Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in India With Placements

In today’s highly fast-paced technologically-driven world, technical writing is an extremely sought-after skill. There is an ever-increasing need for simple, easy-to-understand documentation with the rise of software, hardware, and other technological items. You may quickly become eligible by enrolling in one of the technical writing courses in India, regardless of whether you’re a new graduate, an experienced professional seeking a change of career, or someone who wants to improve their writing skills.


List of best technical writing courses in India


Technical writing is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, providing a wide range of job options to individuals with the required training. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top technical writing courses in India and how they can advance your career.


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing simplifies complex and technical information and communicates the same in a clear, concise, and accessible manner to a specific audience. It includes various forms of technical documents such as user manuals, instructions, product specifications, reports, white papers, and more.

Technical writing aims to help the reader understand and assimilate technical information effectively and efficiently. Technical writers must have excellent writing skills and a deep understanding of the subject matter they are writing about.

They work in various industries, including software, hardware, engineering, and many more. Technical Writing courses in India have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. This is due to the growing importance of effective communication in the workplace.

Technical Writing courses teach students how to communicate complex information clearly and concisely. They learn how to write instructions, manuals, reports, and other types of documents. Technology is on the boom so is technical writing.


Different Types of Technical Writing

There are many different types of technical writing. The main ones are listed as follows:

  1. User Manuals: Detailed instructions for using a technical product or software.
  2. Technical Reports: Detailed reports that explain research or investigation results.
  3. White Papers: In-depth documents that analyze a technical problem and provide solutions.
  4. Instructional Materials: Step-by-step instructions for performing tasks, often accompanied by visuals.
  5. Technical Specifications: Detailed descriptions of the features and requirements of a product.
  6. Operating Instructions: Detailed instructions for operating equipment or machinery.
  7. Technical Proposals: Documents that propose a technical solution to a problem or request for proposal (RFP).
  8. Technical Bulletins: Brief documents that provide information about new products or technical updates.
  9. Technical Glossaries: Glossaries that provide definitions of technical terms and concepts.
  10. Technical Marketing Collaterals: Marketing materials that promote technical products and services.


Technical Writing Industry in India

The technical writing industry in India has been growing significantly in recent years. This growth has increased the demand for technical documentation in the rapidly growing software, hardware, engineering, and other related technical industries.

India is home to a large pool of highly skilled technical writers who can provide high-quality documentation at a lower cost than in many other countries. As a result, many multinational companies have outsourced their technical writing projects to India.

In addition, the Indian government has also taken steps to promote the technical writing industry, recognizing its importance in the country’s economic growth. There are now many technical writing courses and programs available in India, both at universities and in vocational training institutes, providing individuals with the opportunity to develop their skills and enter the industry.

Overall, the technical writing industry in India continues to grow and evolve, providing a range of opportunities for both established professionals and those just starting their careers. With the demand for technical writing increasing, the industry offers a promising future for those with the right skills and training.


Different Career Opportunities in Technical Writing in India

There are many career opportunities in technical writing in India, including:


  1. Technical Writer: A professional who writes technical documents such as user manuals, product specifications, and reports.
  2. Technical Editor: An editor who reviews and revises technical documents for clarity, accuracy, and completeness.
  3. Technical Documentation Specialist: A specialist who designs, develops and manages technical documentation projects.
  4. Content Developer: A professional who creates educational and training materials, often in the form of online courses or e-learning modules.
  5. Technical Illustrator: A professional who creates visual aids, such as diagrams and illustrations, to support technical documentation.
  6. Technical Trainer: A trainer who provides training and support to end-users on technical products and services.
  7. Technical Support Specialist: A specialist who supports customers with technical problems or questions.
  8. Technical Marketing Writer: A professional who writes marketing materials for technical products and services.
  9. Technical Content Manager: A manager who oversees the development and maintenance of technical content for an organization.
  10. Technical Communication Consultant: A consultant who provides expert advice and support to organizations on technical communication strategies and practices.


Other best courses in India:


Top Technical Writing Courses in India


1. Technical Writing Master Course by IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course provided by IIM SKILLS is one of the comprehensive training programs. The institute is a pioneer in providing skill-based training relevant to the current job market. The technical writing master course is a 5-week long training program.

They provide live online classes conducted by industry experts. With over 20 hours of lectures, topics ranging from beginners to pro levels are covered in detail. Apart from live classes, they provide over 60 hours of practical assignments to make the student’s job ready.

In this course, students can learn various skill sets like Technical Writing, XML, DITA, Robohelp, FrameMaker, Markdown, Github, Creative design, Technical documentation, DDLC, Versioning, and Referencing. Students get hands-on training on leading tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Scribus, and Git, among many others. They provide a master certification that is recognized globally.


Fees – ₹ 14900 + GST

Fees – ₹ 49500


2. Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)

Symbiosis is a leading technical institute with a number of courses. Their distance learning portal provides access to their courses to students from any part of the country. This full-time two-year course prepares the students in every aspect of technical writing in business management.

Unlike other technical writing courses, this course requires its student to have a bachelor’s degree. This diploma program is divided into four semesters and covers every topic in a lot of depth. Unlike other courses, this doesn’t provide a certificate. Instead, this is a diploma program.

While the course duration is two years, the registration to the program is valid for four years. This means a student can take up to four years to finish the course if needed.


Fees – ₹ 50,000/- (One-time full payment)


3. Technical Writing Course by ECT

ECT offers two options in their technical writing course. The first option focuses on technical writing, while the second option includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well. Both options provide a strong foundation for beginners in the technical writing space. This is one of the best technical writing courses in India for beginners.

Their introductory course is for 3 months and also includes a certification. It offers 32 hours of live sessions and over 50 hours of pre-recorded videos. There are a number of assignments and live projects as part of the course.

The second option, which includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with technical writing, is of 6 months duration. It offers over 96 hours of live sessions and over 100 hours of pre-recorded videos. This option also has a number of live projects and assignments along with 4 certifications as part of the course.


Fees –

  • Option 1 – Technical Writing Course – ₹ 19,999/-
  • Option 2 – Technical Writing Course + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript] – ₹ 39,999/-


4. Udemy – Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion

Udemy is home to the top technical writing courses in India. There are so many courses that picking the right course can be challenging at times.  Over 32000 students have already taken this course, and over 4000 have given it an average rating of 4.4.

This course has over 4.5 hours of pre-recorded content. Along with that, it also provides over 60 downloadable resources to its students. The course is created by Paul Siegel, who has several decades of industry experience. He is an expert instructor with over 20 courses on Udemy itself.

The course covers the entire technical writing process, from analyzing to gathering information to drafting to final editing. The course is divided into short videos to cover topics without distraction easily. Attention span is getting shorter for everyone.


Fees – ₹  3399/- (Udemy often has discounts where this course can be bought for as little as ₹  499/-)


5. Technical Writer HQ Training

Technical Writer HQ is one of the best platforms for technical writing courses in India. They offer a range of certification courses covering different areas of technical writing, like Grant Writing and Proposal Writing, among others. There are no prerequisites to enroll in these courses, making them ideal for beginners.

Topics are covered via short, focused videos. The site suggests spending at least 30 mins each day for 30 days to get the most out of their courses. The trainers have extensive experience in technical writing and teaching, making their classes more effective. Students also get access to any future content that might get added even after they finish the course.


Currently, there are four different tracks offered as follows –

  • Technical Writing Certification Course
  • UX Writing Certification Course
  • Grant Writing Certification Course
  • Proposal Writing Certification Course


All these courses are 20 hours long and provide industry-valued certification.


Fees – Starting from ₹ 16421/- going upto ₹ 41177/-


6. Technical Writing Courses for Engineers by Google Developer

Google provides a set of technical writing courses mainly targeted at software engineers or computer science students. These are one of the best technical writing courses in India available for Free by a tech giant like Google. Despite this course being targeted at engineers, it is very helpful for anyone looking to begin their career in the technical writing field.

The course covers writing basics, including grammar, sentence structure, and even markdown. It does cover more technical topics like writing for accessibility and writing error messages. Anyone looking to get work in tech companies should check out this course. Those who are already working in the tech domain can use the skills learned in this course to enhance their career.


Fees – Free


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7. Scientific and Technical Writing Program by Nano Science & Technology Consortium

This is another program targeted more toward the technical and scientific community. This is one of the best certification technical writing courses in India, as a prestigious consortium provides the certification. This program equips its students to work as technical writers across industries like IT, Medical, Aerospace, and even Government sectors.

The course duration is two months, and new batches start four times a year. The admission process is also open for a limited time before the batches start.

The study material is made available to students via various modes like study kits, online portals, and CDs shipped to student addresses.  This makes it accessible to a broader audience. This is a self-study course with regular online guidance from instructors.


Fees – ₹ 10300/-


8. Technical Writing Essentials by Alison

Alison is a great platform providing free online courses with certifications and diplomas. Technical Writing Essentials is one of the best technical writing courses in India. It covers the basics and helps you build a strong foundation for a career in technical writing. It’s 3 hours of learning and also provides CPD accreditation.

This course teaches how to communicate complex technical details in a very simple language. Learning business communication is an integral part of technical writing, and this course focuses on that.

This is an excellent course for beginners and even professionals who want to improve their presentation skills. It’s not enough to prepare a great technical document if one can’t present it effectively. That’s the focus of this course.


Fees – Free


9. Technical Writing by Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy has an extensive catalog of free skill-based courses which are self-paced and gets students job ready in various fields. Technical Writing course by Saylor Academy is one such course. It is one of the longer pre-recorded technical writing courses in India.

With over 86 hours of course material, it provides extensive technical writing training. Saylor Academy also provides free resources and a free certificate upon course completion. With plenty of hands-on assignments and assessments, students prepare to pursue a career in technical writing after finishing this course.

The course covers critical topics like Audience Analysis, Internal and External Communication, Visual Information Presentation, Process Documentation, Proposal Writing, etc.


Fees – Free


10. Post Graduate Program in Technical Writing Henry Harvin

This post-graduate program is one of the long-term technical writing courses in India, which provides over 6 months of live classes apart from the internship. This 9 in 1 program covers training and internship and focuses on live projects, placements, masterclass, and hackathons. It also provides a gold membership to its students.


The master certification is globally accepted, and Henry Harvin is a leading name in the technical writing industry. Industry experts design their curriculum based on actual industry requirements. Similarly, their trainers have decades of industry experience, which they bring to the students.

Apart from teaching technical writing skills, this course also covers citations, business academics, academic projects, and content creation strategies, among other essential topics. In this course, students learn Technical Writing Software Tools like Macromedia RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Snag IT, MS Visio, Photoshop, DITA Tool, API Documentation, and XML.




How to pick the best course from various technical writing courses in India?

To choose the best technical writing course, you can consider the following factors:

  1. Accreditation: Check if the course is accredited by a reputable organization in India or internationally.
  2. Course content: Look for a course that covers topics such as technical writing concepts, writing for various media, document design and layout, and editing and proofreading techniques.
  3. Faculty: Consider the experience and qualifications of the instructors teaching the course.
  4. Hands-on experience: Look for a course that provides hands-on experience in writing and editing technical documents through assignments and projects.
  5. Career opportunities: Check if the course offers career support or job placement services to help you find a job in the technical writing field after completion.
  6. Cost: Consider the course cost and if it is affordable for you.
  7. Online or in-person: Choose between an online or in-person course based on your preferences and schedule.


Research the course offerings, compare the syllabus, and read reviews from past students to get a better idea of the quality of each course before making a final decision.


How can courses help start a career in technical writing?

Courses in technical writing can help individuals start a career in this field by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge. Here are a few ways courses can help:

  1. Develop writing skills: Technical writing courses can help individuals develop their writing skills and learn how to communicate technical information in a clear, concise, and accessible manner.
  2. Learn industry-specific knowledge: Technical writing courses can provide individuals with a deep understanding of the technical subject matter they will be writing about and the latest industry standards and best practices.
  3. Gain hands-on experience: Many technical writing courses include hands-on projects or assignments that allow individuals to apply what they have learned and build their portfolio of work.
  4. Network with professionals: Technical writing courses allow individuals to network with other professionals in the field, building relationships that can lead to job opportunities or advice.
  5. Enhance marketability: By completing a technical writing course, individuals can demonstrate to potential employers that they have a solid commitment to the field and the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a technical writing role.
  6. Career Advancement: Technical writing courses can help individuals develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in technical writing or advance their current career in this field.
  7. Increased Earning Potential: Technical writing is a highly in-demand field, and individuals with strong technical writing skills can command higher salaries and benefits.


Overall, taking technical writing courses can be a valuable investment for individuals looking to start a career in this field, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to succeed.


What are other ways to learn Technical Writing apart from courses?

There are several ways to learn technical writing besides taking courses, some of which are:

  1. Reading books and articles: You can read books and articles written by experts in the field of technical writing to better understand the concepts and techniques.
  2. Practicing: Write as much as possible and seek feedback from peers or professionals to improve your writing skills.
  3. Internships or work experience: Gaining hands-on experience through internships or working in a related field can help you understand how technical writing is used in real-world applications.
  4. Online resources: There are many online resources available, such as blogs, forums, and websites dedicated to technical writing, that can provide valuable information and insights.
  5. Attending workshops and events: Attending workshops, conferences, and other events related to technical writing can help you network with professionals and learn about the latest developments in the field.
  6. Collaborating with others: Working on collaborative projects can help you learn from their experiences and improve your writing skills.



Technical writing is a growing industry. Demand for trained and skilled technical writers is increasing daily, and this trend will not stop any time soon. This is a great time to venture into this field. Anyone who has an interest in writing and is willing to learn can get work in this sector. Various courses provide you with certifications or diplomas that the industry requires.

While one can find work without these, getting either a certification or a diploma is still recommended to provide credibility to your skillset. There are many factors one needs to consider before picking a suitable course. The above list provides you with the top technical writing courses that can help you in your career. Technical Writing courses in India are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people seek to improve their writing skills.

These courses offer a comprehensive education in the art of effective writing, with an emphasis on clarity, conciseness, and accuracy. The demand for well-written technical documentation is growing rapidly in industries such as software development, engineering, and medicine, and Indian students are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.

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