Top 10 Institutes With Tally Course Details You Must Check

In today’s constantly evolving finance and accounting world, Tally Software has emerged as an irreplaceable tool for businesses. Whether you are a fresher planning to do a Tally training or an experienced professional in accounting, it is essential to understand the intricacy of Tally Course Details. As the world goes digital and new market policies come into place, accounting has also experienced immense digitization. The way this industry used to work has completely changed. Less paperwork, clear records, and easy access to data pave the way for Tally Courses across the countries. If you are also looking for Tally course details, then look no further and begin your journey to understand Tally Courses with this detailed article.


tally course details


Tally Course Details

Tally is one of the popular courses in accounting and finance. Businesses commonly use this software for accounting and to track expenses. Before we understand the basic eligibility, Tally accounting course fee, and other details, it is important to understand how it works.


What is Tally Accounting?

In layman’s language, Tally means verifying or totaling something. Tally accounting means counting or managing a company’s finances systematically while keeping track of profits, losses, payment management, expenses, and company costs. Tally software is built with the purpose of running a business with ease. It eases the way of recording a firm’s daily transactions to ensure smooth business flow.


·       Eligibility

There is no specific degree that one should have to join the course; however, it is often observed that students from a commerce background or pursuing B.Com, M.Com, MBA in Finance, BBA, CA, and banking students prefer to seek admission. During your research on Tally course details, you will observe that there’s no specific bachelor’s or master’s degree in the course. It is a certification or diploma course that most commerce students join to upgrade their skills or foster their careers in this field.

Tally, also known as Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards, can be done after meeting the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • Candidate should complete 10+2 or equivalent level in any stream.
  • A basic understanding of accounting and business management is required.
  • Candidates with graduate degrees can also pursue this course in order to broaden their horizons in terms of career.
  • The Tally course is suitable for those who hail from finance, accounts, business, and business management backgrounds.


·       What Are The Uses of Tally?

Before pursuing any course, it is important for candidates to go through the uses of a course that they are planning to opt for. Choosing a course without knowledge may lead to failure and a waste of money. Therefore, going through the Tally course details and its uses is advisable.

  • Tally accounting is software that manages a firm’s expenses, orders, stock valuations, etc.
  • Tally software eases the transferring of files between two offices as it is supported by transfer protocols
  • All business transactions of each account can easily be tracked by Tally
  • This software lessens the potential discrepancy between finances and records
  • As records get updated on this software, it ends up saving time and provides accurate status
  • Due to digital bills and signatures, a firm remains updated on technology


Features of The Tally

In order to simplify and ensure a better understanding of Tally course details, let’s understand what features it includes.

  • Accounting- The reason why the majority of people do Tally is accounting as it is the sole feature of Tally.
  • Billing- Whenever any accounting entry takes place in a business and gets recorded on this software, a bill is generated which is later used for raising an invoice. Tally dismisses the conventional way of making a separate entry.
  • Payroll- In Tally course details, you will observe that it also has the option to maintain the payroll of employees under functions such as employee groups, employee categories, attendance, etc.
  • Banking- In the era of digitization, Tally ERP eases the task of calculating GST, TDS, and indirect or direct tax which further gets filed online.
  • Inventory- It is important for any business to keep track of its inventory, so here Tally plays an important role in keeping an eye on the available and non-available stocks in the business.


5 Benefits of Tally

Apart from what the Tally course details and its uses, it is evident that you must also know how this software benefits. So, here are five benefits of the Tally course:

  • Secured information- Gone were the days when a minor power cut was used to delete all the data from the computer. Tally ERP saves the data as and when it is recorded. Even if your computer shuts down, the data is automatically saved to the system.
  • Reduces hard copies- One of the major reasons businesses claim Tally to be a successful software is its easy access to any file at any given time. There’s no need to keep hard copies of bills and files to audit the data. Once the data is entered, it gets saved and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Easy business flow- Small to medium-scale companies regularly track expenses, losses profits, etc. Here, Tally ERP enables businessmen to access daily transactions to get a glance at the businesses’ profits.
  • Job benefits- After completing the Tally course, students can easily apply for jobs not only in India but across the globe.
  • Salary prospects- The Tally course provides good job opportunities. A candidate with certification from a good institute in Tally can get an average of 9LPA.


5 Things To Check in Tally Course Details

Before checking Tally course details, it is important for students to ensure that the respective institute must pass the below five checks:

·        Course content- Remember, one thing shortcut always leads to troubles. Choosing the right course with the proper module should be your main priority. If you are researching Tally course details, you must not skip the core competencies of the course, which are transaction entries, inventory checks, taxes, and report generation. It is worth doing a course if an institute provides advanced features, such as GST and payroll management.

·        Faculty- A good faculty makes a massive difference in the learning concept of students. Therefore, you should opt for an institute with experienced and qualified instructors who are subject matter experts.

·        Course details and format- When it comes to selecting a course for yourself, we all make decisions in haste and need to remember to take a detailed look at the format of the course. Consider checking the Tally course details, such as course duration, fees, and mode of classes, before making the final payment. After checking faculty, course format, and content, you must check if it fits your daily schedule.

·        Daily practice- Practical learning plays a major role in learning accounting software like Tally. While checking for Tally course details, the candidate should also pay attention to whether it provides hands-on experience or offers small projects to help you understand real-life problems.

·        Reviews and recommendations- Before enrolling for a course, you must go through the institute’s official website to check the reviews and testimonies given by the ex-students. Talk about that particular institute among your peer group and understand what recommendations they provide.

·        The factors mentioned will enable you to consider the right Tally course.


Tally Details and Their Types-

Tally course has different versions, and these varied versions are its types. Every version in Tally course details has its significance and is used to serve a particular purpose.

·        Tally.ERP 9- Tally.ERP 9 is one of the most advanced versions of Tally. The main objective of this version is to ease the job of recording business transactions. This software version allows for to maintenance of payroll management, purchases, inventories, and sales in an improved process. The further categorization of this version is Silver – which a single user can use and Gold- which can be used by multiple users.

·        Tally. server 9- This version of Tally is majorly used by large to medium-sized companies as it uses server-based data management. It provides advanced monitoring and control to business owners via a unique monitoring feature.

·        Shopper 9- As the name already suggests, Shopper 9 is mainly used for retail billing, prices, and discounts.

Syllabus of Tally Course

Now that we have understood that Tally works on the basics of GST, TDS, accounting, and inventory management, it is time to delve deeper into the Tally course details and its syllabus.


Tally Simplified

Volume 1A

Voucher entry, invoice cost center, and cost category. Tabling masters in Tally

Accounting and stock management

Basic fundamentals of Tally

Banking interest calculation and simple calculation

Actual and Billed quantities. Point of sale

Volume 2A

Essentials of Taxation


Service tax excise and advanced features

Tally advanced

Volume 1- Basic fundamentals of accounts and inventory

Volume 2- Technological capabilities and advanced inventory

Volume 3- Fundamentals of transaction

Tally advanced taxation

Volume IV- Advanced Taxation

Volume V- Payroll features

Tally comprehensive

Volume 1- Fundamentals of accounts and inventory

Volume 2- Technological capabilities and advanced inventory

Volume 3- Fundamentals of Taxation

Volume IV- Advanced Taxation

Volume V- Payroll and advanced features


Top 10 Institutes to Check for Tally Course Details



IIM SKILLS is one of the prestigious and renowned names in the education industry. Headquartered in New Delhi, the institute promises 20 hours of self-learning online Tally training, 20 hours of lectures, practical assignments, access to software tools, internship opportunities, and placement assistance. The courses at IIM SKILLS are designed to keep in mind today’s intricacies and changing dynamics.


Course name: Certified Tally Advanced Course

Fee: INR 3,422+GST

Mode: Online


2. Udemy

Udemy is a global education platform that offers a variety of online courses at affordable prices. With its ease of accessing online courses, it has become a go-to platform among many corporate employees- who wish to upscale their skills. Udemy hosts a wide array of trainers with over eight years of experience.


Fee- INR 7,680

The course includes 16 hours of video, free articles, access to mobile and TV, and a certificate on completion of the course.



NIIT is a talent development training institute that offers offline and online courses. It aims at providing software technical training to all the students. Below are the details provided by NIIT course:


Course- Accounting with Tall.ERP 9

Duration- 36 hours



  • Accounting with Tally.ERP 9
  • Document management by Microsoft Office Word
  • Presenting data via MS Excel


Benefits of doing the course from NIIT:

  • It’s a classroom session wherein students will get to directly communicate with trainers
  • Hardcopy of the study material and detailed workbooks
  • Hands-on MS Excel and MS Word
  • You will be able to record business transactions and manage the information


4. CAclub India

CA Club India was launched by Interactive Media Private Limited. It is one of the best institutes to join for finance professionals. With renowned faculty to advance course modules in finance and accounting, candidates go through the Tally course details of CAclub India.


Course duration- 20 or 50 hours

Fee- INR 1,699 +700 for video lessons

Participants will receive a certificate post-successful completion of the course


5. Besant Technology

Based in Chennai, Besant Technology is a training institute that offers extensive Tally training. They offer courses with flexible timings, coupled with educated and well-trained instructors. Like any other institute, Besant Technology also consists of similar course details including taxation, payroll, reports, voucher entry accounting, etc. What makes this course different at Besant Technology is that their certification is accredited worldwide.


6. Coursera

A globally recognized online platform for learning and enhancing skills, Coursera offers affordable subscriptions to various courses. However, the certification may come with additional costs. One of the famous courses on Coursera for Tally is the Tally Bookkeeper Professional Certificate. It helps in understanding the fundamentals of accounting and manages accounts and accounts payable. There are three courses offered which are-

  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting
  • Principles of Accounts payable and receivable management
  • Basics of statutory compliance and taxation


7. Tally Academy

Tally Academy, affiliated with Tally Solutions, the creator of Tally software, offers a range of six distinct Tally certifications. While course training is not provided, achieving a minimum of 75% profile completion grants access to their complimentary study materials and mock tests.


Tally Academy Certified Accountant

Exam- Accounting in TallyPrime

Fee- INR 900

Tally Academy Certified GST Master

Exam-GST in Tally Prime

Fee- INR 900

Tally Academy Certified TDS Master

Exam- Tax deducted at the course in Tally Prime

Fee- INR 900

Tall Academy Certified Payroll Executive

Exam- Payroll in Tally Prime

Fee- INR 900


Other best tally courses:


8. Skill Share

This online learning platform, headquartered in New York, USA, offers a wide array of courses on various subjects. To access Skillshare’s extensive course library, users are required to obtain a paid membership. With an active membership, individuals can explore any course available on Skillshare. Skillshare features two Tally training courses, including one taught in Hindi.


Mode: Online

Duration: Over four hours


What’s so good about it?

Tally Prime installation on your device

Originate new firm

Learn short keys in Tally

Wage payments in Tally

Credit sales in Tally Prime

Handling purchase returns

*The course is available in Hindi with over 3 hours of duration.


9. National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

The institute is run under the administrative control of the Government of India with over 47 centers. It provides courses across 700 institutes in India.


Course– Tally.ERP 9


Course module

Report generation and invoices


Recording transactions

Fundamentals, tools, and techniques of accounting


Mode: Classroom

Duration: 2 months, 2 hours a day

Eligibility: 10+2


10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Tally training is ranked among the top 3 courses in India due to practical training concepts and qualified instructor-led Tally.ERP 9 classes, training, and certification. Candidates have the bright opportunity of developing a career in Tally.ERP 9.


What does the course offer?

  • 28-hour training and certification program by trainers
  • 24 hours of Bootcamps extended over the next twelve months
  • Candidates can attend unlimited batches for the next 1 year from the date of enrollment without paying further Certification
  • Get a Certified Tally Accountant (CTA) and use it in your resume


Tally.ERP 9 course module

Tally.ERP 9 basics

Inventory management

Accounting management

Production and management

Tally.ERP 9 and GST compliances

Payroll management

Activation of GST

Course fee- INR 8,500-9,500 with no cost EMI option


Top Recruiters for Tally Jobs

Post completion of the course and once you receive the certificate, the candidates can apply to top companies which are listed below:

  • Ernst and Young
  • Reliance Industries
  • IBM India
  • Genpact
  • Accenture
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte


Job Opportunities and Career Lookout

Upon completion of the Tally, the salary package may vary for every individual basis the location, job role, company experience, etc. The information below gives a fair idea about salary packages after the Tally training.

Job Salary LPA
Tally Data Entry 1 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs
Tally Operator Starting from 2 Lakhs
Tally Audit Associate 2 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs
Tally Analyst 4 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs


The above-mentioned job positions and their respective salaries are estimates. However, these can vary depending on your work experience and the company’s size.


Difference Between Certified Vs Diploma Course

Certified Tally Course

Objective – It aims to provide a basic understanding of Tally software and its functions, account creation, management, and finance.

Educational Level– Certificate level

Duration– 2-4 months

Eligibility-10+2 commerce


Diploma Tally Course

Objective– The sole purpose of the Tally training in diploma certificate is to provide comprehensive knowledge of tallying through computer accounting software. The diploma course covers accounting principles, taxation, financial analysis, and advanced Tally features and functions are the topics that are included in it.


Educational level– Higher Secondary Certificate

Duration– 1-2 years

Eligibility- 10+2 commerce with 50% CGPA


In today’s global economy, Tally is an essential tool for ensuring compliance with tax regulations, simplifying audits, and promoting transparency in financial reporting. By doing a tally training, a candidate would not only be expanding his professional skill but also participate in ensuring strict guidelines in the business which will mitigate legal complications.

In short, Tally training is a valuable investment in your future, offering the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of finance and accounting. It empowers you to make informed decisions, enhances your career prospects, and contributes to the financial health and success of the businesses you serve. So, whether you are a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, enrolling in a course is a decision that promises a brighter and more prosperous future.




Q1. Who can study Tally?

A1. Anyone with 10+2 preferably from a finance and accounting background can learn Tally. A lot of students, along with their graduation, also learn Tally to enhance their skills.


Q2. Will I get a diploma or certificate after completing the course?

A2. There are two types of courses. The first one is with a three-month certification program and the second with a diploma degree of 1-2 years. Therefore, a candidate must choose the course as per his time schedule and availability.


Q3. Can students from arts and science backgrounds attempt this course?

A3. Yes, students with any background can learn Tally. It will be an add-on skill in your career.


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