Top 6 SEO Training in Faridabad With Placement Assistance

Web presence is of utmost importance for businesses that predominantly have an online working model. SEO or Search Engine Optimization; is a phrase that was first coined by the Webstep Marketing Agency in 1997. In simpler terms, the more people access the website, the more website traffic increases, and the better the chances to propagate products or services to many people. This article aids to understand SEO overall, with a compilation of the Best SEO training in Faridabad that will help you make the right choice to build a career as an SEO expert.


List of best SEO training in Faridanad


SEO is a process to increase the number of visitors to a particular website through free, organic search results. In organic search results, ranking factors that need to be considered are way higher for better search performance. For paid results, rankings are according to the amount paid to the visitor.

SEO aims to organically increase website traffic to enhance the ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The website’s position on the search result page decides its visibility and a higher position expands the chances of more people clicking the website. Good content should be backed by good SEO for optimal outcomes as organic search results are trusted more than paid results.


Types of SEO –

On-page SEO: Blogs, product copy, web copy anything ON the web pages.

Off-page SEO: SEO Strategy, Backlinks anything that is OFF the web page.

Technical SEO: Technical changes to the website and servers to improve rankings.


SEO vs SEM vs PPC –

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) aims to get traffic from organic search results. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Price Per Click) aim to get traffic and visibility from both organic and paid searches. SEO may take months to give results, but SEM and PPC give immediate results. SEO is a cheaper and better option in the longer run.


SEO Tools –

SEO tools are used to derive data about the website’s overall success. SEO tools provide information on opportunities to improve ranking and identify the weakness that may prevent a better ranking. Some of the SEO Tools that are used are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Clearscope, SEMrush, Surfer SEO, SE Ranking, and WooRank.


SEO Skills to Succeed as an SEO Professional That You Can Learn From Best SEO Training in Faridabad –

SEO professionals must be good in communication, marketing, conducting marketing research, web, and content structuring, and understanding how usability affects the bounce rate, time spent on-page, and the overall user experience.

Research and Trouble Shooting, Critical thinking, Problem-Solving, Business Acumen, Adaptability, Communication, the ability to learn, Persistence, and Inquisitiveness are some of the skills required to build a successful SEO career.


Significance of SEO

Any business that employs or chooses to take the services of an SEO professional as an investment can enjoy the returns on that investment by experiencing boosted and effective better page ranking by resorting to ethical means and avoiding deindexing of the website.

Good quality content along with appropriate SEO strategies are key factors to ensure the website reaches the target audience by resulting at the top based on keyword and SERP. Search engines give priority to high-quality, informative content as per E-A-T guidelines (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) mainly applicable to topics related to finance, health, and medicine. The top-ranked websites perform 10 times with a high conversion rate.


Importance of Conducting SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is when the businesses identify if any website ranks at a better position by being in the same business. For the business to succeed, the analysis should not only be done on product development, quality, etc but also there should be awareness of competition based on ranking results on the web page.

Competitive Analysis is conducted considering the following parameters to bridge the gap between the competitors. Ranking analysis based on search terms will help understand initiatives and the type of content that drives traffic to the competitor’s website.

Identifying the scope of brands and their products or the services the businesses compete in. Assess by conducting marketing strategies and on-page and off-page analyses. Classify where pages rank for target keywords, then deduce ways to optimize the content on the website. Second-page ranking of search results has the highest scope for improvement.


Benefits of SEO Training in Faridabad

SEO is a great career choice. Many opportunities are available for people who wish to become SEO experts and earn money. SEO teaches the working of search engines. SEO is a long-term process that gives results after a while. SEO can attract more traffic at no cost.

Website optimization helps to improve bloggers’ user experience. SEO certification helps in boosting internet marketing skills that improve the website’s visibility and high rankings on search engine results.

If you complete the SEO training course, there will be no need to appoint SEO professionals for your business. This is cost-effective as the fee for an SEO course is lower than the SEO professionals’ salary.


Reasons to Learn SEO from Best SEO Training in Faridabad

Continuously, hundreds of people use search engines across the globe to find answers to their queries. A simple example can be if someone is searching for pest control services in a particular area. Search engines show the most relevant results to the keyword search “Pest control services in Faridabad” as per the ranking.

If a person running a business in pest control services employs SEO professionals who use the correct keywords that can appear in majorly all searches it will improve the ranking of the website which is highly essential for the visibility of the visitors as only a few users scroll past the first few results.

Power-packed SEO is required in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, IT, E-commerce, manufacturing, and retail industry. A new business has a website that needs promotion and SEO is primarily required to do this job. So, the demand for SEO is increasing with the increase in the number of businesses and so are the SEO jobs.

With SEO gaining momentum and the majority of businesses using social media and search engines to target and reach new audiences, it assures that this industry will expand. SEO requires continuous learning to stay ahead of the competition.

Below are the best SEO Training in Faridabad with the course syllabus, fees, and duration of the course. The courses aim to develop the required SEO skills and abilities, further giving impetus to the career.


Other best courses in Faridabad:


Rank #1. SEO Training in Faridabad

1. IIM SKILLS– Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course

One of the excellent online SEO Courses at IIM SKILLS is comprehensive and all-practical. This institute helps to launch a Career as a Certified SEO Specialist or launch SEO Agency. They are rated No.1 in digital marketing and content writing, and SEO Training.


  • 4 weeks SEO Training Course, 8 weeks Paid Internship
  • 16 hours of Live Lectures
  • Practical Assignments, Weekly Assignments
  • Free Tools worth Rs 20,000
  • Hands-on training with 2 Live Projects
  • Guaranteed Paid Internship
  • 100% Placement and Interview support
  • Master Certification
  • Recognized by MSME Govt. of India


Fees: 14900/- + GST


The Course Covers Various Topics Divided Into Modules:

Module 1 Introduction to SEO
Module 2 Setting up the right Niche
Module 3 On-Page SEO
Module 4 Off-Page SEO
Module 5 Technical SEO
Module 6 Search Console
Module 7 Google Analytics
Module 8 Reporting in SEO

Module 9 Bonus


Skills You Master With This Online SEO Course:

  • Critical thinking and Analytical Mindset
  • Research
  • Writing Proficiency
  • Technical know-how
  • Data Extraction
  • Adaptability
  • Communication


Learning outcomes of this SEO Course:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page and Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • SEO Content
  • Link Building
  • SEO Tools
  • Algorithms
  • SEO Audit
  • Pitching for clients


Rank #2. SEO Training in Faridabad

2. Kangaroo Wings SEO Training Institute

Kangaroo Wings, one of the best SEO Training in Faridabad, was started in 2008 and is the first to start SEO training courses in Faridabad both Online & Offline for those who wish to opt for a career in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO does not always require technical skills. Basic concepts such as tags in HTML are taught to make it easier.

Business Owners can improve the ranking of their business websites. Kangaroo Wings certified Professional SEO is designed by experienced SEO, Marketing experts who are managing SEO, social media, and Content marketing.


As part of the SEO course, it covers major points like; What is SEO? Keyword Research, Selection of Keywords, On-page Techniques, Off-page Techniques, Tools for SEO, Google Analytics, Google Updates, Mobile SEO, etc.


About the Institute:

  • First and oldest SEO training institute in Delhi with more than 20000 Students
  • SEO course designed by SEO professionals having 12+ years of experience
  • Live Projects during your SEO training
  • Best Quality SEO Learning Experience.
  • Placement assistance in the best SEO startups and top SEO Companies


Courses Offered:


SEO Course for Beginners: Significant changes can be seen within 1 month of the commencement of the course. Training Team comprises SEO experts with more than 14 years of experience.

SEO Course: It covers the most used SEO modules required by every business. It includes training on SEO Software to simplify the tasks.

12 Modules

Rs. 8,500/-


SEO Course for Professionals: Real-time advanced-level SEO projects with core SEO technical analysis to achieve successful competitive SEO projects.


SEO PRO 2.0: It covers all advanced modules of SEO. All the key strategies to become an SEO expert are included as part of the curriculum. It covers Google Partnership Program, Advance On-Page strategies, Advance Linking Strategies, International SEO Project Management, About Grey, and Black Hat.


14 Modules

Rs. 10,500/- to 15,500/-


The Following Are Covered as Part of the Course:

  • SEO Course Fundamentals: Starts with the basics and then goes up to advance SEO training concepts, tags that help in SEO Rankings, launching a website, and Self-installation of websites like WordPress.
  • Keyword Research – Advance SEO Course: Keyword optimization is the most important part of the SEO Course as it gives better leads through Search Optimization. Type of Keywords, Keyword Research Techniques, Multiple Keyword Research, Keyword Application Strategies, and Choosing the Right Keywords.
  • Competition Analysis: A proper analysis can be very helpful to get quick rankings in search results. Examining Client Websites, Creating SEO Reports and Proposals.
  • SEO On-Page Optimization: This plays a major role in the ranking of the website in Search Results. Content optimization of landing pages is the focus for direct ranking signals.
  • On-Page Techniques for Dynamic Website: Keyword Density, On-Page Social factor, On-Page for Static, E-commerce Websites.
  • Link Building: Quality links count for ranking factors in Search Results. Types of Link Building, Quality VS Quantity Linking
  • Google Webmaster: Learning of Google Webmaster Central Tool can highly move your rankings in Search results. It gives insights into performance and helps to scrutinize mistakes.
  • Google Places, SEO For Local Businesses, ranking websites in local searches, Increasing STAR Rankings
  • Increase Organic SEO Traffic with the help of Google Analytical Skills: Basic concepts of Analytics are used to understand the flow of traffic to the website to multiply conversions.
  • SEO Software 2023: Learning to use this software to speed up the ranking based on website performance
  • Google AdSense
  • Mobile APP Store SEO Optimization: SEO Training for Mobile APP has been added as an important algorithm. Mobile SEO Strategies, Tools, Plugins, and Ranking Strategies.


The syllabus is created according to the guidelines and search engine optimization techniques for rapid rankings for websites are taught to increase traffic on any website. This SEO Training Centre in Delhi is the first choice of Digital Agencies for expert advice and advanced Training.


Rank #3. SEO Training in Faridabad

3. IIDE – The Digital School

IIDE is also one of the best SEO training In Faridabad and is awarded “Best Digital Marketing Institute” in 2021. It offers the course in online mode. Learn from the experts to get Industry-recognized IIDE Certification.


Course Duration & Fees:

The online SEO Course duration is approximately 14 hours.

12+ Hours of Live Class, 2+ Hour of Video Lectures

Industry Relevant Curriculum by Expert Trainers

One on One mentoring session

Practice Tests & Assignments

Fees INR 7,000 for the Beginner Level Course


Course Syllabus:

·       Laying the Foundation for SEO Training
·       Keyword Research: Essential part of On-page SEO
·       On-page SEO Tutorial
·       Google-proofing the website
·       Off-page SEO Tutorials
·       Google Search Consoles
·       Blackhat Techniques


Tools that can be mastered: Google Search Console, Google Keyword Partner, Keywords Everywhere, Uber Suggest, Yoast, etc.


Recommended Reads:


Rank #4. SEO Training in Faridabad

4. Pankaj Kumar SEO

With more than 6 years of industry experience, Mr. Pankaj Kumar is a Google-certified digital marketer. The institute’s main aim is to create professionals who are experts by giving practical experience and hands-on training on live projects. The SEO Course module is designed in a manner that helps students learn the best techniques of search engine optimization. The course modules are divided into two parts i.e., ON-Page, and Off-Page.


The best features of this SEO course are:

  • Best and Google-certified team of experts providing SEO training.
  • The Modules are updated regularly to keep the students updated with the latest changes according to Google Algorithms.
  • The latest updates and techniques are being imparted to the students.
  • Every student is given Live Project for working on and learning the SEO Course
  • Doubt-clearing sessions are conducted regularly
  • All students are provided with the study material


Rank #5. SEO Training in Faridabad

5. Udemy

SEO Training: SEO Course & SEO Copywriting

This course is for anybody who wants to learn SEO to start a job in this area, Bloggers, Online marketers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, influencers, content creators, local businesses, freelancers, etc. 38.5 hours of video, Numerous downloadable resources, blueprints, step-wise guidance, 131 quizzes, 18 articles, 1 practice test, and 40+ Writing Assignments.

This course is available in many languages like Arabic, French, German, Spanish, etc along with English.  A certificate of completion will be granted at the end of the course. This course will teach you about SEO and how it all works, how to structure and optimize the website, SEO Training strategies used by London’s Leading SEO agency, how to find the best keywords to target the right audience, how to see all the keywords, content ideas, build high-quality SEO backlinks, Master technical SEO.

Use internal links for best results, deal with a negative SEO attack, White Hat SEO Strategies to make SEO Compliant with Google Quality Guidelines, Learn SEO for Voice & Video Search, WordPress SEO Yoast & WordPress Security.


As a part of the Syllabus, you will be taught the following:

  • SEO – The Fundamental Principles
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Creating Content and backlinks for the website
  • SEO & Copywriting
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO – Link building
  • SEO Rich Snippets
  • Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  • SEO & Yoast
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Cold Outreach
  • SEO Copywriting & E-Commerce
  • Speeding up the WordPress website
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Copywriting for Google My Business
  • User Experience
  • Negative SEO
  • Google Algorithms
  • Leveling up SEO knowledge
  • Manual SEO Audits


Rank #6. SEO Training in Faridabad

6. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading professional training company and an official training partner of big conglomerates. It was established in 2009. Since its inception, 95000+ professionals from 16000+ renowned brands participated in more than 6100+ training programs conducted by this institute.

It launched its comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in 2013 after which many other courses were added. Mr. Pradeep Chopra and Mr. Kapil Nakra are the founder members.

Sales and Marketing Professionals, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing Professionals, Students, etc. join the course to get benefited from it. This course is divided into 4 broad modules i.e., Introduction to SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and SEO Audit.


4+ hands-on projects from 10+ industry experts

12+ hours of class

Live Instructor-led sessions

1-month of online training 80% Attendance is compulsory

Batch: Weekend Batch – Saturday & Sundays (10 AM to 1:30 PM IST)

Weekdays Batch – Tuesdays & Thursdays (8 PM to 9:30 PM IST)

Fee: 11,900/- + GST

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded Vskills certification.




Is SEO a high-paying job?

In the Digital Marketing domain, the salary for an SEO professional is always higher because SEO-skilled professionals are in high demand. Entry Level SEO earns around 2.5 lakhs p.a.


Is SEO here to stay for long?

Nearly all businesses take help from SEO to create better content to generate more business and this will not change so SEO will exist for years to come. The next upgrade looks to be AEO – Answer Engine Optimization.


What are the three C’s of SEO?

Content, Code, and Credibility.


What language is used in SEO?

R is the programming language that is used for SEO. It’s a free programming language with a free software environment.


Which Google tool is used for SEO?

Search Console is a tool from Google that is used by developers, and SEO professionals to understand the performance of their website on Google Search.



SEO can surely help the business to grow in a big way, whether you work as an employee or work as an SEO for your own business, your services will be valued. In short, SEO training is mainly beneficial for job seekers and business startups. The above information will come in handy to anyone who is finding it difficult to choose between the available Best SEO Training in Faridabad. Take a peek at the courses based on the detailed information to take your career to the peak. If you still are not able to make the right choice, drop a query in the comments section below and we will be happy to assist.

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