9 Best Content Writing Courses in Trichy With Placements

 Are you willing to take up content writing courses in Trichy? Planning to pursue a career in content writing and want to know the best institutes that offer the best teaching? Then you are in the right article. In this article, we are providing all details that you would be required to know before taking up a course. Some of the available content writing courses in Trichy are listed here.


List of the best content writing courses in Trichy


Content writing is the process of writing, researching, planning, editing, and proofreading to provide applicable work for a website, to increase marketability by drawing the attention of a targeted audience. Content writing is an industry in which everyone could not sustain one must be passionate to write and deliver qualitative, competitive content.


Those who think content writing is a source of easy money should not see it as a career because of its uncertain nature compared to other industries and there are many factors to know how good and also how bad your work is.


The competitive analysis, response of the audience, feedback, analytics, keyword research, backlinks, and many factors are there to know the performance.


Who Should Take up Content Writing Courses in Trichy?


As every business is willing to get digitized and wants to have an online presence to increase their business and create brand value, the demand for content writers increased.


Individual Persons Who Are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Housewives/Homemakers
  • Bloggers
  • Writers
  • Students
  • College Dropout
  • Content creators
  • Industry Professionals


Career Options and Scope For Content Writers in Trichy:


The demand for content writers is increasing every day in every industry. Most businesses are willing to have an online presence. So, they are entering digital marketing and content writing has become one of the main domains of digital marketing; through content, a digital marketer reaches the audience. 


Here is the List of What it Truly Includes:-

● Blog writing or posts

● Article writing

● Video scripts or podcasts

● Social media posts

● Product description

● Creative writing

● Statement of Purpose or SOP

● YouTube Video Description

● Web page copy

As content writing is expanding to most industries, the requirement for content writers is also increasing. So, new content writers are welcome to meet the demands of the expanding industry. 


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These are the Industries Content Writers can Work and Become an Expert in:

●    E-commerce Industry: Product description and product review writing, written to summarize details of products. 

●    Media House: The opportunities for a content writer in the media house industry are huge as it is the basis of all TV shows and Youtube channels, and it is called screenwriting or scriptwriting.

●    Medical Industry: Opportunities for medical writers is to write research articles, regulatory writings, and other things.

●    IT Industry: It is technical content to make awareness about cyber securities. Content writers need to create blogs or articles.

●    Digital Marketing Agencies: In this industry, they hire content writers to create blogs and articles as per SEO to create a campaign.


Some of the Forms of Content Writing Which You can Choose in Your Career after Certification in Content Writing:

● Email marketing

● Newsletters

● Blogging

● Social Media Writing

● E-books Writing

● Review Writing

● SOP Writing

● Brochures Designing

● Flyers

● White Papers

● Resume & Portfolio Writing

● Web Writing

● Business Writing

● Memos

● Proposals

● Infographics

● Script Writing

● Description Writing

● Manuals (Instructional Writing)

● Social Media Management & Promotion

● Ghost Writing

What are the Career Options after the Content Writing Courses in Trichy?


After completion of the content writing course, three career options are: 

● Jobs 

● Freelance

● Business 

Whether it’s a job, business, or freelance selective domains in which you can pursue a good career. 

Such as:-

● Blogger

● Academic Writer

● Product Writer

● Technical Writer

● Script Writer

● Video Content Writer

● Social Media Writer

● Copywriter

● Ghostwriter

● News Writer

● Editorials


Income of Content Writer in Trichy:


The average income of a new content writer in Trichy varies from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum based on experiencing the income may increase from 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs. 

The freelance content writer can make up to 10-12k/m while an expert can make 20-60k/m. One can start a content writing agency and can expect even more income.

Before going to the top list of the content writing courses in Trichy, here are some of the things you need to check out before joining the course.


Things to Consider before Joining a Content Writing Course: 

● Curriculum 

● Course Fee

● Placement Assistance 

● Student review 


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Look at the entire course module offered by an institute in the preferred course. Check whether the course is offering content writing only or other aspects such as affiliate marketing and SEO. Also, ensure that the module consists of practical assignments.


Course Fee

Check whether the course fee is affordable to you or not, if not, consider checking for scholarships availability and also ensure that fees of the course, are aligned with the course.  


Placement Assistance

Check whether the institute is offering placement assistance


Student Reviews:

Go through the reviews of previous students who have attended courses previously; they will help you to decide whether to join the course or not.


 By considering these things, you can inspect various content writing courses in Trichy and choose the most suitable one for your career.

Content Writing Courses in Trichy

  1. IIM Skills
  2. Tecknogic Knowledge House
  3. Nestsoft
  4. Education and Career Times(ECT) 
  5. Digitz India
  6. Skill Upgrader
  7. Udemy
  8. Coursera
  9. Henry Harvin Education


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best institutes to offer content writing courses in Trichy on the online platform. Its main aim is to provide the best training to students and provide skills required for the industrial standards at an affordable price. 


IIM Skills has more than 5 years of experience in teaching content writing and many job-oriented courses such as CAT coaching, and digital marketing courses, and IIM Skills has trained more than 5000 people.


Course Details:

Course Name: Content Writing Course


 This course is for:

● IT professionals

● Marketing Managers

● Professionals dealing with Marketing

● Students willing to pursue a career in Content Writing

● Literature Students

● For those bedding to sell their products on the internet


Course Module Includes : 

The course has 12 modules. They are: 

● Web development 

● Blog creation 

● Introduction to content writing 

● keyword research 

● Tools used 

● Plagiarism direction 

● Email marketing 

● Setting up google local pages 

● Content marketing through social media 

● Freelancing 

● Writing content/ content creation 

● Tools to use in social media 


In the course you will learn various types of content such as blogging, SOP, ads copy, commercial pages, copywriting, academic writing, business listings, press release, product description, web pages, brochures, flyers, e-listing, infographics, resume writing, and writing and publishing an ebook.



Course Highlights

● 4 Weeks of Live online training

● 16 Hours Lecture

● 60 Hours Practical Hands-on Assignments

● Free Tools worth 35k

● 10+ Hours Internship Lectures

● Freelance Opportunities

● Dedicated Placement Cell

● Master Certification

● Content Marketing Certification from Hubspot


What Do You Get?

3 Months Guaranteed internship

Portfolio Development for Freelancer/Job

Publish Your First E-Book on google, Kindle

Write and publish your first Blog


Also, refer to the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review for more insights.


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


2. Tecknogic Knowledge House:


Tecknogic Knowledge House is the top digital marketing institute in Trichy. The institute mainly provides training for content marketing as a part of the digital marketing course, but if you observe the module, it is helpful for content writing aspirants. 

As this course provides training for content marketing, it will be more effective, and you will be able to learn both content writing and content marketing.  


Course Includes : 

● Keyword Research

● Content Writing

● Website Creation and Management

● Local SEO

● SEO – Search Engine Optimization

● SEM/PPC/Google Ads

● Social Media Marketing

● Graphic Designing and Branding

● Graphic Design and Branding

● Email Marketing

● Analytics


Course Highlights

● In-depth learning

● Lifetime support

● Small batch size

● Placement Assistance

● 95% practical class

● Free career guidance

● 22 different Tools are covered

● 24 Modules

● Completion Certificate


They provide both online and offline training in two different mediums- group training in which there are up to 5 members only. They provide 1 to 1 training in which you have flexible timings, but for this, they charge extra 5000 rupees. 


3. Nestsoft


Nestsoft is one of the best training institutes; they provide content writing courses in Trichy. They also provide various job-oriented training and certification programs at the lowest fee. Nestsoft has 18 years of experience.


Course Includes:

● Prerequisite: Why write? Do you have the talent?

● Introduction to different types of writing

● Pre-writing, Correct Grammar, etc.

● Proof-reading, editing, rewriting

● Publishing your Project Work

● Career Opportunities for Writers


Course Highlights

● 18+ years of experience

● 100% placement assistance

● History of training more than 35,000+ students and professionals

● Flexible timing

● Completion certificate

● Live project training

● Guidance of expert trainers

● Unlimited Lab facility with wi-Fi


 4. Education and Career Times(ECT)


ECT is the only training institute recognized and approved by the government of India, and it’s based in Delhi. They have 11 years of experience, and they conducted 77 batches and trained more than 1200 students. They provide content writing courses, digital marketing courses, and personality development courses. 

They provide these courses on both online and offline platforms. If you are interested in joining a good content writing course in Trichy, you can go with the online mode of training.


Course Module Includes:

● Introduction to Content Writing

● Boost Your Vocabulary

● Avoid Common Grammar Errors in Your Writing

● Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques

● Hone Your Creative Nonfiction Writing Skills

● Master Business Writing Skills

● Learn Technical Writing

● Hone Your Academic Writing Skills

● Learn to Write Specific Pieces of Content

● Master Content Marketing

● Monetize Your Writing Skills

● Publish Your Book


Course Highlights

● 32 hours of Live online\ offline training

● 3 months course 

● Useful E-learning and videos for 50 Hours

● Has 13 Modules

● 7 Assignments

● 5 Live projects

● 10 Quizzes

● Live and interactive sessions

● Lifetime support

● 100 % Placement assistance

● Personalized feedback and attention

● Work from home job opportunities

● Certification upon compilation 


IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


 5. Digitz India


Digitz India is one of the leading companies that provides various digital marketing services such as SEO, social media marketing, web design, website development, e-commerce, WordPress customization, digital marketing courses, and also provides content writing courses.


Course Includes 

● Website content writing

● Blog writing

● Editing services

● Company profile

● Along with the above

● 15 plus social media modules that help you master

● Complete course with Q & A sessions 

● Strategies, action plans, and checklists to start your career.

● Certified experts to conduct the training sessions


6. Skills Upgrader  


Skills Upgrader is an online career consultancy and development firm, which provides a variety of courses that including content writing courses also. Their intention is to introduce and instruct the various details of content writing, effective writing techniques, online analysis, keywords, and so on.


Course Module Includes

● Introduction to Content Writing

● Web hosting

● The connection between content marketing & UI/UX

● Website Creation

● Understanding the writing process

● Search Engine Optimization

● Keyword Research

● Freelance content marketing

● Writing SEO optimized content

● Content creation

● Content Marketing using social media

● Call to Action

● Content Marketing Strategy

● Lead generation using content marketing

● Content marketing using Email Marketing


Key Highlights of Course 

● 16 hours of classes

● 10 hours of practical assignments

● Lifetime support

● Portfolio development for freelance/Job

● 40k worth of tools internship

● 3 Months guaranteed internship

● Freelance writing opportunities

● Dedicated placement support

● Instant content writing certification

● International Certificate

● Content marketing certification from Hubspot

● Hands-on assignments on SEO, website building, SMM, Portfolio for Freelance content writing


7. Udemy   


Udemy is an American-based online learning platform that offers various courses intended for students and professionals. Udemy is offering courses in 75+ languages.  


The platform has trained more than 44 million students and 65,000 instructors. Trainers and industry experts instruct through recorded videos. The uploaded videos are intended for students from basic level to intermediate to advanced level. 


The videos can be viewed by filters as per ratings, relevancy, price, duration, and language of the course. Trainers are highly professionals who have several years of experience in content writing. Udemy provides a certificate on course completion. It offers courses at affordable prices.


Some of the Content Writing Courses Available in Udemy 

● Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing.

● Content writing for beginners by Ramzee Quaiser.

● Writing for the web – How to write great content that sells by Dana Schulte Sheehan.

● Content is King: Writing Killer Content for Web and Marketing by Steve Mcdonald. Course module and cost varies for all courses.


8. Coursera


Coursera is another American online course provider started in 2012. It provides various online courses, degrees, and certifications. They offer more than 4000 courses in 30 different languages. Coursera provides courses in various levels- from beginners to advanced. At Coursera, the world’s best instructors teach through video lectures.


Coursera offers various free courses as well as paid courses from universities and institutes at a breakthrough price. Courses are flexible to learn at your own pace and convenience.


The Best Courses in Content Writing Offered by Coursera are:

● The strategy of Content Marketing

● Goods with Words; Writing & Editing

● Search Engine Optimisation

● Writing in English at University

● Content Strategy for Professionals

● Transmedia Storytelling

● The strategy of content marketing 

● Content Strategy for Professionals: Managing Content 

Course module and cost varies for all courses.


9. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin Education is one of the leading training institutes that provides content writing courses in Trichy; they provide courses both online and offline. The Certified Digital Content Writer Course (CDCW) is the best content writing course and is ranked No.1 in the industry currently by Trainings360. 


It offers several courses to develop writing skills as well as technical skills through technical writing, academic writing, SEO writing, business writing, copywriting, and many more. The content Writing course at Henry Harvin helps you to develop essential abilities to write and produce good content.


Course Name: Certified Digital Content Writer Course (CDCW) 

Course Format Includes 

●     Training: 36 Hours of Live Online Classroom Sessions

●     Projects: Live projects on Research Writing, Academic Writing, Technical Writing, Learning Skills, and more

●     Internship: Guaranteed internship to obtain practical experience 

●     Certification: The globally recognized certificate that distinguishes your profile as a Certified Digital Content Writer and showcases expertise.

●     Placement: 100% Placement assistance and Support for 1-Year post successful completion

● E-Learning Access with infinite Tools and Techniques, video content, assessments.

●     Bootcamps: Systematic Bootcamps spread over the next 12 months.

●     Hackathons: Free Access to hackathons, Competitions, and #AskHenry. 

●     Membership: You will get 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy for the Certified Digital Content Writing course.


Course Highlights

● 36 hours of content writing training

● Monthly Bootcamp sessions

● Globally recognized CDCW certification

● Comprehensive Study material

● Recorded videos of all sessions

● Access to learning management system LMS 

● 100% placement and internship assistance

● 30+ types of contents

IIM Skills Content writing course free demo invite


Frequently Asked Questions


 Question: What are the 5 types of content writing?

● Blogging

● Copywriting

● Technical Writing/Long Form

● Social Media Posts

● Emails


 Question: What are 5 types of content?

● Listicles

● Ebooks

● Infographics

● Video

● How-to Guides

● Case Studies


Question: What should be the budget for pursuing a content writing course?

The average cost of the course ranges from INR 12000+ GST To INR 25,000+GST, depending upon the course, study material, type of course, and institute infrastructure.


Question: What are the skills required to be a successful content writer?

● Content writers should be able to know to whom it is intended or the target audience. 

● The content writer should be able to proofread and edit the content.

● The content writer should be able to research the given topic and be able to reproduce content according to need. 


Final Thought: 


That’s all for the content writing courses in Trichy. Have a detailed view of the course details that are provided in the content writing courses in Trichy. Do check who are the trainers in the institute and their knowledge and experiences in the field. 

Also, have proper research on the practicals and concepts covered in the course like their internship, live projects, placement assistance, etc., and what support you will get to grow in content writing after completing the course. Based on your preferences, choose the course that you want to invest in.

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