Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, one of the fastest cities to grow in a decade is surely among the top places to reside in. Liberalization has led to the city being the hub for information technology and commerce. Henceforth, there is the need for technical writing courses in Ahmedabad, where more people who understand technology can explain the operations to a layman in simpler terms. Technical writing is documenting or writing about the complex technical and operational process of software, any product, or service. You write about how the tech works in a way that you do not steer away from the audience’s attention by entertaining or confusing them. 


List of best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad


What Does a Technical Writer Do?


As a technical writer, you will be writing clear and concise documents for your target audience explaining to them the technicalities of a product with ease. Documents such as manuals, booklets, articles, or journals are written for manufacturers, designers, or other clients.


They work in fields like engineering, computer hardware, and software, chemistry, finance, forestry, medicine, technology, biotechnology, consumer electronics, etc. These are a few different kinds of documents that a technical writer learns to write or specialize in depending on their expertise and the field they work in.



Why Is There a Need for Technical Writers?


It is like asking why teachers are required while subjects and books exist. In the same way, teachers explain various subjects, there are lots of products, devices, services, and procedures that need to be clearly explained to the end-user or the audience it was made for.


That’s where technical writers, our saviors from the crutches of technical jargon come to help. Technical writers draw parallels to their writing from the development stage to the end stage of a product in an organization. These individuals are expected to be creative, organized, good at research, exploring different ways of explanation, and have good communication, writing, and language skills.


For example, A technical writer is writing about a microwave oven to his end-users that is their buyer. They will explain everything in simpler terms for the inexperienced user to follow.


But while the writer is writing a medical journal then they can use terms that are less simplified as their audience can be doctors, physicians, and medical personnel who are familiar with such terms and will understand. Knowing your audience is key.


How You Can Become a Technical Writer?


Typically, technical writing can be pursued at any point of time in one’s career. 


– Graduate, professional, or anyone interested, who has a flair for writing and good communication skills with an interest in technology can pursue it.

– Individuals re-starting or starting their careers.

– Graduates from the fields of B. Tech/ BCA/MCA/BE 

– Journalism and communication students

– Professionals interested in Technology 

– Medical professionals

– Technical support personnel’s 

– Content writers

– Software Developers 

– BPO Sector employees  


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Technical writing can be chosen during your bachelor’s as an elective or a credit course. If you are a communications or journalism student, you will have it as a part of your syllabus depending on the institute. Students with technical or science backgrounds will have an upper hand and combined with good writing skills can pursue this career.


The other options would be getting certified in technical writing by an accredited institute or joining a course that trains in the same. Having a flair for writing, good knowledge of the niche or the subject you are going to write about and language skills can take you a long way.


Some companies recruit English or Communications majors and train freshers in technical writing as a part of their on-the-job training. Here’s a list of technical writing courses in Ahmedabad, that will help you get started on your technical writing journey  


Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


Rank# 1. Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a place where you will find one of the best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad which is conducted online from the comfort of your space with flexible timing. Since 2015 IIM skills have trained around 15000+ individuals and the course offered by IIM Skills has global accreditation.


They offer 5 weeks of online live training, that is 20 hours of lectures on the weekends or weekdays depending on the batch you choose. They give 60 plus hours of practical assignments and also guaranteed internships. 


Key highlights

– 1 month of guaranteed Internship 

– Lifetime access to the course and the latest session recordings

– Master certification 

– Practical exposure with access to software tools

– 24×7 support 

– Training by industry experts

– Extensive 13 module curriculums

– They help you with portfolio development for job/freelance 

– Support with publishing your white papers, journals, or articles.


Name of the course: Technical Writing Course


Duration: 5 weeks of training and 1-month internship.

Timings: Weekend and Weekday batches available

Fees: INR 14900 + 18%GST


Other Course


Rank# 2. Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


2. ETC (Education and Career times)


ETC is a government-recognized institute that trains individuals in the art of technical writing. The certificate of completion in the course is provided by the Government of India and is recognized globally. There are two options or ways in which the course can be pursued.


The first option is they teach you straightforward technical writing to get started and in the second option, you learn coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc that help advance in the field. The course fee is on the higher end but worth the credentials.


Key highlights 

– The government of India certified

– Personalised attention and feedback are given 

– Global recognition 

– 32- 96 hours of live/classroom training 

– 50-100 hours of e-learning videos

– Assignments and Quizzes

– 6-18 Live projects


Option 1 – 

Name of the Course: Technical writing course 

Duration: 3 Months

Timing: New Batches timing is available on their website.

Fee: INR16,949 + GST (18%) =19,999   


Option 2 – 

Name of the Course: Technical writing course + [HTML+CSS+JavaScript]

Duration: 3-6months

Timing: New Batches timing is available on their website.

Fees: INR39,898 + GST (18%) = 39,999  


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Rank# 3. Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


3. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


This is one of the AICTE approved diploma programs by the renowned ranking distance learning B-school. If you are very serious about technical writing and want to pursue this as a lifelong career then this program is for you. It expands over 2 years and by the end of the course, you are trained to have 6 career options to explore through their robust online learning platform. Business writer, technical writer, online technical writer, technical web writer, information designer, and usability tester.


Key Highlights

– Eligibility criteria like holding a Bachelor’s degree or completing one in any discipline 

– 6 or more career pathways to choose from.

– 4 semesters include an exhaustive list of modules and topics

– Advanced tools, documentation, and writing types are thought

– Symbiosis’s higher acceptance rate with the companies

– Blended approach of e-learning and traditional learning through facilitated through “Symbiosis World Campus”


Name of the Course: Postgraduate Diploma in technical writing (PGDTW)

Duration: 2 years (for admission details check website)


Timing: Classes begin in July (According to the timetable) 

Fees: Application and Tuition fees for the General category is 

INR 1200 and INR 50,000 respectively 


Rank# 4. Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


4. Technical writer HQ


This course is put together by Josh Fetcher one of the top technical writers. They have been in the industry for 8years and have written manuals, white papers, handbooks, etc which have been read by more than 200 million people. They have also been praised by LinkedIn, Forbes, Reuters. Inc for his work.


He has personally curated this course for aspiring technical writers and for experienced individuals to brush up on their skills. This course consists of 50+ lectures more than 5 downloadable technical writing templates, exclusive interviews of technical writing professionals from top-notch companies Josh also gives insider tips and tricks on how to play in the field and score interviews and jobs with multinationals and international companies.


Key Highlights

– Course curated by top working professional 

– Downloadable templates and exclusive interviews.

– 50 + Lectures and capstone projects with instructor feedback

– Training on how to answer interview questions 

– Certificate is given on completion

– Bonus content added with new exclusive interviews from content managers and tech product leaders 

– Free access to all the content for a lifetime


Name of the Course: Technical Writer Certification Course

Duration: Lifetime access after purchase

Timing: Self-paced course

Fees: 299 US$ or INR 22,684.11 (by present US$ to INR exchange rate)


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Rank# 5. Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad


5. Nano Science and Technology Consortium 


This is one of the technical writing courses in Ahmedabad that can be taken anytime from one’s own space. The NSTC provides this course for individuals who would like to get groomed in the field of technical writing. They impart knowledge that helps trainees turn into professionals well-honed in process of documentation. 


The program caters to the needs of new entrants as well as professionals. The program is not instructor-led but it has sufficient scope of interactions between student and instructor.


The program is delivered through a distance delivery method, where the materials are dispatched to the location. The study kit consists of learning materials, e-learning user login ID and password, and multimedia CD.


Key highlights

– Self-paced course, study materials are provided on location and also on the E-learning platform

– More student involvement in learning and participation in discussions as a class.

– Evaluation of assignments done both online as well as through written assignments by mentors.

– After successful completion coveted certificates and statement of marks by Nano Science and Technology Consortium in hard copies are sent through the post.

– Women, Group, and Academic scholarships can be availed. 

To know about the exhaustive list of study material log on to their website by the same name.


Name of the Course: Scientific and Technical Writing Programme 

Duration: 9 Months (the admission is open four times in a year during the beginning of each of the four seasons)

Timing: Self-paced, evaluation, and discussion links sent on e-platform

Fees: Registration fee INR 300, Programme fee INR 10,000.


Rank# 6. Technical Writing Training in Ahmedabad


6. Udemy 


Udemy is one of the largest e-learning platforms where there are more than 1.5 lakh courses with more than 40 million students. This online platform not only offers technical writing courses in Ahmedabad but it can be learned anywhere in the world with access to an internet connection. 


Among the plethora of courses, one such unique course is offered by the JP Docu school of technical writing. This course is free of cost and introduces you to the field of technical writing.


It is layman-friendly and will give you a basic idea as to the fundamentals of technical writing, the documentation process, and the career prospect associated with it. Anyone confused or having doubts about this career path should give this course a try and then go on to purchase courses for further learning.


Key Highlights 

– Ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars on Udemy 

– Free of cost

– Basic understanding is covered for further decision making

– 17 lectures with a bonus lecture 

– Curated by market professionals 

– Beginner-friendly 

– End to End Documentation process explained 


Name of the Course: Technical writing: A quick start to software documentation 

Duration: Can be accessed on Udemy anytime

Timing: self-paced (1hr 30 m of recorded lectures) 

Fees: Free of Cost 


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Rank# 7. Technical Writing Training in Ahmedabad


7. Henry Harvin Education 


Henry Harvin is one of the top online education providers and has 7+ years of experience. They provide technical writing courses in Ahmedabad through online e-learning mode. It is recognized by the American Association of EFL, MSME, Govt. of India, and many other organizations. Partnered with corporate and colleges and having trained 3 lakhs plus people henry Harvin is one of the top choices for this course.


Key Highlights

– Gold membership of writing academy for a year

– 36 hours of live online training 

– 10 module curriculum, guaranteed internship, and live project training

– Certificate is provided on completion 

– 100% placement support of a year

– Access to Bootcamp and hackathons

– E-learning techniques and assessments 

– Industry experts carefully handpicked for training

– More than 20+ required tools covered 


Name of the Course: Technical Writing course with Gold membership 

Duration: New batch starts every week 

Timing: Information available on request

Fees: INR 15,000


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Technical writing a good career?

Yes, it is one of the most viable career options for the future. If you put in the right effort and choose the right course you can benefit greatly from it.


2. Is it hard to be a Technical Writer? 

Yes and No. Yes, if you are trying to be a tech writer in the medicine or engineering field without being a student of those subjects, it might require you to do a lot of research and spend time getting to know the field. No, if you are planning to write about more easily researchable topics and products with the right learning.


3. What does a technical writer do?

As a technical writer, you will be writing clear and concise documents for your target audience explaining to them the technicalities of a product with ease.


4. How do I get started as a technical writer?

First understand and do thorough research on the field. You could either do a bachelor’s degree in the course or as a part of your degree program. The other option is to select any one of the above courses which you find fitting and get started on your learning journey 




In this growing new-age technology has become an extension of our thoughts, ideas, and even organs. It has the ability to connect us with the world and ease our lives in many ways. Consumption of Technology and its products are only increasing but they are of no use if they aren’t made user friendly or come with instructions. Technical writers are those genies who bridge the gap between the makers and takers. The role of a technical writer is more important now than ever and its career prospectus is only increasing.


All you writing, technology-loving and want to try something new folks could advance your career as well as your skillset by learning this niche. It is an untapped market and being skilled and prepared in it will give you a head start. The field also provides a very good remuneration to is freshers as well as professionals. So, pick your course from the list above and get set on your learning journey. 


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