Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum

There has been a sudden hike in the popularity of technical writing courses day by day. In this article, the discussion will be about the relevance and practicality of a career as a technical writer. We would also be discussing the backdrop needed for anyone aspiring to be a good technical writer. Finally, we will be highlighting the top 7 technical writing courses in Trivandrum.


List of best technical writing courses in Trivandrum


What is Technical Writing?


In earlier times, a very narrow approach was used to define technical writing; wherein the documentation of the required task was considered the only piece of technical writing. A large part of technical writing was composed of user manuals alone. Today, this narrow approach fails in explaining the exact meaning and essence of technical writing.


Technical writing has become a term referring to documentation of a particular piece of information in layman’s terms. The term Technical refers to the process, instruction, direction, or explanation of a certain topic. It is the simpler form of content in which simplification of complex ideas takes place, solely to make the documentation user-friendly.


How Relevant is Technical Writing as a Career Today?


On average, the income of a technical writer statistically is $500,000 per annum. A skilled technical writer could easily make more than the given average a year. The demand and the need for a skilled technical writer are increasing continuously. The modern era which is running on the internet provides a prospering and favorable backdrop required for a healthy career in technical writing.


The pure essence of technical writing is the absolute handling of information in a user-friendly manner, which is also one of the core aspects of the internet today, thanks to the SEO practice. All the above-mentioned reasons explain why technical writing is a good option for a part-time gig as well as a mainstream career option.


Backdrop Required as a Technical Writer


Although technical writing is about writing down content for a given niche accurately or concisely. Yet, it is not given that this job would be always performed by someone having expertise in the given niche. It is more important that the person performing the job has a good command of his technical writing skills. The must-have skills are effective communication and well-directed research on the given topic. These skills would help a technical writer to have an edge over other technical writers and perform the given task effectively well.


Here are the other rewarding courses in Trivandrum


How to Become a Good Technical Writer?


A good technical writer has to brush off on a certain skill set. This includes effective research precision of information collected concisely and accuracy of the information collected. These skills are exclusively taught and covered under the top 7 technical writing courses in Trivandrum.


Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum


1. Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum by IIM Skills


Among the various technical writing courses in Trivandrum are present, we have the best technical writing course provided by IIM Skills. IIM Skills offers a variety of courses that can help you upgrade your writing skills and experience. The topics included and covered by IIM Skills are vital to surviving in the market. IIM Skills provides budget-friendly, affordable, and good-quality training.


It is the right guidance needed by any aspirant to reach the pinnacle of his career in technical writing. IIM Skills has a great record of upskilling its students with experience and expertise. It offers you a unique course named Technical Writing Master Course. This course is a summation of five weeks of live online classes. It provides you with around 20 hours’ worth of lectures.


Furthermore, it ensures to provide you with practical training by giving you more than 60 hours of practical assignments. It also provides you with software tools and an internship opportunity. They have a dedicated placement cell and their course materials in alignment with top MNC recruiters. They offer you a one-month guaranteed internship.


They also promise you lifetime support of consultation and guidance regarding technical aspects, along with portfolio development which is a part of the course. Also, they will help you publish your first white paper along with a scholarly book chapter or an article. The students can also get a chance to publish their first technical blog with the Times of India.


The fee for the course is 14900 INR. This fee structure includes lifetime access to study materials for a portable knowledge database. They also provide you with enough certifications to add credibility to your profile or portfolio.


Other Courses


2. Technical Writing Course in Trivandrum on Coursera


Coursera is an online education platform that provides the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies online Technical Writing course. The course is entirely online and the level of the course is intermediate. The medium of the entire course is English. The course is provided by Elina Bazanova, a trainer who specializes in technical writing. She is responsible for developing the aspirant’s technical writing skills to do practical training and experimentation.


This course includes around 5 modules that elaborately cover topics like audience focus, purpose, and measures of excellence in technical documents and learn how to be proficient as a technical communicator. Along with this, it also covers topics like learning how to use visuals to communicate, graphical tools and guidelines output process, and effective technical report writing.


The academic aspects and workplace research are also included in this course. Module 5 consists of a capstone project. The knowledge of the aspirants would be tested with the help of graded assignments, feedback, quizzes aided with relevant video lectures, and reading. The duration of the course is around five weeks for more than 19 hours.


This course also provides you with a certificate of completion and excellence which has lifetime validity. Furthermore, to help students develop a healthy team spirit for the workplace, a group is also made for doubt solving and general socializing. This course takes the second spot in the Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum as it also takes the student’s workplace ethics into consideration.


3. Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum by ECT


ECT has grabbed the third spot on our list of top 7 technical writing courses in Trivandrum. Education and career times is an organization that has been successfully recognized by the Indian government as a start-up. ECT focuses on upskilling its students through theory and live training projects. These programs focus on the implication of the skills acquired via the course. Two courses are provided by ECT.


The first one is called the technical writing course while the second one is called the technical writing course with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Both the courses include internship opportunities and live interactive sessions. The first course helps the students to upskill themselves at an intermediate level while the second one is more helpful in identifying the source code.


The second course prepares the students for senior positions in big multinational companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The first course covers a variety of topics ranging from the basic introduction part to the career and project aspects of technical writing. The second course includes all the topics covered in the first course with also focus on web development and languages like HTML, HTML5, Semantic HTML, JavaScript, and DOM.


The first course costs INR 19,999. And the second course costs INR 39,999.


4. Technical Writing courses in Trivandrum by Udemy


On the fourth spot in our list of top 7 technical writing courses in Trivandrum is Udemy. Udemy is one of the established online learning platforms. It promotes the preparation of students through recorded classes on the subjects and topics by industry experts. The classes are offered by these experts at affordable prices.


The growth in Udemy is professional training centric in nature with the help of consistent classes and assignments. Udemy also gives lifetime access to its students once they have purchased a course in Udemy. The updates on the course even after completion of a student’s course are completely free.


The two most apt courses for technical writing on Udemy for aspirants are the professional technical writing course and a course named technical writing. In the professional technical writing course, an aspirant is taught about the fundamental concepts that are integral aspects of technical writing. It guides you in writing your first user manual and also provides you with the skills required for document creation.


The course gives the students access to video lectures, exercises, assignments, quizzes, and various related e-books. A course is a good option for aspirants who are present in the writing industry, the scientific profession, in the sales and product field, and the various freshers who are new to the market and seeking earning opportunities.


The other course provided by Udemy for content writing is called Technical writing. It helps the student learn the art of writing a technical document accurately and efficiently. It provides the aspirants a great overview of the technical writing field and the jobs offered in this field.


The course teaches the students how to analyze the audience, and plan and write in the most audience-friendly manner. The art of selling and final shaping a technical document is also taught to the students through the course.


5. Technical Writing Courses Provided by Vskills


Vskills has managed to grab the fifth spot on the list of top 7 technical writing training programs. Vskills is managed by Cubezoid Solutions Private limited and it is one of the renowned certifications bodies in India. It is well known for the skills testing and certifications examinations provided by it to improve employment opportunities for its students.


The tests and examinations are all conducted in an unbiased manner and these are managed by the affiliating body IIM alumni efficiently. The course is aligned with the company’s need for documentation of both scientific and technical events. Each candidate is trained regarding the products and services of the respective company.


A course is a good option for all the professionals, graduates, and working aspirants in the industry. The course includes technical writing formats for various documents that come under technical documentation. The module of the entire course is online which makes the course easily accessible for the students.


The certification provided by skills has been recognized by the government’s body named IntelligentCommunication Systems India Limited. Vskills also promises its students that they would get to become a part of the job center. The candidates would also be highlighted on’s database for job-seeking individuals.


6. Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum by Tech-writer Certification


Tech-writer certification has been developed by Dr. John Reild and Dr. Kenneth Rainey. It includes some courses exclusively for technical writing. There are a variety of technical writing courses that are provided by tech-writer certification. The courses which are holistically covered by them are a basic certification course in technical writing, a comprehensive career-building certificate in technical writing, and a certificate course in structured writing for technical documentation.


The course named basic technical writing certificate is an assimilation of three courses named introduction to technical writing for industry, intermediate technical writing, and advanced technical writing. The courses are specially designed for aspirants looking for preparing professional communication with a good emphasis on advancing in both technical documentation and technical communication positions.


The course covers all the important aspects and forms of technical communication, analysis of audience, technical documentation, a guide for style, designing page units, guidelines for various sorts of technical documentation, interpretation, and gathering of data, levels articulation of documents, the impact created by the visual design, and the guidelines regarding the style.


The growth of the aspirants is assessed throughout the course by the assessment process. The assessment process includes the regular practice of techniques of feedback, suggestions, and modifications. The mastery of advanced technical writing is awarded to candidates who have at least 80% on their final proposal.


7. Technical Writing Courses in Trivandrum by Metapercept


Metapercept is in the seventh spot on our list of the most trusted and leading publication and development, professional training service providers. It is best known for providing end-to-end DITA-XML solutions that are affordable and also able to meet the objectives of the organization.


The team of the Metapercept comprises certified engineers. The course curriculum consists of five different modules. The five modules are namely introduction to technical writing, roles, and responsibilities of a technical writer, the importance of grammar, style guide and writing structure, content mapping, technical writing tools, and techniques, and the difference between software development life cycle and document development lifecycle and content drafting.


The duration of the course is approximately ninety hours. The entire course is an online module.




1. Which tools are required during the course?

Apart from Microsoft Office tools, you will also be needing various graphic tools like Photoshop, and Illustrator. Since you are to learn technical writing, a suitable environment is needed for coding in HTML, C++, and so on. InDesign is also required as you will be designing and managing in-page content during the course. These tools are not absolutely compulsory, but they are needed to make your learning experience smooth. The experience with these tools adds up credibility to your profile.


2. Is doing a course in Technical Writing necessary to get a job?

It is never too necessary to do a course to earn yourself a position, but the completion of these courses would only increase the credibility of your skills. If the time and life have enough space for pursuing a course, then go for it. You may be having a perfect profile but without enough exposure, getting a job is tough. Therefore, it is rather suggested as these courses will also help you brush up on your basics.


3. Which other skills do I need to become a good technical writer with this course?

You must be good at solving problems, you must be well versed with technology and gadgets popular. You must possess a strong affinity for writing and proofreading tasks. You must be good at editing and managing the space and be creative with in-page formatting and layout planning. If you especially like explaining things, that is one of the most favorable qualities in this field.


4. How can these courses earn me a job?

The courses are specifically designed to build up your proficiency with tools and increase your overall knowledge. These may include many programming languages like CSS,  HTML, etc. These help you to create a very powerful portfolio and a profile. Furthermore, what is impressive enough is that often these help you develop a specialization skill. This skill could get you a job with a sweet spot.


The assignments will include blog creation and article production, so, overall your resume and portfolio will improve tenfold. This experience is very much needed these days, as it is not favorable for a candidate in a need of some training before starting the job. Eventually, these courses are supposed to make you well versed in the way you will research and target companies you want to get in, all by yourself.


5. What are some technical requirements for this course?

You will strictly need an updated browser, with an active internet connection or wifi signal. Every candidate will be communicating with other students using email and threads in the blogs and discussions. The evaluator and manager of the course will be contacting you personally using email only.




There are several technical writing courses in Trivandrum. The online modules available throughout the learning platforms across the globe make us avail of the best learning opportunities while staying in the comfort of our homes.


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