Top 8 Content Writing Courses in Madurai With Placements

When this topic, ‘ Top 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai city’ is considered, the educators IIM Skills, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, IIEDM, ECT, Digital Academy 360, and Henry Harvin do rank their best for coaching online courses for many years amazingly. Previously, only offline writing existed. After the silicon revolution, digital learning of online and offline writing gained momentum with immediate positive outcomes like quick figuring of the freelance writing niches, easy and budget-friendly knowledge transfer with the brilliant incorporation of online apps like zoom, skype, etc.


List of the best content writing courses in Madurai


Offline and Online Writing 


For both online and offline writing programs, internationally recognized certification courses are available nowadays.


Offline Method


Journals, magazines, newspapers, and textbooks are some well-known examples of offline content design. Once printed and released, it will stand as well-declared information. Re-writing or re-printing will become a tedious job once published to the general public. The publisher should rely on the printers, dealers, and other environmental factors. But, it will be so handy for small children and age-old people to read seamlessly in offline printed versions with legible writings.


Online Method


The content revolves around the internet market space in terms of websites, blogs, social media, e-mails, and a wide variety of audio and video apps. The two notable features of using the internet are, the user can switch between many reading modes or any other working platforms easily making quick references by outbound linking to some other websites that are also necessary to go with, and incorporating ads on the web pages in-between reading.


Reasons Behind These Institutes Bagging The Top 8 Online Positions


Madurai is going to get a smart city tag soon as it is included in the Indian governments’ smart city projects as part of the urban development program in India. This is a major influencer for the city to undergo the digital writing revolution. Since, linking the city wholly by availing the Internet of Things (IoT) that includes CCTV placements all around the city, smart app usage for crime detection for the sake of safety, and gaining knowledge on real-time availability of resources and amount of consumption by citizens going to come into picture in a short period.


The Indian government has been rigorously recruiting IT professionals, hardware professionals, and technical writers, providing roles for technical writers to get all these things done. Since all this real-time data should be fed to the government’s portal detailing well enough and adding appropriate statistics, infographics, and videos to their digital feed, this will also be a brilliant tool in future projects. It reduces the entire cost of operation and becomes a reference to all endeavors.


  • Ever since the declaration of the smart city project, Madurai city had a demand for content writers in their field of writing.
  • Software and hardware companies present at Madurai also require writers.
  • As Madurai is a heart of culture and regional literature, most popular for its rapport with Tamil’s vernacular language, regional writers for the digital corridor are also in demand.


Let us discuss the top 8 online content writing courses in Madurai through the educators’ programs and the features they are offering for the learners in detail:-


IIM Skills – Rank # 1 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai 


IIM Skills became a vibrant brand name in the content writing industry for over 5 years now. In terms of the clear and supportive online teaching led by the tutors Vaibhav Kakkar and Roma Malhotra, 24 * 7 contact through their email id, 24 *7 chat assistance on their website,, and through their mobile number +91-9911839503, they have become a global pioneer in the writing industry.


Other important factors like providing world-class assistance in terms of internship opportunities, extra-special tutorials targeted at specific doubt clearances for candidates raising queries other than their 16 hours of main lectures and 10 plus odd hours of internship lectures, rich and promising content design portfolios on their IIM Skills blog makes the place the best to learn Content Writing. 


This institute offers three courses as part of its coaching. They are 


  1. Content Writing Course ( CWMC), popularly called content writing Master class along with certification.
  2. Digital Marketing Course ( DMMC)
  3.  GST Course 
  4. Technical Writing Course


The specialty of the IIM Skills program is, they encourage a broad category of candidates enrolling in the program, which includes :


  • College and school going students
  • Fresher and experienced writers
  • Entrepreneurs who have aspiring interest in their field
  • IT industry and core industry professionals who want to pen whitepapers, web blogs, etc
  • Homemakers who want to make part-time earning writing online
  • Freelancers
  • Affiliate marketing professionals


They have a well-organized cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), into which they feed all their session recordings, internship class recordings, doubt clearance classes recordings, weekly assignment task details, online test links, etc. Thus, it is quite legible and useful for candidates for all their future references.


Moreover, this feature makes them stand apart from other institutes since they offer students a lifetime access token. Since, as discussed in the previous section people enrolled in courses mostly live in hectic environments and jobs, this LMS platform brings a boon to their learning prospects.


How do they link different categories of people?


Zoom app is preferred for online classes. An invite for a session is promptly given to the candidates’ email id beforehand, which helps plan their work schedule and the classes. Their usual weekend class timing is happening on Sundays.



What certifications do they offer?


They offer two certifications upon completion of all assignments and online tests.


  1. IIM Skills certificate of completion of content writing masterclass course.
  2. The internationally recognized certification from HubSpot, Cambridge, Massachusetts, adds more weightage to the writers and bloggers in their careers.


Other than that, they offer great support in teaching candidates how to write blog articles and publish them on other websites and create web pages, content marketing, and incorporate different plugins on WordPress.


American Express, Accenture, Phillips, Flipkart, and Facebook are a few of their brand partners. Also, they help interns in releasing their blogs in the newspaper dailies, Times of India, and India Today. They cover a wide variety of topics including, article writing, press releases, adding infographics to websites, eBook writing, social media writing, business listing, and so on.


The image shows the trusted brands partners of IIM Skills


The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods and analytics tools are well-taught here. That alone is helping candidates for years to grab a niche job industry. The people who gained through their timeless and peerless internships and SEO strategies are well-placed and well-paid in reputed companies worldwide. It makes IIM Skills’ content-making courses one of the reputed prime courses in Madurai city.


Reviews and Testimonials


IIM Skills content writing reviews


Udemy – Rank # 2 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


Udemy is one out of the eight popular online educators. We are going to discuss and learn more elaborately below. This institute has a huge number of online tutors worldwide for many popular courses, including content making. This online institute joined the top 8 list in content writing courses in Madurai with lectures around, a complete guide to content marketing, content writing mastery programs, copywriting master course, ultimate web content writing masterclass + Power words eBook, Ninja Writing: The four levels of writing mastery, etc.


The courses taught by individual masters vary according to the tutors. Also, it is entirely up to the students who apply for a certificate of completion from institutes/masters or consider it an optional part. Let’s look around their ultimate web content writing masterclass course + power words e-book course and ninja writing course.


Ultimate web content writing masterclass course + power words e-book –  This course includes:-


  • 5 hours on-demand videos
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Course Completion Certificate


This course teaches the difference between various terms like content development, marketing, and copywriting, how to outsource content, how to write engaging content for e-commerce businesses, etc. This course is for website owners, digital marketers, freelancers, online entrepreneurs, etc.


Ninja Writing: The four levels of writing masteryThis course is well-written by Shani Raja, a former editor for The Wall Street Journal. It is designed to reach the flawless general style of writing and in freelance writing niches. He unveils the important steps in writing good content with his four-level strategy. They are:-


  • The Narrative level – Explains how to connect audiences and set structure aright for the content.
  • The Paragraph level – How to include ordered and polished points within the paragraph
  • The Sentence level – How to write vague, bloated sentences into a neat and graceful one
  • The Word level – How to write good words in sentences and remove unwanted words.


Here are the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai


Coursera – Rank # 3 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


Coursera offers courses at beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced levels. These online courses are flexible, affordable, and available with different tutors, some from different universities. In addition, courses come with offers, certifications, and recorded video lectures to students. Few popular courses on content and digital marketing are content strategies for professionals: managing content, social media marketing, digital marketing strategy and planning, advanced content and social tactics to optimize SEO, etc.


The popular universities and institutes offering these courses along with certification programs that include :


  1. University of California, Davis
  2. Northwestern University
  3. Digital Marketing Institute and
  4. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Let’s discuss the following courses :


  1. Content strategy for professionals: Managing content – This course is also a similar design to the content writing program offered by Northwestern University. Three instructors are tutoring these classes. It is meant for people who are keenly looking for updating themself and the enterprise they are working in


  1. Advanced content and social tactics to optimize SEO – The author of this course is Eric Enge, is the co-author of ‘ The Art of SEO.’ The topics inside these courses revolve around introducing advanced content and SEO, social media marketing, influence marketing, and creating world-class content.


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IIM SKILLS Madurai Content Writing Course invite


Skillshare – Rank # 4 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


Skillshare is an American online learning community that lets professionals submit their high-quality video lectures. It has a lot of recordings available for students in different areas. They are content development, entrepreneurship, design, etc. The current CEO of this platform is Matthew Cooper. There will be different panels available for students to learn. People pay extra for premium class tutorials. As it has a free community portal, students and tutors can easily detail their stuff with coaching tutorials and reviews.


Some of its features include :


  1. It has over 27,000 and odd premium content design courses and above 2000 free classes.
  2. It allows people to share works and take skills to the next level.
  3. Few notable people are instructing the classes.


The billing of premium membership is $ 99 annually and $ 19 monthly. So people usually take up the annual option. Skillshare is one of the best online content writing courses in Madurai city.


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IIEDM – Rank # 5 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


The Indian Institute of e-commerce & digital marketing (IIEDM) has centers located in Mumbai. They offer certificate courses in digital marketing, providing practical training with live projects, mentorship with industry experts, and placement assistance. They are also an award-winning institute in digital marketing. They categorize their learning in modules.


The modules cover :


  1. The art of writing
  2. Understanding the reader
  3. Writing for the digital medium
  4. Different types of writing
  5. After you write
  6. Interview preparation and
  7. Freelance writing niches


Google’s partner agency backs up this institute. It has a good number of trained professionals coming out of the institute every year. It has a total of 8 centers in Mumbai. It offers mostly classroom training, certification, and also live online classes.


ECT – Rank # 6 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


ECT stands for Education and Career Times. They also have classroom centers located in Delhi and Noida, along with online content development training. They offer government-approved certifications too.


  1. Content writing course
  2. Digital marketing course
  3. Communication skills and personality development course


They teach people more on the language part as part of the communication skills program. They have trained many people in and around Delhi and Noida because of their offline centers.


The features of ECT classes are :


  • Three-month duration course
  • 32 hours of classroom or live training
  • Good job assistance
  • Support for releasing eBooks, blogs, and articles
  • Tips and tricks in grammar, vocabulary, creative writing, business writing, and copywriting
  • Internship opportunities


Digital Academy 360 – Rank # 7 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


It is one of the top 8 online content writing courses in Madurai. In addition, it offers best-in-class digital marketing training. Yogesh Shashi founded it with a vision to redefine the education system in India. It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, South India.


They offer courses in the following domain:-


  1. Content Writing
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. UI/UX animation courses


The features of the classes are as below :


  • 54 hours of class training, either online or offline.
  • They train with two live writing assignments.
  • WordPress website training.
  • A course of the completion certification, equivalent to internationally recognized certification at the end of the course.
  • Internship opportunities.
  • Five and odd case studies for candidates to train as a freelancer.
  • Weekend and Weekday batches for content-making courses are available.


IIM SKILLS Madurai Content Writing Course invite


Henry Harvin – Rank # 8 out of 8 Online Content Writing Courses in Madurai


Henry Harvin comes to the next best digital content design institute with clear and nice 36 hours of training. It offers offline classroom-based training also. In addition, they do content services and skill development programs. The founder of this institute is Kounal Gupta. They have a rich portfolio of delivering 1100 + batches and 9 + key deliverables. Their motto is “ Focus on Value Creation.” They help candidates promote their thoughts through writing to attract readers, essential language skills, graphic skills, content strategy, design of websites, etc.


They offer a one-year gold membership of Henry Harvin writing academy, and candidates can avail of the following exclusive benefits from that :


  • Internship opportunity – They offer internship opportunities.
  • E-learning access – They maintain an LMS (Learning Management System) access in which they have added tools and techniques, video information, and assessments.
  • Hackathons – A free community named #AskHenry hackathons and competitions.
  • Certification – They offer a global credential named Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW).
  • Bootcamps – Regular boot camps for the next 12 months after enrolling in the course.


They provide quality rich content services and have collaborated with India Today daily. They have divided their content-related courses into the following circles :


  1. Writing Academy: It includes courses like content development, instructional design, master creative writing course, etc.
  2. Digital Marketing AcademyThis includes courses like digital marketing courses, post-graduate programs in digital marketing, digital marketing internship, etc.


They extend good placement assistance to candidates. For reference, people can read through their blogs, reviews page, courses they offer, and FAQ in this link.


They are recognized by the Content Writing Association of India and the American Association of EFL.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1. Is IIM Skills the best content writing institute in India?


Ans: Yes, it is one of the best reputed online institutes in India and abroad. They provide 16 hours of main classes and 10 + hours of internship lectures with internationally recognized certification from Hubspot and their institute. The fee structure for the course is coming for a very nominal price of around 15,000/- INR only. Moreover, they offer world-class placement assistance for their candidates and training in sectors with a scope like freelance writing and website design.


Question 2 . What are the best online content industry certification courses?


Ans: IIM Skills, Udemy, Coursera, ECT are few online courses that come with best-in-class certifications. Even few institutes offer internationally recognized certificates like HubSpot certification of IIM Skills.


Question 3. What is the salary for freelance content writers in India?


Ans: The average pay for a content writer is around INR 480/- per hour in India. With websites like, one can register and earn an average payment of INR 10,000/- to INR 25,000/- a month as a beginner. Once gained experience, this can extend to around INR 45,000/- per month.


Question 4. What is an SEO job?


Ans: The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist will research all important and popular keywords and use some analytics tools to place a company website or blog on top of the search engine chart for people to view.


Question 5. What are the best free online courses for content writing and digital marketing in Madurai?


Ans: Skillshare, Coursera, HubSpot are few companies that offer free online digital marketing and content writing courses in Madurai.


IIM SKILLS Madurai Content Writing Course invite


Benefits of Being A Content Writer


As an upskilling candidate interested in improving yourself and helping fellow people prosper, content writing is the best industry to delve into, gain momentum, and become an indispensable person in a value-added society.


Few thoughts as mentioned below:


The content industry is a brilliant field since it does not merely include article writing alone. It also has many other portfolios like new-age blog development, website development, e-Book writing, affiliate marketing, and freelance writing niches for revenue generation, and entrepreneurship works like Ed-tech based writing [Examples: we can say contents in Byju’s, Vedanta, Whitehat Jr, classes or in manual or questionnaire design works, etc.]. It shows there is a wide range of opportunities for aspiring writers.


Content design learning is based on updated technologies that can enhance and ease both the present and future. [Examples – Zoom app-based learning, Easy community learning, apps like Grammarly, websites like, google ads platform, etc., for promoting quick lessons and checking].


Getting feedback is the main criteria for an author to reach the masses and upgrade oneself and grow. It is happening seamlessly with reviewing platforms like Goodreads, which reviews books related to various genres, including ebooks, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, etc.


Community web spaces like quora, stack exchange, Stack overflow, Yahoo answers, and a few printed newspaper community pages are helpful for people to get answers for their queries on the go.


Freelancing options for writing compelling resumes, statements of purposes, and project works for students are a boon to people who cannot do full-time jobs.


The above points are common for people looking for content writing courses in Madurai and any other location.

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