Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

If you are looking for the finest digital marketing courses in Bangalore that not only offer top-notch training experience but also provide you with placement assistance, then your search ends here. Get ready to discover a course that combines comprehensive education, practical knowledge, industry-relevant skills, connection with like-minded professionals, and a dedicated focus on helping you to secure a promising placement. By enrolling in digital marketing courses in Bangalore, you gain access to an environment that is constantly growing and pushing the boundaries of digital development.


List of best digital marketing courses in Bangalore


The city’s active startup culture, presence of renowned tech giants, and strong network of industry professionals make it an ideal place to immerse you in the world of digital marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that uses online channels such as email marketing, SEO, PPC ads, content marketing, social media, etc. The main purpose of digital marketing is to help businesses to promote their products and services to the target audience to leverage the business online.

Digital marketing can have different motives and intentions that can differ from one business to another, to increase sales of the brand’s products and services, brand awareness and visibility, build brand image, or just stand out among others.

Digital Marketing is not about broadcasting messages, it’s about enabling businesses to engage in two-way communication, sparking conversation, asking for feedback to understand customer’s needs, queries, and preferences, and addressing their concerns with satisfaction.

One of the best traits of digital marketing is it allows businesses to measure and track results. By analyzing metrics and data you can get insights into customers’ behavior and track results, it helps to understand what’s working and what’s not, then optimize your strategies and improve your marketing efforts continuously and more effectively.

Digital Marketing is an innovative, creative, and ever-evolving field. It’s all about constantly discovering new tools, platforms, embracing new technologies, and adapting to changing trends. Whether it’s creating viral videos, collaborating with popular influencers, or leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Digital marketing keeps you on your toes.


Course Curriculum:

A digital marketing course curriculum may differ depending on the institute and program. However, the following topics are often included in a comprehensive digital marketing course:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Website Planning and Creation
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
  • (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • (SMM) Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Analytics and Data Insights
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Emerging Trends


Why Learn Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore?

Bangalore often referred to as the silicon valley of India, is the residence of a multitude of multinational technology companies, startups, tech giants, and digital enterprises. When it comes to learning about digital marketing, location has a big impact on shaping your educational practice and career opportunities. Enrolling in a digital marketing course in Bangalore, offers you access to top-tier training institutes, mentorship from experts, and guidance from professionals who are actively involved in the industry. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why learning digital marketing courses in Bangalore can be a turning point for your career.


Dynamic Digital Ecosystem:

Enrolling in a digital marketing course in Bangalore, you will be learning in an environment that values creativity and advanced technology. The city’s dynamic environment offers distinct advantages in terms of networking, learning from industry professionals, and potential employment opportunities.


Excellent Training institutions:

Bangalore is the residence of prominent training institutions known for their digital marketing courses. Experienced faculty members bring real-world concepts and expertise into the classroom at esteemed training institutes in the city. The course curriculum is designed to match the industry’s requirements and provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of digital marketing.


Abundant Career Opportunities:

Bangalore’s growing tech industry has created an abundance of career opportunities in digital marketing. The city is a hub for e-commerce businesses, startups, technology enterprises, and digital agencies, all of that requires skilled digital marketers. Learning digital marketing in Bangalore places you in a city with a large market, increasing your chances of securing appealing and rewarding job possibilities in a multitude of industries.


Industry Connectivity and Networking:

Bangalore’s growing digital marketing ecosystem provides several opportunities for networking and collaboration. Pursuing a digital marketing education in the city helps you to network with other like-minded individuals, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and possible jobs.

Through workshops, seminars, and industry events you can establish important relationships and stay updated on the latest trends and developments. It expands your professional network, encourages collaboration, provides insights from industry leaders, and opens doors to future employment opportunities.


Industry-Relevant Curriculum:

Digital marketing courses in Bangalore are designed in order to provide you with an extensive and industry-relevant curriculum. In these courses you’ll gain hands-on experience in creating social media campaigns, optimizing websites, or analyzing data, you’ll receive the required practical skills for real-world projects that will prepare you to tackle the challenges of the industry. The curriculum provides you with the latest tools, strategies, and approaches that are used in the industry, ensuring you to stay ahead of your opponents and succeed in your digital marketing career.


Tips To Select the Right Institute Offering Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore:

There are numerous institutes available that offer digital marketing courses in Bangalore, but the selection of the right one can be a tedious process. It is important to make a thorough decision in selecting the ideal one, the selected course should support your career goals and provide you with an exceptional learning experience. Considering the following tips in mind will help you find the ideal institute:


Research the institute’s reputation:

Look for institutes with a good reputation and positive reviews from previous students. Learn more about their credibility and educational quality by visiting their official website, social media presence, and online communities.


Course curriculum and content:

Look over the course curriculum to ensure that it covers all important digital marketing topics. It’s important that the course include hands-on activities such as experiential learning, practical exercises, case studies, and real-world projects for a better learning experience. To learn digital marketing skills a comprehensive and updated curriculum is required.


Faculty expertise and industry experience:

Professionals with experience in the digital marketing industry can offer useful insights and practical knowledge. Look for faculty members that have a solid academic background as well as necessary qualifications.


Industry partnerships and projects:

Check whether the institute engages with industry partners or provides opportunities to work on live projects. Collaborations with industry organizations or projects with real clients can provide valuable exposure and help you build a portfolio of work that showcases your abilities.


Networking opportunities:

A reputable institute should provide opportunities for networking with industry professionals, guest lecturers, or alumni. Networking can help you build connections, obtain insights from experts, and gain entrance to new employment opportunities.


Alumni network and reviews:

Reach out to institute alumni to gain their feedback and insights. They have the potential to provide valuable information about their own experiences, career outcomes, and overall course quality.


Placement Opportunities:

A pp can enhance your employability and provide you with access to various placement opportunities. Upon completing a course, you may be eligible for job roles such as:

  • Digital Marketing Executive/Manager
  • SEO Specialist/Analyst
  • SEM Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Content Marketer/Strategist
  • PPC Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Consultant


Placement opportunities can be found in various industries post-digital marketing courses,  such as e-commerce, the IT industry, advertising agencies, digital marketing agencies, startups, and many more.


Other best courses in Bangalore:


The Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with Placements Are:



IIM SKILLS is one of India’s leading online training institutes, offering exceptional writing, marketing, and finance courses with placement assistance. The IIM SKILLS’ Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore offer learners the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the dynamic world of online marketing.

The Digital Marketing Master Course DMMC offers an extensive and effective educational experience, it is a well-designed program that covers a wide range of topics, providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies, techniques, and tools applied in the industry.


Course: Digital Marketing Course

Course duration: 3 months course with 2 months of paid internship

Fee: ₹ 29,900 inclusive of 18% GST


Key Features:

IIM SKILLS continually updates the course content to reflect the most recent industry trends and best practices.

The 5-month digital marketing certification course offers 3 months of intensive training, followed by a 2-month paid internship, which covers an extensive curriculum consisting of 40 digital marketing modules.

IIM SKILLS’ Digital Marketing Course provides flexible learning options. The course is delivered through live online sessions, recorded video lectures, and complete study materials.

The course emphasizes practical application through training of 60+ hours live online, 120+ hours of assignments, 15+ live projects, and 10+ case studies, giving students the opportunity to work on a variety of scenarios and upgrade their problem-solving skills.

The curriculum of the course covers a variety of important online marketing tools, including Facebook Ads, YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, LinkedIn Ads, Semrush, Google Ads, , Google Trend, Twitter Ads, Yoast SEO, and many more.

As part of the course, students are provided access to the complete collection of digital marketing tools worth $79,000 or more. These tools enable students to efficiently analyze data, optimize operations, and update their digital marketing efforts.

Ahead of successful completion of the course, students receive a Master Certification from IIM Skills. They also receive 13 other certificate preparation with Google, Facebook (Meta), and HubSpot. These certifications confirm the learners’ knowledge and boost their professional reputation in the field of digital marketing.

IIM SKILLS offers strong placement support to its students, with the goal of connecting them with leading organizations and job opportunities. To enable placement assistance, the institute maintains strong ties with industry partners, digital marketing agencies, and recognized companies.


Contact:, +919580740740,


#2- Learn Digital Academy:

Learn Digital Academy is a prominent institution dedicated to providing high-quality digital marketing courses in Bangalore. With its practical learning approach, experienced faculty, industry-relevant curriculum, practical projects, certifications, and career support, Learn Digital Academy prepares students to excel in their digital marketing careers.



Advanced Digital Marketing Course
Duration: 2 months

Digital Marketing Master Course
Duration: 3 months

Skill Diploma Digital Marketing Course
Duration: 4.5 months


Key Features:

  • Learn Digital Academy is a highly reputed training institute with over 18,000 learners.
  • The curriculum consists of 55+ comprehensive modules with 120+ hours of immersive learning.
  • Real-world experience is gained through four or more live projects during the training and students can further enhance their practical knowledge with three months of internships.
  • Upon completion, students earn 22 certifications, including a university certification.
  • Learn Digital Academy guarantees 100% placement for successful candidates, ensuring a promising career ahead.
  • Lifetime student support is provided to assist learners throughout their digital marketing journey.
  • Learn Digital Academy has been recognized as the best training awarded agency.


Contact: 80500 11677, 080 417 11677


#3- Institute of Marketing:

The Institute of Marketing stands out as a leading institution that offers extensive education and training programs in the field of marketing. The institute offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore with placement assistance and potential job opportunities. The institute emphasizes more on industry-relevant skills and practical knowledge and aims to empower individuals with the tools and skills they need to excel in the dynamic and competitive world of marketing digital.


Course: Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Duration – 2.5 months

Fees – ₹ 32,000

Other courses and training offered by the institute:

  • Digital marketing crash course – 3 weeks
  • Corporate Digital Marketing Training – Customized for companies


Key features:

  • Institute of Marketing takes a hands-on practical approach to education. Students are provided with valuable opportunities to engage in real-world situations, case studies, and projects that allow them to apply their knowledge and skills in practical operations. This method of practical learning helps students in developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Gain hands-on experience through live projects and learn from industry experts who share their insights and expertise through guest lectures.
  • With only six students per batch, you receive one-on-one attention and ample opportunities for interaction and personalized learning.
  • In just two months, you can become a certified Google Adwords specialist, boosting your credibility and skill in pay-per-click advertising.
  • The institute also offers crash courses and corporate training programs designed to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses.
  • The institute offers flexible timing options to accommodate busy schedules.
  • The institute provides a 100% placement guarantee by offering you ideal job postings from startups to MNCs.


Contact: 8095155559, 8919297237


#4- NIDM:

National Institute of Digital Marketing (NIDM) rank as one of the top institute in offering digital marketing courses in Bangalore, India. The Institute is committed to offering high-quality education that provides students with the knowledge, skills, and traits that are required to shine in the dynamic and constantly developing field of digital marketing.

The digital marketing courses at NIDM Institute contain a job-oriented base curriculum that covers the various aspects of digital marketing, ensuring that learners have a comprehensive understanding of the subject.



  • Dynamic Digital Marketing Course Premium
  • Digital Marketing Course


Duration: 2 months
Fees: ₹ 55,000


Key Features:

  • NIDM Institute offers the flexibility of both in-classroom and offline modes of learning.
  • The course offers the opportunity to earn 10+ certifications, validating the expertise gained throughout the course with 100% placement assistance, allowing students to explore rewarding job opportunities in the digital marketing field.
  • The curriculum includes live projects, giving students hands-on experience and the opportunity to handle real-world challenges as well.
  • The institution is also a digital marketing agency, they deal with clients across multiple industries such as real estate, healthcare, and other sectors. The students get to work on LIVE projects of real clients as part of their digital marketing course.
  • NIDM Institute offers 1 year of extended support, allowing students to seek guidance even after completing the course.


Contact: 9035332200


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#5- Digital Academy 360:

Digital Academy 360 is a well-known name in the area of digital marketing education. Learners are provided with the information and skill set relevant to the digital marketing industry as well as a practical learning environment, required to flourish in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

The digital marketing course in Bangalore, at DigitalAcademy360 provides a comprehensive and globally recognized learning experience. The courses include a variety of modules to guarantee that learners develop practical knowledge and expertise ranging from fundamental ideas to advanced methods.

With its numerous modules, case studies, practical projects, certificates, and diversified student community, the course prepares students to succeed in the fast-paced world of digital marketing while providing a worldwide perspective on industry practices and trends.



-Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics

Duration: 7 months, 300 learning hours

Key Highlights:

Modules: 125+, 12 Case Studies: 25, Experiential Projects: 18, Certifications: 16


Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Diploma Course

Duration: 5 months, 305 learning hours

Key Highlights:

Modules: 65+, Case Studies: 20, Tools: 15, Experiential Projects: 9, Certifications: 12


– Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course

Duration: 3 months, 200 learning hours

Key Highlights:

Modules: 50+, Experiential Projects: 8, Certifications: 12, Case Studies: 9, Tools: 15


Contact: 7353 515 515.


#6- Streamlyn Academy:

Streamlyn Academy stands as a premier institution in digital marketing courses in Bangalore. The institute has established itself as a leading institution in providing inclusive industry-focused digital marketing training. With a commitment to excellence, practical learning, and industry relevance, Streamlyn Academy is dedicated to shaping future digital marketing leaders.



  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
    Duration: 240 Hours (6 months)

Fees: ₹ 71,499

  • Advanced Programmatic Advertising Course
    Duration: 80 Hours (2 months)

Fees: ₹ 70,799

  • Progressive Digital Marketing Course
    Duration: 160 Hours (4 months)

Fees: ₹ 51,499

  • Executive Digital Marketing Course
    Duration: 80 Hours (2 months)

Fees: ₹ 29,499


Key Features:

  • Streamlyn Academy offers an extensive digital marketing course with 15+ modules.
  • Professional development opportunities are provided to enhance student’s skills and knowledge.
  • The Academy ensures 100% placement assistance for its students.
  • Mock interviews are conducted to prepare students for job interviews.
  • The academy has achieved an impressive placement rate of 95%. Students receive lifetime placement assistance to support their career goals.


Contact: 9883790299


#7- IIDE:

IIDE Institute is one of the promising institutes that offer comprehensive digital marketing courses in Bangalore. It is a trusted choice for those individuals who aspire to build a successful career in the digital marketing industry. The institute aims to train aspiring individuals with the skills and knowledge required to mark a career in the ever-changing digital marketing field, by focusing on providing an industry-relevant curriculum, exceptional practical learning experience, and a range of certifications to enhance professional performance which is essential for career growth of the individual.


Course: Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course

Duration: 4 months

Fees: ₹ 1, 15,000 only.


Key Features:

  • The IIDE Institute provides both online and classroom-based training opportunities. Students have the choice to choose the mode of learning that best suits their preferences and schedule.
  • With a remarkable track record, IIDE Institute has trained over 1, 00,000 students.
  • The institute offers a comprehensive course where you will receive 1:1 sessions with trainers who are experts in the field of digital marketing.
  • The course curriculum is designed by industry professionals, ensuring you learn the most relevant and updated digital marketing strategies and practices for a thriving career.
  • One of the key benefits of joining IIDE is to get the opportunity to connect with over 250+ hiring partners, including renowned companies like Nykaa, Zomato, and Flipkart.
  • One of the standout features of IIDE Institute is its firm commitment to providing 100% placement assistance to its students.


Contact: 090356 00400


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Is digital marketing a suitable career option?

Yes, because digital marketing is a rapidly growing sector, there are several prospects for job advancement. Individuals from a variety of backgrounds can transition into a digital marketing career with the correct training and abilities.


Can I work as a freelance digital marketer?

Yes, freelancing is an option in the world of digital marketing. Many corporations and businesses use freelance digital marketers to oversee their internet marketing efforts on a project basis.


Are there any certifications available in digital marketing?

Yes, there are numerous certificates accessible in digital marketing, such as Google Ads certifications, Google Analytics certifications, HubSpot certifications, and Facebook Blueprint certifications. These certificates confirm your skills and knowledge in various areas of digital marketing.


What distinct advantages does digital marketing have over traditional marketing?

Digital marketing offers more targeted reach, measurable results, higher flexibility, and lower costs compared to traditional marketing methods. It allows businesses to track campaign performance in real time and make data-driven decisions.

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