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Marketing (which has now turned into digital marketing) has always been driven by reaching the right target audience at the right time and place. There is no rocket science here. What it implies is that you have to engage with them where they are already present- that is, the internet. 


To learn about engagement and targetting audiences for marketing, one has to learn digital marketing. While anyone can find chunks of data on the internet, but investing in a structured course is always an ideal option. In that regard, we present you the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review to know if this course matches your preferences or not. 


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Before navigating the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review, let’s do a quick rundown on digital marketing and why it is needed.


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is all about marketing products and services with the help of the internet and digital channels. It encircles using platforms, most likely social media, websites, emails, etc- to connect and engage with current and prospective customers.


Why do you need Digital Marketing? 


As per Statista, global digital marketing spending is expected to reach $389.29 billion in 2021.


Now, that’s a question worth considering. Why are businesses and brands squandering money for digital marketing? The point-blank answer is that they are well-aware of the limitless potential of digital marketing to reach the maximum audience and derive maximum ROI.


Let’s now dig deeper at the detailed answer bit-by-bit.


  • Reach a wider base audience


In stark contrast to traditional old-school practices, digital marketing lets you stretch to a larger audience. Moreover, you can target a highly specific audience who are most likely to become potential customers.


While you hold little control over who sees your billboards, ads, and brochures in a traditional marketing strategy, digital marketing allows you to have a good hold on targetting a precise audience with personalized marketing messages. That further stimulates the chances of conversions and efforts not being wasted.


  • Visualize and actualize your target audience


It’s far easier to catch a clickable bird than simply throwing an arrow in the sky. The example, when implied to marketing, simplifies the marketing process. When you have a fair idea of who your audience is and what they are searching for, then marketing becomes a cakewalk.


Digital marketing lets you do just that. It let you create a clear picture (buyer persona) of your ideal audience, following which you can hit the nail in the head.


Know about the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


  • Measurable 


Digital marketing enables you to conceive a comprehensive start-to-end view of all the metrics from likes, clicks, timestamps, shares to impressions. For instance, you can track who visited your website, downloaded your brochure, shared your content, etc. Undoubtedly, it is one of the exceptional benefits of digital marketing.


Conversely, this is one of the supreme limitations of traditional marketing that you cannot measure progress.


  • Cost-effective


Digital marketing is not just measurable but cost-effective too. How cost-effective? Digital marketing uses instruments and tools to track daily campaigns. Now, when you know a channel is not bucketing up expected ROI, you can pull back the investment in that handle in real-time. Additionally, you can put in more effort and revenue in the channels that are drawing outstripping ROI for your business.


Emphatically, the trio of blogging, SEO, and social media can break out the maximum ROIs with minimal funding, though it may call upon extra efforts.


  • Lead generation


In the offline mode of marketing, you are totally reliant on the customer behavior to reach you after reading the brochure (given that they read it). Digital marketing gives you an edge here- as you can trace who downloaded your brochure. And here you have a lead!


You can pursue that lead and reach out to them to direct them further down the marketing funnel until they become your happy customers. That’s another remarkable perk of digital marketing.


Now, you know the potential and importance of digital marketing, let us break out to the digital marketing course followed up by the IIM Skills digital marketing course review.



IIM Skills- Raising Curtains


IIM Skills is a globalized ed-tech institute that has amassed popularity among the great aspirers, dreamers, and achievers. The institute is a one-stop shop for premium courses that best fits the needs of people from all walks of life. That is, it doesn’t matter you are a student, graduate, working professional, housewife, or retired person- you can savor IIM Skills bite-sized experiential learning programs.


The founder, Mr. Vaibhav Kakakr, counseled and directed people via an education blog for years before taking up the IIM Skills institute route. With a clear vision and aim to impart job-oriented courses, the institute maneuvered to become the No. 1 destination for online learning. To fulfill that vision, they have been offering standard premium courses to aspirants at pocket-friendly prices.


Many media houses and presses have lauded their efforts of reshaping education with their online training approach. Furthermore, many educational blogs such as Careers360, Coursdekho, Advisoruncle, Naukrilearning, and others have recognized it as a world-class institute. Besides, IIM Skills itself takes pride in educating and forwarding its aspirants to loftier heights through hand-holding and lifetime support.


Coming to the course offerings, the institute has three ongoing courses and one coaching, namely:

  1. Content Writing Course
  2. Digital Marketing Course
  3. GST Certification course
  4. CAT Coaching


All rank as the best courses across pan India for their remarkable laser-sharp instrumental learning approach.


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


Digital Marketing Master Course (DMMC)


The Digital Marketing Master Course is a flagship course by IIM Skills. With a balance of theoretical, practical, and tool usage, the course covers 180 hours of live comprehensive training. Based on a hands-on learning approach, the DMMC turns you into an employable skilled professional.


Duration: 3 months

Fees: 29,000 + 18% GST

Batches: Both weekday and weekend batches are available

Certification: Master certification from IIM skills+ 13 other certifications


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DMMC program details


The echelon-sculpted program catalogs the 3 months into comprehensible 40 modules, each covering an important topic.


An overview of Module structure:


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Web development using WordPress (2 modules)
  • SEO (4 modules)
  • SEM (Google Ads) (4 modules)
  • Email marketing (4 modules)
  • Inbound marketing (3 modules)
  • SMM (6 modules)
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy (1 module)
  • Web Analytics ((4 modules)
  • Online Reputation Management (3 modules)
  • Content writing and Advanced Blogging (3 modules)
  • Media buying and planning (1 module)
  • Affiliate marketing (1 module)
  • Video marketing (1 module)
  • Marketing Automation (1 module)
  • Digital Infographics Resume creation (1 module)


Supplementary to this, they conduct special modules on Wednesdays and Fridays, and you have ample chances to attend them.


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Exceptional Features of the DMMC program


  • Online learning


There is no denial of the fact that online learning has become the new normal. Considering varied factors, most likely pandemic aftereffects, commutation problems, time efficiency, people are more than happy to embrace online learning.


As an advocate of online learning, the IIM Skills Insitute has designed the DMMC program to best suit the needs of all and learn from your comfort space. So, if you are a student, you don’t have to miss your exams, and if you are a working professional, you don’t have to cut down on your work responsibilities.


  • Interactive Learning


In the case of online learning, it is natural to question the learning aspect where most institutes forward pre-recorded sessions. But the DMMC is an interaction-induced program.


The mentors create a conductive classroom atmosphere promoting synergic learning. The sessions are filled with lectures, interactions, doubt-resolutions, tasks, and activities.


  • LMS support 24*7


To make things easier, you get 24*7 LMS Support. LMS or Learning Management System allows you to assess the study material, session recordings, tools, and other stuff with quite ease.


That implies you don’t have to rummage here and there to get learning material and sessions recordings. All of it is placed at one storehouse, for which you get login credentials soon after making the payment.


  • Industry Pundits as mentors


Mentors are the backbone of any good course. Don’t you agree?


Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, an expert digital marketer, and entrepreneur takes up the mentorship duties of the DMMC program. Along with, other professionals deal with the non-technical aspects.


The entire course is delivered by the high-qualified and experienced mentors who are well-efficient in imparting online education. They are competent to bring out the front and center of each topic in detail and clear your doubts sidelong.


  • Well-refined curriculum


The affluent DMMC program structures a well-defined curriculum that steers from basics to advanced concepts smoothly. The curriculum encompasses all the hot topics of the digital marketing industry. Moreover, the designers incessantly update the modules as per the industry standards.


That’s the beauty of online programs, which can be updated as per the dynamics of the industry.


  • Practical inclination


The truth is without practical exposure- you are as good as nothing to fit in the digital marketing industry. That’s a bitter truth! Recognizing this fact, IIM Skills have coupled enough opportunities to expose you the practical inclination.


They not only give you practical tasks and activities but direct you towards setting up and practicing on your own website. Apart from that, there are case studies, weekly tasks, and constructive feedback to learn while doing.


  • Query resolution


Asking doubts is innate to the learning process and fortifying minds. Thus, the mentors are always willing to resolve your queries all the time. Whether it’s in between the session, post-session, or via email, they are inclined to help you out with all your inquisitions and curiosities.


  • Free tools covered


The DMMC program is a tool-driven course with free tools worth INR79,000. It covers all relevant tools that you would require to track, analyze, and implement strategies. Some of the imperative tools are:


  • Ubersuggest
  • GTMetrix
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • WordPress
  • Buffer
  • Google Analytics, etc.


  • Free demo session


The next big move of this program is the free demo session that lets you take a tour of what entails this course and is it the right career option for you. Even after a free demo session, you have the option of a consultation with the experts before hitting the button for payment.


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


  • Career-oriented


This is a career-oriented course that helps you navigate your road to success. Whether you are a job-seeker, freelancer, or agency-maker, the DMMC program guides you to move forward in your chosen path.


Indeed, it helps you make your dreams come true and follow the trail of your career. Thus, by the end of the program, you will have a definite road to walk.


  • Guaranteed Internships


To further scaffold you with practical usability, the course offers internship programs. Here, you enjoy umpteen chances to work out what you learn throughout the course.


That adds a plus one to the positive aspects of this DMMC program. This way, you get to sum up your assimilated knowledge into an experience and raise doubts if something goes off the line. Not to overlook, it adds up to your portfolio and resume.


  • 100% Placement Assistance


As IIM Skills has associations with some top brands like Amazon, KPMG, HTC, you can expect good opportunities to come your way. They keep you in the loop as and when a job vacancy arises.


Furthermore, they help you with resume creation, interview preparation tips and provide whatever help they can offer from their end. After all, their pride and recognition strengthen with alumna success, so they assist you in whichever way possible.


  • Master certification


With the DMMC program, you achieve 14 certificates from eminent institutes. One bing the Master’s certification from IIM Skills and the other 13 from top institutions like Google, Hubspot, and Facebook. However, in all cases, you have to clear an MCQ test to earn the reward.


Just in case you miss meeting the minimum qualification marks, you have the option to re-attempt after 24 hours.


  • Lifetime Access


Another extraordinary feature of this course is lifelong learning at no extra cost. The LMS stays with you forever, and you can come back anytime in the future to view the recorded sessions and even catch up with the latest updates.


Moreover, the mentors stay by your side for a lifetime. So, anytime you feel you covet expert guidance, you can get in touch with your mentors. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s the support and faith one must look for in a good course.


  • Money-back guarantee


Similar to all of the programs offered by IIM Skills, the DMMC program comes with a money-back guarantee. Elaborating on this point, if you do not feel satisfied with your investment, you can ask for a reimbursement. The institute affirms to give back 100% amount.


  • Group Discounts


The perks do not end here, as IIM Skills offers a group discount of 10% for 3 or more combined entries. So, if you have a camaraderie willing to join the course at the same time, you can avail yourself extra discounts.


Final Resolve on IIM Skills Digital Marketing Cours Review


Combining all the points, it is not hard to say that IIM Skills Digital Marketing Cours Review ticks all the boxes for a world-class course. The instructor-led online learning program encourages interactive and experiential learning. Well-qualified and experienced professionals not only guide to but also elicit responses from you.


Additionally, case studies, weekly assignments, and on-the-spot tasks sum up your practical experience. Not to overlook, they have internship programs to help you churn more experience and curate your portfolio. Even resume creation and placement comes in handy with the privileges of this program.


Based on alumna reviews, the mentors follow a never-say-no-attitude to doubt resolutions and are always willing to clear your doubts. This is yet another relevant point to this IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review. The next turn-on factor of this program is the free tools and their core usage, which is well explained. Moreover, trainers ensure you become competent to use the tools efficiently. Thus, they guide you in a step-by-step manner.


Furthermore, no alumna has ever complained of outdated content for this program. The well-refined curriculum is regularly updated and deserves a special mention in this IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review. Last by not least, the Master Certification and 13 other certifications are the gems to be highlighted on your resume. Fortunately, the fees comprise all these certifications. And you get to enjoy lifetime access at no extra cost.


Below we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review to simplify your decision-making process. Have a read!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. Does IIM Skills provide placement?

IIM Skills have provisions for placement assistance and interview preparation across the globe. However, they do not offer a job guarantee.


Q2. Which is better Henry Harvin or IIM skills?

With lifetime access and LMS support, IIM Skills scores better than Henry Harvin. Moreover, the curriculum at IIM skills is well-processed and caters to the needs of people from all walks of life.


Q3. Which certifications are best for digital marketing?

Some of the top certifications for digital marketing are:

  1. Google Ads certification
  2. Google Analytics certification
  3. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
  4. Hub post Inbound Marketing Certification
  5. Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
  6. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification
  7. Facebook Blueprint Certification


Q4. Are digital marketers in demand?

With digitalization, there is a boom in demand for digital marketing. Every business- big or small- needs an online presence and thus needs a digital marketer to attract and retain customers. That said, digital marketing is one of the most in-demand careers in 2021 and years to come.


Closing Lines


According to Linkedin, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills in the year 2021. Having said that, it is not hard to say that digital marketing as a career is lucrative as well as rewarding. However, digital marketing is a dynamic industry and requires one to be on the toes with the latest trends and developments.


If you are an inquisitive soul and lifelong learner, then there is no better career choice for you than digital marketing. There is a surplus demand for skilled professionals in this coveted industry. And not to mention, you can acquire the requisite skillset with the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course. And hence, make room for yourself in this industry.


On a parting note, hope you found this IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review helpful. Don’t forget you have the option of a free demo session before making an informed decision.


IIM Skills digital marketing course free demo invite


Go ahead, make a move!


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