Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh With Placements

To navigate technology, technical communication is crucial. Research states that 30% of the population in Bangladesh is under the age of 25. The Bangladeshi government is running various credit and skill-training initiatives to drive young people toward self-employment and personal growth. Writing assignments for technical writing courses in Bangladesh typically center on technology-related matters and conveying technical knowledge to end users.


List of best technical writing courses in Bangladesh


The majority of technical writing courses are available as certificate or diploma programs. Are you looking for technical writing courses in Bangladesh because you want to pursue a career as a technical writer? This article will be informing you more about technical writing and technical writing courses available in Bangladesh.


Scope of Technical Writing in Bangladesh

You should be aware that becoming a technical writer does not really require a person to be particularly creative in the art of writing. Technical writing is basically presenting complex ideas and procedures in extremely straightforward, understandable language. Yet, this does not imply that the job of a technical writer is simple or easy given the amount of thought, time, and research that goes behind it.

Given that one requires both writing and a methodical approach to produce technical writing, it is viewed as both an art and a science. In light of this, a recent entrant into the field of technical writing could be someone who has a background in technology as well as a degree in mass communication or even English literature. 

The goal of technical writing, also known as technical communication, is to clearly convey an idea to a specific target audience. Companies require the assistance of a technical writer or technical communication specialist to translate or explain the technical usage of their products in plain simple language so that even the average person who is unable to understand technical terms and jargon can understand the benefits or learn how their goods or services work.

Technical writers focus on writing about technology for non-technical readers. Any technically minded professional, expert, or specialist makes reports as part of their normal job duties.

After taking the technical writing courses in Bangladesh, you will show signs of improvement in soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making, allowing you to work with various teams more successfully and produce the necessary practical skills like drafting and correctly documenting detailed technical papers.


Technical Writing Course: The Types You Learn

If you are under the impression that technical writing or technical communication is all about science or engineering-based content development, then you might be wrong. Technical writing is not just science or engineering based. The style of technical writing comes with a wide spectrum of domains. Once you develop technical content writing skills, you will be exploring the following top categories.


Technical Document Development:

While using an electrical or electronic device, experts anticipate explicit instructions on how to use the equipment and how it functions. Technical experts like scientists and engineers are the intended audience in this scenario. In any situation, they should be fully aware of the product’s technical details and understand how to utilize it correctly to prevent negative impacts.

Technical writing course trains you on how to fill the gap. You will be able to document all feasible instructions, including intrinsic details, utilizing your content development and technical communication skills, ensuring that the user uses the equipment without making any mistakes.


Instruction Manuals:

These instruction manuals are designed for people who seek a simple, step-by-step handbook for learning a product, like software. A technical manual can be viewed as a “how-to” manual designed to aid users in comprehending the technical details of a product. The technical manual often includes instructions for the setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting needed for users to be productive, depending on the product. 


End-user Documentation:

The documentation for consumers of products, as well as the general public, falls under this area of technical writing. You’ll write material that explains how to use common devices in order to make the process easier for users. For instance, you might create technical books, product manuals, and user guides. A layperson must be able to rapidly understand it, hence the wording needs to be simple. Examples: user help guides, product manuals, assembly guidelines, and technical books.


Medical Documentation:

With the best medical documentation software, this material needs to be precise, well-organized, and in-depth. Medical practitioners benefit from these documents as they learn and comprehend processes and results. This kind of literature mainly focuses on fields like medical research, diagnosis, and treatment.


Company Policies and Processes:

Every corporation has set policies and procedures that guarantee ongoing production while monitoring potential risks and mistakes. As a result, businesses employ technical writers to draught these policies and procedures. While creating the policy and process documentation, you will need to collaborate with their relevant authorities. Since staff from many divisions of the company would consult it to maintain smooth operations, the content must be precise.


Business Proposals:

You might be wondering how a technical writer can assist in the creation of business plans and proposals because it is a relatively new subcategory of writing. The top technical writing courses in Bangladesh address these subjects, and they can help you develop your business and content writing skills. These technical documents typically include, among other things, business plans, customer research, marketing strategies, and cost estimates. 


White Papers:

A white paper is a research-based document that expresses the viewpoint of the author or the organization they represent while providing a concentrated summary of a complicated subject. A white paper’s goal is to assist readers to comprehend a topic so they can solve a problem or come to a decision. The purpose of white papers is to provide information to readers and help them understand and solve an issue. Similar to an eBook, a white paper is quite an extensive piece of typing or writing that is used in marketing.


Case Studies:

A case study in a corporation is a carefully crafted document that explains how its product helped a client effectively satisfy their needs. That is effective as an insight. These technical writing assignments could be for engineering or service-based companies. Nonetheless, ultimately, your effort ought to support the precise data that the organization gave. In order to maximize profit, it will make sure that the businesses can examine their business trends in the greatest method feasible. 


Research Papers:

A technical research paper or article is typically based on the findings of tests carried out in a lab or the field. Data is first gathered by the researcher, who then analyses it and reports the results. It now covers the research’s findings as well as its recommendations and conclusions. Technical writing courses available in Bangladesh help you understand these elaborate topics. 


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Top Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh

If you are one of those who want to keep working while learning additional skill sets that will help you develop in your career, you may consider certificate programs. Technical writing certification courses are usually available to be pursued at your convenience and your own pace. 



The Technical Writing Course provided by IIM SKILLS is considered to be one of the best platforms in Bangladesh. IIM SKILLS is a premier online education training center that provides you with a lifetime support system and service. After completing the technical writing courses in Bangladesh, the applicants will have mastered a variety of technical writing styles, thanks to the innovative and didactic curriculum design.


The Syllabus Includes: 

Learning how to write
Creating technical content
Technical reports
White papers
DDLC and versioning
Conversational writing
Reviewing and publishing
API documentation with XML
Datasheets and user manuals
Effective writing
Medical writing
Case study


Without a doubt, students who have completed the technical writing courses offered by IIM SKILLS will have the necessary abilities to work in multi-disciplinary teams and land lucrative employment in the technical writing industry.


2. Udemy:

There are many well-organized online courses available on platforms like Udemy. You can look over the several technical writing programs in Bangladesh; their most popular program is Professional Technical Writing. It is the perfect training course for someone who is just starting out because it will show them the basics of technical writing.

Nevertheless, if you’re an engineer, product manager, web content writer, or someone looking to change careers, you can also apply. You will develop your writing and editing abilities, learn about document elements, set up projects, utilize graphics and tables more carefully, and get knowledge of upcoming trends in technical communication.

The training guarantees that you understand various technical writing styles and common mistakes to avoid. By controlling every aspect of technical documentation from writing to formatting, you are going to be gaining all the expertise. 


The Technical Writing Course syllabus offered by Udemy for Bangladesh is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Technical document components
  • Technical writing techniques
  • Creating technical document template
  • Creating an index
  • Technical writing variables
  • Tables, images, flowcharts


3. Coursera:

The technical writing course offered by Coursera cultivates the technical writing abilities required to convey comprehension discovered during a technical or experimental process. The course focuses on the elements that influence how technical the language and concepts are.

Many technical reports, such as laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility studies, progress reports, consultation reports, etc., will be among the reports you learn to write. The course also addresses a number of language, structural, style, and content concerns that you could run into when reporting your research findings.


Course Contents: 

  • Introduction
  • Module I: From Start to Finish
  • Module II: Organizing the Information
  • Module III: Researching Your Subject
  • Module IV: Capstone Project


4. Information Developer Foundation:

There is another one of the best technical writing courses in Bangladesh founded by Rahul Karn. He has been ranked as one of the best mentors and trainers for technical writing in India with more than 15 years of expertise. The Information Developers Foundation offers a digital or online course that turns content writing specialists into professional technical writers. 

The founder Karn has also been serving as a senior project manager at a leading multi-national company in the country. This technical writing course largely focuses on how you can become job-ready, even though the university has a dedicated placement cell to assist you in finding a lucrative position in the communications industry.


The syllabus of the IDF technical writing courses in Bangladesh covers:

  • Introduction
  • Technical Writing Types
  • What Technical Writers Do
  • Industry Awareness
  • Current Market Trend for Technical Writers
  • Technical Writers Qualification
  • Mastering Technical Writing Tools
  • How to get a High Paying Technical Writing Job


5. Technically Write It (TWI):

The software industry and the life sciences are the core subjects of TWI’s online live technical writing course that is available in Bangladesh. The training has been created in an engaging and useful manner. Complex ideas and procedures are simplified and explained in easy-to-understand terms.

Your stakeholders will value your content more if it is more feasible, and auditors will be impressed by your meticulously prepared documentation if it checks all the necessary boxes and adheres to all the regulations. 


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6. Henry Harvin:

The technical writing courses in Bangladesh offered by the Henry Harvin Institute help the candidate acquire impeccable composing skills and abilities that are important to publish technical communication into the market. If you decide to take this course, you will be specializing in creating reports like laboratory reports, research reports, planning and progress reports, and more.

The website claims that becoming a member of Henry Harvin’s Writing Academy will make you a part of the 3,00,000-plus-strong global alumni network. 


Benefits of This Program Include:

  • Awareness of ethics of Scientific Communication 
  • Draft extensive Research Proposals
  • Explore and analyze varying Literature Reviews
  • Thesis writing
  • Mastering the language
  • Implement free software to quickly create citations


The technical writing program includes a 9 in 1 course that has these contents:

  • Training
  • Projects
  • Internship
  • Certification
  • Placement
  • E-Learning
  • Masterclass
  • Hackathons
  • Membership


Technical Writing: The Do’s and Don’ts

When drafting a report, you should take into account the following writing qualities so that you can write efficiently. A good technical writer has these abilities:

  • High fluency in language and writing skills.
  • Conducting solid research
  • Factual representation
  • Specialized in subject-specific areas
  • Understand the target audience
  • Be concise
  • Use an active voice, not passive


As technical writing is said to be an art as well as a science, while producing technical documents, one needs to make sure to be accurate. It is crucial for technical writers to attempt to avoid making blunders like:

  • Choosing an unclear or undefined topic
  • Using complex language and long phrases
  • Having a disorganized page layout or design
  • Providing limited or insufficient information
  • The fluctuating tone of writing or inconsistency


Technical Writing Course: Tools

A technical writer will have to use a variety of software tools to create reports and documents for the client. These tools make it easier to write, edit, sketch, review, and rewrite. Below is a list of a few of the tools that are offered:


  • Google Docs: The free, web-based Google Docs Editors package, which also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep, contains a free online word processor called Google Docs. It is also accessible as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices and as a desktop program for Google’s ChromeOS operating system.


  • Snagit: Software for screen recording and capturing can be used to demonstrate to others how to complete tasks, provide feedback, or both. This program is used for screenshots, screen capturing as well as screen recording. Snagit is also available in various languages. Snagit replaces the built-in print screen feature and adds more functions to it.


  • Visio: Design flowcharts, architectural diagrams, software product designs, circuit diagrams, etc. are all created using Microsoft Visio. The program complies with IEEE regulations and industry standards for software, including UML (Unified Modeling Language) and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).


  • Photoshop: According to a recent survey, the fourth-most popular tool among technical writers is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop allows technical writers to alter graphics and build images from scratch. Knowing how to use Photoshop is usually an excellent exercise for technical writers.


  • MadCap Flare: Technical writers and documentation experts produce, manage, and publish information for print and web documentation that used MadCap Flare, a professional content production platform. MadCap Flare offers a reliable authoring and publishing solution for your business’s technical communication needs, whether it’s used to produce material for sophisticated digital print publishing or online Help systems.


  • Adobe Framemaker: Adobe FrameMaker is a document creation and editing tool for creating and modifying structured documents as well as documents that are vast or complex. It was first created by Frame Technology Corporation, which Adobe later acquired. Used to produce structured documents using DITA-compliant XML framework.


  • WordPress: This platform is used to create technical documentation in a blog form. The blog posts you find on WordPress can be consolidated into the company website. WordPress helps companies direct traffic to their websites and generate leads. Several writing assignments demand that technical writers produce their blog posts directly in WordPress. Some may additionally request that you find pictures, add tags, choose categories, and prepare the content for publication.




Do the Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh provide Placement Support?

Yes. There are plenty of strong reasons for fresh graduates to choose a career in technical writing, including the 100% placement guarantee, career advancement, competitive pay, and degree of abilities that graduates will possess.


What skill sets are required if one wants to become successful as a Technical Writer?

The area that you need to practice and perfect as a technical writer are writing, language fluency, researching, and proofreading. You need to develop an understanding of the target audience and the end users. You also will be acquiring technical knowledge as you advance in this field. Communication and planning are also essential qualities one could work on for effective technical writing.


Will the Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh help me kickstart my career?

Once you are finished with the course or certification program, you can get placed or employed as there are over 5,000 job openings every year with the employment rate rising by 12% according to a survey. A technical writer can expect to get paid in lakhs per annum. After taking technical writing courses in Bangladesh, you can become a content developer, manual writer, documentation specialist, communication specialist, technical illustrator, web writer, and more. 


What is the difference between Content Writing and Technical Writing?

Content writing is all about making an impact on the target audience. It requires basic writing skills and is meant for general end users. For example, food reviews or blog posts about fashion are used to generate leads as a part of digital marketing. It could also be articles and business listings. Technical writing courses available in Bangladesh give you an insight into technical terms which need proper and deep tech knowledge and require you, as a technical writer to follow a format pertaining to engineering or science-based readers. 


How much can a Technical writer in Bangladesh expect to earn?

After you come out of a certification course in technical writing, your salary or pay expectations can be met undoubtedly. A Technical Writer can expect a higher pay grade than a general content writer which is approximately INR 4,00,000/- per annum. 



Since there are so many opportunities and choices available, it should be simple to select the one that would provide you with the best chance to use your skills. Being a technical writer may be quite fulfilling to many as the government of Bangladesh is trying to shine a light on the youth of the country by creating more employment opportunities digitally. One of the upcoming industries where writers and artists can work and showcase their talents is technical writing. They can give wonderful services to clients and organizations. The utilization of these exceptional products helps the customer comprehend complex information and utilize the goods or services thereafter effectively.

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