Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam With Placements

With the advancement of technology and startups, the demand for skilled technical writers is also increasing. Businesses are looking for proficient technical writers who can work effectively. Many companies in information technology, financial, or machine building want to communicate their complex product to their ordinary consumer who does not have much technical knowledge. And this is when a technical writer comes to help businesses, they convey the technical information to its end users in a simpler and easy-to-understand manner. Before diving into technical writing courses in Vietnam, we have provided you with some basic knowledge about technical writing and the reasons why you should opt for these courses.


List of best technical writing courses in Vietnam


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing refers to that form of writing which is about machines, electronics, science, medicine, finance, etc. These terms are technical and an ordinary person with no special knowledge won’t be able to write about them. Only a technical writer can put these complex topics into a simple form.

By doing this, the audience can understand the product, and the goals of the business are achieved. Technical writers also prepare different types of documentation such as press releases, memos, reports, datasheets, product descriptions, specifications, white papers, resumes, and job applicants.

All this writing needs to be done in a precise, detailed, and well-structured manner. Technical writers follow guidelines, instructions, and rules when writing. They make technical concepts easy, digestible, and simple. Technical writing can be a tough job however it is an in-demand profession. As many startups and ventures are growing, the demand for skilled technical writers is also increasing.


How Do Technical Writing Courses Help You?

Now, you are familiar with the term technical writing. Let’s discuss how completing the technical writing courses in Vietnam can help you.


  1. Gain knowledge: The very first thing you can obtain from enrolling in these courses is gaining knowledge about technical writing. If you are a total beginner or an experienced person, technical writing courses offer you something that you didn’t know before. A newbie can learn from basic to advance. On the other hand, an experienced person can explore more opportunities in the course and brush up on the basics again.


  1. Learn and enhance skills: Learning from experienced and expert professionals is one of the key benefits of these courses. They provide an easy and efficient way to acquire new skills and become proficient in them. In today’s world, skills are highly valued as they are a testament to your abilities and expertise, and can ultimately determine the success of your career.


  1. Build network: Good networking is crucial for both freelancers and employees. These courses offer a chance to create a strong network with mentors and peers, leading to better career opportunities. Building a network allows for collaboration, inspiration, and learning from others, ultimately enhancing your chances of success in your career.


  1. Getting feedback: Sometimes getting honest feedback can get difficult when you are not surrounded by people in the same industry. But feedback is also very important to analyse your work, your strength, and your weakness. Enrolling in technical writing courses in Vietnam can help you in getting feedback from your mentors and gives you the chance to improve your work.


  1. Certificate: Having tangible evidence of your skills and experience is important in the corporate world. These courses offer certificates that validate your knowledge and increase your chances of getting hired. Even as a freelancer, certificates can provide assurance to clients that you have updated information and are the right fit for their needs.


Top 11 Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

Now, you are familiar with what technical writing is and why you should enroll in these courses. Below I’ve shared the list of the top 11 technical writing courses in Vietnam.


1. IIM SKILLS- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

IIM SKILLS is a prominent online institute that provides various courses on digital marketing, content writing, CAT training, etc, and has been in the market since 2015. They have taught thousands of students till now and have a magnificent rating of 9.9/10.

The courses are designed in such a way that a newbie can master these courses and an experienced person can learn new, updated knowledge and revise the fundamentals of technical writing. The sessions are taught by experienced mentors who are experts in this field.

They also provide high-quality content with flexibility and affordability. IIM SKILLS is dedicated to providing individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and constantly changing business environment.


Technical Writing Course Module:

  • Introduction to writing
  • Creating content
  • Technical content
  • White papers
  • Conversational writing
  • DDLC & Versioning
  • Reviewing & Publishing
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Study


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course
  • Course Fees: 42,56,729.82 VND
  • Course Duration: 5 weeks
  • Hiring partners:


Why Choose IIM SKILLS:

  • They provide 20+ hours of lectures, 60+ hours of practical assignments, and free software tools.
  • Taught by certified professionals with years of expertise and support from them even after the course ends.
  • Get 2 certificates; one master certificate (TMKC) from IIM SKILLS and one international certificate.
  • Obtain lifetime access to your LMS so you can go back to learning again in case you forget something.
  • The courses provide high-quality content and are designed with different types of learning styles to cater to every learner.
  • You can have access to a great community that shares the same goal as you. This can lead to motivation for performing very well.
  • You will have internship opportunities and dedicated placement cells.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • One graduate degree in any field and a knack for technology and writing.
  • Well-versed in English
  • Basic understanding of the Internet.


Contact Details: +919580740740


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2. Technical WriterHQ- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

Technical Writing HQ is a leading online community that provides various fundamentals courses on technical writing. They teach fundamentals of technical writing and then level up the game to make you ready for the job. After completing the course, you will get a certificate to help you build the network and upgrade your skills.

The course provides interactive learning that includes engaging quizzes and challenges which helps in putting the theory into practical use. This course is also divided into segments that make it easier to organize and interpret the information. The videos are made by experts that will teach you everything to get a job in the market.


Course Module:

  • Section 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Section 2: Writing Great Technical documentation
  • Section 3: Formatting Your Technical documentation
  • Section 4: Editing and Readability
  • Section 5: Editing and Proofreading
  • Section 6: Verification, Communication, and Workflow
  • Section 7: Get a Technical Writing Job
  • Section 8: Interviews


  • Course Name: Certified Technical Writer
  • Course Fees: 7063875.00 VND
  • Course Duration: 40 hours approx


Course Eligibility:

  • you don’t need any prerequisites to apply for this course.
  • A basic understanding of writing can be favorable.
  • Contact Details: Technical Writer


3. TechWriter Certification- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

TechWriter Certification is an online platform that provides various technical writing courses to individuals. Here is a list of technical writing courses that can benefit you.


  1. Basic Certificates in Technical Writing

This course is made for those students who have little experience with writing, editing, or design and want to further polish their skills. By the end of this course, you will know various topics including technical communication, and histories that shape our profession and identify many key activities.

It is a 100% online course and is a self-paced course that you can complete according to your comfort. After enrolling in the course, you have to finish them before their extension date if not followed students have to pay extension fees.


This contains three courses which are:


  • Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry

In this course, you will learn about technical communication, styles, designs, structure, headings, editing, audience, purpose, delivery, etc Your progress will be assessed by the instructor, self-quizzes, and submission of your final project.

Course Duration-4 months


  • Intermediate Technical Writing

This course will introduce you to basic page design such as headings, lists, tables, notices, and highlights. After completing this course, you can analyze problems that arise in your content and your audience. You will also be able to create an effective design that engages the readers.

Course Duration-4 months


  • Advanced Technical Writing

If you are familiar with technical writing and have your fundamentals clear then now is the time to up your game. By enrolling in this course, you can learn advanced technical writing skills that consist of a variety of skill sets and processes. The assessment will be done based on your projects meeting the required standards of the instructor. You must score at least 80% to pass.

Course Duration-4 months

Course Fees: 23349425.00 VND

Course Duration: 90 hours


  1. Writers at Work Certificate Program

This course is specially designed for professionals who have difficulty having free time. It is designed to provide a flexible learning experience. This course is for employees who are looking to improve their professional image by writing effective proposals. After completion, you will be able to identify and correctly use parts of speech, dangling, and misplaced modifiers. The instructors will be available at all stages to help you out during the course.


Course Module:

  • Part 1: Eliminating Common Grammar Errors
  • Part 2: Perfecting your Punctuation
  • Part 3: Writing, Concisely, coherently
  • Part 4: Accomplishing a Professional Tone and Style


  • Course Name: Writers at Work Certificate Program
  • Course Fees: 15289725.00 VND
  • Course Duration: 40 hours


4. Alison Technical Writing- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

Alison Technical Writing is an online platform that provides free certificates and diplomas. This platform has over 25 million registered learners, 5 million have graduated around the world and 175 thousand are signing up every single month. Their vision is to provide high-quality knowledge for free to its learners.

They believe that education has the power to change the lives of individuals, families, and ultimately the nation. They have designed 4,000 free online courses and come up with new courses every week.

This course is published by BCcampus which is a publicly funded Canadian educational organization that allows its educators and students to access quality learning resources for free online. This institute has taught thousands of students and has published 25+ courses.


Course Module:

Module 1: Basics of Technical Communication

  • Basics of Technical communication-Learning Outcomes
  • What is Technical communication
  • Understanding the Rhetorical Situation
  • Writing Processes
  • Basics of Technical Communication- Lesson Summary


Module 2: Professional Style

  • Professional Style – Learning Outcomes
  • Professional style
  • Communicating with precision
  • Writing To Persuade
  • Professional Style – Lesson Summary


Module 3: Documented Design

  • Document Design- Learning Outcomes
  • Document Design
  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Figures and Tables
  • Style tips: Revising to Enhance Readability
  • Document Design – Lesson Summary


Module 4: Research Methods

  • Research Methods – Learning Outcomes
  • Research Terminology
  • Defining the Scope of a Project
  • Presenting Research in a Lab Report
  • Research Methods – Lesson Summary


Module 5: Common Document Types –

  • Common Document Types – Part I: Learning Outcomes
  • Text Messages, Emails, Memos, and Letters
  • Technical Description and Definitions
  • Writing Instructions
  • Oral and Visual Presentations
  • Common Document Types – Part I: Summary


Module 6: Common Document Types – Part II

  • Common Document Types -Part II: Learning Outcomes
  • Proposals
  • Progress Reports
  • Long Reports
  • Common Document Types – Part II: Summary


Module 7: Course assessment

  • Technical Writing Essential – Course Assessment
  • Course Name: Technical Writing Essentials
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Course Duration: 1.5-3 hours


5. Coursera-Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

Coursera is a global online platform that offers courses that anyone from anywhere can enroll in. These courses are designed by well-known universities and people. Here is the list of technical writing courses in Vietnam available on Coursera.


  1. Writing in the Sciences

This course is beginner friendly and is available every month. It uses practical examples and exercises to teach medical writing. It is an online course with a flexible deadline that can be set according to your schedule. This course is offered by Stanford University and designed by Dr. Kristin Sainani. The evaluation is based on peer assessment assignment activity and the videos are available with various languages’ subtitles to aid its global audience.


Course Module:

Unit 1:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Review the key principles of effective writing
  • Practice cutting cluttering


Unit 2:

  • How to write in an active voice
  • Avoid turning verbs into nouns
  • choose strong verbs
  • use the main verb quickly in sentences


Unit 3:

  • How to vary sentence structure
  • Practice different punctuation
  • How to write concise paragraphs


Unit 4:

  • Review the writing process
  • Tips to make writing easier


  • Course Name: Writing in the Sciences
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Course Duration: 30 hours


  1. Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order

This course is offered by the University of Michigan and is instructed by Patrick Barry. It is an online and flexible course designed for beginners. After completion of this course, you will get one certificate that can be shared on LinkedIn, C.V., or your resume. This course also provides various quizzes, exercises, and additional articles to make the learning interactive.


Course Module:

Unit 1: The Words Under the Words

  • Introduction to Patrick Berry
  • How the choice of words can change people’s decision

Unit 2: The infinite Power of Grammar

  • How the order of words can influence people’s decision


Unit 3: The Rule of Three

  • How to combine word choice with word order


Unit 4: The Power of the Particular

  • How to write with compelling details


  • Course Name: Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Course Duration: 20 hours


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6. SAS Management Inc.- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

SAS Management Inc. is a Philipino-based organization that thrives to exceed the expectation of its clients. They mainly focus on client satisfaction and the values this course will make in their life. These courses are carefully designed after doing thorough research on their client’s needs.

This course is specially designed for those people who work in corporate and want to create value for their organization through their proposals. This course is dedicated to technical experts and specialists who want to sharpen their communication skills in both oral and written manner.


Course Module:

Unit 1: Introduction-The Basic Features of Technical Writing

  • About technical writing and its different forms
  • Critical thinking and writing on-demand


Unit 2: Elements of Communication

  • Sender
  • Ideas
  • Encoding
  • Communication Channel
  • Decoding
  • Feedback


Unit 3: The Seven Principles of Effective Writing

  • The appropriate content for the audience
  • Focus and Unity
  • Organization
  • Development
  • Sentence Structure
  • Diction and Word Choice
  • Mechanics


Unit 4: Writing in Stages


  • Pre Writing and Researching
  • Organization and First rough draft
  • Revising and Editing


Unit 5: The Types of Technical correspondence

  • Analyses
  • Memos/Circulars
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Manuals
  • Abstracts
  • Proposals


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Courseware Design
  • Course Fees: 2450307.95 VND+12%VAT
  • Course Duration: 2-Day Program


7. Udemy: Business & Technical Writing- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

Udemy is a global online platform that provides various courses in different fields. It allows instructors and students to upload high-quality courses and access these courses. This course is designed for both professional writers inspired to become technical writers and professionals looking to improve their writing communication for business proposals, reports, and documentation.

Many companies like Nasdaq, WordPress, Box and Netapp have encouraged their employees to enroll in this course. After completion, you will get a certificate and master skills including editing, analyzing, drafting, designing, etc.


Course Module:

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Analyze the Purpose and Audience
  • Writing the Purpose Statement
  • Gathering Information
  • Writing the Sentence Outline
  • Writing the Draft
  • Revising content and Organisation
  • Editing for Coherence, Charity, Economy, and Readability
  • Conclusion and Final Thoughts
  • Tips for Writing Emails
  •  Articles, Attitude and Approach, and Tenses


  • Course Name: Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion
  • Course Fees: 974380.11 VND
  • Course Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Course Eligibility: Basic knowledge of the English Language
  • Contact Details:


8. Hubspot: Business Writing Course- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

This course is published and designed by Daniel Pink, the author of New Year Times bestselling books. In this course, you will learn how to develop new ideas, build a research process, create great outlines, and build your editing and proofreading skill set. The certificates provided are globally recognized so you can show off your skill to your employer.


Course Module:

  • Lesson 1: Prewriting Strategies
    • How to write a draft
    • Researching and Outline
    • How to find a high-quality source


  • Lesson 2: Become a better writer
    • Essential of writing
    • Tips on how to make the content interesting
    • How to write compelling introductions and conclusions
    • How to insert navigational tools


  • Lesson 3: Editing and Proofreading
    • Editing tips to write better
    • How to ask for effective feedback
    • Provide a checklist for your new content piece


  • Course Name: Business Writing Course
  • Course Fees: Free
  • Course Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes
  • Contact Details:


9. Henry Harvin- Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam

Henry Harvin is a leading online writing academy that provides various courses on different disciplines. It was founded in 2013 by Kounal Gupta, who had a vision of transforming education by providing practical, industry-oriented courses that would help individuals enhance their career opportunities.


This Edtech company offers many certification courses including digital marketing, content writing, business analytics, financial modeling, and many others. It is recognized for its quality and uniqueness by various leading media channels. After completing this you will be able to write various reports, thesis, and literature reviews.

You will also learn to communicate technical details to non-technical audiences effectively. They have covered 50+ tools worth 25k and also offer 100% guaranteed placement after completion of this course.


Course Module:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Grammar and Editing
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Module 6: Components of a Technical department
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques
  • Module8: How to create a Template for Technical Document
  • Module 9: Overview of formats
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing tools
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Course
  • Course Fees: 4990653.67 VND
  • Course Duration: 36 hours




Is technical writing a good career?

Technical writing is a good career choice for those who enjoy writing and have an interest in technical fields. With opportunities in a variety of industries, it can offer specialization and growth, while also providing a good work-life balance with the option for remote work or flexible schedules.


How much salary can I earn as a technical writer?

The salary of a technical writer can vary depending on several factors, such as location, skills, industry, experience, and education. According to salaryexplorer, the median annual salary for technical writers in Vietnam is 15,100,000 VND. However, the salary for technical writers can range from around 8,490,000 VND to 24,400,000 VND or more, depending on the factors like skills, level of education, the company you work with, etc.


What are the career opportunities for technical writers?

Technical writers can work in various fields such as technology, healthcare, and finance. Career opportunities include technical writer, content strategist, information architect, technical editor, knowledge management specialist, UX writer, and training material developer.


Is taking a technical writing course worth the time commitment?

Taking a technical writing course can be worth the time commitment, as it can provide valuable skills and knowledge for a career in technical writing, improve job prospects, and lead to higher salaries.



Technical writers communicate difficult and technical topics to their non-technical audience in a simple yet fruitful way. Technical writing skills are very important when one wants to level up their career or to change the career path. Technical writing courses are essential to gain these skills arbitrarily. A skilled individual has a better chance to get hired and earning more money. This list of the best technical writing courses in Vietnam can help you in deciding the right course that improves your skill and performance!

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