Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital and largest city in the state of Rajasthan, is famously known for its tourist destination and has also a world-class education hub in it. Nowadays GST being the most important part of one’s state economy, it is important to have deep knowledge about its contents. Hence below are some of the “ GST certification courses in Jaipur” which would otherwise help any learner from student to the highly experienced person to make it in this field.


List of best GST certification courses in Jaipur


What is GST in India?


GST is a common tax (indirect tariff) used globally which is imposed on sold goods and services for domestic consumption. Here tax which is the final price is paid by the consumers and passed to the government by the seller.


Who Introduced GST in India?


The idea of adopting GST in India was first suggested by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2000. In the Parliament, the GST Act was passed on 29th March 2017 which came into effect on 1st July 2017. Finance minister Asim Dasgupta finalized GST rates and rules.


Types of GST


  • The Central Goods and Services Tax :

Here tariff is forced on transactions of goods and services taking place within a state, like State excise, CST, SAD, etc.


  • The State Goods and Services Tax :

Here tariff is forced on transactions of commodities and services of every state which includes Sales duties, Entertainment duties, VAT, Entry duties, etc. Here the earned revenue is claimed by the State Government.


  • The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax :

Here tariff is being imposed on the intra Union Territory supply of commodities and services. Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli are the 5 union territories where it is applied.


  • The Integrated Goods and Services Tax :

Levies were imposed on the movement of products and services from one state to another. It is applied to the product being imported to distribute among the respective states.


Benefits of GST


●     The cascading duty effect is eliminated.

●     Allows a higher approach for registered businesses.

●     The online process is made easy and convenient.

●     Excise Compliance is lessened.

●     Strengthens efficiency of logistics.


GST Practitioner

A person who is approved by the central or state government to perform one or more of the activities highlighted below in favor of the duty payers.



A Practitioner on behalf of the taxpayer can assist in making a registration application or make amendments in its record or cancellation of the same.



Monthly/ quarterly/ annual returns such as GSTR-3B, 1, 9, etc are prepared in favor of custom payers by a practitioner.


Refunds/ Payment:

Refund claims or pay tariffs are filed by such practitioners on behalf of the registered persons.


Qualifications To Become a GST Practitioner


●     An officer (retired) in the Commercial Tax Department of any State Government or of the CBIC in a post of Group-B (or higher) gazetted officer (worked for a minimum period of two years).

●     A practitioner who is registered for not less than 5 years as a Tax Return Preparer or a Sales Tax Practitioner.

●     A graduate or postgraduate from any Indian University or a recognized Foreign University in Commerce, Law, Banking including Higher Auditing, Business Administration, or Business Management

●     Advocate

●     A Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, or a Company Secretary who is holding a Certificate of Practice (COP).


GST Practitioner Eligibility


●     He/She should be of Indian nationality.

●     He/She should have a healthy mind.

●     He/She should not have been declared indebted.

●     He/She should not have been framed for any crime with imprisonment of more than two years.


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Career in GST


  • Tally Accountant:

All invoices receiving and processing, forms for expenses, and payment requests. Handling petty cash, and preparing bills and receipts. Account records maintenance, copy-making, filing of documents, etc. In-depth statutory compliance of deducted and picked up customs viz Service Tariff, TDS, Profession tariff.


  • Stock Accountant:

The stock Accountant verifies and reviews invoices, and related support documents to make sure they comply with the corporate policies and contract terms. Upon obtaining the stock count report from the interior audit, prepare a stock journal and post it to ERP.


  • Return Preparer:

Calculation of levy credits, deductibles, and liabilities, Thorough Reviewing of duty reports in compliance with government tax rules and regulations, and Answering financial questions of clients.


  • Taxation Manager:

Almost every medium-level company requires an individual to require care of its taxation matters. It is a senior position counting on the dimensions of the corporation.mEg: Separate managers will be hired for direct and indirect tax in a large corporation.


Also, the manager will have a team to make compliances and a consultant for complex issues. An individual with good representation skills is additionally required for notices from the department and other legal matters if any.


Skills Required: Tax compliances, portal works, drafting skills, thorough knowledge of Ms word and excel.


  • Taxation Research Analyst:

This profile suits huge corporations. They have sophisticated structures and transactions. E.g. If an infrastructure company targets new contracts occasionally, they need a person to verify the contract from a taxation point of view. The profitable contract may turn into a loss-making one by incorrect signing and hence the need for taxation analysts. Every new contract and transaction is examined from the taxation point of view. It is included in the contract only in case of any potential liability.


Skills Required: Industry-based practical experience including all provisions of GST.


  • Reconciliation:

A person who can reconcile the sales, purchases, and input tax credits is much needed by large incorporations. Gst return can have adverse results if updated wrongly. Some important reconciliations to be considered by the taxpayer in GST are: Sales declared on tax paid, Purchased input tax credit, GSTR 2b, 2a input tax credit, Bills, and goods received through an input tax credit.


Skills Required: Ms excel, GST compliances, and GSTN portal.


  • Compliance Practice:

While small businesses cannot afford a genuine person for GST compliance, large businesses don’t want to go for a large team. Hence they hire compliance professionals. Such professionals can work independently.


Skills Required: Bulk filing software, management, and sales skills, and in-depth knowledge of compliances.


  • Consultancy Practice:

Consent is needed for various transactions by corporates. In a practical situation, it becomes difficult to implement and interpret the law. Hence thorough knowledge of the GST law including relevant laws is required.


Skills Required: GST law and litigation trends, analytical skills.


  • Legal Practice:

GST being a new law takes time to settle where such law breaks into multiple interpretations resulting in litigation between the taxpayer and the department. In such cases, the role of litigation professionals becomes very important to protect the interest of taxpayers.


Skills Required: Presentation and drafting skills, knowledge of litigation.


  • GST Department:

Trained staff are much needed in the GST department. The taxation department is given responsibility for collecting taxes as well as handling the litigation of various interpretations. Hence people with deep knowledge of the law are hired in such cases.


  • GST practitioner:

GST practitioners perform certain functions for taxpayers with the help of GST law.


  • Trainer:

GST is included within the syllabus of most universities. Many professionals also get GST training to urge leverage in their careers. This opens a replacement area to undertake your chance. GST qualified professionals can opt for training and teaching.


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Salient Skills to Make a Career in GST


1. GST Law: In-depth knowledge of all important sections and their interpretation.

2. Analytical Skills: To handle practical issues analytical skills are very important as it helps to translate the law into practical situations.

3. GSTN Portal Knowledge: Notification for GST compliances is given by the GSTN portal. Hence it is a must to know about it along with its law.

4. Basic Excel and word: Return filing becomes easier and more accurate in compliance reconciliations.

5. Industry knowledge: Here experience plays the most important role which is thorough time spent with various industries. Training from a good institute adds value to it.


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Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur


1. IIM Skills


IIM skills invite you to the best GST certification courses in Jaipur giving a thorough knowledge of all aspects of GST which is a 100% job-oriented course. This institution gives access to live and recorded lectures with all new updates. With 24/7 online support, they make sure to stress more case studies and hands-on implementation.


Trainers have sound knowledge of each and every part of GST with years of industry experience, making it simple to understand its concepts clearly. The e-content is made available through the LMS system which allows every individual to learn in their own decided comfortable space. Check out the top financial modeling courses in Jaipur to explore lucrative financial modeling career options.


Course Name: GST Practitioner Certification Course

Rating: 5/5


GST Certification Course Syllabus:

●     Genesis and concept of GST

●     Framework and structure of GST

●     Registration under GST

●     Invoicing in GST

●     Filing revenues

●     E-way billing under GST

●     Composition scheme under GST

●     Reverse charge mechanism

●     Composition scheme under GST

●     Input tax credit and payment in GST


Duration: 1 month

Fees: INR 9900


Contact Details:



IIM skills, Max hospital building,

H B Twin Tower, floor no, 8,

Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura,

New Delhi-110034.


Phone no.: +91-9911839503



Other Courses


2. TIFA Education Pvt.Ltd:


Being recognized as one of the top GST certification courses in Jaipur, this institute provides basics and advanced accounting lessons with GST. To increase the employment rate it has been focussing on giving adequate training in finance and accounts for students.


Course Name: GST Practitioner

Rating: 4.8/5



●     Introduction- Products and Services Tax.

●     Types

●     Registration

●     Scope of  place and time of supply and invoice

●     E-way bill essential

●     Input tax credit (ITC)

●     Form filing of service revenues

●     Payment


Duration: 6 months


Contact Details:


Address: 27, Niwara road, Heerabadi,

the opposite bank of Baroda Jhotwara,

Jaipur-302012 3844555




3 Shree Ram Tally Academy:


This is one of the leading institutes providing top GST certification courses in Jaipur which is known for its quality training at a very reasonable fee. A flock of skilled and dedicated trainers works hard to prepare each and every student to shine in their career.


Course Name: Marg ERP 9+

Rating: 5/5



●     Supply & Service Tariff

●     Overview, Structure & Design

●     Composition Scheme

●     Tariff Liability Provisions

●     Revenues Process, Payment Process

●     Refund Process, Supply Process of ITC

●     Compliances

●     Reverse Charge Mechanism

●     TDS & TCS


Duration: 60 hrs

Fees: INR 5000 /-


Contact Details:



A-3, Satyanagar road, Shivpuri Colony,

Jhotwara, Jaipur,

Rajasthan 302012


Phone no.: +91-9694904183



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4. Tax Professional Academy:


To serve the needs of the accountant and taxation profession a team of chartered accountants has designed this course which makes this institute count among to top GST certification courses in Jaipur where thorough theoretical and practical aspects are taught in-depth to boost youngsters’ confidence in this taxation field. To experience real situation problems students are given practical training thus making them realize the realistic nature of the GST field.


Course Name: GST professional course

Rating: 4.9/5



●     Complete Basic understanding of GST law.

●     Composition Scheme.

●     Maintaining books of accounts.

●     Exporting goods

●     Time of supply rules

●     Filing monthly & quarterly profits

●     Rate of taxes.

●     Applying for registration.

●     Making invoices/bills, Debit notes, Credit notes, Receipt vouchers, Payment vouchers, etc as per GST Law.

●     Claiming input tax credit (ITC) including block credit concept.

●     Place of supply rules.

●     Applicability of Audit.


Contact Details:

Address: Gopal Nagar, near riddhi siddhi crossing, above HDFC bank, Gopalpur Bypass, Jaipur.


Phone no.: +91-8696238748

E-mail: professional


5. Udemy:


Counted as one of the top GST certification courses in Jaipur, this academy will make you an expert on the basics of GST.


Course Name: GST course

Rating: 4.5



●     Basics

●     Cascading effect of current tariff structure

●     Effects on current Indirect duties


Duration: 42 hours

Fees: INR 4,800



6. Vskills:


Vskills is highlighted as one of the top GST certification courses in Jaipur because of its practical training to get thorough knowledge of goods and services. This institute conducts skills testing and also provides certifications affiliated with various organizations and professionally managed by IIM alumni.


Course Name: Certified GST professional

Rating: 5/5



●     Taxation and Basics

●     Concepts and Basics

●     Registration

●     Invoicing

●     Returns

●     Input Tax Credit

●     Valuation

●     Legal Provisions


Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: INR 3,499


Contact Details:



Vskills, 1113, Tower – 2, Pearls Omaxe, Pitampura,

New Delhi, Delhi 110034


Phone no.: 011 4734 4723



7. National Institute of Financial Management:


This institute is ranked as one of the top GST certification courses in Jaipur because of its capacity for rising GST professionals by providing a 3-day residential program conducted by NIFM faculty.


Course Name: Certificate c

Course in GST



●     Meaning of GST

●     Role of GSTN

●     Types of Returns and Formats

●     Overview of the IGST Act.

●     Supply of Goods and Services.

●     Time & Valuation of products.

●     Input Tax Credit and ISD.

●     Electronic Commerce and Job work

●     Transitional Provisions

●     TDS and TCS.

●     Compensation to States

●     Demands, Recovery, and Refund.

●     Assessment and Audit.


Duration: 25 days

Fees: INR 12,500


Contact details:

Address: Sector 48, Pali Road, Faridabad, Haryana India

Phone no.: +91-129-2465258


8. Edukarting:


One of the top GST certification courses in Jaipur, packed with qualified and trained professionals to make a learner ready for any GST problems.


Course Name: GST Basic to Advance Course

Duration: 40 hrs

Fees: INR 8850/-


Contact Details:


Address: Office no-204, Utkarsh Tower

3rd Floor, street no -3, residence no -32

Vijay Block, Laxmi Nagar

Delhi 110092


Phone no.: +91-8178908220



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9. Consultease:


Clearing the basic concepts for handling practical problems has been the main motto of consultease which is again listed in top GST certification courses in Jaipur, where this course will make you capable of handling any GST tasks.


Course Name: Certificate Course on GST

Duration: 25 hrs

Fees: INR 6000/-


Contact Details:


Address: Consultease Services Pvt Ltd

SCF39, 1st Floor, Sector 16A

Faridabad- 121002

Haryana, India


Phone no.: 9953077844



10. Laqshya:


Being one of the explored institutes in the education stream, it has nailed its top GST certification courses in Jaipur with hands-on training which is very much required for any organization.


Course Name: A certified course in goods and services tax(GST)

Duration: 2 months


Contact Details:


Address: 7, shoppers stop, close to the railway station, Cama Rd,

Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058


Phone no.: 8976789830




Q1. In Jaipur, is GST applicable for online courses?

Yes, GST now applies to online classes in Jaipur and across India. If you look carefully at the course charge, you’ll see that there’s a base fee, and afterward, GST is applied to that base price to obtain the entire cost of the course.


Q2. What is the best way to study GST online in Jaipur?

There are several recognized organizations, such as IIM Skills, TEFA, Vskills, Tax Guru, and others. They provide a number of services for GST classes online, which you can make use of from the comfort of your own home.


Q3. What is the average compensation of a GST professional in India?

A GST Practitioner’s annual income is from INR 4-6 lakhs.




Choosing the right GST certification courses in Jaipur will no doubt help you to increase your knowledge in a very detailed manner as all the above courses are conducted online and offline mode as well. The above courses are highlighted based on reviews and hands-on facilities which play the most important role in this field for a better career in life.


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