12 Tally Course Benefits: Guidance For The Beginners

If you are a student of finance and commerce and want to get a holistic idea of the tally course then you are at the right place. Read this article to understand the Tally course benefits, opportunities, and some of the best training programs. Tally is an accounting software which was developed by a Bangalore-based company, Tally Solutions in the year 1986. Initially, the software was used to manage the accounting and financial side of the company itself but its proven success and efficiency gradually helped the company to launch it for the rest of the world. Today tally is an important software with millions of active users all over the world.

Tally Course Benefits-compressed

So basically, irrespective of the firm size almost all the entrepreneurs are using it to access easy business solutions. It is very different from manual accounting, and the risk of human error is also minimal. This advanced data-fed software provides results with 100% accuracy and also comes with a backup feature for future references and records.

The latest version of Tally, Tally Prime 2.1 comes with yet more advanced features which are not only user-friendly but also provide multi-tasking opportunities.

Features of Tally:

  • This is a very easy-to-install software that comes with a user-friendly navigation system that can solve complex accounting problems.
  • It can generate, consolidated statements and can maintain a huge number of records across diverse firms.
  • Its multilingual reports help organizations manage inventories, purchases, sales, accounting, and audit statements.
  • The latest version facilitates companies to automate employee records and generate instant reports of any financial year.

Why is Tally Used?

Tally (Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Year) is a popular accounting software introduced to cut down manual accounts handling laborious tasks. Companies use the software to keep a firsthand record of their daily transactions, sales, and purchases.

It is a systematic accounting method that reduces the chance of human errors. The software yields a financial report which helps the companies to analyze and come up with better plans. The profit and loss of a company also depend on this.

Apart from this, the software can also be exploited for billing, sales, payrolls, inventory, and other tax-related purposes.

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Top 12 Tally Course Benefits

In today’s world efficiency and accuracy in business are the key to success. One such tool that enables proficient data management with maximum output is Tally. Embarking on a Profitable career by mastering this software brings you many Tally course benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits of this course:

1. Skill Enrichment

Taking a Tally course enhances your skill set by providing you with a complete understanding of this tool. It helps to sharpen your skills in various financial avenues like inventory management, GST, VAT, accounting, and report creation.

2. Enhances Job Opportunities

The demand for candidates well-versed in Tally is of uttermost importance in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Completing a tally course increases your job opportunities in multiple sectors be it small, big, or large firms. The course allows you to leverage the software to its fullest.

3. Efficiency in Data Handling

The Tally course facilitates organized and efficient data handling by allowing professionals to maintain precise reports of transactions, sales, invoices, and other financial updates. It also helps in fetching previous records in an easy systematic way.

4. Reliability

Tally provides reports and dates through automation and validation checks. It boosts the reliability of your work by reducing the chances of human errors. The coding of the software never disappoints you. It prepares reports which can be saved and used for future reference.

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5. Detailed Financial Analysis

A structured Tally course you with the ability to create diverse financial statements and reports which is a critical aspect of all entrepreneurs. It helps one to come up with strategic decisions for their business.

6. Business Solution

Tally provides tailored business solutions by allowing an individual to adapt the software to suit diverse needs and requirements. It is fully customizable and easily accessible. A tally course allows you to come up with solutions for your business in a fast and effective manner.

7. Payroll

Another important advantage of this course is easy payroll management. The tool enables uncomplicated payroll management by automating accounting and calculations. Salary calculations, deductions, payslip generations, employee profile maintenance, and profit calculations are some of the other Tally course benefits.

8. GST Calculations and Compliance

A well-structured tally course will provide you with a better understanding of the GST process and its calculations. Tally simplifies the management of GST and assists you in maintaining a detailed GST report for hassle-free Goods and Service Tax Return filling.

9. Simplified Business Transactions

As a Tally master, you can seamlessly navigate complex business transactions. It helps you handle difficult business operations in a simplified manner.

10. Globally Recognised

Another standout Tally course benefit is that the software is globally recognized and widely used.

11. Banking

Tally plays a very crucial role in the banking sector. It is used to provide a canopy of services in the banking industry like tracking and managing loans, interest calculations, customer services, TDS and Tax compliance, report generation, and financial statement productions.

12. Education

Another sector that has largely benefited from Tally is education. All large institutions and schools use this to maintain fee payment, library management, attendance records, book distribution, and so on.

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Uses of Tally in Other Major Sectors:

Tally Course Benefits in Government Sectors:

Tally.ERP 9 occupies a pivotal place in the government sector as well. All the essential financial activities are done and managed with the help of this software. Some of the major areas are discussed below:

Visibility and Complete Control: Tally.ERP 9 is used to maintain and raise project-wise funds allotted by the government in various sectors and localities. It offers a clear visibility of the projects and their improvements right from their inception. It keeps track of the advances, expenditures, and available balances. The financial statements, reports, balance maintenance, receipts, and payments are all controlled with the help of Tally.

Intelligence Dissemination: The built-in advanced technology of Tally.ERP 9 helps in effective decision-making by analyzing various information. It analyzes the expenditure and directs it towards the proper management of funds. With the help of its advanced intelligence, it analyzes past performance to estimate future fund requirements. It also keeps a record of the financial discrepancies which in turn helps in decision making.

Budget Handling and Fund Management: Enhanced financial budget handling is another standout feature of Tally. The government uses this software to record the estimated expenditure and approval in a given financial year.

The approved budget can be tracked through this system. The software effectively allows the comparison of the approved budget and its actual expenditure along with the progress status of the projects. Tally.ERP 9 enables the smooth functioning of transactions by ensuring better planning and management.

The software is also used in monitoring and managing funds at various government levels right from the top to the lower levels.

Other than this funds received from other organizations such as the World Bank and UNESCO for development purposes can also be tracked and recorded with the aid of this advanced tool. Very often government integrates this with the software and websites of these institutions to update them with periodic information.

Tally Course Benefits in Educational Institutions:

Schools and colleges use this tool extensively to keep a systematic record of the fees based on the category of the students (sibling discount, gender, and caste divisions). Majorly tally benefits are widely seen in educational institutions.

The Educational institutions are the next on our list which largely benefited from the Tally course. Its major functionalities are management of the admission process, exam management, students’ attendance management, book distribution, and so on.

Admission Management: The admission process of an institution is the most crucial and hectic. With the introduction of the ERP, this process has become much easier. It reduces the tedious task of physical documentation and its maintenance. Students’ admission forms, list of submitted documents, allocation of sections, and personal details are all documented in this system. The SMS facility of the software enables campaigns and timely reminders to its audiences.

Student Management: Tally has simplified the students’ profile management to a great extent. All the important things can be recorded here for further reference. The ERP has an inbuilt capacity to generate reports grade and class-wise. The software is used to manage student profiles, class reports, assignment progress, I-Card details, assessment and promotion reports, house allocations, result generation, and transfer records. ERP for educational organizations can also be used as accounting software.

Transport Management: The Tally course benefits the transportation system of an educational institution which has become a crucial component in most schools nowadays. Schools and colleges effectively organize their transport system through the ERP. The software allows seamless management of seat booking, route definition, student allocation, bus numbers, and pick-up and drop points can all be maintained in this software.

Library Management: The advent of ERP has streamlined the library management task. Here Tally is used to segregate the books based on their categories and genres and maintain comprehensive students’ library details including bar codes, due dates, and penalty charges.

Payroll Management: Tally. ERP 9 has contributed a lot to the comprehensive payroll management of overall staff in an institution. It manages a complete staff database, attendance record, salary, PF, and contact details of both the teaching and non-teaching staff.

Tally Course Benefits in the Healthcare Sectors:

Tally.ERP 9 has contributed enormously to healthcare sectors and medical lines. The software is used for various purposes like keeping medical records of the patients, tracking medicine supplies, doctor reports, etc. Health care is one of the prime sectors where you will find tally course benefits.

Patient’s Record Management: Tally ERP is an effective way to manage hassle-free records of the patient’s physical health such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and sugar levels. It helps healthcare professionals monitor patient’s health over a period. It also serves as an internal reference tool for future use.

Tracking Medicine: Tally can also be used to track medicines in healthcare enters. Product and inventory management, dispensing and sales records, purchase details, advances alerts, and stock monitoring can all be controlled through tally sheets.

Bill Generation: Tall.ERP 9 allows the seamless generation of bills and invoices. It can easily track the payment details of the customers and suppliers. Healthcare professionals can use this for systematic tax documentation of their organizations.

Doctor’s Usage: The Tally course benefits doctors in maintaining a comprehensive report of their revenue from patient consultation, it helps doctors ensure tax compliance, time management, and managing appointment dates.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Tally course:

  • To enroll in a Tally certification a candidate must have completed 10+2 or equivalent from any recognized board.
  • Commerce background students are an added advantage.
  • An individual must have a basic understanding of computer applications, accounts, and business studies.
  • Candidates willing to pursue a diploma course must be essentially from a commerce background with at least 50% marks in 10+2 or equivalent from any recognized board.

Major Topics of Tally Course:

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Transactions
  • Payroll and its Features
  • Concepts of Billing and Banking
  • Balance Sheet Maintenance
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Principles of Taxation System
  • Calculation of TDS
  • Understanding the Concepts of Excise and Value Added Tax ( VAT)
  • Credit Limit and Data Acquisition
  • Processing of the Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Transfer and Analysis of Stock
  • Ledger and Bank Reconciliation

Job Opportunities Available in the Tally Course:

Tally is an advanced accounting software widely used to prepare and maintain all financial transactions and reports. Completing this course will open up an array of new opportunities in accounting and related sectors. Listed below are some of the tally course benefits that will open doors to the following available career opportunities.

  • Financial Analyst: As a financial analyst an individual may assist the accountants in preparing and maintaining various transaction reports and financial yearbooks.
  • Accountant: Completing a Tally course provides you with an opportunity to work as an accountant in various firms and organizations.
  • Tax Consultant: As a tax consultant an individual needs to deal with tax calculation, and prepare tax returns in compliance with government rules and regulations.
  • Finance Manager: The Tally course benefits you by giving you the ticket to become a financial manager, The demand for this profession is increasing day by day as most companies need a skilled manager for financial planning, budget preparation, and effective decision-making to ensure maximum profit.
  • Audit Assistant: By completing a Tally course you can be an audit assistant. Here one has to assist auditors in presenting statements, reviewing reports, and ensuring tax compliance as per the government rules.
  • Payroll Manager: The importance of a payroll manager is immense in business sectors of any size and value. Tally knowledge is essential in managing the payrolls of the employees. Salary calculations, deductions, taxes, and report generation are all done by a payroll administrator.
  • Consultancy Services: As a Tally consultant an individual provides all the important pieces of information related to it. They have to promote the software by employing trained agents wherever needed.
  • Freelancer: An individual can offer freelance services to organizations and firms to assist them in maintaining their accounts and transaction reports.

Top Hiring Companies:

  • Genpact
  • IBM India
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture
  • HDFC Bank
  • Ernst & Young
  • BDO Internation
  • Reliance

Online Tally Course Certifications:



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutions to offer online Tally Courses. It is a self-paced advanced comprehensive course covering all the important concepts related to it. The curriculum is well-designed to meet the present industry demands and standards. The program not only imparts you with theoretical knowledge but also allows you to develop your skills.

Key Features:

  • 20 Hours Self Learning Online Course
  • 20 Hours Lectures+60 Hours Practical Assignments Using Software Tools
  • Internship Opportunities and Active Placement Cell
  • Offers Government Recognised Certification
  • Unlimited Access to Learning Material through LMS
  • Self-Paced with Detailed Pre-Recorded Sessions
  • Group Discount on 3 or More Registration
  • 100% Money Back on Account of Dissatisfaction with the Course
  • Guidance From Industry Experts.
  • User-Friendly Resources

 Course Modules:

Module 1: Business Accounting

Module 2: Tally Prime and Advanced Tally ERP 9

Module 3: Advanced Accounting in Tally

Tools Used:

  • Tally Prime
  • Tally ERP 9 and
  • Microsoft Excel

Contact Details: 9580740740

Mail: info@iimskills.com

Course Fee: INR 2900+GST


2. Tally Education

This course is designed to teach you all the fundamentals of bookkeeping, accounting, and finance handling to enable you to embark on a successful career journey. The program will give you a complete understanding of various concepts of Tally such as taxation, accounting, statutory compliances, and corporate finance.

Students will be taught to be proficient in Tally in various real-life situations. The course will teach you how to open and close financial yearbooks and all the fundamentals of banking solutions, GST, TDS, and SKU.

Key Features:

  • Completely Online Course
  • Earn Professional Certificate
  • Learn all the Essentials of Tally
  • Learn in Real-World Situations

Course Modules:

Module 1: Fundaments of Accounting and Reporting

Module 2: Principles of Receivable and Payable Management

Module 3: Basics of Taxation and Statutory Compliance

Other Details:

Duration:  17 Weeks, 10 Hours Per Week

Language: English

Level: Beginner


3. ICA Edu Skills

Tally course benefits offered by ICA Edu Skills is one of the best courses in India, which allows you to be a part of the hands-on training program. This in-depth short-term course gives you a comprehensive knowledge of the software and enables you to crack interviews easily.

The course aims to teach various fundamentals of TallyPrime, such as creating and setting up files, understanding accounts and tax for ledgers and groups, creating reports, making entries, and understanding tax inferences.

Key Features:

  • Short Term Course
  • Both Classroom and Offline Mode are Available
  • Available in both Hindi and English
  • No Prior Knowledge is Required
  • Effective Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • 90% Practical Training
  • Anybody who has completed 12+/Graduation Can Join

Course Modules:

Lecture 1: Lecture Creation

Lecture 2: Cost Category and Cost Center

Lecture 3: Accounting

Lecture 4: Inventory

Lecture 5: BOM or Bill of Materials

Lecture 6: Sales and Purchase

Lecture 7: Fundamentals of GST

Lecture 8: GST Using TallyPrime

Lecture 9: Return Generation

Lecture 10: TDS

Lecture 11: Provident Fund

Lecture 12: Payrolls

Lecture 13: ESI

Lecture 14: Backup and Restore

Lecture 15: Security

Lecture 16: Report Generation

Other Details:

Duration:  15 Hours

No of Lectures: 16 Lectures

Language: Hindi/English



Q1. What are the criteria for joining the course?

The eligibility criteria for the courses are very simple. Anybody who has completed 12+ or equivalent from any recognized board can join this course. A little knowledge of commerce, accounts, and computer applications is an added advantage. However, students willing to pursue a diploma in Tally must be a candidate from a commerce background with at least 50% marks in 12+ or equivalent.

Q2. What career opportunities are available after finishing the course?

Tally course benefits are plenty. Once completed, candidates are open to a myriad of opportunities, like being an accountant, tax consultant, freelancer, payroll manager, audit assistant, tally instructor, and accounts manager. Candidates can apply for jobs in MNCs, private sectors, government sectors, and educational institutes.

Q3. Do we need to be math experts to pursue this course?

To take up the Tally course individuals need not be experts in maths or commerce subjects. The course itself gives you a thorough understanding of the software and its workings. A little knowledge of computer applications and basic math serves as an added advantage for an easy understanding of the modules. Students with a zeal for learning can join this course, irrespective of their educational stream.

Q4. Can I learn Tally online?

Yes, keeping in mind the needs of the present world, a lot of institutions have developed their online Tally programs. It is suitable for working professionals as well as for the students. Based on your requirements, you can skim through the syllabuses of various institutions and select your desired course.


Hope the above article on Tally Course Benefits, has helped you to understand how the tally course will help you to start a career in tally. The blog also highlights its benefits sector-wise to help you make a wise choice in selecting your career. In this blog, we have also shared a few very highly recommended online tally courses & we recommend IIM SKILLS as it ranks top globally.

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