9 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greece With Placements

To work relentlessly by adopting several digital trends and practices is an excellent way to gain knowledge of all the strategies that your business requires, which is also an essential step in building your business brand. 

Greece is located in Southeast Europe and famous for its ancient history on various metrics such as Olympic Games, and magnification temples. However, it never lacks behind the technological revolution so there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. Therefore, we bring to you the top 10 lists of digital marketing courses in Greece.


List of the best digital marketing courses in Greece


There are several digital marketing courses in Greece that offer immense knowledge and information about digital marketing which help different businesses to complete activities efficiently and effectively all over the world.


Best Digital Marketing Courses in Greece


1. Digital Marketing Course at IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top leading institutes that provides various job-oriented courses. The institute is best known for its excellent courses. The institute also offers digital marketing courses in Greece along with several other locations.


IIM Skills provides training on digital marketing courses with the Master’s certification. The institute also offers 15 other essential certifications including Hubspot, Google, Facebook Blueprint. IIM Skills has transformed the lives of 5000+ candidates across the Globe.


Course Name – Master Digital Marketing Course

Course duration– 5 months.

Fee– 407 Euros approximately.

Course Details

●        Search Engine Optimization

●        Content Writing

●        Email Marketing

●        Google Adwords

●        Micro Video Marketing

●        Affiliate Marketing

●        Social Media Marketing

●        Web Development

●        Hands-On Assignments


Course Curriculum

●        Search Engine Optimization

●        WordPress Web Development

●        Search Engine Marketing

●        Email Marketing

●        Inbound Marketing

●        Social Media Marketing

●        Web Analytics

●        Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

●        Online Reputation Management

●        Content Writing And Blogging

●        Media Buying

●        Affiliate Marketing

●        Video Marketing

●        Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


Course Topics includes

●        Why Digital Marketing

●        Benefits of using WordPress

●        Use of plugins

●        Google Algorithms

●        Search Console

●        Indexing and Crawling

●        Keyword Stuffing

●        Keyword Research

●        SEO influence through GMB

●        Search Advertising

●        Display Advertising

●        Shopping Advertising

●        Re-Marketing

●        YouTube Analytics

●        Setting up your Email Marketing Channel

●        Marketing Funnel

●        Web Visitors Engagement

●        Landing Page optimization along with various other concepts can assist to develop a digital marketing strategy.


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Other Courses:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


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2. BCA Athens


BCA Athens is an excellent Institute that offers a variety of courses. The institute also provides graduate & undergraduate programs. The institute offers excellent digital marketing courses in Greece that help you to enhance strong digital knowledge and become an expert in that field.


Additionally, you will also get to know about online communication and Commerce, advertising via social media, mobile marketing, selling and management, and email marketing, etc.


There are two digital marketing courses included in the institute such as:

●        MSc in digital marketing and MA digital marketing.

●        MA digital marketing.


MA in Digital Marketing

The MA digital marketing course structure is divided into two semesters.


Ist Semester

●        Personal Development

●        Corporate Marketing Strategy

●        Marketing And Branding Communications

●        E-commerce Strategies

●        Digital Marketing Consumer Behavior


IInd Semester

●        International Marketing

●        Strategies And Management

●        Marketing Research Methods And Dissertation

●        Proposal Marketing To Mobile Metrics And Social Media

●        Effectiveness Of Digital Campaigns

●        Web Analytics

●        Digital Marketing Dissertation Or Digital Marketing Project


  Course Curriculum

●        Strategic Marketing In The Digital World

●        Management Marketing And Digital Branding

●        E-commerce In Digital Marketing Fundamentals

●        Consumer Behavior In The Digital Environment

●        Digital Marketing Tools

●        Web Marketing Analytics

●        Digital Marketing Research

●        Digital Marketing Dissertation Or Digital Communication

●        Project Planning Management

●        Designing Of Digital Campaigns


3. The American College of Greece 


We can’t forget the American College of Greece when we talk about digital marketing courses in Greece. The institute provides an advanced education of social media communication and digital theories in a very effective and efficient way. The course also includes various technological advancements and how to incorporate that into digital marketing.


 The Courses Are 

●        Applied Communication Theory.

●        Content Strategy.

●        Digital And Social Media Strategy.

●        Digital And Social Analytics.

●        User Experience And Responsive Design.

●        Brand Communication And Digital Media Production.


Course Syllabus 

●        Digital Communication Strategy.

●        Social Media Management.

●        Search Engine Optimization.

●        Digital Marketing Fundamentals.

●        Digital Marketing Integration.

●        Mobile Marketing Analytics And Performance Metrics.

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4. University of Sheffield City College 

The University of Sheffield City College provides digital marketing courses in Greece with one year for full-time into years for part-time. The class takes place on weekdays and the course is delivered in English.


 Course Topics:

●        Strategic Marketing

●        Advertising And Sales Promotion

●        Digital Marketing Communications

●        Online Consumer Behavior

●        Digital Marketing Analytics

●        Building a Successful Website

●        Creating A Positive Online Presence

●        Social Media Marketing

●        Research Methods For Business And Dissertation


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The business administration and economics department of the University of Sheffield International offered this course. The course is to provide the student with a thorough knowledge of digital elements as it is excellently conducted by the city college.


The course is offered by the economics department of the university and the business administration of Sheffield International which helps to strengthen the knowledge of digital marketing.


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5. Mediterranean College Athens


Mediterranean College Athens  MSc marketing management gives you a thoughtful understanding of marketing and how it can be applied to various brands and businesses. This college also provides digital marketing courses in Greece.


The course formulated the various core elements of marketing in businesses so that you can concentrate on implementing a strong strategic marketing plan that helps you to manage brands and their reputation for the consumer out there.


The institute ensures skill enhancement and nurtures your strengths by improving your weaknesses. The course is for two years and each has two semesters.


The course follows the following pattern:


Semester 1 (Year I)

●        Marketing Communications

●        Integrated Marketing Communications Mix

●        Intercultural Marketing

●        Digital Marketing Elements Of Microeconomics

●        Marketing Theory

●        Market Analysis

●        Quantitative Analysis Of Market Trends


Semester 2 (Year II)

●        Brand Management Study

●         Branding In The International Context

●        Innovation And Technology In Brand Management

●        Customer Value Sustainability

●        Managing Sustaining Extending Successful Service Portfolio


 Semester 1 (Year 2)

●        Digital Marketing Strategy

●        Digital And Social Media Techniques

●         Social Networking

●        Mobile Marketing

●        Banner Advertising

●        Online Communities

●        Viral Marketing Blogs


 Semester 2 (Year 2)

●        Marketing Strategy

●        Vision And Leading Marketing

●        Research And Development

●        Building A Culture Of Innovation And Independent Study


6. Athens University of Economics and Business 


Athens University of Economics and Business is one of the leading universities which is known for its postgraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.  The candidates can also apply for courses that have a specialized curriculum like communication technology, digital marketing information, and various other online courses.


They offer one of the top-rated digital marketing courses in Greece and the course contents include:


●        Introduction To Digital Marketing Research.

●        Electronic Retailing And Digital Marketing.

●        Consumer Behavior In Digital Marketing.

●        Integrated Digital Marketing Communication.

●        Electronic Customer Relationship Management.

●        Digital Marketing And Sales.

●        Innovative Applications And Trends In Digital Marketing.


The students are taught with every necessary skill and various theoretical knowledge in the field of digital marketing. You will also learn relevant experience in the execution and design of digital marketing strategies.


The course also assists to understand the use of digital marketing applications and hands-on training in strategic marketing planning. The main objective is to include the different digital channels and the different ways of digital transformation on the globe.


The students are also given the information of using the different channels and the benefit of these channels for creating a positive influence on your business.


The course is suited for those, who want to gain & enhance their knowledge of digital marketing irrespective of their professional and educational background. This course covers the complete curriculum, both practical and theoretical aspects comprehensively.


Respective of the educational background or profession, anyone who wants to gain knowledge in digital marketing can opt for the course. In addition, to enroll in this course, it is not essential to have technical knowledge.


7. School of Science and Technology


Course Content:

●        Project Management

●        Data Analysis And Evaluation

●        Planning And Time Management

●        Leadership, Team Management, And Marketing

●        Strategic Decision Making

●        Innovation And Technological Management

●        Entrepreneur Skills

●        Essential Communication Skills

●        Data Analysis And Evaluation

●        Planning And Time Management


The course promotes acquiring an education through several resources and diversifies excellent teaching styles. It’s a 14-month program course. However, the part-time model is also available which is for 26 months and the course is also available through distance learning.


Courses Curriculum:


First-term Courses:

●        Digital Marketing

●        Data Science For Business

●        ICT Essentials

●        Web Analytics

●        ICT Management

The course curriculum ensures that you will learn all the digital marketing concepts, strategies, practical training on the best digital marketing trends and practices.


Second-term Courses:

●                    Digital Entrepreneurship Development And Finance

●                    Business Social Media And Online Community Management

●                    Digital Organizations

●                    E-commerce In Government

●                    Digital Business Strategy

●                    Data Mining

●                    Big Data And Cloud Computing

●                    Market Research And Analysis

●                    Consulting

●                    Project Design And User Experience


The student will also get a chance to get pivotal roles in a digital marketing agency once they complete the course through practical learning and exams. You can also get a chance to apply to consulting companies, software companies, mobile network providers, e-commerce and health, small and medium business enterprises, and many more.


Further, the course is formulated with power electrical engineering, telecommunication, computer science, natural sign, and economic intelligence department with excellent learning, e-business, and digital marketing related elements.


Courses related to digital marketing are also available such as :

●        MSc Data Science

●        MSc Information And Communication Technology Systems

●        Mobile And Web Computing MSc

●        MSc In Cyber Security

The candidate also applies for scholarships and a reduction in the tuition fees according to the subject terms and conditions.


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 8. Simplilearn 


Simplilearn provides excellent online short-term digital marketing courses in Greece that assist various students, professionals, and even digital marketers to build their careers in the domain of digital marketing.

There are a variety of courses that Simplilearn offers on the subject of digital marketing such as: 

●                    Digital Marketing Specialist – 11 Courses

●                    Digital Marketing Associate – 3 Courses


The institute also provides other specialized courses such as an advanced social media certification program, an advanced search engine program, and an advanced paper click certification program.


Course Curriculum:

Fundamentals of Marketing

●                    Demystifying Digital channels

●                    Conversion and Strategy

●                    Advanced Web Analytics

●                    Advanced Search Engine Optimization

●                    Social Media with Online Certified Marketing Professional


You may also get hands-on experience in practical sessions with 45 + projects and mimic pro simulation. The institute also provides you training for various certifications from Hubspot, Google, and Facebook blueprint.


This digital marketing course assists you to utilize digital Marketing concepts and execute them to move towards your goals and objective in the organization’s effective efficiency. You will also get a chance to work with 40+ tools for practical exposure to the elements of digital marketing.


9. Leader School 


The institute is one of the most leading practical vocational training institutes. They have trained  7500 + people in 135 countries and are known for conducting one of the finest digital marketing courses in Greece.


Course Name- Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.


It is a 112-hour digital marketing course that includes different techniques, seminars, and practical hands-on knowledge about the course curriculum. You will also get to know about the growth hacking tools.


Key Objectives:

The marketing strategy concentrates on mobile marketing as mobile devices are an excellent medium of information dissemination to the public. The objective includes creating a Google ads search campaign by targeting correct keywords and campaigns for SERP pages.


They also provide advanced training on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, histogram, Pinterest, Linked In, and Google my business which helps you to know about tips and tools to improve your social media presence.



●                    Digital Marketing And Internet Marketing Strategy

●                    Google Analytics

●                    Search Engine Success

●                    Secrets Of A Successful Site

●                    Google Webmaster And Tracking

●                    Internet Advertising

●                    Affiliate Marketing

●                    Email Marketing Seminar And Successful Campaigns

●                    Google Adwords

●                    Adsense And Revenue From Online Sources

●        Planning And Costing & Integrated various Digital Marketing Campaign

●                    Facebook Seminar every Twitter Youtube Google Pinterest


This course also allows you to measure all the results through track consumer behavior as it can help you to drive sales, web analytics, along with measuring the performance of a strategy.


They have 12 years of experience in teaching digital marketing courses with various other seminars like Google AdWords, social media marketing master, SEO  seminar, time there till marketing seminar Pro.  The institute conducts 29 seminars, 874 seminar hours per year, 21 business programs,  and 240 coaching sessions every year.


The course is best suited for those who are very interested in learning digital marketing and is even beneficial for advertising agencies, freelancers, managers, executives, marketing directors, and business associates.


There are multiple practical training and hands-on seminars to get a better understanding of the deuce in real-time.  In addition, several important digital marketing tools are used in practical training and you can improve your website performance and create a valuable impact on your brand by using these digital tools.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of using off-page and on-page SEO  tactics that ensure that your page ranks higher on search engines.


How often should I update my website?

A website needs frequent updates. A successful website will always interact with its customers and provide up-to-date information to them.


Can social media marketing help my business?

Yes, social media marketing helps businesses to enhance brand awareness and improve their online presence through social media.


Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

Many companies approach digital marketing strategies to avoid any kind of issues. Digital marketing lets you increase brand awareness, let you know about the major areas of improvement, and many more.


What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of generating traffic from local-based searches. It helps businesses to promote their products and services to all the local customers whenever they need it.


Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing has been very popular since earlier times and it is the strongest marketing than ever. People rely on email and check there are emails multiple times in a day. No doubt, it will be a great strategy to communicate with your potential customer to keep providing them better services.



These are the most popular digital marketing courses in Greece you can opt for if you are passionate about building your career in the digital marketing industry.


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