Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in UAE With Placements

In the digital era, we live in, having a digital marketing certification becomes a plus point in your career path. UAE being an international market has many institutes that offer the course. Digital marketing courses in UAE have become very famous amongst all age groups. The Pandemic hit and we realized everything has shifted digitally. From purchasing items to having a meeting, we all do it virtually. And that’s the beauty of digital marketing.


List of best digital marketing courses in UAE


Becoming a certified Digital Marketer grants you a good opportunity in your career. Make sure you go through the full article as you will discover some of the best digital marketing courses in UAE.


Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Marketing Course:

1. In Demand for Digital Marketers

As more businesses and companies recognize the benefits of digitizing their operations, there is an emerging demand for qualified experts in the field of digital marketing to sell their services. Internet advertising, one of the biggest ad segments, has already exceeded TV.

Additionally, over 75% of CFOs’ investments over the next three years will go toward digital marketing, according to most of them. Younger digital marketers who can aid in their efforts to spread information about cutting-edge technology are actively sought after by Google and other major worldwide firms.


2. Starting a Career is Easier

Individuals from any background can transition to this sector of work in digital marketing, provided they have the necessary credentials and expertise. This is one of the most inclusive aspects of this industry. To be a successful digital marketer, you do not need to have completed a three- or four-year degree program in any specific discipline. No matter what you previously studied, after earning your bachelor’s degree, you can become certified in digital marketing and develop a strong portfolio of varied projects.


3. You Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

There is unquestionably an ability set overlapping between an efficient digital vendor and an inspired businessperson. You can be assured that once you study digital promoting at a faculty with enfranchisement, you’ll acquire a particular set of behavioral skills.

To effectively answer market developments, digital marketers should be proactive self-starters with wonderful social skills. they need to additionally stand out promoting the business they’re operating for. Entrepreneurs distinguish themselves from their competition because of all of those traits.


4. Jobs in Digital Marketing Are Widespread and Quite Well

Although it’s a set of promoting, digital selling conjointly has extra specializations, all of which might be fun and interesting. you’ll be able to select from a spread of specialties by enrolling in a very course on digital selling, including:

Using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to focus on and reach potential shoppers is understood as social media selling.

Email marketing: Building relationships with customers by increasing complete awareness with content and knowledge given through emails.

Offline marketing: Accenting additional ancient kinds of media like print, radio, billboards, and advertisements. Influencer selling is the practice of recommending and promoting your business victimization established, well-respected professionals within the field United Nations agency area unit active on social media.


5. Good Compensation

Here are potential remuneration packages that digital marketers may receive in 2021, as reported by PayScale and Glassdoor:

Manager of Digital Marketing, 74,000 USD annually

Manager of social media – $44,000 annually

SEO Manager: $80,000 annually

Manager of Content Marketing, 67,000 USD annually

Manager of Product Marketing, 114,000 USD annually

Manager of Brand Marketing, 87,000 USD annually


6. Merges Creativity and Effort

One of the few industries is digital marketing, where you may merge your desire for artistic expression with the need to accomplish objectives and deadlines. Your creativity is something that you will tap into on your own, even though a school where you study digital marketing will provide you with a thorough understanding of its foundation.

In addition to creating the actual marketing strategy and your target audiences, you can be requested to undertake graphic design, produce video material, and conduct photoshoots while working on a project. Following the implementation of your digital marketing strategy, you must assess the success of your creative content and adjust your plans accordingly.


How to Begin a Career in Digital Marketing

It’s crucial to grasp the first specialties within the world once you begin your career in digital marketing.


1. Email Marketing

Sending emails to specific lists appears to be the essence of email marketing. However, it’s that targeting that incorporates the specific experience. To increase sales and lift awareness of products and services, promoting emails to lists of shoppers and prospects.

Particularly once there are no instantaneous dealings, they’re frequently distributed to audiences to interact with them. It’s the responsibility of the e-mail vendor to check numerous subject lines, texts, and formats to see that emails receive the foremost attention.


2. Using Search Engines (SEO)

No matter how much or how little experience you have, SEO will undoubtedly be a big part of digital marketing. Every written piece of content has discoverability as its primary objective; hence it forms the basis of all written material.

For SEO experts, there is a promising future in digital marketing. Professionals with knowledge of social media, website analytics, competitive analysis, mobile search, and content quality rating are in high demand. To maximize online traffic, each of these needs to be handled.


3. Copywriting

You’ll become aware of how much writing is required as you acquire expertise in digital marketing. Taglines, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, and other types of material are all produced by copywriters.


4. Writing Content

When you start getting into digital selling, content writing and copywriting might seem to be one and also the same profession. However, as you progress, you may understand that they’re 2 separate roles.

The longer-form content that pulls guests to the website and nurtures them throughout the sales cycle is the space on that content writers primarily concentrate. they supply eBooks, journal articles, whitepapers, and case studies that inform browsers and lure them to read additional.


5. Search Engine Promotion (SEM)

Although Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are sometimes intertwined, the fundamental distinction between the two is that SEM uses sponsored strategies. SEM managers look at keyword trends to discover what people are looking for and decide how much to bid on those phrases so that the company pages show up in search results.

SEO and advertising are combined to assist drive traffic to the website. Search term analysis, bid management, and A/B testing to determine the most successful variations are all done using a variety of tools and platforms. To succeed, SEM managers must have a strong analytical and data-driven mindset.


Advantages of Doing Digital Marketing Courses in UAE 


1. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing is incredibly economical and practical. Within your budget, you can promote your brand worldwide. You may advertise your brand to the world at a reasonable cost by employing Facebook ads, optimizing your website, and many other strategies.

In contrast to traditional marketing, you wouldn’t need to use the money for flyers or hoarding; instead, you may sell your brand by creating a creative advertisement at a fraction of the cost.


2. Global Scope

You may now expand your business and serve your clients on a global scale with the aid of digital marketing. You can approach the individuals in that area and sell your product to them via internet channels by conducting some marketing research to determine wherever in the world a demand exists for your product.


3. Local Scope

Digital marketing aids in local reach in addition to global reach. Consider opening a store. You would need to advertise it by sending flyers to newspapers and other places, among other things. But targeting your audience is made simple by digital marketing.

You can choose to advertise to people within a certain number of kilometers of your store. Another benefit is that this not only targets the locals but also everyone passing through within that radius.


4. Customized Targeting

Detail-oriented targeting is the biggest and most significant advantage of digital marketing. In conventional marketing, companies would advertise on television or in the newspaper, reaching out to everyone regardless of how relevant their products were to the general public. However, you may precisely target the group you want to become your clients by using digital marketing.


5. Interacting with Clients on all Levels

When a customer is physically present in your company can you communicate with them via traditional marketing? You have no control over that once they are out of your sight. However, digital marketing provides a solution for this issue; you can now track your clients using digital marketing from the point of awareness until the point of final payment.

You may interact with and relate to your clients at every level, respond to their questions, and persuade them to buy. You may track client activity and target them appropriately by adding some codes to your adverts or website.


6. Increases the Conversion Rate

Utilizing a variety of digital marketing strategies enables you to connect with a larger audience, increasing conversion rates. People search for your goods and make purchases based on their requirements and wants as more people become aware of your brand. You may optimize your website and social media presence to draw visitors and encourage them to make purchases from you.


7. Simple to Learn

It’s quite simple for people to study and use digital marketing to their advantage in this day and age because everyone uses mobile devices and computers for daily tasks and is engaged in social media and search engines.

Today, everyone uses social media to communicate with others and pass the time, as well as Google for searches. There is nothing better than that if you can use these to expand your business internationally by just understanding a few details.


Check here the other recommended courses


Best Digital Marketing Courses in UAE 



IIM SKILLS is aware of the need for a capable digital marketer that comprehends and develops digital strategies that support organizational goals. As a result, the course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of internet marketing before moving to more complicated subjects like the entirety of an integrated digital strategy.

IIM SKILLS is committed to providing practical, hands-on education on all facets of the courses for digital marketing. Every week, you must complete assignments that the mentor grade to properly gauge your development. Even though the applicants can learn from any country through distance learning. IIM SKILLS stands as one of the best providers of digital marketing courses in the UAE.


They Offer:

You are taught how to start from the beginning by learning about basics to advanced concepts in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course.


Also Read: IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review


2. SEO International

Location: Atrium Building Near Qiyadah Metro Station, Dubai.

Since November 1999, SEO International, a part of the Google Partner company Al Wafaa Group, has been providing online marketing consulting and training in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Pakistan, and India. Internet marketing, digital strategy, SEO, Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing are their areas of expertise.

Whether in-house or through open training sessions, they offer Marketing and Business Executives the training, support, knowledge, and guidance that ought to successfully utilize SEO, AdWords, and Social Media Marketing for their brands, goods, or services.

More than 3,170 UAE corporate executives received outstanding training from in internet and social media marketing. This institute ranks as one of the best digital marketing courses in the UAE.


They Offer:

  • Online 4-Day Sessions: AED 1,150 each
  • 3-Day Classroom-Based Sessions in Person: AED 2,150 each
  • AED 4,850 for up to 5 people for 3-Day In-House, Customized Sessions (Online or at Your Premises).


3. AstroLabs Academy Campus

Location: Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai.

AstroLabs is a capability-building business that is expanding the MENA region’s digital ecosystem, gaining a reputation for being top digital marketing courses in UAE. Since 2013, the Academy has helped thousands of alumni improve their skills while collaborating with the biggest businesses in the area to facilitate their digital transitions.

They create and implement specialized programs for businesses, academic institutions, and governmental organizations, ranging from large-scale enterprise training to managed incubators and accelerators.

By assisting hundreds of international businesses and entrepreneurs with local business licensing and coworking at their network of collaborative spaces in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, AstroLabs is expanding the innovation economy in the area.


They Offer:

  • Online: AED 3,599
  • In-person: AED 5,399
  • Installment plans are available.


4. Delphi Star Training Centre

Location: Al Hamsah, Zabeel road, Dubai

To meet the expanding demands of trained experts and increase their job efficiency, competent professionals founded Edu Delphi (digital marketing courses in UAE). People who want to improve their abilities and keep up with market trends can take advantage of Edu Delphi’s distinctive, cutting-edge, and successful training alternatives.

They promise comprehensive training and education at Delphi Star Training Center, a training institute in Dubai. Also recognized as one of the known digital marketing courses in UAE. You can better improve and hone your talents with the aid of courses. Based on each client’s special requirements and distinctive qualities, Delphi Star Training Center in Dubai creates training programs that are specifically tailored to fulfill the demands of business, industry, and commerce.


They Offer:

Delphi was founded by competent professionals to meet the expanding demand for knowledgeable workers by increasing their level of productivity. For anyone looking to improve their abilities and keep up with the latest industry trends, Delphi offers distinctive, cutting-edge, and efficient training alternatives. To know the package fees, you need to inquire about them.


5. Rolla Academy

Location: Al Tawhidi building, Al Mankhool Road, Dubai

In 1993, Rolla Academy was opened. When operating within the education sector for a minute, they tend to conclude that it was very tough for typical operating professionals to search out regular time to advance their skills.

It’s harder for people who are presently operating to go to talent development facilities as a result of ancient coaching and training establishments solely providing scheduled times and batches.

Because of this, they offer all students versatile category times so that they’ll attend as required. They tend to be consultants in many short courses in computers, together with the offer management, IELTS coaching, vat, graphic style, and one of the best digital marketing courses in UAE.


They Offer:

You must deem enrolling in one of Dubai’s certificate or performance excellence programs. Various organizations give coaching programs in urban centers, and they have the highest number of instructors for those programs. Offerings in an exceeding style of fields, together with business administration, programming, graphic style, finance, management, and selling, vary from skilled credentials to check preparation courses. For more details get in touch, this could be your best offer for digital marketing courses in UAE.


6. LIIMS Institute

Location: Cluster W, JLT, Dubai

For digital enthusiasts or anyone wishing to advance their profession by expanding their understanding of digital marketing, the “digital marketing expert certification” from the London Institute of Internet Marketing and Research Studies is a distinctive credential.

Their programs focus on developing distinctive digital solutions and excellent online and offline education modules. Also, a well-known institute that offers the best digital marketing courses in UAE. By offering top-notch training, they distinguish out in the quickly expanding digital marketing sector.

Through the mastery of digital marketing in areas like SEO, SEM, social media advertising, and web analytics. Their goal is to assist you to realize your ability and be at the pinnacle of your career. So you can get the best out of your investments through well-known digital marketing courses in UAE.


They Offer:

  • Online Course
  • Offline Course
  • 1 on 1 online training
  • Corporate Group Training


Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing Courses in UAE


Q1. Can a newcomer enter the field of digital marketing?

No prior experience is necessary to enter the field of digital marketing. They only need to have an in-depth understanding of the subject and how it functions, as well as the fundamental abilities needed to be a digital marketer.


Q2. Is digital marketing still relevant today?

The field appears to be expanding in the coming years along with social media. There will be many chances in this area. To be competitive in their industry, every digital marketer needs to stay on top of the most recent developments.


Q3. How can I do digital marketing courses in UAE?

Well, the United Arab Emirates presents you with lots of opportunities. That includes every type of job to even courses. As the market has risen digitally, the course for digital marketing is becoming quite a subject. By staying in this beautiful Emirates you can get many courses to opt for from various institutes. That is why this article presents you with some of the best institutes you can find in the Emirates.


Q5. Why it is that the Future of Jobs is in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is fast replacing traditional marketing, even though the former still has its uses because it is more accessible and has better data. Today’s technology allows marketing managers to know exactly who is visiting the website, the activities they engage in there, and which strategies are yielding the best results. Replicating successes will take the guessing out of running future campaigns.



The term “the Internet” might have 1st surfaced within the Nineteen Nineties as a temporary fashion. Right now, everybody understands that this is not true to the slightest degree. Digital selling is increasing at a rate of 25–30% annually and is not sped down. Currently, several international corporations pay a big quantity of their selling resources on digital selling, we tend to beg to dissent with anyone United Nations agency believes that digital selling may be a field with little or no space for improvement.

The square measure fewer laws and structures are the result of it’s a relatively new field. Contemplate the very fact that bound occupations in a digital selling square measure are still undiscovered that their square measure innumerable growth opportunities. In addition, in this field, it’s your job that counts. You would possibly be rewarded if you are willing to roll up your sleeves, place yourself within the long hours, and participate in campaigns and pitches for appealing businesses.

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