Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh With Placements

GST is a major leap forward in India’s indirect tax reforms and was made effective in India from 1st July. 2017. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is consumption and destination-based tax. Indirectly, it is charged to the final customer. Every state in India, including Jammu & Kashmir, is subject to GST regulations. It wasn’t until India’s Constitution was amended that GST could be implemented.


List of the best GST certification courses in Chandigarh


Through the concept of GST tax on tax i.e., cascading of taxes were eliminated. A few of the main purposes of implementing GST was to remove the drawbacks and hurdles of the indirect tax regime.


As early as 1954, France was among the first to establish and apply the idea of the GST. As years passed, almost 160 countries around the world followed this system of indirect taxation.


Among these countries, India has the highest tax slab rate of 28%. Any policy implementation under GST will be made only through the GST Council. The Government of India celebrates 1st July as “GST Day” to mark the implementation of this new indirect tax regime.


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Gst Is Governed by Five Separate Laws Namely: 


  • Central GST Act
  • State GST Act
  • Integrated GST Act
  • Union Territory GST Act
  • GST (Compensation to States) Act


Rate and Exemptions of The GST:


Based on the HSN codes, GST rates range from 5 %, 12 %, 18 % 28 %. Some goods and services are excluded from GST. They are:


Exempted Goods:


  • Live animals
  • Natural products
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Tea, coffee and spices
  • Alcohol for human consumption


Exempted Services:


  • Agricultural services
  • Judicial services
  • Educational services
  • Medical services
  • Government Services


Major Reasons for The Implementation of GST:  


  1. The abundance of indirect taxes before GST caused chaos. A three-tier tax collection system was followed in India which resulted in burdening the people by imposing heavy taxes.
  2. On the same subject matter, multiple taxes were levied by different agencies at distinct phases, such as the stages of manufacture, transportation, and sale. It resulted in cascading of taxes without providing any benefit of claiming the input tax credit.
  3. Moreover, the old indirect tax system was complex due to various due dates, different tax authorities, and various assessment refund processes at different levels. This ultimately led to an increase in compliance costs.
  4. Taxes from several authorities were levied on the same transaction. E.g., if an individual opts to stay in a hotel in Chennai, he has to pay luxury and service tax.


Reasons to Opt for GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh:


  1. As a result of learning of the GST, a person’s salary can be increased by 15 to 25 percent.
  2. People can start their consulting firm by gaining knowledge on GST.
  3. It expands the scope of job opportunities available to people.
  4. It helps tax, finance, and accounting professionals strengthen their skills.


For whom Is The GST Course Suitable?


  1. Practitioners of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Income Tax.
  2. Finance experts such as CA/CS/CMA/lawyers who deal with taxation.
  3. Anyone interested in a career in the taxation field.
  4. Business owners and CEOs, CFOs, tax directors, financial analysts, and project heads.
  5. Businessmen in small and medium-sized enterprises and tax officials.


Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Chandigarh


IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top virtual training providers offering high-quality GST certification courses in Chandigarh as well as top-level Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh. One such distinct feature about IIM Skills is that they provide 100% hands-on training which enables the students to understand and apply their knowledge in the practical world. Their live sessions enable the students to communicate effectively and gain in-depth knowledge regarding various elements of GST.


IIM Skills Course Curriculum: 


  1. The Genesis and Concept of GST
  2. Framework and Structure of GST
  3. Registration under GST
  4. Invoicing in GST
  5. GST Returns Filing
  6. E-Way Bill under GST
  7. Input Tax Credit and Payment Forms in GST
  8. Composition Scheme and Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST

Special Features:  


Any person desirous of doing GST certification courses in Chandigarh could opt for IIM Skills as the course is packed with live interactive sessions and periodic practical assignments. Lifetime access to course materials is made available and the course curriculum is regularly updated with updates and reforms to ensure that their students are up to date with the latest information.


On completion of the course, students are certified from IIM Skills and this enables them to apply for jobs. Moreover, the students are free to claim their money back after the first session if they are dissatisfied with the course.


Course Fee: Rs.2900

Contact: +91 92110 99503


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 The Institute of Cost Accountants: 


The Institute of Cost Accountants is a well-reputed institute that offers top-notch GST certification courses in Chandigarh. It is a professional body with recognition from the parliament. Their main objective is to ensure that their GST practitioners, professionals, and other students can understand the concept of GST in a simple yet effective manner.


Course Curriculum:


  1. Overview of GST
  2. Classification, HSN, SAC
  3. Penalties and Prosecutions
  4. Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC
  5. Job Work
  6. Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  7. Valuation under GST, Valuation rule
  8. Basic Procedures- Registration, E-way Bills, Invoice, etc
  9. Advance Ruling and Anti-profiteering
  10. Payment and Refunds
  11. Annual Return and Assessment
  12. Demands
  13. Advance Ruling and Anti-profiteering
  14. Case studies about real-life scenarios
  15. Other Provisions


Special Features:  


The course is available both online and offline. Special discount is also made for members and CMA final pursuing students. Required study materials will also be provided and the students are required to attend an objective-based exam to get certified.


Course Duration: 72 Hours


Course Fee: Rs.10,000 + 18% GST (20% Discount for CMA menbers and final pursuing students)


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 ICA, Chandigarh 


ICA Chandigarh is also one of the top training institutes for the provision of GST certification courses in Chandigarh. The students are trained by top experts who are well versed in the field of GST. ICA provides job assistance and practical training to ensure that their students are well prepared to get hired by top organizations.


Course Curriculum: 


  1. Overview of the Indirect Taxation System
  2. Input Tax Credit
  3. GST Registration and Compliance
  4. Filing of various GST returns
  5. E-Way Bills
  6. E-Invoicing


Special Features:  

The course is taught in a virtual mode and recorded sessions are also made available. On completion of the ICA assessment, the student is certified and is assisted in finding a paid internship. Only students who have completed 10+2 or pursuing graduation can apply for ICA Chandigarh’s GST certification course.


Course Duration: 27 Hours


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Mohali Career Point 


Mohali Career Point offers simple yet effective GST certification courses in Chandigarh. Their ultimate aim is to tutor their students in the most effective way possible to develop them into GST professionals who can work independently. Though Mohali Career Point does not impose any mandatory qualification as eligibility to register for their course, they do suggest some pre-qualification to stand out in the crowd.


Course Curriculum:  


  1. Introduction of GST
  2. Registration under GST
  3. Types of transactions under GST
  4. Types of Supply under GST
  5. Types of Returns under GST
  6. Time and Place of Supply
  7. Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply
  8. What is Input Tax Credit? Availment and utilization of ITC
  9. What is E-Way Bill
  10. Debit & Credit Note
  11. Job work under GST
  12. Import and Export under GST
  13. What is GST Audit
  14. Offenses and Penalties under GST
  15. When and how to claim a refund under GST
  16. Miscellaneous provisions under GST


Special Features: 


The course is available both online and offline and the students are free to choose their desired mode of study accordingly. One notable aspect of this course is that it is created by experts who have worked in this field for over a decade. This gives an assurance that the course delivered by them is one of the best, the students get to work on real data to gain practical experience and 100% placement assistance is also provided.


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City Commerce Academy 

This academy is known for offering the best GST certification course in Chandigarh and the course is designed in layman terms so that students can grasp the concepts quickly and effectively. The course is available at a nominal fee and the mode of communication is Hindi for better understanding. Practical knowledge is gained by exercising and dealing with actual business transactions.


 Course Curriculum:  

  1.  An overview of Indirect Tax prior GST
  2.  Time of Supply
  3.  Introduction to GST Portal
  4.  Concept of HSN and SAC Code
  5.  Input Credit System in GST
  6. Concept of SGST, UTGST, CGST & IGST
  7. Concept of GSTR -9
  8. Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST
  9. Place of Supply
  10. Preparation and Filing of GSTR- 3B
  11.  Regular latest updates
  12. New Return System: PMT 08


Special Features: 


100% practical training is provided to the students and the sessions are available both online and offline. The classes are updated regularly and training is provided from the basics to the filing of returns. Apart from living sessions, practical projects and study materials in PDF format are also provided to the students for better understanding.


Course Fee: Rs.4000



LawSikho is a well-known company offering GST certification courses in Chandigarh. The course is addressed in a simple language and is suitable for lawyers, employers, and employees who intend to learn about GST, entrepreneurs, and government officials. All their teachings are not just theory-based but consist of real-world applications as well.


Course Curriculum:  

  1. Basic concepts of GST
  2. Different types of GST and its Legislative Framework
  3. Registration requirements
  4. Input Tax Credit
  5. Composition Scheme
  6. Tax Deduction and Collection
  7. Tax Calculation and Payment, Refund and Rebates
  8. Compliance: Returns and Filing Requirement
  9. GST in Exports and Imports


Special Features: 

This is a self-paced course which means students can conveniently learn according to their comfort. Students will be able to access the course for 1 year. Personal attention and coaching are also provided and doubts are cleared within 48 hours.


Upon clearing the exam conducted by LawSikho certificate is sent through courier to the concerned student. Regular assignments are provided for self-evaluation. Written assignments are also given and simultaneously if the assignments meet the required specifications they are posted on some industry publications such as the iPleaders blog.


Course Duration: 90 Days


Course Fee: Rs.11,800




ClearTax is another best online platform in offering top GST certification courses in Chandigarh. Their online course is made available using Udemy, an educational virtual platform. Their ultimate goal is to educate Indians about the concept of GST. They offer three different courses under GST.


  • GST Course to Learn GST Practises:

This course is apt for CA, CS, IAS aspirants, tax practitioners, and accountants.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Basics of GST
  2. Composition Scheme
  3. Registration under GST
  4. Input Tax Credit
  5. New GST Returns
  6. Transitional Provisions

Course Fee: Rs.3600/-


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  • GST E-Learning Certification by Clear Tax 

This course is suitable for Chartered accountants, CA students, and tax practitioners.


Course Curriculum:

  1. Basics of GST
  2. Input Tax Credit
  3. Reverse Charge Mechanism
  4. New GST Returns
  5. Transition to New GST Returns
  6. Best Practices with Industry Experts

Course Fee: Rs.4800/-


  • GST Course for Small and Medium Enterprises  

This course is ideal for small and medium enterprise owners.


Course Curriculum:

  1. Basics of GST
  2. Composition Scheme
  3. Input Tax Credit
  4. GST Registration
  5. Taxes
  6. Condition for Returns


Course Fee: Rs.4800/-


Special Features:


All three courses are specifically designed for each group of people to address their specific needs. Lifetime access to the course is provided and upon completion, a certificate is also provided. Each course contains specific hours of interactive on-demand video content.


Henry Harvin  


The GST certification courses in Chandigarh by Henry Harvin provide a 360-degree about the GST regulations. The course is delivered by experts who speak at notable platforms like NDTV and Aaj Tak. The course is updated regularly and a deep insight is given upon the latest amendments. All the critical concepts and cases are covered to gain practical knowledge so that even a non-tax person could grasp and master the GST concepts easily.


Course Curriculum: 


  1. Place of Supply, Value of Supply,
  2. Registrations, Input Tax Credit & ITC04, Transitional Provisions, Job Work
  3. Account & Records, Time of Supply
  4. Invoice, Tax Payments,
  5. Returns, Refunds
  6. Litigation Management, Audit & Assessments, Demand & Recovery
  7. Offenses & Penalties
  8. Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  9. Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


Special Features:  


They offer both self-paced and live online classrooms. Students are free to choose their convenient mode and learn accordingly. Individual personalized and corporate training is provided. If one decides to do GST certification courses in Chandigarh at a recognized institute by the Government of India then Henry Harvin is the right choice.


100% placement support, 1-year access to the e-learning portal, and recordings of the previous sessions are also made available. Apart from this, Henry Harvin also provides the option of no-cost EMI to support their learners.


Course Duration: 1 Month


Course Fee:

  • Self Paced Course: 8099/-
  • Live Online Classroom: 8999/-

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Frequently Asked Questions:  


Who can do the GST course?

Any citizen of India with a sound mind is eligible to take the GST course. Moreover, he must be a solvent person and must not be convicted of any offense involving the imprisonment of two years or more.


How long does it take to master the concepts of GST? 

It might take at least 2-3 months for an individual to master the concepts of GST depending upon the pace and interest of the concerned person.


Is it useful to learn and get certification in GST?

Learning and getting certified in GST will raise one’s salary and scope for employment, individuals can stand on their own by starting their consultancy firms.


How much does a GST practitioner make on average? 

Accounting Managers in GST Practitioner earn an average of INR 4.9 to 6.4 lakhs per year in India.




Chandigarh, also called the city beautiful, is home to several prestigious educational institutions which play a vital role in providing quality education. Chandigarh is well-known for its superior academic system. They most definitely have some of the best institutions offering certification courses.


The advent of GST in Indian society has opened many employment opportunities. There is a huge demand for people who have knowledge in GST and so getting a certification in GST will prove to be a good qualification in resume. The above mentioned are some of the best institutions offering GST certification courses in Chandigarh.


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