Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in New Zealand With Placements

In the present technology-driven world, the relevance of technical writing is immensely huge. Professionals use it to communicate information about specialized topics. A technical writer produces content to deliver instructions or explain technical concepts regarding environmental regulations, computer applications, or medical procedures. Technical writing includes designing and creating technical documents such as user manuals, administration guides, installation manuals, quick reference guides, and training manuals. To put it simply, technical writing is the practice of documenting processes, such as software manuals or instructional materials. Read the full article to know about the best technical writing courses in New Zealand.


List of best technical writing courses in New Zealand


Common Examples of Technical Writing

  • User Manuals
  • Software Installation Guides
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • API Documentation 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Press Release
  • Case Studies & White Papers
  • Company Documents
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Plans


Features of Technical Writing

  • Correct
  • Appropriate For Intended Audience
  • Concise
  • Comprehensive
  • Logical And Sequential
  • Action Oriented
  • Organized


Fundamentals of Technical Writing

  • Clear communication
  • Precision
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Conciseness
  • Writing style
  • Reliability



Their premium-quality, unique courseware is articulately designed by mentors with extensive experience in the technical writing domain which makes IIM SKILLS one of the best Technical Writing Courses in New Zealand. This course will make the individuals who take the course job-ready upon completion.

You will study skill sets such as Technical Writing, XML, DITA, Robohelp, FrameMaker, Markdown, Github, Creative design, Technical documentation, DDLC, Versioning, and Referencing. You will get the Master Certification from IIM SKILLS after finishing the course successfully.

The learners will get a guaranteed internship for one month to gain practical experience as well as lifetime access to all the latest content in the learning management system.


Course Duration: 5 Weeks

Course Fee: 597.88 New Zealand Dollars

Mode of Training: Online

Contact: +91 9580740740


2. Lumify Work

Lumify Work (formerly known as Auldhouse) is a leading privately-owned IT training provider in New Zealand. They give customized training programs that are both flexible and cost-effective. The instructors are industry experts who are knowledgeable about applications, frameworks, methodologies, and emerging technologies. Lumify Work is an award-winning learning partner of Microsoft and a Partner of Choice of Google, AWS, Cisco, Citrix, ITIL, Red Hat, VMware, CompTIA, etc.

The institute issues standardized and well-recognized industry certifications to students who complete training programs. Lumify Work provides one of the best technical writing courses in New Zealand which is a perfect blend of theory and practice.


Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Fee: NZD 1390 excl GST

Mode of Training: Classroom-Based

Contact: 0800 835 835 


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3. Cherryleaf

Cherryleaf’s renowned and reasonable online Technical Author/technical writing course which is one of the technical courses in New Zealand teaches you the key skills of technical writing for IT and software user documentation.

You will get feedback on your work from experts with their reviewed assessments option. The content of this course is accredited by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, the professional body for Technical Communicators in the United Kingdom.

This course is recommended by the Society for Technical Communication (USA), the Australian Society for Technical Communication, and the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand to their members.


Course Duration: 2 days

Course Fee: £295 (ex VAT)

Mode of Training: online

Contact: 02071004513


4. Knowles Training Institute

Knowles Training Institute, which is headquartered in Singapore, is a Corporate Training Solutions Company. They offer one of the best technical writing courses in New Zealand which is divided into thirteen parts which are as follows:


Technical Writing Course – Part 1

What is technical writing?

Explain who a technical writer is.

Explain what a technical writer does.


Technical Writing Course – Part 2

The benefits of technical writing.

Top 10 myths about technical writing.

Various types of Technical Writing Documents.


Technical Writing Course – Part 3

What is contained within the genre of technical writing?

Using technical writing to improve business knowledge.

Consuming technical writing to create more.


Technical Writing Course – Part 4

Practicing technical writing.

Descriptions versus Instructions.

Deciding what counts as good technical content.


Technical Writing Course – Part 5

Identifying things in the media to write.

The Three “Knows” of Technical Writing.

Characteristics of Technical Writing.


Technical Writing Course – Part 6

Measures of Excellence in Technical Documents.

The Content Approach.

Acquiring the Three Types of Knowledge.


Technical Writing Course – Part 7

Understanding Audience and Purpose.

Collaborative Technical Writing.

Writing for Multiple Audiences.


Technical Writing Course – Part 8

Academic vs Workplace Research.

Conducting Secondary Research.

Primary Research.


Technical Writing Course – Part 9

Focus on Process.

Laboratory Report.

Feasibility, recommendation, and evaluation reports.


Technical Writing Course – Part 10

Checklist for the technical report.

Style of Technical Writing.

Audience analysis.


Technical Writing Course – Part 11

Planning techniques.

Layout and structure.

Signposting to support your reader.


Technical Writing Course – Part 12

Methods for presenting complex concepts and ideas.

Presenting numbers, charts, and graphics.

Highlighting benefits.


Technical Writing Course – Part 13

Appropriate use of jargon.

Advanced technical writing techniques.

Editing and improving readability.

The career path of a technical writer.


Course Duration: 2 days

Course Fee: SGD 1184.96

Mode of Training: Online

Contact: +65 6714 6663


5. ECT – Education and Career Times

Education & Career Times (ECT) is the only training organization that is recognized by the Government of India as a startup. Headquartered in Delhi, ECT offers one of the best technical writing courses in New Zealand.


Option 1 – Technical Writing Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing

Module 2: Grammar and Styling 

Module 3: Information Architecture

Module 4: Master a Markdown Language

Module 5: Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)

Module 6: Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

Module 7: Understand DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

Module 8: Oxygen XML Editor – Document Authoring Tool

Module 9: Technical Authoring Tool – MadCap Flare

Module 10: API Documentation

Module 11: Agile Documentation Strategy

Module 12: Careers in Technical Writing

Module 13: Contributing to Open-Source Projects

Module 14: Other Useful & Beginner-Friendly Tools


Option 2 – Technical Writing + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript] 

Course Modules

Module 1 – 14: All Modules of Option 1 – Technical Writing Course

Module 15: Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals

Module 16: Setting Up Dev Environment

Module 17: Understanding HTML 5 – Elements & Structure

Module 18: Learn HTML – Tables

Module 19: HTML Forms

Module 20: Semantic HTML

Module 21: Learn CSS

Module 22: Introduction to JavaScript

Module 23: Learn JavaScript Conditionals

Module 24: Learn JavaScript Functions

Module 25: Learn JavaScript Scope

Module 26: Learn JavaScript Arrays

Module 27: Learn JavaScript Loops

Module 28: Learn JavaScript Objects

Module 29: Learn JavaScript Iterators

Module 30: Learn JavaScript Class

Module 31: Learn JavaScript Modules

Module 32: Errors & Debugging in JavaScript

Module 33: Concept of DOM

Module 34: DOM Events with JavaScript

Module 35: Building Interactive Website with JavaScript

Module 36: Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


Course Duration: 3-6 Months

Course Fee: Option 1 – INR 16,949 + GST (18%) = INR 19,999

                      Option 2 – INR 33,898 + GST (18%) = INR 39,999

Mode of Training: classroom/live

Contact: +91 7827916060


6. Technical Writer HQ

Technical Writer HQ offers top-rated online courses geared towards professionals who want to level up their technical writing careers. This technical writing training course, which is one of the best technical writing courses in New Zealand, teaches you the foundation of the technical writer role, the skills needed to succeed, and how to get a good salary.

Professionals complete the course with a full understanding of how to guide technical writer projects using documentation foundations, how to lead writing teams, and more. You will learn the strategies, communication skills, and technical writing skills required for one of the fastest-growing jobs in technology industries.


Course Duration: 1 month

Course Fee: $299

Mode of Training: online



7. Society for Technical Communication (STC)

The STC is a professional association for writers, editors, engineers, and managers that supports the advancement of technical communication and it provides another one of the technical writing courses in New Zealand.

The STC does that by organizing annual educational events, providing networking opportunities, and offering online technical writing courses that are widely recognized.

Registration for the courses delivered by the STC only lasts for a certain period. The association comes up with new sets of online programs for different areas of technical communication every year.


Course Duration: 2-6 months

Course Fee: $700

Mode of Training: online

Contact: +1 (703) 522-4114


8. TechWriter

TechWriter-Certification is an education platform with accredited courses designed only for technical communication which delivers yet another one of the technical writing courses in New Zealand. These courses are taught by industry experts who have been in the field of technology for years. The online courses are targeted towards writers, corporate employees, project management consultants, and military and government personnel.


Course Duration: 4 months

Course Fee: $199

Mode of Training: online

Contact: 706-216-3406


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9. Communicaid’s Technical Writing Course

Communicaid is a learning platform that assists businesses in making their teams better at communication. They have a wide selection of training programs, designed for professionals of all levels. Their technical writing course is one of the best technical writing courses in New Zealand that is designed for scientists, engineers, and existing writers and will show you the ropes of:


  • Knowing the needs of your audience
  • Planning out your technical documents
  • The principles and tools that you can use to refine technical information into easy-to-understand content
  • Utilizing visuals/graphics to complement your copy


It is a starter course that covers just about everything. Another great thing about this course is that it is available worldwide. You can also attend those at one of Communicaid’s training centers located in New York, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, and Paris.

They have not revealed a fixed price for this training program. To get a quote, fill out the form on the main landing page with your details and specific learning requirements.


Course Duration: Not mentioned

Course Fee: Not disclosed

Mode of Training: online

Contact: +44 (0) 20 3370 8580


10. Emphasis’ Technical Writing Course

Emphasis delivers tailored courses on and professional consultancy to enterprises. Their one-of-a-kind technical program is one of the best technical writing courses in New Zealand and is aimed at helping in-house teams develop or sharpen their skill sets. A pre-course analysis is there that decides the specific areas the learners need to focus on.

Also, the course can be scheduled at any time you like as well as completed at your own pace. However, it normally takes just 1 day to finish it. The course does not have a fixed price tag and the pricing relies on different factors.


Course Duration: 1 day

Course Fee: $681 + taxes

Mode of Training: online

Contact: 441273732888




  •  How to become a technical writer?

Technical writing is a skill that a person can develop with time. There are certain qualifications companies look for in job seekers when they are in the market for technical writers. Completing the technical writing courses that are mentioned above will aid you in getting those relevant skills and qualifications for sure. The following are a few paths that people can take to land a technical writing career.


Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Most companies want technical writing candidates with bachelor’s degrees, especially in English, communications, journalism, or other related subjects including dedicated technical writing programs. Taking the best technical writing courses in New Zealand would be highly beneficial. Many writing jobs also require experience or knowledge in a technical field, like engineering and information technology or IT.


Make a Portfolio of Writing Samples

Writers can find jobs with a portfolio of samples for hiring managers and recruiters to review. Technical writers can create those samples in different ways. The most common ways of building a portfolio are:

  • Applying for and working at an internship.
  • Doing projects in technical writing courses.
  • Producing written content for imaginary clients or products.
  • Contributing to open-source documentation.
  • Freelance tech blogging.
  • Revamping poorly written documentation.


Writers who are applying for jobs should use their best samples to showcase various writing styles and types. If there is a specific niche a person chooses and wants to write in, those should be the pieces they develop and include.


Create a Resume and CV

A technical writer should build a resume that accurately reflects their skills and background. Writing a resume that works is a careful balancing act and a successful, tailored resume needs to contain relevant keywords gleaned from the job description. Writers should communicate how their skills and experience can speak to a company’s current and future goals.


Find Employment as a Technical Writer

Finding that first technical writer job can lead to a full range of career options. Freelance assignments and internships can be great ways to open those doors (and gain more writing samples) for beginners.


Increase Network Base

Networking is one of the best methods to expand reach in the industry. You can use LinkedIn to find other technical writers, follow companies in their niche, and join professional associations focusing on technical communication.


Expand Industry Knowledge

Technical writing is a knowledge-based field and hence writers must continue to grow and expand their knowledge. Writers should always stay up to date on new ways to present information as well as the subject areas they write about.


  •  What are the types of technical writing documentation?

Technical writing incorporates diverse types of documentation that assist users in understanding and operating a product or service. You will learn these in the technical writing courses. Technical writers use their expertise to create clear, concise, and easy-to-understand documentation that helps users utilize a product without difficulty. There are various types of technical writing documentation, which include: 


End User Documentation: This type of documentation helps customers comprehend and use a product by breaking down technical terms into easy-to-understand content. Examples of end-user documents are user help guides, product manuals, assembly guidelines, and technical books.


Medical Documentation: This kind of writing pertains to medical research, diagnosis, and treatment. Medical documentation has to be accurate and organized, using the best-in-class medical documentation software. These documents are used by practitioners as a knowledge resource to understand procedures and results.


Traditional Documentation: Technical writers develop these documents for specialists in the field the document is about. These documents are software user manuals, how-to instructions, operation and maintenance manuals, and standard operating procedures.


Case Studies: These studies are used to demonstrate how a particular product supports a business. The organization will write how this product or service helped the company reach its business goals. Testimonials or customer reviews are examples of case studies.


  •  What are the best technical writing tools?

There are several software tools a technical writer will use to develop for the customers. These tools aid in writing, editing, drawing, reviewing, and rewriting. A list of the tools available include:


Google Docs

Google Docs is being used a lot to collaborate on documents through the mobile phone.  



A screen capture and screen recording software that can be used for offering feedback, training, or just showing others how to do a task. 



Microsoft Visio is utilized to create design flowcharts, architectural diagrams, software product designs, circuits, etc. The software is IEEE compliant and conforms with software industry standards like UML (Unified Modeling Language) and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).



A very popular image editing tool that develops and edits images for web pages, banner ads, and video graphics.


MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare is used to facilitate document creation and learning & development programs. It is one of the favorite topic-based authoring tools for technical writers. 


Adobe Framemaker

Used to forge structured documents with an XML framework that is 100% DITA compliant. 



This software is used to build technical documentation in blog form. Blogs written on WordPress can be contained on the company website. 


  • What are the important skills of a technical writer?

Writing Skills

Writing skills are the essence of technical documentation and you should be able to write in a clear, concise, and coherent way, using appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. Finishing technical writing courses in New Zealand will help you improve your writing skills. You also have to be able to adjust your tone and voice to match different audiences and formats. For instance, you might compose a user-friendly and engaging tutorial for beginners or a detailed and technical reference for professionals. You need to be able to edit and proofread your own as well as others’ work and strictly follow the standards and policies of your organization or industry.


Technical Skills

Technical skills are the knowledge and expertise that you need to comprehend and document complex or specialized topics. You might need to have a background or familiarity with certain software, hardware, programming languages, tools, systems, or processes, depending on your project and domain. For example, if you are writing documentation for a web application, you might need to know how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or a content management system (CMS). Technical writing courses in New Zealand will help you attain technical skills as well. You should also know new technologies and how to keep up with the latest trends and developments in your field.


Communication Skills

Communication skills are the capability to interact and work together with others effectively and professionally. As a technical writer, you will usually work with different stakeholders, such as subject matter experts, developers, testers, managers, or customers. You need to be able to communicate your ideas, questions, feedback, and expectations well by using various channels, such as email, phone, chat, or video conferencing. You also have to be able to listen actively, understand the needs and requirements of your audience, and integrate their input and feedback into your documentation. 


 Research Skills

Research skills are the ability to assess and use relevant and reliable information for your documentation. You often have to conduct research on your topic, such as examining existing documents, reading books, watching tutorial videos, or testing the product or service yourself. You should be able to identify and access credible sources, analyze and synthesize data, and cite your references appropriately. You also need to be able to update your documentation based on new information.


Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are the ability to plan, manage, and provide documentation projects efficiently and effectively. As a technical writer, you will often need to work on multiple tasks and documents at the same time, under tight deadlines and changing preferences. You should be able to prioritize and schedule your work, track your progress and status, and meet your goals and expectations. You also have to be able to organize your documentation logically and consistently, using titles, tables, lists, diagrams, or other components.



Technical writers are in huge demand in diverse industries and the future scope of technical content writing is quite promising. As more businesses embrace technology and digital marketing, there will be a greater need for technical content writers who can produce high-quality, informative, and engaging content for different digital platforms. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to make the most out of these technical writing courses in New Zealand.

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