Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Pune With Placements

After the implementation of Goods and Service Taxes (GST) in India, along with the ease of taxation processes, the demand for skilled GST practitioners has also taken hype. It is distinctly visible that every second business needs a proficient person who can manage the occasional swaps, upgrades, documentation, and other chronicles in taxation. So as to assemble the GST aspirants, a number of institutions deliver certification courses; here are the details of the top 8 GST certification courses in Pune.


List of the best GST certification courses in Pune


Goods and Service Taxes, which is often called GST, is a comprehensive method that covers all the indirect taxes in one. The government of India implemented this on 1st July 2017 in order to alleviate the manifold taxations that included VAT, Service taxes, entertainment, and many more.


When you look at the career in GST, you can blindly take the plunge without any discussion. It is a great career choice, especially for those who have a finance, commerce, or accounting background, it will be more relevant and easier for them to take it forward.


Still, taking the proper training and guidance is an all-time extensive decision people can take in order to enhance their dexterity. Also, the addition of certification in your resume will make you more reliable and trustworthy for the organization for which you are going to work.


After gaining enough information about what GST stands for, you must be wondering which course you should choose for your best. Well! It is quite challenging to jump on the finest one; that’s why we have done deep research to make your time respected. Below is the list of the top 8 GST certification courses in Pune.


Here is the list of Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Pune


Rank #1. GST Certification Courses in Pune

IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the supreme online training institutions that offer GST certification, content writing, technical writing, and digital marketing, financial modeling, and Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Pune. It is an organization that truly values practical training, they encourage its students to implement and experience the learning within the training program.


The most extensive parts of their training programs include practical live interactive sessions, proper instructions, and hands-on assignments. They keep the course updated so that no one misses modifications or upgrades in the protocol.


You can simply start with a pre-recorded introduction video to understand the learning process. Moreover, you can also take a free demo class before enrolling in the course. The online demo class will provide you with a better understanding of the course content, methods, practices, and activities that you will participate in during the training program.


Course name – GST Practitioner Certification Course

Duration – 1 Month

Fees – Rs. 2900


Course Details


The MSME government of India has acknowledged IIM Skills’ GST practitioner training. It’s a one-month certification program with 16 hours of interactive sessions and a variety of activities and assignments. Weekly assessments, both actual and experimental, are also included in the course and add a lot of value to the learning process.


It features an engaging curriculum that covers a variety of tools and applications. Also, you will be taught the aptitude of handling clients with no effort. The agenda behind acknowledging all these kinds of stuff is to provide the highest level of education to the learner. The compliments don’t stop here, students will also be provided with free eBooks and invoicing tools and software.


Course Modules


  • Module 1: Concept of GST
  • Module 2: Structure of GST
  • Module 3: Criteria and process
  • Module 4: Invoicing rules
  • Module 5: GST returns filing
  • Module 6: Composition scheme under GST
  • Module 7: Reverse charge mechanism
  • Module 8: E-way bill under GST
  • Module 9: Tax credit and payment



  • 16 hours lectures
  • Practical assignments
  • Master certification
  • Life access to the new recorded sessions
  • 24×7 support
  • Weekdays and weekend batch choices



You don’t have to worry about any qualifications or eligibility to enroll for the course, the only motive they have is to make their students skillful, confident, and prepared to take steps forward towards their dreams.

Anyone, who is a student, fresher, business holder, housewife, and accounting or finance professional, all are welcome to become a part of IIM Skills. However, you must have a fundamental comprehension of accounting and necessary data.


A lot of you might be interested in exploring other financial job-related opportunities. Check out the top financial modeling courses in Pune to get a clear idea of what a career in financial modeling requires to excel.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


For more info, go through the IIM Skills GST Certification Course review


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching


Contact Information


Call: +91 9911839503



Rank #2. GST Certification Courses in Pune

Laqshya Institute of Skills Training


Laqshya Institute of skills training has been bringing forth the enlightenment of various disciplines for decades. It was founded in 2009, since then they are continuing to deliver education around various subjects including software and IT, accounts, finance, GST, banking, etc.


It is one of the best institutes that are recognized by NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology) and other various government and global institutions for their high quality and practically oriented courses. With the guidance of industry experts, you will learn all the concepts of Goods and Service Taxes with practical implementation on live projects within the program.


Course Name: GST Course


Course Content

  • GST Government Provisions
  • GST Important Concepts
  • Calculation & Computation of GST
  • Important sections under GST Law
  • GST Registration Procedure
  • Composition Scheme & Input Tax Credit
  • Return Filing Procedures
  • Annual Returns Procedures
  • GST Documentation
  • Govt Form Filling and e-Filling process



  • 100% practical training
  • Small batch size
  • Guidance under experienced faculty
  • Live projects
  • Free study material
  • Learn interview skills
  • Placement support



Graduates, postgraduates, fresher, working professionals – are eligible to take the training program.


Contact information

Call: 976789830, 8080480427



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Rank #3. GST Certification Courses in Pune  

RD’s Institute of Accounts and Taxation


Since 2017, RD’s Institute of Accounts and Taxation has been offering a variety of accounting, taxation, and finance professional courses. Students fully trust them, and also they’ve been featured in Maharashtra’s main newspapers.


When they first opened their doors on July 4, 2017, they decided to teach candidates with both availability and value in focus. They have covered all of the kingpins in the course curriculum in order to satisfy the learners’ desires.


Course Contents


  • An overview of Indirect Tax before GST
  • Concept of Goods and Service Tax
  • Present Taxation Systems Vs. GST
  • Applicability of GST
  • Registration of GST
  • Charging of GST
  • GST Rate Structure
  • Place of Supply of Goods and Services
  • Point of Taxation, Value of Supply
  • Input Credit Mechanism in GST
  • Accounting Entries with Project Work
  • Calculation of SGST, UTGST, CGST & IGST
  • GSTR- 3B
  • GSTR-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9
  • Payment of Goods and Services Tax
  • Refund of Tax


The teachers at RD’s institute have years of experience in the field and use their knowledge to help students grasp the subject’s venture. You will be trained with 100% practical practices, they believe in hands-on implementation to become experts, therefore they encourage their students to practice the learning.


Every component of the course curriculum has been planned in a very clear and cohesive manner, and it is as large as it is unique.



Undergraduates, graduates from commerce or non-commerce background, postgraduates, businesspersons, or housewives can enroll for the course.

Contact information


Mobile: +91 7030000303



IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Rank #4. GST Certification Courses in Pune



In the list of best GST certification courses in Pune, ARSIM TALLY GST has grabbed fourth place here. Established in 2017, this is one of the trusted organizations that provide a variety of training programs. A significant number of people are affiliated with the organization, and they offer a variety of services in addition to the course. Including GST, their courses are Tally Writing, training and Income tax Returns, etc.


Course Name: GST Certificate Course


Course Content

  • GST Overview
  • GST Registration
  • Administration
  • Levy and Tax Collection
  • Supply of Goods & Services
  • Concepts of Input Tax Credit
  • Invoice Debit & Credit Note
  • Accounts & Records
  • Returns
  • Refunds & Input Tax Credit
  • Assessments



This is a program that is prepared for every enthusiastic person who wants to become an expert. Having the intention of being trustworthy toward the learners, the course is initiated from very basic and lands you to the advanced level.


To get the highest knowledge, you have to go through a thorough understanding of each and every concept. ARSIM Tally GST is the place from where you can find the pathway to reach the chair of your dreams.


Contact information

Call: (+91) 9273880386



Rank #5. GST Certification Courses in Pune

ICA Edu Skills


With the goal of alleviating the tight situation of redundant employment, ICA Edu skills have teamed with N.S.D.C (National Skill Development Corporation). They provide graduate and short-term courses in accounting, finance, GST, taxation, SAP, and a variety of other subjects. Their courses are affordable as well as highly skill-oriented.


Having more than 120+ centers in PAN India, they have trained over 70000+ individuals.  It is an award-winning institute, they always make sure to update their courses to provide upgraded and coherent knowledge to students.


Course Name: Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Course Duration: 27 Hours


Course Curriculum


Lecture: 1 Basic concept of GST

Lecture: 2 Levy & Collection of Tax

Lecture: 3 Valuations

Lecture: 4 Payment of Tax

Lecture: 5 Returns

Lecture: 6 GST using Tally

Lecture: 7 Practice on GSTN

Lecture: 8 Project on GST


After the course completion, you will be informed of:

  • Indirect taxation system
  • Input Tax Credit utilization
  • GST registration and compliance
  • Filing of various GST returns
  • E-way bills and e-invoicing



  • The interactive and fun class environment
  • 100% practical training
  • Revised curriculum
  • Practice on software
  • Expert faculty



12th passed, Pursuing Graduation, Graduate, professional, and the one must clear common entry test by ICA


Contact Information

Call: 8820004000



Rank #6. GST Certification Courses in Pune



NIFM has snatched the sixth spot on the list of finest GST certification courses in Pune. It is a prestigious institute that offers a wide range of financial, taxation, and stock market courses.


Their GST course is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of taxation. You will be given hands-on experience as well as key theoretical information. This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of all the essential skills and technical analysis to enable you to become fully trained.


Course Name: Certified GST Professional

Duration: 2 Months

Fees: Rs 25,000 + GST


Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to Goods & Services Tax
  • Structure of GST
  • Invoicing in GST
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Return Filing
  • Composition Scheme under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
  • E-Way Bill under GST
  • Registration under GST




  • Practical training
  • Both online and offline
  • Hands-on assignments
  • Personal interview preparation
  • Placement assistance



Undergraduates, graduates, accountants, finance professionals • SMEs, Analysts, working Professionals, Entrepreneur, housewives, freelance Accountants.


Contact information

Call: (+91)-9910300590


Rank #7. GST Certification Courses in Pune

Henry Harvin


Most corporate learners are familiar with the name Henry Harvin. It is an organization that has been acknowledged as the top corporate training platform. As shown by the citation, it is one of the top courses available, with all of the requisite activities. Thousands of students trust them, therefore the institute holds around 700 live sessions per month.


Here is a site where you can find a range of courses with specializations. First, learn about Henry Harvin’s GST courses. The course is 100% practical and also featured by Aaj Tak, and Hindustan Times. Till now they have trained up to 14,265+ GST Professionals.


Course Name: GST Course


Self-paced: Rs 11,250

Interactive online course: Rs, 12,500.


Course Modules


Module 1: Supply or Levy

Place of Supply

Value of Supply

Export & Import

E-Way Bills


Module 2: Registrations

Input Tax Credit & ITC04

Transitional Provisions

Job Work


Module 3: Account & Records


Tax Payments

Time of Supply




Module 4: Litigation Management

Audit & Assessments

Offenses & Penalties

Demand & Recovery


Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing



  • 100% practical course
  • Monthly Boot camps
  • 1-Year Gold Membership
  • Internship
  • Live projects
  • Placement
  • E-learning access
  • Specialized trainers for each topic
  • Access recordings of previous sessions
  • Lifetime Support
  • Job Support
  • Interview skills

Contact information


Call: + 91 90 152 66266



IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Rank #8. GST Certification Courses in Pune

VOXCOV Academy


Another highly acclaimed GST certification course in Pune is VOXCOC Academy, which provides in-depth learning and expertise about GST. They also offer a variety of additional courses, including Income Tax, TDS; Exc.


The VOXCOV academy’s instructors have worked in public accounting and are familiar with the issues and opportunities that the public face. The curriculum of the course evolves over time in response to industry changes and norms.


They provide two courses of GST


GST Basic Course


Fees –


 Live In-Person Sessions: – ₹ 3,000

Live Online Sessions: – ₹ 3,000

 Recorded Sessions: – ₹ 2,000


Course Content


  • GST Basics
  • GST Adjustments
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Accounting Entries in GST
  • Invoices under GST
  • 19 columns of GSTR 1
  • How to file GSTR 1 Online
  • How to file GSTR 1 Offline
  • GSTR 3B Tables in Detail
  • How to file GSTR 3B Online
  • How to file GSTR 3B Offline
  • GST Challan Payment
  • Electronic Ledgers in GST
  • QRMP Scheme
  • Challan under QRMP
  • GSTR 2A
  • GSTR 2B


Advanced GST Course


Fees –

Live In-Person Sessions: – ₹ 5,000

 Live Online Sessions: – ₹ 5,000

Recorded Sessions: – ₹ 4,000


Course Content


  • GST Basics
  • GST Adjustments
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Accounting Entries in GST
  • Invoices under GST
  • 19 columns of GSTR 1
  • How to file GSTR 1 Online
  • How to file GSTR 1 Offline
  • GSTR 3B Tables in Detail
  • How to file GSTR 3B Online
  • How to file GSTR 3B Offline
  • GST Challan Payment
  • Electronic Ledgers in GST
  • QRMP Scheme
  • Challan under QRMP
  • GSTR 2A
  • GSTR 2B
  • Reverse Charge Unregistered
  • Reverse Charge List
  • GST Returns & Due Date
  • GST Interest & Late Fees
  • Composition Scheme
  • E-Way Bill
  • TDS in GST
  • TCS in GST
  • Relief to Taxpayers 01.05.2021
  • Relief to Taxpayers 01.06.2021



  • 100% practical training
  • Hands-on practices
  • Technical skills
  • Advanced topics
  • Latest Amendments


Contact Information


Call: +91 83808-03344



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which GST certification course is best in the above list?

With minor changes to the course content and duration, all of the courses listed above are excellent. There will be some differences in the training programs, however, the most important thing to consider when selecting one is, what your strengths and weaknesses are. With this in mind, it will be much easier for you to pick the ideal one for your requirements.


  1. What are the advantages of taking GST courses online?

GST certification training on the internet assists you in learning everything there is to know about GST in a thorough way. They often include learning resources, software abilities, and, along with many other key things. A basic understanding is very important to make a bridge of knowledge. These courses immensely help people to extend their knowledge in a systematic way.


  1. Is working as a GST practitioner a lucrative career choice?

GST is a legal requirement for all businesses, this opens up a lot of opportunities for persons who are familiar with GST. Because of the high need for GST practitioners as a result of the installation of GST in our taxation system, it is a lucrative career option to pursue persons in a variety of fields.




It is critical to find the best place to obtain the required information. It is extremely difficult to select the best one from among the numerous institutions. Due to the difficulties that people commonly face in selecting a learning location, we have done it for you to alleviate your concern and allow you to focus your efforts on learning rather than the process of finding. Put an end to your search by enrolling in one of these courses right now.

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