Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

GST certification courses in Hyderabad are assured to give expertise in filing GST Returns, preparing invoices, TDS and GST compliance, registrations, RCM, and many more. All the students, freshers, accounting professionals or anyone who is looking forward to a career or for developing their skills can benefit from this article.


List of the best GST certification courses in Hyderabad


Hyderabad is one of the well-centered and developing cities in the field of education which has driven many job opportunities especially in the field of finance and accounting. There are many GST certification courses in Hyderabad that can help you become a GST master. Before digging up the courses, let us see what GST means. 


GST (Goods and Service Tax) is the tax levied on goods and services. Earlier indirect taxes such as VAT (Value-Added Tax), service tax, central state, and service charges were imposed. But now, GST has been introduced replacing indirect taxes to simplify India’s taxation system. It helps to reduce the cascading effect on taxation (tax on tax).


Best GST Certification Courses in Hyderabad


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is always known to be the best-renowned institute offering a wide range of programs helping candidates achieve their goals and objectives. IIM Skills is one of the top institutes offering online GST courses as well as top-level Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Hyderabad


IIM Skills offers trainers who have years of industrial experience. The content provided by IIM Skills is practical and all the recent amendments are also covered. It is one of the top 10 GST certification courses in Hyderabad.


IIM Skills has always been a pillar for all its students by offering the facility of live query resolution which helps the trainees to engage with others in a digital environment and the institute provides question and answer sessions where the response is accurate and quick. 


IIM Skills gives lifetime validity and provides multiple batches that have no extra cost. There are many tools provided by the institute such as free e-books, GST invoicing tools, and software.


IIM Skills always believes in providing practical assignments to implement the work done. This course is designed for students, fresh graduates, homemakers, finance and accounting professionals, lawyers, and retired professionals. Also, if you are a finance enthusiast, you can explore financial modeling as a career option. Check out the list of the top financial modeling courses in Hyderabad to gain a better understanding of what the course entails. 


The GST Certification Course Curriculum is Segregated into 9 Modules-


● The Concept of GST and its impact on businesses

● The structure/framework of GST

● GST Registrations- Process and Criteria (in detail)

● GST Invoicing

● Filing GST returns

● Composition scheme under GST.

● RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism

● E-way bill

● Input Tax credit in GST


Some of the Best Features in this Program-

● Guaranteed Certification for all the trainees.

● Insight of all the recent amendments in GST.

● Assurance in providing complete support and assistance.

● Instant doubt clarifications through discussion forums.

● The content provided is industry-relevant.

● Online course with multiple batches and lifetime validity.


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Reviews and Testimonials

IIM Skills GST course reviews


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Contact Information-

Phone– 9911839503

IIM Skills–


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2. Capital Trainers GST Course, Hyderabad


If you are looking forward to a training program only in the domain of taxation. Then, the capital trainers’ GST course is one of the best solutions in Hyderabad. This Ameerpet-based center provides more practical training on GST registrations and filing returns. Along with GST, they even teach TDS, tax audits, and advanced GST certification courses.


All the faculty here are chartered accountants with more practical experience who are trained in giving both theoretical and practical coaching for all the trainees. Capital trainers believe in assignment-based training and assistance.


The Curriculum of Capital Trainers is More Practical Driven and Has an In-Depth Understanding-

● Features in detail of (Goods and Service Tax)

● Banking matters

● Why GST, GST components and GST Concepts

● The tax structure of GST

● Advantages and perks of GST

● Registration of GST

● GST returns filing

● Tax input credit and charges


Some of the Best Features of This Centre are-

● Both Classroom and Online training.

● Assured Certification after completion of the Course.

● Practical and In-depth training.

● Assignment-based training with complete placement assistance.


Contact Information-

Phone- 9848179899

Capital Trainers-


3. Siva Sivani Institute Of Management.


SSIM ( Siva Sivani Institute of Management ) is known to provide different tools required for GST. Siva Sivani has a rich tradition of providing academic excellence. It is one of the best GST certification courses in Hyderabad. This course is for professionals, business heads, commerce and accounting students, and the general public.


GST training here is generally offered by guest faculty who are highly experienced. Siva Sivani Institute of Management is known to provide the best post-graduate diploma program and GST training institute in Hyderabad. 


The entrance includes a small test for all the eligible candidates before joining the program. It deserves a special mention among all the GST certification courses in Hyderabad.


The Curriculum-

● Implementation of GST compliance and enforcement.

● Impact of GST in different organizations, its business process.

● Registration of GST, Filing of returns, Input Tax Credit, TDS, Compliance, and refunds.

● Overview of GST and GST model law covering CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax) and SGST( State Goods and Service Tax ).

● Supply of Goods and Services, appeals, and refund.

● Registration and Tax.

● GST Business process returns.

● Input Tax credit.


Some of the Best Features

● Certification from Siva Sivani Institute with accreditation from NACEN (National Academy of Customs, Excise, and Narcotics).

● Experienced faculty with practical coaching and assistance.

● A different level of coaching includes group discussions, case studies, exercises, and presentations.

● The Course is designed to provide access to a wide range of tools required for GST.


Contact Information-

Phone– 040-42038021

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4. AFS Academy – GST Course


This institute in Hyderabad is known for its best GST certification courses in Hyderabad. AFS (Akshara Finserv ) is an accounting consultancy service provider in the city. 


The GST program here is designed for working professionals in the stream of finance and accountancy. Apart from the GST certification course, AFS academy offers many other taxation courses. AFS academy is even known for its Tally Education.


The Curriculum Includes-

● Introduction to GST fundamentals.

● Getting Started with GST basics – (Goods.)

● Recording Advanced Entries of GST, Tally, and other courses.

● GST adjustment, return filing, and invoices.

● Getting Started with GST basics – (Services.)

● Recording basic and Advanced Entries.

● Introduction to Tally.ERP9 and other Tally applications.


Some of the Features are-

● Complete practical training and conceptual understanding.

● AFS provides 24*7 complete access to its portals.

● GST filings and assistance to all the trainees.

● Assured certification.

● Regular assessments to evaluate the candidate’s performance for desired results and better learning.

● Placement assistance by mastering the trainees with Core level interview skills.


Contact Information-

Phone- 8143818169


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5. Vedanta Educational Academy


Vedanta Educational Academy is one of the top 10 GST certification courses in Hyderabad. Apart from the GST certification courses in Hyderabad, Vedanta even offers many other taxation programs which are built for students and working professionals.


 This institute is known for its unique conceptual training offered for GST. It is one sole academy that makes teaching and learning a unique experience. Apart from GST, Vedanta provides Excel courses, computer basics, income tax return filings, TDS, and advanced courses in Tally. The trainee has even the option to opt for any other course along with the GST course.


The Curriculum-

● Introduction to accounts, GST, and Tally.ERP9.

● ERP9 basics along with GST sessions.

● Basic accounts management, installments, bills receivable, and bills payable.

● ERP9 and GST with banking sessions.

● Tally.ERP 9 with GST-Advanced training.

● GST and Tally common portal online lectures with trainers.

● ERP9 with TDS filing.

● Supply and non-supply vouchers training in-depth.

● Data sharing in Tally.ERP9 and implementation.

● Advanced Sales Management.

● Manufacturing and production management with visual understanding.

● Branch-wise accounts fundamentals from basics to advance.

● Tally audit and assurance.

● Adjustments, payroll, bonus topics for accounting and finance.

● 24*7 Faculty support with essential interview questions, sample resumes, portfolios, etc.

● Additional study material, notifications, news, updates regarding Tally and GST.


The Salient Features of this Course are-

● 100% assured certifications.

● Well-trained experts with intense support.

● Unlimited one–year access to the course.

● 24*7 portal access which provides the free downloading option for all the candidates.

● Wide range of study materials and modules designed to master the skill set.

Contact Information-

Phone– 9346622893


6. Computech Info Solutions


The GST certification course in Computech Info solutions is designed for working professionals who can master their skills in both GST and Tally. This institute provides both offline and online training in Hyderabad. 

Apart from the GST course, this institute offers Tally, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MS Office, Excel basics, and advanced level. This institute provides 100% job assistance. It even provides free orientation services for all the students.


The Curriculum-

● Fundamentals and advanced GST and Tally courses.

● Activation of GST for a company from basics.

● Calculating GST and types of GST.

● GST adjustment with Journal and ledger entries.

● Creating stock Items and Stock Groups for GST and Tally.

● To Map the UOM to UQC in the Stock Items.

● Creating a Sale Ledger GST in Tally from basics.

● Different types of Purchases in Tally.

● GST Interstate Sales In Tally.

● Creating Interstate Purchase Ledger in Tally from basics.

● GST Transaction in Tally from basic level.

● Party Ledger Such as suppliers, customers.

● Local and Interstate sales in Tally.

● Ledger for any Indirect Expenses and creation of sales ledger.


Some of the Basic Features of This Course is-

● One of the top placement agencies.

● Provides knowledge from the basic level.

● Resume preparation assistance, job assistance, and interview assistance.

● Assured certification at the end of the program.


Contact Information-

Phone- 040-66174448


7. Excel Solutions, Hyderabad


It is one of the top 10 GST certification courses in Hyderabad. This institute provides GST coaching along with many programs related to analytics and data science. If you are a person who is looking forward to a course in Hyderabad which provides 100% placements. Then this should be one of the best options for you. 


This course is designed by people who have good experience in finance, accounting, and taxation. The curriculum is designed according to industrial requirements and recent amendments. Excel solutions offer both classroom and online training. This course is named industrial and Managerial Accounting Taxations.


The Curriculum-

• Understanding business from all levels

• Business types and processes

• Introduction to business status with examples 

• Basics Of Accounting

• Accounting (Both basics and advance)

• Practical Tally ERP9 GST

• The Principles of Accounting 

• Payroll Process (tax computations on GST sales)

• Taxation basics

• Taxation Overview of both basics and advance

• Direct taxes- Overview

• Indirect taxes (including GST and customs duty)-Overview

• Taxes on invoices (including tax computations on GST sales)-Overview

• Transaction vouchers from the beginning

• Sales and purchases

• Tax invoices

• Voucher entering

• Display reports and printing 

• Tax computations 

• GST sales 

• GST and customs duty sessions 

• Input tax credit 

• Output tax calculations


Some of the Basic Features of This Course-

● GST Coaching along with Tally.

● Both Offline and Online training.

● Coaching from a basic level of accounting.

● Assured placement and placement services.

Contact Information

Phone– 8142999100


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8. National Institute Of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – ( NI-MSME )


This institute was set up by Central Industrial Extension Training Institute. As the name itself suggests, this institute mainly focuses on small and medium enterprises.NI-MSME even offers courses relating to GST. 


It is one of the best GST certification courses in Hyderabad. It even provides consultancy and research services for various sectors. This course is mainly for entrepreneurs, consultants, tax and finance professionals.


The Curriculum is as Follows-

● Understanding the transitional issues for transferring the GST tax regime.

● The impact of GST on Industries.

● Trade and services and its impact.

● Practical knowledge about the GSTN framework.

● Practical knowledge of GST act & compliance.

● Get acquainted with all rules, regulations, terms, and conditions related to GST and other taxes.


 Salient Features of This Course are-

● 3 days short-term course.

● All materials, research papers, tutorials, samples, etc are covered under the cost of the course.

● Assured certification at the end of the program.


Contact Information-

Phone- 040-23633220


9. Ans Tax Solutions


It is one of the best GST certification courses in Hyderabad. Ans Tax Solutions has been providing tax and consultancy services in Hyderabad for the past 10 years. It is one of the best institutes for people who are looking forward to a career in taxation services.


The Curriculum-

● Basics to advance level of Goods and Service Tax (GST)

● GST law opportunities

● What is GST, definition, and meaning?

● Transitional provisions relating to GST

● Integrated Goods and Services of GST

● Tax Registration and Invoicing

● GST return filing

● The advance ruling of GST

● GST settlement commission, rules

● Impact of GST On E-commerce sites

● Tax assessment under GST Act

● GST Audit and Reporting assurance


Following are the Features of This Course-

● Many more courses including courses relating to Income tax.

● Tally ERP9 training.

● Complete assistance.

● Assured Certification.


Contact Information-

Phone- 9704712744


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10. Idea Computers Tally Academy


Established in the year 2004, Idea Computers Tally Academy has driven many successful candidates who are masters in Tally and GST. From a small establishment to a leading institute in Hyderabad. It is one of the top GST certification courses in Hyderabad.


The Curriculum-

● Introduction to GST and Overview of taxation.

● GST under simple and multiple tax systems. 

● Reverse Charge Mechanism on GST. 

● Input Tax Credit of GST.

● Invoicing and reporting of GST.

● TDS and TCS (Basics and Advance level).

● Income tax calculation and evaluation.

● PF, resident and non-resident taxpayer.

● Impact of GST in E-commerce. 

● Tax Rate Structure, rates, and amendments.

● Appeals And Revision of taxation.


The Salient Features of This Course are-

● The course is taught from the basics level to the advanced level.

● The study includes direct and indirect taxes from all levels.

● Advanced MIS reporting is also taught here.

● Consists of more than 23 modules.

Contact Information-

Phone– 9963899449


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the full form of GST?

GST stands for Goods and Service tax.


2. Which GST certification course is best?

IIM Skills GST certification course is the best as it offers online training with many modules with in-depth understanding. IIM Skills even provide complete placement assistance and guidance to all its trainees.


3. How much does a GST practitioner earn in India?

The average salary of a certified GST practitioner is INR 4.6-6.4 lakhs.


4. Is the certification course in GST sufficient?

Taking coaching from a quality institute that offers theoretical and practical training is more than sufficient for a person to develop the skill set in GST.



Goods and Service tax has always played a crucial role to keep their taxpayers safe and secured. There are a lot of benefits for a person to get the GST certification. 


I would suggest every person get this certification irrespective of academic background as it can help you even to open consultancy firms and the demand for this course is high. Even recruiters from a reputed organization are looking forward to a certified candidate.

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