Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad

If you are looking for technical writing courses in Hyderabad this article is perfect to start your search, here in this article we have compiled the list of best and highly recommended technical writing courses available in Hyderabad along with all relevant information, so you can choose from the best option available as per your convince, requirements, availability, and budget and ultimately help you learn the skill of technical writing. but before we look for the best courses available, lets us understand what is technical writing and why it’s in demand.


List of best technical writing courses in Hyderabad


What is Technical Writing?


Simplifying the complex information is one phase answer to the above question. In other words, technical writing is a process in which complex technical information is converted into simpler and more understandable text for mass audience’s easy accessibility. Apart from communicating about technical subjects, technical writing can also provide simplified instructions on how to do a specific technical task.


A person who does technical writing is called a technical writer, and their main objective is to convey complex technical information to the general masses in simple and understandable language. Apart from text, the technical writer uses illustrations, diagrams, and pictures to communicate technical information in the most effective way possible.


So a technical writer should know about various programs to create and edit those illustrations, diagrams, and pictures. Technical writing is usually seen as a synonym of the user manual, but in today’s era, it includes a wide range of works like a training manual, administration guide press release, product description, job application, report, business proposals, etc.


Spread across various sectors like electronics, medical, aeronautics, medical, biotechnology, finance, and more, which uses technical writing to enhance their brand image by communicating with masses in simpler language.


Skills Required


As mentioned earlier, technical writing is the process of putting technical information in layman’s terms for the general masses, for which the writer has to do in-depth research of that particular topic. To become a technical writer, one should know how to collect data and its interpretation.


They should also know the usage of the various tools for editing photos, creating info graphs, and other things to make their work more presentable. A fascinating fact about a writer’s core job technical writing is that it does not require the writer to have a specific degree.


All that is required is a strong command of written and spoken English, excellent communication skills, and a robust willingness to work hard, study facts, learn, and grow. Because technical writing is so closely linked to technology, it necessitates knowledge of new products and innovations and the ability to conduct research.


Any prior knowledge in the IT and software industries, as well as a journalism background, an English language degree, or a degree in mass communication, are all advantageous.


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Scope of Technical Writing


With the rise of fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and various other innovation the demand for technical writers is also increasing to produce simplified content of that advanced knowledge. A technical writer can also step up in their career by getting expertise in various other fields like advertising, academia, telecommunication, etc.


As the dependence on technology is increasing with its omnipresence the requirement of technical writing is becoming a necessity rather than an option. To an extent, for clear communication to their target audience, companies are willing to spend a good amount of money on good quality content.


Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad


Due to the increase in demand for quality technical writing and its acceptance as a career, the various institution has created quality technical writing courses in Hyderabad to help people in enhancing their skills as technical writers and fill this market demand. These courses provide all necessary technical knowledge along with knowledge of language and writing as well as the various relevant tool that is used to produce quality content.


Hyderabad is located in the southern state of Telangana is already an IT hub and demand for technical writing is also increasing there. Many good institutes are offering technical writing courses in Hyderabad, here in this article we have compiled the list of a few:


1. IIM Skills


IIM skills are one trusted name in the market when it comes to various in-demand technical skills like technical writing, content writing, SEO training, digital marketing, etc. In their technical writing course, they provide 5 weeks of live online technical writing course divided into 20+ hours of lecture and 60+ hours of practical training to make you job-ready.


They also teach you how to use various software tools to make your job easier as a technical writer. They also provide one month of guaranteed internship and make you ready for whatever your end goal is i.e, job or freelancing.


Technical Writing Course Highlight:


  • Interactive training session via zoom, where they provide two-way learning along with a diverse group of students and well-trained mentors.
  • They provide a flexible schedule so you can learn anytime and anywhere all you need is a laptop and internet connection.
  • Their Technical writing course is delivered by a certified professional who has ample amount of experience to provide you with quality training.
  • Their courseware is designed in coordination with market demand to make you job-ready.
  • They provide you access to their learning management system where you get assess to their entire course material along with session recording.
  • On completion, of course, you’ll get a master’s certification to attract your future employers.
  • In this course, you’ll get mastery over various relevant tools to make your journey as a technical writer smooth.
  • You’ll get lifelong support from IIM skills post-training for any help and insight.


Other Courses


2. Knowledge  Buffer


Kbuffer or knowledge buffer is the leading training institute not only in Hyderabad but also in India. They offer training in technical writing, e-publishing, e-learning, multimedia, etc. They offer online classes as well they are probably the first to introduce virtual learning way back in 2003.


They have taught 8000 so far and increasing day by day. They offer 3 courses in technical writing which include a diploma in technical writing, a certificate program, and a post-graduation in technical writing.


Course Highlight:


  • They have a team of professional trainers with rich experience who train you to produce quality technical writing content.
  • Their certificate program has a duration of 20 hours spread over 30 days, a basic requirement to enroll in that is basic knowledge of computer along with basic writing skill.
  • Their syllabus includes an introduction to technical writing, types of technical writing, report writing, writing various technical documents like user guides, white papers, case studies, etc.
  • In their syllabus, they also cover various tools like Microsoft Visio, adobe Robo help, adobe photoshop, etc.


3. Confai solution


Confai technical writing solution is a veteran in the field of technical writing training and solution, with 15 years of experience in providing technical writing services in countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and India.


Confai offers one of the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad both as online and offline forms of classes suitable for all levels of technical writers. Their technical writing courses in Hyderabad are also suitable for technical professionals who want to enhance their technical communication.


Course highlight:


  • In confai’s technical writing diploma course is 4 weeks long which includes 20 working days and each session one and half hour long.
  • There is no prerequisite to enroll in this course.
  • During this course, a candidate will have to complete various tasks ad exercises to get hands-on experience of technical writing and enhance their skill.


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4. AuthorTech


It is previously known as the institute of technical writing. They are providing training and services to the technical writing industry since 2007. and yes they offer technical writing courses in Hyderabad as well. Apart from technical writing they offer consulting, outsourcing, and content writing.


Authortech has made its name in technical writing training and solution services because of its quality. They have a great team with ample experience and skill who train a candidate to produce quality content.


Their course is beginner’s friendly as well as it will also help an experienced technical writer if they want to upgrade their skill in various domains of technical writing like creating a report, tutorial, manuals, guides, etc.


Course highlight:


  • Their course is designed to be interactive and filled with practical learning.
  • They have relevant and rigorous exercises that polish the candidate’s skill as a technical writer.
  • Their curriculum comprises various theoretical and practical knowledge of technical writing along with a basic understanding of various tool that is helpful in technical writing.
  • They also have self-learning training on technical writing where a candidate gets all training material online along with a video tutorial.


5. TechTotal


Techtotal is another good option for technical writing courses in Hyderabad, they also have technical writing services apart from technical writing services. They have earned more than four points under google rating because of their quality service and training.


Course highlight:


  • Their course duration is 45 days.
  • Their curriculum is enriched with practical tasks and the use of various relevant tools like photoshop, PowerPoint, MS-Visio.
  • They have flexible training time so the trainee can choose as per their convince.
  • A trainee with any background is accepted with a willingness to build a promising career in technical writing.


6. Learners Spot


Learners spot is based in Hyderabad and offers one of the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad. they mostly teach trainees around the uses of various tools which are used by technical writers. The course offered by learners spot is self-paced and hence a candidate can learn the skill of technical writing as per his/her convince. Moreover, they also offer one hour of live interactive class.


Course Highlight:


  • As mentioned above, this institute curriculum is mostly based on giving candidates in-depth knowledge of various tools like MS Word, Adobe Robo Help, Camtasia, etc.
  • They also assist you in preparing for a job interview.


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7. TechnoKarft


TechnoKraft is a training hub for technical writing and instructional design since 2003. Their course is designed to mentor new technical writers and instructional designers. Their syllabus is designed to give equal emphasis to both concepts and theories. In this course you’ll get a deep understanding of technical writing concepts and also you’ll learn to use tools effectively.


Course Highlight:


  • Apart from teaching technical skills their course also emphasizes English language usage and grammar.
  • The candidate will get an assignment at end of each module to enhance their skill as per market standards.
  • They also help the candidate to enhance their public speaking skill and presentation skills via various exercises and tasks.
  • They provide training for various related tools like Adobe FrameMaker, MS words, Snagit, etc.
  • They also conduct a mock interview to make candidates job-ready.
  • They provide candidates with high-quality study material, which is carefully drafted by the skilled technical writer with years of experience in the technical writing field.
  • They conduct the exam at the end of the course to qualify a candidate for the certificate.
  • Their brand is well trusted in various IT firms for their technical writing needs, hence their writer is well trusted as well.


8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is an educational organization spread around the world. It has its customer base in more than 97 countries, it also ranks amongst 500 Edtech companies across the world and top 100 in India. Apart from offering one of the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad, they also offer other courses like content writing, SEO training among others.


Course Highlight:


  • This institute offers 16 hours of live online classes which are interactive, 24 hours of live online sessions for revision, and 50 hours of e-learning material.
  • Regular live industry project is a part of their curriculum to enhance trainee skills and make them market-ready.
  • Once enroll they provide you with one year of gold membership, which has the benefit of networking with over 18000 alumni all over the world, accesses to recorded study material, projects, games, and you will get Henry Harvin alumni status.
  • A candidate will also get a brush-up session worth 6000 for free
  • They also provide the candidate with job and internship support.




1. Is technical writing is an in-demand skill?

It is one of the lucrative jobs of this era, which pays well enough. It is in high demand and expected to grow further in the future.


2. How can one start learning technical writing?

Start with doing research online, try to connect with people who are already in the field to get a realistic picture of the industry, use the free resource on the internet and then enroll with a good institute for a diploma or certification to kickstart your career.


3. What educational qualifications are best suited to be technical writing?

Bachelor’s degrees in English or another communication and journalism are preferred by employers, otherwise, skill is more respected in this field and there is no direct requirement for a degree or diploma.


4. Is work from home is available for technical writers?

Yes, many companies do offer work from home for technical writers, and also freelancing is a good option for those who want to work from home.


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