Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Patna

Can you write reasonably well, and have computer skills but aren’t sure what to do career-wise? Do you want to advance your skills and gain in-depth knowledge from industry experts? If yes, then your wait is over! This article will tell you about the overview of technical writing and the best 10 technical writing courses in Patna with 100% placement opportunities.


List of best technical writing courses in Patna


Technical Writing Fundamentals


Simplification of complex documents or material is known as Technical Writing. It’s a written transmission from a connoisseur to an amateur. The writing must harbor Accuracy, Directness, Objective, Detailing, and Information. Technical writers write in the sectors of IT viz Software, Telecommunication, Cyber Security, Biotechnology, Engineering, Aerospace, Finance, Energy, High tech and Manufacturing, Government and Education. Technical writing aims to Help individuals accomplish the product or service without any roadblocks.


Three Stages Of Writing 


  • Prewriting – It possesses the purpose of the writing, choice of topic, and information 
  • Writing– The first stage towards documenting a draft which includes analyzing, flowing with the ideas, zero exaggerations, working on details, and most important having fun
  • Rewriting – It is also known as “correction” where we ensure that the Data, the bread, and butter of software documentation is relevant and organized, with correct grammar, and mechanics. 


Types of Technical Writing 


  1. Documentation
  2. Reports
  3. Guides and manuals 
  4. Release notes
  5. White papers
  6. E-mails
  7. Case studies 
  8. Articles 
  9. Demonstrations
  10. Policies  


Tools used in Technical Writing


  • Word processing like Microsoft Word 
  • Help authoring tools like help and manuals 
  • Presentation like PowerPoint 
  • Project planning like Excel
  • Flow charts
  • Graphics like Canva and SnagIt


How does Technical Writing differ from other writing?


A press release, report, and social media are different from technical writing. It’s a much more serious job. It’s concentrated on a practical application of a certain technology. Its purpose is not to amuse or arouse feelings like any other general writing. This kind of writing needs special technological tools like Adobe, Leaf, etc to make it more understandable to the general audience.


You have to use illustrations, screenshots, and images are other techniques for the lay audience to exaggerate the idea. In technical writing, you can’t assume things. It should be purely logical and scientifically proven. According to the methodologies and demands of firms, there is a huge gap between the terms technical writing and other writings.


Basic writing rules that technical writers focused on the use of Passive voice, Figurative language for understanding of concept or instruction, Sentence fragment, Comprehensiveness, Emphasizing important points, Use of signposts and heading, and of course confidence.


Skills and Qualification 


  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant area; diploma or certified course in technical writing is the preferred qualification.
  • Thorough research and a keen eye for details 
  • Audience analysis 
  • Expertise in Technical skills and experience 
  • Familiarity of tools like XML, UI, etc &
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills 


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What does a technical writer do?


It’s behind-the-scenes kinda writing. It’s fact-based penmanship in which You write in your expertise field. It’s disciplined, uncomplicated writing of everyday sentences, For Lay audiences/ general masses of no scientific backdrop. Revising their content through feedback is a part of their job. They create constantly asked pages to help and support the team, patrons, and others.


They also ought to toil with liability specialists and customer service and enhance users’ understanding. They also perform research, devour time with engineers and industry connoisseurs, etc. Grant proposals for scientific institutions is another element of their job. 


Career Opportunities in Technical Writing 


Technical writing is a demandable job because It’s mandated for refined web products. It expands the profit and evolves with time. It’s art with a mixture of science. There is a gigantic scope in this domain, people can make the hop straight to the Product Manager, Technical Communicator, Information Architect, and Business Analyst’s post.


Also, it’s one of the loftiest paying jobs for a newcomer. You can work on a contract or as a freelancer per your comfort. Networking is the finest way to discover technical writing opportunities from resources like Technical Writers of India, the Society for Technical Communication, and LinkedIn. 


If you are a certified technical writer you can apply for an H1B visa and can work in the US. There is an 11% growth in demand for technical writers from 2016 to 2026. If you don’t have a degree in technical communication you can take certified technical writing courses in Patna.


Roles Offered 


  • Technical writer’s [Intermediate] 

The responsibilities are to create content, ensure it is easier to scan, make it in assigned groups, develop and improve user interface texts, feed effectual reviews, comprehend the facts and develop the features, contribute handbook changes, communicate effectively and act as a lead. 


Salary: 2-4 lakh per year.


  • Technical writer [senior]

The position increases the responsibility’s complexity and scope. It comprises forming, merging, and bracing product documentation, guiding, guidance, and balancing priorities. Stand available to interview and mentor other team members are the practices.


Salary : 11 lakh+ per year


  • Information Developer

It is another extremely crucial scope of technical writing. They research and develop the information and test software. They analyze and write upon the cases like equipment manuals or maintenance instructions etc.


Salary: 9.4 lakh per year.


  • Content Developer

Content Developer creates strategies, overseas distribution, collaborates with other organizations, investigates the significance, and provides quality assurance. It’s a whole procedure from beginning a website to finalizing it. A content developer is also known as a web developer.


Salary: 10 lakh per annum.


Technical writers with an emphasis on application programming interfaces have been a recent trend in the industry, writing content for : 

  • Developers 
  • Programmers 
  • System Architect 


Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Patna


1. IIM Skills


One of the leading educational institutes founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Vaibhav Kakkar, IIM Skills provides premium quality courses including technical writing courses in Patna. IIM SKILLS is an institute that has trained thousands of individuals with their fulfilling courses in over 30 countries around the globe. Their certificates have been acknowledged by the MSME Government of India. Their students are working at BMW, IBM, KPMG, Genpact Dell, HTC, and Amazon. 


Duration: 5 weeks of live training



60 hours + practical assignments softwAre tools, lifetime support, portfolio development publish a scholarly article or book chapter publish your blog with times of India, internship opportunity with 100% placement Course is in alignment with Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Adobe and Cisco and internationally recognized certification of completion and HubSpot. 




  1. Introduction of technical writing 
  2. How to Create your content 
  3. Technical reports
  4. White paper/journal
  5. DDLC versioning 
  6. Conversational writing 
  7. Review and publishing 
  8. API using XML
  9. Datasheets user manuals
  10. Effective writing 
  11. Medical writing
  12. Case studies 


Fees:14900+ 18% GST


Other Course


2. Udemy


Udemy is a for-profit online practice provider of technical writing courses in Patna that strived at experienced grown-ups and learners.  It is a big hit with 49M+ amateurs and 64k+ lecturers. Their array of courses allows companies, governments, and nonprofits to go further by placing learning. BOX, Nordea, WordPress are some trusted brands of Udemy. 


Duration: 17 hours 


PerksReal-world expert, Lifetime Access, 1 Article and 6 hours on-demand video, 110 download resources, no deadline to finish the course, 22 exercise and solution sheets, and 30 days money-back guarantee.




  1. Components of technical writing and techniques, 
  2. How to create a technical document, 
  3. Creating an index
  4. Variables in technical writing 
  5. Graphs and charts in technical writing 
  6. Tables 
  7. Images and 
  8. Flowchart 


Fees: 12,800 


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3. Nestsoft


Netssoft, since 2001 has been making learning experts with their technical writing courses in Patna. It’s a well-known institution for Content Writing and Technical Writing. Their premier components include Web design courses on HTML5, bootstrap, CSS, photoshop, gif, graphics, ajax, jquery, javascript in live web Projects.


Duration: 24 hours


Perks1on 1 class training on your time, anywhere, access to record videos, practical internship, and placement assistance. 


Fees:   AED 70/- Hourly 


4. NIT Patna


National Institute of Technology Patna formerly Bihar college of Engineering, 18th National Institute of Technology created by the Ministry of H.R.D. Government of India. This university is the 6th Oldest Engineering Institute of India. They provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses and now also offer 1-month training programs of technical writing courses in Patna.


Duration: 2 weeks 


Perks: online tools, live lectures by experts, comprehensive tutorials and practice notes., online lab session.




  1. Technical writing and research methodology
  2. Language support tools typesetting in latex
  3. Mathematical style 
  4. Writing manuscript in latex
  5. Technical reports making presentation, beamer
  6. Reviewing/responding 
  7. BibliogrAPhy management
  8. Online tools


5. ECT


ECT is a government-recognized institute as a startup. Education and career time offers short-term courses in the specialization of Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Communication Skills, Personality Development, and technical writing courses in Patna. They provide free educational resources through their youtube channel. Content writing, digital marketing, communication skills, and personality development courses are also some of the core training programs they provide.


Duration: 3 Months


Perks: Personalized attention and feedback, 12 quizzes, internship opportunities, and live – interactive sessions. 




  1. Introduction to technical writing
  2. Grammar and styling
  3. Information and architecture
  4. Master a markdown language 
  5. Learn XML
  6. Document authoring tool
  7. Technical authoring tool
  8. App documentation
  9.  Agile documentation strategy career
  10. Contributing t open source projects
  11. Other useful tools 


Fees: 24,999 INR


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6. Google


Google offers online courses in this digital garage which consist of a cluster of programs classified into three sorts namely data and techdigital marketingand career development for students. One of them is a technical writing course which we will discuss further.


Duration: 8 hours




  • Technical writing introduction
  • Grammar
  • Active /passive voice


7. Technokraft


Technokraft was formed in 2003 by Shriram Mohan Roy, a renowned social reformer as a training hub to teach technical writing and instructional design. The training center was launched to nurture and mentor aspiring Technical Writers to enhance their talents.


TechnoKraft is a top center in Bangalore to impart high-end technical writing training courses in Patna and the foremost in India to impart classroom training in Instructional Design. It trained thousands of students and offered them prosperous employment in their preferred specialization. 



Advance level course, worth having tools assignments, presentations, and mock interview preparation, internship, and placement.


8. Oregon State University


The university proposes more than 200 undergraduate degrees and 90+Programs along with a variety of graduate and doctoral degrees. This professional ongoing education offers the most inexpensive and quality education. It promises to turn your pursuit into a business, command higher earnings and esteemed credentials. 


Duration: 160 hours 


Perks: Multiple dates, asynchronous online certificate program 


Fees: $62,125 


9. Coursera


Coursera is a U.S.-based enormous open online course provider established in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera performs with colleges and additional organizations to propose online courses, certifications, and degrees in a multiplicity of subjects. They even provide a 7-day unrestricted trial.


Duration: 19 hours 


Perks: Flexible deadlines, shareable certificate, practice quizzes, self-paced learning option, peer feedback and graded assignments, wholly online classes with the subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, and Spanish. 




  1. Organizing the information
  2. Researching your subject
  3. Capstone e project


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10. Henry Harvin


One of the most reputed educational industries begun by Kunal Gupta at the age of 19 in 2003 is a global technology company providing both online and offline classes recognized by multiple organizations viz EFL, MSME, UKAF, UKCert PMI, and ISO certified.


They also deliver consultancy services from adults to students. It’s acknowledged for its quality and individualism from leading publishers viz Hindustan Times, Statesman, Hans India, Business World, The Pioneer, and leading channels such as Aaj Tak and News World India.


Duration: 32 hours of the online session


Perks: 1-year gold membership, E-Learning Access, 20+ tools, Bootcamps, and guaranteed internship & premium job support.


Curriculum: –


  1. Introduction
  2. Documentation process 
  3. Technical writing process
  4. Grammar and editing 
  5. Technical writing software tools
  6.  Components of technical documents
  7.  Technical writing techniques
  8.  How to create a technical manuscript template
  9.  Overview
  10. Complimentary module 1 soft skill development
  11. Complimentary module 2 resume writing 


Fees: 15000


Frequently Ask Questions –


Q1. Does technical writing pay well?

The job as a technical writer pays you well enough. Technical writers’ average salary starts from $74+ in 2020.$ 95 to $200 is the best-paid job that year as a technical writer. In India, the average salary of a technical writer starts from 5 lakh +.


Q2. Are tech writing jobs in demand?

Technical communication is a niche sector gaining stature in IT sectors and others are in demand. US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals the necessity for tech writers would rise 8% from 2018 to 2028.


Q3. What are the qualifications of a technical writer?

A college degree commonly chosen is in Journalism, English, or Communication. In addition, subjects like Computer science, Web design, or Engineering are important. Or you can go for diploma or authorized technical writing courses in Patna which promise you 100% job assurance. 


Q4. How to become a technical writer?

It’s about writing the technicality of any non-scientific matter. If you can write clearly and concisely then your creative writing will return you with a lucrative job. It can only take 6 to 4 years. This time expedition relies on your educational journey. On the other hand, it will only take 3 to 6 months if you opt for certificate programs. Lastly, building a portfolio and practicing writing as a freelance or unpaid internship will help you.




This article includes the basic idea of technical writing, its sages, types, tools, etc. You can get a deep insight into how it differs from other writings formats like content writing, what skills do you need to become a technical writer, the best technical writing courses in Patna, and the fantabulous career opportunity it can provide to you. The Process of technical writing Is to Plan, structure, write a review & publish. In 2022 it’s a great skill to learn. Practice, concentration, and credentials can give you a rewarding career. A snapshot of the technical writer’s work is to Design technical documents. It helps to deliver a coherent message and make your contribution explicit.      

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