Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Trichy With Placements

Want to build a career in data analytics but have no idea where to take the course from? We have sifted through the Top 10 Data Analytics courses in Trichy for you. Today’s world of unpredictable economic crises, rapidly changing markets, global pandemics, and shifting political landscapes, leaves businesses with little or no room for error, which makes the job of data analysts in greater demand more than ever to predict and analyze data.


List of best data analytics courses in Trichy


Data Analytics is the process of analyzing raw data and identifying trends and patterns to draw out meaningful, actionable insights, which helps businesses make informed decisions and gain more visibility and a deeper understanding of their process and services. This would help them grow and find better ways of doing their business by understanding the needs of the customers.


List of the Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Trichy



If you are a student, a fresh graduate, or are planning to change your career and profession to Data Analytics, then IIM SKILLS is one of the best platforms you can choose. It offers one of the Top Data Analytics courses in Trichy. They also offer a wide range of other courses online which every student or working professional could easily join and learn from. You will be job-ready by the time you are done with the course.


The Data Analytics Course covers

®    6 months Live course with one hundred and sixty hours of lectures.

® Hundred plus hours of practical assignments.

® Hands-on tool-based learning. Two months of assured internship.

® A guaranteed interview.


The core modules that IIM SKILLS provides are listed below.

Modules Subjects Covered
Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel Introduction to Data Handling Data Visualization in Excel

Data Manipulation Using Functions Data Analysis and Reporting Overview OF Dashboards

Data Analytics Using VBA Introducing VBA

Key Components of Programming Language


How VBA works with Excel Programming constructs in VBA

Functions and Procedures in VBA – Modularize your Programs

Communicating with your user’s Others

Data Analytics using SQL Basics RDBMS Concepts Utilizing the Object Explorer

Data based Objects Creation (DDL Commands) Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

SQL Server Reporting Services SQL Server Integration Services


Data Analytics using Power BI Introduction

Data preparation and Modelling Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)

Data Analytics using Python-1 Introduction to Basic Statistics Introduction to Mathematical Foundations Introduction to Analytics & Data Science Python Essentials (Core)

Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python) Overview of Pandas

Cleansing Data with Python

Data Analytics using Python-2 Data Analysis Using Python Basic Visualization Tools Visualizing Geospatial Data Advanced Visualization Tools

Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Data Analytics Using Tableau Getting started

Data Handling & Summaries-1 Data Handling & Summaries-2 Building Advanced Reports/Maps Table Calculations

Calculated Fields

R For Data Science –  Data Importing/Exporting

–  Data Manipulation

–  Data Analysis

–  Data Visualization with R

–  Using R with Databases

–  Introduction to Statistics

–  Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems

–  Testing

Data Analytics Using Alteryx Data Analytics Using Alteryx



® Round-the-clock support from the IIM SKILLS team.

® 100 % Government approved and certified

® Highly qualified mentors

® Access to all the resource material, session recordings, and tools knowledge via the Learning Management System throughout your lifetime.

® 100% tools-driven training

® Master certification course after completion of the course


Course fee – Rs 49,900 + Taxes

Duration 6 months + 2 months internship

They also offer a 10 % discount on three or more registrations.


As one of the top Data Analytics courses in Trichy, after successful completion of the course, you will get a master’s Certification in Data Analysis.

Note– They provide a 100% money guarantee if you do not like the course in your first session. If you want to know more about it, they provide online demo courses which you can try.


Other best courses in Trichy:


2. Postgraduate Programme in Data Science and Analytics –


IMARTICUS provides one of the top online Data Analytics Courses in Trichy. If you want to build your Data Science and Analytics career, then this course is for you. Fresh graduates and early career professionals with a Tech background can apply.



Their curriculum covers fundamentals and more complex data science and analytics concepts.



Basics Programming You will achieve
The module covers the basics of programming for non-programmers. You will learn programming concepts and implement those concepts to write efficient code. You will also be introduced to

Lists and OOPS concepts.

® Build a solid foundation for programming

® Practice coding skills with 20+ coding questions


Core Track

Here you will learn the principles of data science, machine learning, and Python programming in the core track.


Excel You will achieve
The module will cover the basics of Excel for data science. You will learn Excel essentials to get a strong hold on using Excel for Data Analysis. You will also be introduced to pivot tables, formulae, and charts. ® You will be building a strong foundation in Excel for data analysis

® You will be able to summarize data with pivot tables and charts.



SQL You will achieve
The module introduces learners to SQL programming. You will also learn how to query data from the databases and create datasets for

data analysis.

® Build a strong SQL foundation for data querying

® Create datasets for data analysis



Python Programming Will Achieve
The module introduces the learners to Python Programming. You will work with multiple Python data science libraries to execute essential tasks like mathematical calculations, data manipulation, etc. You will also learn about data visualization with Python. ® Master Python programming

® Run data analysis process using Python libraries

® Create useful charts for data visualization.



Statistics for data science You will achieve
The module will introduce the learners to statistics. They will review, analyze, and draw conclusions from data and apply quantified mathematical models to appropriate variables for data analysis. ® Build a strong foundation for statistics

® Analyse data and draw conclusions using statistics

® Implement mathematical models for data analysis.



Machine Learning You will achieve
The module will introduce the learners to machine learning and explain how different ML algorithms work. It will also cover the optimization of models and model tuning. Get a complete understanding of how organizations are applying ML to solve their problems and grow the business. ® Machine learning algorithms and all their applications

® Analyze data and make predictions

® Solve real-world business problems using ML



Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI You will achieve


The module covers data visualization with two popular business intelligence tools and Power BI Create charts to articulate data and present insights to the business. You will learn how to showcase a data-based story to the


® Master data visualization with Tableau

® Master data visualization with Power BI

® Create meaningful dashboards for the business


Specialization Track

After the end of all the core modules, they will evaluate your performance and assign a specialization track.

Specialization 1- Advanced ML Track Specialization 2- Data Analytics & ML Track



® Guaranteed Interview

® Job – Specific curriculum

® Live Learning module

® Real-world projects to make you job-ready

® Dedicated career services such as resume development, profile enhancement, career mentorship, Interview preparation workshops, and one on one career counseling.

® KPMG India COE Organized Hackathons

® Classroom and Live Online Training Total course fee – 2,25,000


3. Data Analyst Master Program- Simplilearn

Ranked number one in the Data Analytics Course by Career Karma, it is easily one of the Top Data Analytics courses in Trichy. In collaboration with IBM, this Data Analytics course features Masterclasses from IBM experts.



Courses Name
Course 1 Business Analytics with Excel
Course 2 SQL


Course 3 Programming Basics and Data Analytics with


Course 4 Programming for Data Science
Course 5 Data Analytics with R
Course 6 Tableau Training
Course 7 Data Analyst Master’s Capstone


Tools covered

® Excel

® NumPy

® Pandas

® SciPy

® Power BI

® Python

® Tableau



Why Simplilearn?

® Expert faculties

® Structured guidance

® Working on real-world problems

® Develop job-ready skills

® Master’s certificate Course fees – Rs 54,000 Duration – 12 months


4. Data Analytics Course at LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a wide range of Digital courses. If you are looking for a career in Data Analytics, LinkedIn provides one of the Top Data Analytics courses in Trichy.



® Learn Excel: Data Analysis

® Learn Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data

® Learn Data Analytics: Foundations

® Learn Excel Statistics Essential Training: 1

® Learn Predictive Analytics Essential Training: Data Mining

® Learn Power BI Essential Training

® Learn Data Visualization

® Learn Tableau Essential Training

® Learn SQL: Data Reporting and Analysis

® Learn Data cleaning in Python Essential Training.


Why LinkedIn?

® Expert Instructors

® You can take the courses on your own schedule

® You can access their courses from both computers and mobiles

® Their videos are often less than 5 minutes long

® LinkedIn certificate will add value to your cv

® They offer a free trial of one month into the course and you can cancel anytime.

Course fee – Subscription system


5. Data Analytics Course – upGrad

If you’re looking for a Data Analytics course, then Upgrade has one of the Top Data Analytics Courses in Trichy. upGrad has collaborations with universities across the world, including Duke CE, IIIT Bangalore, and Deakin Business School among others.


Specializations covered

  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  4. Business Analytics
  5. Data Engineering


Tools and Programming Languages Covered

–      Python – Excel – Airflow
–      Flume – MySQL – OpenCV
–      Hadoop – tableau – MongoDB


–      Power BI – Spark – MapReduce
–      Shiny – HIVE – Amazon EC2
–      TensorFlow – Kafka
–      Amazon REDSHIFT – HBASE


Why upGrad?

® Live sessions

® One on one discussion

® Feedback sessions

® Personalized feedback

® 24×7 student support

® One on one Counselling session

® Mock interviews with hiring managers

® It is equivalent to NSQF (National Skill Qualification Framework) level 8

® Career Bootcamp

® IIT Bangalore Alumni Status

® Certification

Course fees- Rs 3,25,000 (inclusive of taxes) Duration- 12 months


6. Data Analytics Short Course – CareerFoundry

Are you looking to change your career or are you a beginner at Data Analytics? Then the Data Analytics Course at CareerFoundry is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Trichy that you can take. You would get an introduction to data, try exercises, and get 15 minutes of lessons from Dr. Humera Noor, the Director of Engineering at Eyeo for free.



Introduction to data analytics

  1. Data Analytics in Practice
  2. Introduction to Excel
  3. Understanding your data set
  4. Cleaning your data
  5. Grouping & Summarizing Your Data
  6. Introduction to Analytical Methods
  7. Conducting a Descriptive Analysis
  8. Developing Insights
  9. Visualizing Data Insights
  10. Storytelling with


Data Immersion

Achievements 1 Preparing and Analyzing data
Achievements 2 Data visualization and Storytelling
Achievements 3 Databases and SQL for Analysts
Achievements 4 Python Fundamentals for Data Analysts
Achievements 5 Data Ethics and Applied Analytics
Achievements 6 Advanced Analytics and Dashboard Design



Data Visualization with Python

Achievement 1 Network visualization and Natural language

Processing with Python

Achievement 2 Dashboards with Python


Machine Learning with Python

Achievement 1 Basics of Machine Learning for Analysts
Achievement 2 Real–World Applications of Machine Learning


Why CareerFoundry?

® No need to be from a tech background to take the course

® Best for beginners as the program with beginners in mind

® Free of cost short program to try with flexibility in leaving whenever you want

® Expert mentors

® Learn flexibly online on your schedule

® Support from start to finish

® Job guarantee with over 90% placement

® Skills-focused program to be job-ready and graduate well-roundedly

® Rigorously practical


Course fees – $ 7507 if you pay upfront

– $ 7900 if you pay monthly

Duration – 10 months


7. Data Analytics Courses – FutureLearn

FutureLearn is also one of the platforms that provide Top Data Analytics Courses in Trichy. They offer Data Analytics courses that match both beginners as well as those already in the line but are searching for upskilling. They provide both introductory as well as industry-specific courses.



  1. Applied Data Analysis
  2. Data Analysis with Excel for Complete Beginners
  3. Data Analytics for Business
  4. Data Analytics using Python
  5. Data Visualization with Python
  6. Digital Marketing Content Creation
  7. Digital Marketing Strategy



They also provide microcredentials for people who want to upskill without the time and cost commitment of pursuing a full degree.

® AWS: Machine Learning Foundations

® Data Analytics for E-Commerce


Why Futurelearn?

® Flexible online courses

® Short sessions

® ExpertTracks

® Top expert mentors

® Certification after completion of the course

Course fees- not mentioned

Duration- not mentioned


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8. Data Analytics Course Training – Intellipat

Intellipat offers a wide range of courses and their course on data analytics is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Trichy. They have one of the top mentors from IIT Madras faculty and their courses are designed to master all the basic skills necessary. Freshers or anyone with a bachelor’s degree with a keen interest in AI and Data Science, Professionals looking for a career transition as Data scientists and AI Engineers can apply.



Module 1 Preparatory Session – Linux and Python
Module 2 Data Analysis with MS Excel
Module 3 Data Wrangling with SQL
Module 4 Python with Data Science
Module 5 Linear Algebra and Advanced Statistics
Module 6 Machine Learning
Module 7 Deep Learning using TensorFlow (Elective)
Module 8 Power BI
Module 9 Deploying Machine Learning Models with Cloud


Module 10 Data Science Capstone Project
Module 11 Business Case Studies
Module 12 Natural Language Processing
Module 13 Computer Vision


Module 14 Data Science at Scale with Pyspark


Skills to master

  • Python – Data Science
  • MLOps – Data Wrangling
  • Prediction algorithms – NLP
  • Data Analysis – SQL
  • PySpark – AI
  • Story Telling – Model
  • GIT – Machine Learning
  • Model
  • Data visualization


Why Intellipat?

® Four hundred hours of Applied Learning

® 218 hours of Self-Paced Learning

® 50+ Industry Projects and case studies

® Placement Assistance

® 24*7 support

® One on one mock interview

® Two days campus immersion at IIT Madras Research Park

® 50 Live sessions across 7 months

® You will learn from IIT Madras Faculty & their Industry Practitioners

® One on one with industry mentors

® Resume preparation and LinkedIn profile review

® Designed for working Professionals & Freshers

® No Cost EMI option


Course fees – Rs 85,044 + GST

Duration – 7 months


9. Data Analytics Online Course – ExcelR

ExcelR in collaboration with IBM, provides one of the top upskilling courses to students, freshers, and working professionals. Their data analytics course is one of the top Data Analytics Courses in Trichy. Their courses are designed to suit both the market and those interested in building their career. They have more than two thousand network hiring partners, which is an added plus.

It is best for anyone searching for a career in Data Analytics but without coding. Any graduate from commerce, science, and engineering streams, Professionals from BPO and KPO domains, Freshers from any streams with good Analytical and logical skills, Professionals with good logical and analytical skills, Management professionals, and Finance and accounting professionals can apply.


Course Curriculum

® Excel: Basics to Advanced


® Tableau

® Power BI


Value Added Courses

® Business Statistics

® Fundamentals of R

® Fundamentals of Python

® SAS(Self-Paced)

® ChatGPT



® Analysis of patient data (Domain: Healthcare)

® Loan of customers (Domain: Banking and Finance)

® Employee Retention (Domain: HR Analytics)

® Industrial Combustion Energy Use (Domain: Energy)

® Flights Delay Analysis (Domain: Aviation)

® Olist Store Analysis (Domain: ECommerce)


Why ExcelR?

® Industry-Based Course curriculum

® Value-added courses

® Work hands-on with fifty-plus labs, 30 plus assignments, and 1500 plus interview Preparation questions.

® Dedicated Placement cell

® Support through WhatsApp, calls, and emails

® Lifetime of eLearning Access

® Post-training support

® Placement assistance

® Peer support

® Blended Training Model

® Industry best trainers

® Tailored course curriculum

® You will receive a certificate after the completion of the course.


Course fees – Rs 44,999

Duration– 6 months


10.  Professional Certificate Course on Data Analytics Course from EICTA-IITK

Looking for top Data Analytics Courses in Trichy? EICTA-IITK is one of the top platforms to take data analytics courses in. They deliver courses via Live sessions by leading practitioners and mentors on industry-relevant projects, based on experiential learning in a Cohort-Based Program.



There will be an induction session for a professional certificate course in Data Analytics


® IITK DA: Business Analytics with Excel

® IITK DA: Data Analytics with R

® IITK DA: Tableau Training

® IITK DA: Capstone Project


Skills covered

® Linear and logistics regression modules

® Data Analytics

® Statistical Analysis using Excel

® Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI

® Supervised Learning


Tools covered

® Microsoft Excel

® Power BI

® Python

® Tableau

® R



Industry Projects

  1. You will be rating predictions for apps on the Google Play Store
  2. Demand Forecast for Walmart
  3. Attrition modeling for IBM



® Certificate after program completion

® Distinguished IIT Kanpur faculty

® Job Assistance after completion of the course

® Experimental hands-on learning in a cohort-based program

® Online Bootcamp

® Mock Interview sessions


Course fees- Rs 1,15,050

Duration- 11 months


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Trichy


1.    What are the different career options after taking a Data Analytics course?

The different career options after data analytics courses are Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Analysts, Machine Learning engineers, Decision scientists, Business Intelligence Analysts, Marketing Analytics Managers, Financial Analysts, Quantitative Analysts, Risk Analysts, Data Governance Analysts, and Data Visualization engineers.


2.    What degrees do you need to be a Data Analyst?

To be a Data analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree in either one of these degrees. They are Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or Statistics, Finance and Economics, Psychology, and Management Info Systems.


3.    What are the skills required to be a Data Analyst?

Some of the most important skills required to be a Data Analyst are SQL, Mathematics, Excel, Statistical Programming Language, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data collection and cleaning, Communication skills, Critical thinking, and Problem-solving. You can easily learn all these skills from any of the above Top Data Analytic Courses in Trichy.


4.    How much does a Data Analyst earn?

Salaries of Data Analysts differ from company to company and country to country. However according to the latest Data Analytics Salaries in India based on 86.2k salaries conducted by Ambition Box, the average is 4.1 lakhs, it goes from as low as 1.7lakh to as high as 11.3 lakh. According to Indeed, in the USA, the average salary is $76,381 a year, and it goes to as low as $49,652 and to as high as $117,501.



Every business in the world, from a bakery to a Multi-National Company uses data to determine their business decisions. This career choice is promising as they are in great demand all over the world. According to GrowthTribe, the Data Analytics job is projected with a 23% increase in job opportunities from 2021-2031 which is way higher than the average 5% increase of other jobs. Join any of these top Data Analytics courses in Trichy and be ready to build yourself a very successful career out of it.

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