Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Goa With Placements

From the inception of GST in 2017 till today, many new employment opportunities have arisen in the field of taxation; and so has our economy in the Asia-Pacific region. 


List of the best GST certification courses in Goa


With the introduction of a single taxation system called the Goods and Services Tax, the demand for experts in this area has increased. Thus, there is a need for specialized courses with certification.


Now, to find out the best GST certification courses in Goa, we will start this journey to find out which course is best suited by asking a question ‘Why’ i.e. our purpose behind taking this course; followed by the question ‘How’ and where to check different options available for GST courses in Goa and at last conclusion stating ‘What will be the most preferred GST course for you?’.


So, to know the best GST Certification Courses in Goa stick with me on this journey of picking the best in class GST course in Goa.


Let’s begin with:


Why Choose GST as a career?


History of GST


France was the first country in the world to apply GST (in the year 1954). The GST system has been applied in over 160 countries. The GST framework in India was established 17 years ago. The first steps for GST adoption in India were taken on July 17, 2000, during the Vajpayee administration. Assam became the first state to implement GST on August 12, 2016.


GST network was founded on September 23, 2016. It is an online network dedicated to resolving consumer and corporate concerns and inquiries. The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a big step forward in India’s indirect tax reforms.


GST will considerably decrease the negative repercussions of cascading or double taxation by combining a big number of Central and State taxes into a single tax and pave the path for a shared national market by combining a large number of Central and State taxes into a single tax.


The biggest benefit for consumers would be a reduction in the overall tax burden on goods, which is currently estimated to be between 25 and 30 percent. It would also mean that the true cost of indirect taxes on products and services would be considerably clearer to the customer.


The implementation of GST will also make Indian products more competitive in the global market as a result of the complete neutralization of input taxes across the value chain of production and distribution.


According to studies, this would have a positive influence on economic growth. Last but not least, thanks to its transparency and self-policing nature, this tax would be easier to manage. It would also promote a transition from the informal to the formal economy. The administration intends to implement GST on July 1st, 2017.


The adoption of GST (Goods and Services Tax) is India’s biggest tax reform in its 70-year history, and it will assist in modernizing the country as Asia’s third-largest economy. GST, a 17-year-old goal in India, aims to unite the US $2 trillion economy and 1.3 billion people into a single market.


The nationwide Goods and Services Tax (GST) went into force on July 1, 2017. This is a terrific approach for a new common national market to be established, and it has replaced multiple cascading indirect taxes collected by the federal and state governments.


Meaning and Its Benefits


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax levied by businesses on the sale of specific items and/or services to customers. The GST rate may vary based on the nation, or it may be influenced by the industry or the goods or services being provided; for example, India presently has five separate GST rates. India: 0%, 5%, 13%, 18%, and 28%.


However, there are some goods and services that are exempt from GST. GST is a consumption-based tax applied at the national level on products and services for sale, transfer, exchange, barter, licensing, renting, lease, and disposal.


This tax has supplanted (absorbed) all indirect taxes collected by state and federal governments. With the expansion of worldwide trade in goods and/or services, GST has become a global norm. The tax structure is based on “dual GST,” which is imposed concurrently by the national and state governments.


The primary goal of GST is to eliminate the cascading effect of taxing the value of products and/or services, as well as to establish a simple, cooperative, and undivided Indian market to develop a stronger economy.


Job Opportunities after GST


GST Practitioner


Prior to the implementation of the Good and Service Tax (GST), accounting and tax professionals were permitted to file returns on behalf of the taxable person under the indirect tax system.


The above-mentioned work was often performed by Chartered Accountants (CA), advocates, and sales tax practitioners. The new GST law intends to formalize this mode of operation between the taxable person and the person submitting returns on his behalf by making the three-way relationship between a taxpayer, GST practitioner, and GSTN clear.


A GST-qualified person is a specialist who offers services to other taxpayers online. Before beginning his or her profession, a GST-qualified person must be registered on the GSTN Portal and get an instrument through an operation process.


A GST Practitioner Approved by Central and State Government Carry out the Following Duties Given Below:

  1. Submit a fresh registration application.
  2. Submit an application for registration change or cancellation.
  3. Provide information about outgoing and inward supply.
  4. Appear as an authorized representative in front of any department officer, the appellate authority, or appellate tribunal.

(To acquire the above knowledge and become proficient, we have finalized the finest GST certification courses in Goa below)


The Following are the Prerequisites for Becoming a GST Practitioner:


  • They should be Indian citizens.
  • They must be of sound mind.
  • They should not be declared bankrupt.
  • They should not be convicted of a crime punishable by two years or more in jail.


GST Practitioner’s Roles and Responsibilities:


  • File GSTR 1 and 2 Provide GSTR 3 AND GSTR 9.
  • After receiving confirmation from the registered person, file a refund claim.
  • Make a credit deposit into the computerized cash ledger.
  • After receiving confirmation from the registered individual, apply for revision or cancellation of registration.
  • Present yourself as an authorized representative.
  • Once permitted, GST practitioners must write statements and affix the taxable person’s digital signature to them once the statements have been validated and verified – the taxable person receives a confirmation text message/email, to which he must conform.
  • The taxable person must ensure that all information provided is complete and accurate to the best of his knowledge – in the absence of confirmation by the taxable person, it will be presumed confirmed.
  • If the person wants to withdraw consent and authority granted to them, they can do so using Form GST-7.
  • The process of submitting returns by a GST practitioner may only begin if the taxed person has permitted the GST practitioner to do so. The specifics of such authorization are kept on the common GST webpage.


Once a GST practitioner is permitted to perform actions on behalf of a taxable person, he may create statements, provide information, and then have the information validated and certified by the taxable person.


Other than GST Practitioner, a Few Other Job Opportunities Available are as follows:

  • GST Consultancy Practice
  • Taxation Manager
  • GST Trainer
  • Reconciliation
  • GST department

(To become a gem in GST, we have organized GST certification courses in Goa- making it easy to decide.)


Future of GST in India

In terms of long-term advantages, it is envisaged that GST would not only result in reduced tax rates but also lower tax slabs. Countries where the Goods and Services Tax has aided in economic transformation use only two or three rates: the mean rate, a lower rate for necessary items, and a higher tax rate for luxury commodities.


In India, we now have 5 slabs with up to 3 rates — an integrated rate, a central rate, and a state rate. Cess is also charged in addition to these taxes. Fear of losing money has inhibited the government from experimenting with fewer or cheaper charges.


This is unlikely to change very soon, while the government has said that tariffs may be reconsidered once the RNR (revenue-neutral rate) is achieved. In the medium run, the impact of GST on macroeconomic indicators is expected to be quite beneficial. Because the cascading (tax on tax) impact of taxes would be abolished, inflation would be minimized.


The government’s tax revenue is very likely to increase with an expanded tax net, while the fiscal deficit is expected to remain under control. Industry experts think that the execution of the most significant tax reform in the country’s history will propel the country up many rungs in terms of ease of doing business.


The GST system brought a vast range of items and practically all services under its jurisdiction when it was implemented in 2017, and the next to join this list might be petroleum – this is a problem that appears easy at first glance but is much more difficult than that.


So to tackle it, the Modi administration may be preparing to put petroleum under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) framework at a time when fuel prices have shattered all previous records and crossed the 100 mark in various areas of the nation.


As we know, GST is going to be included in every product and service, it becomes vital to search and acquire GST certification courses in Goa.


Now, We will Focus on ‘How’ to Find Different GST Certification Courses in Goa.


Before we start exploring GST certification courses in Goa, we need to understand that at present due to covid19 and even after that change has been a vital part of our life where the future belongs to e-learning and very limited scope to offline learning, so here, you will find the best of e-learning courses available across India suited for people in Goa to become expertise in GST.


Starting with the best GST certification courses in Goa at present, but don’t need to worry as all courses given are the most preferred course in the taxation market:


  1. IIM Skills ( GST Course)


One of the most comprehensive GST certification courses available in the market to become an expert tax practitioner is offered by IIM Skills. A specialized curriculum that fulfills industry requirements and delivers 100% practical training makes it India’s best GST certification course. The program begins with the evolution of GST and progresses through the principles and essentials before concluding with real GST applications.


  • IIM Skills Master certification is recognized by the government of India, which makes it a unique and most preferred GST certification course in Goa to choose from.
  • 24*7 Online Support for all your queries as they have dedicated 2000 professionals from the GST practitioner community.
  • IIM Skills focuses on practical learning to make it easy for the person to adapt to a real working environment when it needs to.
  • Lifetime access to the content and pre-recorded lecture make it easy to access your missed session even after years.
  • Get GST invoicing tools and software implementation tutorial. Master the art of managing hundreds of clients with ease.
  • Best course trainer and well-researched and relevant industry course content to make you stay updated.
  • Weekday and weekend batches are available to allow more individuals to participate in the training when it is convenient for them on a day when they have no job or academic responsibilities.
  • They provide online virtual lessons that you may access at any time, from any location, and on any device. Whether you are at home or away for whatever reason, you may access it from a mobile, laptop, or Ipad and it is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and IOS. With the LMS’s e-content, you may read and refer on the go.
  • IIM Skills also offers some of the best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Goa


GST Certification Course Learning Benefits at IIM Skills


IIM Skills offers the finest online GST certification course in Goa covering everything from theory to practice making a person job-ready. The GST course is brimming with material, but the emphasis is on the practical elements of GST, moving you from basic to advanced levels and equipping you with invaluable skills such as:


  • Developing a general grasp of the Goods and Services Tax, including its origins, compliance, implementation, and enforcement.
  • You are well-equipped to comprehend all of the complexities and finer features of GST and its general structure.
  • It is comprehending the influence of GST on businesses/organizations, particularly in terms of money. This also assists you in rethinking and restructuring pricing strategies in compliance with GST.
  • Acquiring a practical understanding of all GST processes, such as registration, TDS compliance, return filing, and refunds.
  • Developing a thorough grasp of all GST provisions to be job-ready.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: GST Origins and Concepts

Module 2: GST Framework and Structure

Module 3: Rules and procedures for invoicing

Module 4: GST Input Tax and Credit Payment

Module 5: GST Return Filing

Module 6: GST Composition Scheme (Module 7)

Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism

Module 8: GST-compliant E-way Bill

Module 9: GST Registration Procedures.


Who can Enrol in this Master Course: Fresh Graduates, students, accounting and finance professionals, startups, and business people.


Course Duration: One-month course(16 hours lectures).

4 Sundays (10 am-2 pm).

Course Fees: RS 2900 Inclusive GST.


Also, refer to IIM Skills GST Certification Course Review


IIM Skills GST Certification course free demo invite


Other Professional Courses at IIM SKILLS

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  1. Vedasys


One of the great advantages of this course is that it’s an offline course for people staying in Goa and also the reputed one to pursue GST course certification. This Tally computer course will comprehensively cover all you need to know about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) issue.


GST training will cover all facets of the Goods and Services Tax, including the Reverse Charge process. An offline course makes it special from the GST certification courses in Goa. Don’t worry, they have covered everything in their GST lessons and lectures.


What Makes it Different from Other GST Certification Courses in Goa?


  • Premier South Goa colleges have accepted the Tally ERP 9 + GST with GST course.
  • Learning is accelerated by the use of several practical case studies and examples.
  • Comprehensive Content – No Tally Ace, Tally Pro, or Tally Champ nonsense – this bundle includes all you need to know about Tally.
  • Timetable Flexibility – Choose any batch time between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm.
  • Faculty with an M.Com degree.
  • Custom Courseware – Electronic copies for all attendees hard copies are available for a small printing fee.


Who can Enrol in this Master Course: Fresh Graduates, students, accounting and finance professionals, startups, and business people.

The comprehensive method for young guns is a Tally training in Goa crash course on the current version – Tally ERP 9 Plus GST.

These last from 2-3 weeks, depending on student vacation schedules and availability. They will be taught from scratch as if they are not from a commerce background.


Course Duration: 4 to 6 weeks. (depending on person’s past knowledge and experience)

Medium of Instruction: English, Hindi, Konkani, and Marathi.


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  1. CAclubindia


You will study GST from Bimal Jain, who has more than 19 years of expertise in indirect taxation and is one of the most sought-after GST knowledge & thought leaders in the country. With the GST online classes, you will be able to master all of the fundamentals of advanced topics and prepare for the most recent GST upgrades.


The goal of this course is to equip all participants with an understanding of the practical components of GST.

  • GST provisions explained in-depth with real-world case studies
  • An examination of GST’s outstanding and vexing concerns
  • GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C preparation and filing – table by table
  • Diverse decisions and case studies from various advanced ruling authorities / HC
  • Exclusively taped Q&A sessions
  • Understanding of all recent amendments and their consequences.


Here, you will receive 61 hours of video lectures with an e-book on GST in English. Also, e-certificate after completion of the course, which is certified by MSME Govt of India. It has a really good service rating of 4.6/5 from 10679 reviews making it to the good list of GST certification courses in Goa.


Course Duration: 2 Months.

Course Fees: Rs 6599 (Inclusive with tax) with Pendrive Rs 1000 more.


IIM Skills GST Certification course free demo invite 


  1. Taxguru Edu


The course covers GST from the fundamentals to the advanced level, including legal elements, significant compliances, modifications, measures to avoid conflicts with the GST department, handling assessments, GST health check-ups, and case studies. After completing the course, a certificate from Taxguru Edu will be issued.


CA Raman Singla will teach the course, which has educated over 30,000 professionals throughout India and published the best-selling book “Complete Analysis on GST,” which has over 5000 pages.


He is one of the renowned GST experts who give valuable knowledge at the national level through conferences and workshops helping the learner master GST with its comprehensive GST certification course in Goa.


This course has received positive feedback from students around the country, and it includes a unique problem resolution service to help clear up any confusion. Moreover, it comes with online books, certificates, and tests to check your knowledge.


Course Duration: No limit fixed to complete it.

Fees: RS 8000 +18% GST.


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Why Vskills Different from Available GST Certification Courses in Goa:


  • Skill development and employability program.
  • Test and demonstrate abilities that are appreciated by industry professionals. CVs of Vskills certified applicants are featured in MonsterIndia’s job seeker database and receive particular attention from recruiters.
  • CVs of Vskills Certified candidates are also highlighted in’s job seeker database, attracting the recruiter’s special attention.
  • All Vskills certified candidates’ CVs are shared with matching organizations for recruitment purposes.
  • Candidates who have completed the Vskills certification program are eligible to work at the Vskills job center for Life.
  • Vskills certification registration is a one-time fee that includes payment for additional preparation material.
  • Vskills evaluation examinations are developed and updated regularly following industry standards.
  • Certification is supplied by a Government Body (ICSIL), which is a joint venture of the Government of NCT Delhi (DSIIDC) and the Government of India (TCIL).


Course Duration:28 hours with limitless e-learning access.

Course Fees: Rs 3499.


 6. GST Centre


GST Centre is the best accounting learning center. It is an initiative of Topman’s Education and Career Horizons (P) Ltd. (TEACH), a company formed under the Companies Act 2013, India and approved by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship of the Government of India.


They are also ISO 9001:2015 certified. Here they will cover everything from basic to advance as they are specialized and provided by the Government of Ministry itself.


They also provide offline lectures for some big cities but not for Goa till now; so, they have a special online self-learning kit to master GST. They also take an assessment to check their learning outcome and certification but to make it easy they provide a question bank too. It also comes with simulation software for hands-on experience and a learning management system for detailed video coverage.


It also has different levels for different experienced people i.e GST Basics, GST Intermediate, and GST in Tally. As its Govt approved, it will give you quality assurance with e-learning content before other GST certification courses in Goa.


Course Fees – Rs 6500/-


7. Consultease


This course is designed for users who work in practice or industry. This training will assist in broadening one’s learning curve and advancing one’s profession.


This course is available from anywhere in India. Consultease courses have various distinguishing characteristics. While watching a video, you may ask your question. Various materials, like PDFs, case laws, presentations, and practical concerns, are published on the video’s dashboard.


CA Shebeli Girdharwal has a lot of experience in the taxation industry and she will cover everything from fundamental idea clarification to dealing with actual situations.


There are several compliances and filings covered. This training will prepare you to handle GST responsibilities and establish your career. If you want to make the basics strong it’s good to choose from various GST certification courses in Goa.


Course Duration: 12hours of video lessons with unlimited access.

(certificate on completion of course without any exam)


Course Fees: Rs 1500/-


8. Udemy


Udemy, in its most basic form, is an educational platform that was founded in 2010. With over 35 million students registered in over 1000 thousand courses, it is the largest online learning platform of its type.


For starters, it features the world’s largest course marketplace. There are hundreds of courses to pick from, and you are not confined to specific niches like with other online course platforms that specialize in specific disciplines such as computers or business.


Udemy provides a plethora of tools that make taking a class fun and easy. For example, all students are allowed to work on tasks to put their training to use and enhance their abilities.


Udemy certification is accepted by companies around the world, which is good from other GST certifications courses in Goa.


Here, Udemy gives a regular discount on most of its courses, where the price falls drastically so sometimes you just need to wait till it falls. And for GST certification courses in Goa, as per research based on review, relevancy, and updated knowledge, these 3 GST certification courses are good for you, which are as follows:

  • GST Returns Certification Course (live training)
  • GST+Tally.ERP9+TallyPrime+IncomeTax+TDS+MS Excel
  • Master GST Certification Course in Goa with theory and practical learning I A-Z Live Projects


9. ICAI and ICSI


As of now, this GST course is only for members and executives from their respective boards so, if you are pursuing CA or CS; you are eligible to take this course.


Feel free to take this course as ICAI and ICSI are governing bodies for accounts and law, so the quality of the course would be best and relevant to make a good start to your career as a tax practitioner.


IIM Skills GST Certification course free demo invite


10. Henry Harvin


This course is ranked 1st in the industry by  India Today and Tribune India which comes with 100% practical training with lifetime support and access.


Why Henry Harvin Different from Various GST Certification Courses in Goa:


  • Entirely practical classes
  • GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, and GSTR 2A are some of the hot subjects discussed
  • New e-Invoicing clauses
  • How to Claim ITC (Input Tax Credit) if it doesn’t appear
  • GST Law Critical Analysis
  • Real-time implementation of complex GST provisions
  • Obtain GST Practitioner Certification from a government-recognized institute
  • Sunday classes are available
  • Complete placement assistance
  • Get a one-year subscription to the GST Practitioner LMS and e-Learning site
  • Learn from specialists with more than 20 years of expertise


Course Type


  • Self-learning course with lifetime access and upgrade – at just Rs 8999.
  • Live online classroom with 1-year gold membership, weekly boot camps, flexible schedule, and mentoring from experts – at just Rs 9999. (no cost EMI available)


One of the few GST certification courses in Goa that offers you an EMI facility for part payments.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Who is eligible to take GST courses?

Fresh graduates, students, accounting and finance professionals, business people could take any GST certification courses in Goa.

2.    How much does a GST practitioner earn?

The average annual salary is INR 4.9-6.4 lakhs a year if you choose properly from various GST certification courses in Goa.


3.    How is online training better than offline training?

As a student or a working professional, the time constraint is a major obstacle but with e-learning, they are free to learn anytime, anywhere at their pace with recorded lectures and 24*7 query solving mechanism.


4.    Why are offline GST certification courses in Goa quite less?

The reason is that people want to learn at their self-pace at a low cost without losing the quality, therefore there are very few GST certification courses in Goa.




These GST courses are the best options available in the taxation market, so, simply choose what would be the best. Start filtering from the first to the last course that matches your requirement, eligibility, cost, and relevancy in terms of overall GST content. Choose wisely and become an expert in the GST field through various GST certification courses in Goa.

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