Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Egypt With Placements

Writing, editing, and publishing information in a digital format is known as content writing. The goal of content writers is to inspire readers and entertain them. These days, there are many different ways to present content. It’s not just limited to magazines and newspapers. Content can be presented these days via blog posts, videos or webinars, digital books or media releases, marketing content, website content, etc. You can also be a pro writer by learning from the best content writing courses in Egypt listed in this article. 


List of best content writing courses in Egypt


It’s not at all easy to write content. It’s a challenging job. Researching, understanding, analyzing, structuring, arranging, and rewriting the text are all tasks that writers must perform. Egypt is a great destination. It has a great culture, and all its institutions offer good courses. One of the most in-demand, popular courses these days is content writing courses in Egypt. Egypt is a great destination. It has a great culture, and all its institutions offer good courses.


Here is a Comprehensive List of The Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Egypt


1. IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course

Without question, one of the top tech institutions in the world is IIM SKILLS. They offer top content writing courses in Egypt. The emphasis of the training is on creating a content strategy and mastering effective content marketing techniques. The course covers topics such as keyword research, search engine optimization, web design, word press, and so on.

The best aspect of this course is that students learn everything from the start. They will learn how to create, conceptualize, and distribute content. IIM SKILLS offers you a choice of online content writing tools that simplify the task of writers.


Course Offered: Content Writing Course

Study period: One month of virtual learning, a three-month assured internship.

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: The program is open to everyone.

Fees: 4,511.26 Egyptian Pounds + GST


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) You will form the habit of writing every day.

2) Learn how to unlock your creativity and write more efficiently. Learn to write with more conviction.

3) Master the significance of headlines and how to write effective headlines.

4) Produce interesting content that is free of grammatical mistakes and simple to read by editing and proofreading like professionals.

5) Learn the difference between writing for online and conventional media by

studying various content types point by point and incorporating the most effective techniques for each type.

6) Pupils will learn to design their websites and develop a platform where they can post their blogs.

7) Gain a thorough understanding of search engine optimization and discover how to produce SEO-friendly content.

8) Learn the relevance of research and how to do research on any given topic.

9) Acquaint yourself with all aspects of keyword research by utilizing various article writing tools.

10) Examine the best ways to share content once it has been envisioned and produced.

11) Learn how to use different content writing tools to make content creation easier. These include tools for grammar, sentence construction, keywords, and plagiarism.

12)In addition, you will master design skills too.

13) Overall, a content writing course can improve your written and verbal communications skills while also having a good effect on your employability.


Course Module Offered:

1 )Introduction – Content Writing

2) WordPress – Web Development

3) Digital – Content

4) Copywriting

5) Marketing – Collateral

6) Email – Writing

7)  Social Media Writing – Video Scripts

8) Creative – Writing

9) Business Listing – SOP

10) Legal – Writing

11 Technical Writing – 101

12) Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

13) Content – Marketing

14) Affiliate – Marketing – Adsense

15) Freelance – Content – Writing

16) Resume – Writing


Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740


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2) The American University in Cairo

This university offers one of the finest content writing courses in Egypt. Students will learn how to compose and produce short stories. They will be trained to write their own stories at the end of the one-week boot camp. Students in this course will learn about story elements, creative writing features, purpose, audience, and author’s viewpoint through discussion and cooperative activities.

Participants will receive instructions on how to evaluate and present the stories. The course will attempt to answer students’ questions, such as what makes some stories more interesting than others stories. Through group discussions and collaborative efforts, participants will learn to evaluate and provide feedback on their own stories.


Course Offered: Certification of Participation in Creative Writing

Study period: One-week online classes

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: Students interested in writing and are at least 13 years old.

Fees: EGP 2,300 and siblings are eligible for a 10% discount.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) This course places a strong emphasis on students’ oral and written communication skills.

2) It promotes critical thinking among learners. Students gain analytical, reading, audience-targeting, and story-evaluation skills.

3) Students will learn teamwork throughout the course. They will collaborate with other participants and offer help and comments.

4) The focus will be on teaching students the fundamentals.


Course Module Offered:

1) Understand what makes a terrific and memorable tale by learning what a short story is and what its aspects are.

2) Acquire the skills necessary to comprehend stories, generate ideas, and find inspiration for writing.

3) Know your target demographic audience and your purpose.

4) Select your story’s premise and theme.

5) Select a plot and theme for your story. Identify the different aspects that stories may have and learn how to build them.

6) Learn when and how to create a title, as well as how to construct the story, setting, and point of view.

7) Decide on the types of characters you want in your novel, then research how to create credible, well-rounded characters.

8) Learn how a tale affects readers emotionally and how to make your own stories more compelling. Understand how your story’s style and language affect your readers, and how to make the best choices.

9) Comprehend the narration, dialogue, and description of the story

10) Recognize and correct any holes in your writing by learning how writers edit and review their work.


Phone Number: +20 2 26151000


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3) CAIRO AD School

The only institution in the Middle East that offers practical learning opportunities in advertising is the Cairo Ad School. This school offers one of the finest content writing courses in Egypt. They develop relevant courses for modern media and provide meaningful insights with creative solutions to present and potential difficulties.

The copywriting training offered by the Cairo Ad School will teach you innovative and persuasive writing techniques to unleash the conceptual writer within you for advertisements and marketing collateral. Participants will learn the principles of content writing, and they will put them into practice too.


Course Offered: Creative Copywriting Course

Study Period:

1) Seven weeks – Class per week

2) Five weeks of classes – Fifteen hours

3) Two weeks of development workshops – Eight hours – Creativity enhancement activities – Ten hours


Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: Anyone can join the course.

Fees: EGP 6300


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) Students will be instructed through lectures, seminars, presentations, and assignment evaluation.

2) Students will master the guidelines and formats for content writing.

3) The course will teach authors how to create captivating, intriguing content for various media platforms in distinct writing style formats.


Course Module Offered:

1) Creative – Copywriting

2) Headlines

3) Short – Copy

4) Long-Copy

5) Creating – Concept

6) Campaign


Phone Number: +2 012 111 00040


4) FITA Academy

This university is ranked next on our list of top 10 content writing courses in Egypt. Content writing training boosts candidates’ self-confidence and gives them an edge in job interviews. Certifications have become mandatory for students since they enable individuals with strong writing abilities to excel at their respective jobs.

Candidates with relevant experience in keyword research and SEO are preferred. The course was designed as per industry standards. They impart the best skills, including agility, good research skills, uniqueness, SEO, organization, the capacity for concentration, meeting deadlines, communication, proofreading, multitasking, media platforms, technical knowledge, etc.

After completing the course, students will have developed writing skills that are in line with industry standards, and they will be able to help their employers produce high-quality content for their clients.


Course Offered: Content Writing Certification

Study Period: Not available

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: There are no eligibility requirements for students to take content writing courses at the FITA Academy.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)Becoming familiar with the definition and essentials of content writing.

2) Understanding the information-gathering process and the content writing life cycle.

3)Knowing how to use communication skills, branding, and how it affects writing.

4) Developing content writing skills to convey corporate objectives.

5)Understanding how to distribute content in various formats.

6) Expertise in creating headlines, blog draughts, blog post modifications, and editing, and post optimization.

7) Gaining expertise in content rewriting and editing for websites.

8) Acquiring proficiency in proposal and guest post writing.

9) Acquiring writing skills for brochures, pamphlets, press releases, media, and public relations.


Course Module Offered:

1) Social – Media – Management

2) Website – Content – Management

3) Copywriting

4) Search Engine Optimization – Writing

5) Technical – Writing

6) Blogs

7) Articles


Phone Number: 93450 45466


5) British Council of India

One can discover several methods to enhance creativity and improve their writing style in the Creative Writing- Module 1 course. This institute offers excellent, first-class content writing courses in Egypt. Throughout the writing course, experienced instructors will help you cultivate your distinctive writing style.

Students will receive feedback on their writing that will help them understand their potential as writers in the future. When writing fiction, the course content includes story, protagonists, conversation, and setting. In addition, students will learn how to tour, publish, and blog.

They will learn to distinguish between news stories and magazine articles. Pupils get to see an overview of playwriting and memoir writing. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to write poems and explore the poet’s tools. Students will be exposed to children’s fiction and creative writing.

The curriculum was created with the purpose of assisting those who want to write creatively and discover their writing talent in realizing their aspirations to become writers.


Course Offered: Creative Writing for Adults – Module 1

Study Period: Weekend online classes of thirty-six hours and nine weeks.

Language: English is the medium of instruction



1) To attend the workshop, participants must have a laptop or desktop.

2) Applicants should be at least upper-intermediate level in English (Level B2).

Fees: INR 10,000


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)Develop your individual writing style and viewpoint.

2)Help your creativity come to life

3)Improve your knowledge of the literature

4)Develop an understanding of various writing styles.


Course Module Offered:

1) Plot

2) Blogging

3) Characters & – Settings

4) Screen-Writing

5) Writing – Dialogue

6) Children’s – Fiction

7) Writing – Short – Stories

8) Memoirs

9) Poetry & – Poetic – Tools

10) Experimental – Writing

11) Travel – Writing

12) Getting – Published


Phone Number: 0120-4569000


6) The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is universally acknowledged as the industry leader in creative writing training. This institute is ranked next on our list of top content writing courses in Egypt. Eighteen eminent specialists with more than thirteen years of expertise in enhancing comprehension of effectively delivering information and stories through literary fiction make up their highly skilled professional writing expert team.

Creative Writing Training will teach students how to use a variety of approaches to improve their writing process and boost creativity. The purpose of the course syllabus is to assist students in their quest to become effective creative writers by giving them the required guidance.

Experienced instructors from the institute will lead interactive training sessions and assist students in honing their creative writing skills. They will help students in creating stories and fiction that will affect readers and establish a successful writing career.


Course Offered: Creative Writing Training

Study Period: One day of training

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: Anyone can join the course.

Fees: INR 17,000


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) Students will be taught the fundamentals of literary fiction structure and writing. They will be trained on how to ‘arouse’ and mold language for poetry.

2) The training course will cover the difficulties of interpretation, structure, and creative writing. It will also cover the practices of creative and fictional writing.

3) Students will also learn about creative nonfiction writing and become acquainted with it. This course will give learners a thorough understanding of poetry writing and theatrical writing.


Course Module Offered:

1 ) Module 1 – Introduction – Creative Writing

2) Module 2 – Challenges – For – Transformation

3) Module 3 – Composition – & – Creative Writing

4 ) Module 4 – Seven Process – Of – Creative Writing

5) Module 5 – Writing – Fiction

6) Module 6 – Creative – Nonfiction

7 ) Module 7 – Basics – Of – Writing Poetry

8) Module 8 – Performing – Writing

9) Module 9 – Writing – In the – Academy – & – Community

10) Module 10 – Tips to – Improve – Creative Writing


Phone Number: 08037244591



IIDE is the most renowned form of online marketing training institute in Asia, assisting students in redefining their professional identities and preparing them for the future. IIDE offers some of the greatest online content writing courses in Egypt. They offer individualized programs to meet the needs of each person and promote a positive learning environment.

Teachers are helpful, and the curriculum is practical-oriented. IIDE provides kids with excellent content, instruction, and blended learning. The institute offers cutting-edge methodologies and instructional concepts. Students get trained on how to create compelling, fascinating articles.

Participants are taught many forms of content writing, such as blogs, email writing, press releases, etc., and are trained to write on a wide range of subjects for various media platforms.


Course Offered: Online Copywriting Course with Certification

Study Period: Five hours

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: Anyone can join the course.

Fees: INR 4499.34


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) There will be a two-hour live class.

2) Students will receive three hours’ worth of video lectures.

3) Participants can use any device to access lectures, such as a laptop, an iPad, etc.

4)All students will have access to video lectures for thirty days.

5) The institute will provide practice tests.

6) Students will receive specialized guidance and assistance for Q&A.


Course Module Offered:

1) Basics – of – Copywriting

2) Communication – in – the – Digital World

3) Copywriting – and – Content Writing – A – Science

4) Digital – Copywriting – Elements – and – Formulas

5) Marketing – Appeals – that – help – with – Digital Copywriting

6) The – Copywriter’s – Process

7) Harmony – between – Art – & – Copy

8) Social Media – Content – Creation

9) Copywriting Tools – & Copy – Presentation – Techniques


Phone Number: +91 9619958615


8) Udemy

Udemy provides the best online content writing courses in Egypt. This course intends to create great writers. By joining this course, students’ writing will improve, as their writing must not sound robotic. They are producing it for people. It’s crucial to optimize the text and include keywords.

However, you must make sure that it is simple to read. Students can conduct market research and benefit from the best strategies employed by their rivals. It covers everything from headline creation to blog writing and conclusion. With this blog writing course, Students can get a head start in one of the most popular areas of digital business while providing value to customers.

Pupils will learn about a particular topic, blog writing, quality checks for spelling, grammar, and sentence construction, customer profile, and plagiarism detection. Students will learn to produce sophisticated forms of sales-compelling website content writing towards the end of the course.


Course Offered: Content Writing Course for Beginners

Study Period: One hour

Language: English is the medium of instruction



1) Anyone can join the course.

2) Stable internet connection


Fees: INR 1499


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) Students will get a one-hour on-demand video.

2) Pupils will have full lifetime access to modules.

3) Learners can access study material on mobile, laptop, iPad, and TV.

4) At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion.


Course Module Offered:

1) Introduction – Content Writing

2) Content-Marketing

3) Video – Content

4) WordPress

5) Persuasive – Writing


Phone Number: (760) 483-3694


9) Education & Career Times

Education & Career Times offers perhaps one of the finest content writing courses in Egypt. The distinctive content writing course provided by Education & Career Times (ECT) can completely change a student’s writing style in just ninety days. Their students include recent college graduates and senior corporate executives.

They have qualified instructors and provide free entrepreneurship workshops to aspiring students. In order to assist students and professionals in finding their personal strengths and choosing rewarding careers, ECT was founded as a brand-new institution in 2010. They eventually began training programs that provided relevant industrial knowledge and abilities to boost employability.


Course Offered: Content Writing Course

Study Period: Thirteen weeks

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: Anyone can join the course

Fees: INR 15,000


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) The primary goal is to help students define and achieve their unique writing goals.

2) All participants will obtain an internationally recognized certificate from a government-approved training center.

3) The training program will last for three months.

4) The course consists of thirty-two hours of in-person training, fifty hours of eLearning material, and sixty hours of video lectures.

5) Students will be given eight writing activities to stimulate their minds.

6) Students will participate in four projects with real-world clients.

7) All participants will get a chance to join a respected network of more than thirty thousand authors and marketing firms.

8) Students will learn how to create their own website or blog.

9) All participants will receive expert content marketing training.

10) Students will learn how to write on the most challenging subjects.

11) The goal is to increase students’ language proficiency, vocabulary knowledge, and writing style.

12) All trainees will receive enough instruction in web design and video editing etc.

13) India’s top ghostwriter will provide one-on-one instruction to each pupil.


Course Module Offered:

1) Introduction – Content Writing

2) Boost – Vocabulary

3) Avoid – Common errors – In your – Writing

4) Writing Tools – Techniques – & Tips

5) Hone Your – Nonfiction – Creative Writing

6) Learn – Ficio Writing – Master – The art of Storytelling

7) Master – Business – Writing Skills

8) Learn – Technical Writing

9) Hone – Academic – Writing Skills

10) Students will be taught to Learn to write – Specific – Pieces of Content

11) Master – Content Marketing

12) Monetize – Your – Writing Skills

13) Publish – Your – Book


Phone Number: 78279160


10) Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin institute is ranked tenth on our list of top 10 content writing courses in Egypt. They offer six months of live online interactive classroom training and six months of guaranteed internship. Students do get to participate in projects for different writing styles like creative, technical, legal, and SEO writing.

They guarantee a hundred percent job placement for students who have completed their one-year course. Their certifications have the hallmark of PGCW. Students get access to tools, techniques, videos, lectures, and assessments and #Ask Henry Harvin about writing competitions and hackathons.


Course Offered: Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Study period: Twelve months of live online classroom sessions

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: Anyone can join the course


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) During the course, students are taught different writing styles, such as technical, legal, professional, etc.

2) Throughout the training, all components, styles, and methods of fiction writing are explained to the pupils.

3) Renowned writers’ writing styles will be introduced to the students.

4) Students will receive thorough training on research ethics and methodology.

5) Recognize terminology, fundamental ethical principles for clinical communicators, and the importance of scientific background.


Course Module Offered:

Module 1: Content – Writing Course

Module 2: Creative – Writing Course

Module 3: Technical – Writing Course

Module 4: Medical – Writing Course

Module 5: Digital – Marketing Course

Module 6: Copywriting

Module 7: Content Writing – Simulated – Projects


Phone Number: 9891953953




Q1) What are the qualifications needed to pursue content writing courses in Egypt?

The ideal candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in any field and should have strong writing and communication skills. Students ought to be experts at doing research online. They should have previous experience in copywriting or content creation. Writing professionals ought to be familiar with content management systems and MS office.


Q2) Is there a job market for content writers?

Almost all universities offer content writing courses in Egypt. They deliver top-notch instruction. They charge fair prices and provide a welcoming atmosphere. These days, content writers are hired by all businesses. There are numerous career opportunities available in the market for copywriters, freelance writers, and other content writers.


Q3) Is there a difference between content writing and copywriting?

Copywriting is the practice of using words to try and persuade readers or listeners to take a certain action. Since copywriting seeks to influence readers to do certain actions, it is more action-oriented. While educating, engaging, and inspiring readers is the main objective of content writing. When compared to copywriting course majority of educational institutions offer content writing courses in Egypt.

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