3. It is completely free.
  4. Covers the fundamentals of SEO, technical SEO, on-page SEO, mobile SEO, international and local SEO


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5. Udemy


Last but not least on our list is the famous Udemy Academy which is a popular name in regards to providing the best SEO courses in Vietnam. Like all others, this is also an online platform. It offers a whole range of many other short-term vocational courses all over. They have many SEO courses, Complete SEO Training happens to be their best and one of the most preferred courses.


Key Features

  1. It is nearly a nine-hour video course
  2. Comprises a total of 11 articles along with 6 downloadable resources
  3. Lifelong access to the material
  4. Multiple assignments for reviewing progress
  5. Certificate on completion


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is SEO?

SEO is the short form for the words “Search Engine Optimization.”  The increased visibility of the site by improving the site is known as SEO.  When we search certain products, items, or services related to the business in any of the search engines like Google, Bing, etc., the products or the services with a higher ranking are due to the SEO.


2. What is the course duration of digital marketing?

Every academy/institute have their own way of functioning hence there could be differences in duration, nevertheless, a standard 3 months to 6 months course is common.


3. Is the SEO course very expensive?

No, the SEO courses in Vietnam are not expensive. It is a very affordable course and some academies even offer it free of cost. Please feel free to check and research before enrolling. It is a short-term value for money course where you learn as well as earn.


4. Are SEO jobs in demand?

Since almost every company needs search optimization to rank higher and compete in their market, SEO professionals are in high demand. They are hired by firms for the digital marketing team and have a very promising career graph with huge growth potential.


5. How much money does an SEO expert make?

A career in the field of SEO is quite lucrative, but as it is a skill-based career, earnings most often depend on the number of years of experience and proficiency at the skill.  Nevertheless, to begin with, a fresher may be able to earn anywhere between 1.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per year.  Though the salary directly depends on the individual’s capability and experience as well as the firm the person is working for.


To Summarize


Short-term career-oriented courses are in high demand to reshape the career or change the path of the career.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses are one of the most in-demand courses.  SEO plays a major role in the field of digital marketing as SEO knowledge is very much required to increase the business ranking in the digital market. SEO course is in trend now and there is a huge demand and scope for the same.  There are many online and classroom mode courses available.


These classes are divided into modules and each module covers certain aspects of SEO. Some online SEO courses in Vietnam are available free of cost as well, though not all. All the above-listed online academies are highly reputed and ensure that their training makes the student career ready. It is evident that companies globally want to make their presence felt on the digital network as well as wish to rank higher on the program to divert more and more traffic towards their website and grow their business to a bigger extent.  For this, SEO experts are required who can make it happen.


Added to this, it is also a very lucrative career option, thus there are numerous (certificate programs available on the SEO courses both in the online and classroom mode all over the world. Given above is a list of the available online mode SEO training programs. Hope this list provides detailed information on the courses in Vietnam. So why delay any further, make sure to enroll and pursue your SEO course which enables you in building a lucrative promising career.


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