Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool With Placements

The Digital Marketing field is becoming popular these days. The world is becoming more tech-savvy. With the increasing demand for technology, the marketing field is also flourishing. New technology is also developing in marketing. Every big and small company depends on the world of advertising. Side-by-side the face of social media is also changing. The online digital marketing courses in Liverpool will completely change your life as the top proficient expert will make your career in a data-driven world with the help of practical projects.


List of best digital marketing courses in Liverpool


The trend in social media ads is also increasing and so is the need for digital marketers. Digital Marketing has also created thousands of jobs throughout the world. Liverpool is also becoming the hub of Digital marketing courses in Liverpool which attracts not only natives but international students also. In this article, various e-marketing course details are provided which help anyone to make the right decision for career planning and continuing studies.



Online marketing in Liverpool only because the course content is of the latest curriculum and the faculty is research-oriented. Interest in social media is also increasing and the use of electronic gadgets is also. The youth of this era is completely dependent upon both these things as they are born in the techno world.

The demand for social platforms has also increased. In the COVID-19 era, people understood the utility of technology as well as the advantages of Digital Marketing. Gradually it is increasing day by day. Even the small players post their ads on social media platforms. Digital Marketing and Technology have rightly proved that “Necessity is the mother of Invention”

Development in technology and data science is increasing day by day. Business in all sectors is using performance marketing to build strong relationships with customers and to continuously evaluate themselves. Day by day the demand for experts is increasing who can create online content, use internet technologies, and create strategies.

The program modules are designed on a research base. It gives an understanding of online marketing terms, swings, and techniques. Here it is important to discuss the role of analytics and its importance. Problem-solving aptitude is generated deeply with real-life examples.

Apart from theoretical knowledge practical knowledge is also provided which helps in meticulous training in research, data-driven procedures, and critical thinking. It includes SEO, Social media marketing, conversation -optimization, and all sorts of marketing. In this article, you will learn more about Digital marketing in Liverpool.


What is Digital Marketing?

After COVID-19 online life is becoming popular. Online marketing is the most powerful tool that connects people across the world. Nowadays business is dependent on online marketing. which attracts and grabs the attention of the targeted audience so that the brand gets popular. New era digital marketing contains several different other areas like SEO strategy, content marketing, and PR campaigns.

They help in increasing the business. In a more confined manner, online marketing is defined as advertising a particular brand with the audience or the customers by using the internet and other types of tools. Technically performance marketing involves internet marketing. In simple words, it is defined as the digital presentation of a particular product.


What Are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool?

Different types of digital marketing courses in Liverpool are as follows:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Fundamentals of Internet Marketing
  • Complete Direct & Digital Marketing
  • Overview of social media
  • Marketing – social media
  • Social Media for Business Training Course
  • Social Media Applications for Business
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Training Course
  • Social Media Course for Business
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Workshop
  • Media and Public relations
  • Understanding the 6 principles of digital Marketing


What is the Importance of Digital Marketing in the Digital Era?

Internet marketing has its importance for business. Certain elements are needed for a digital campaign. These are as follows:

  • Smartphone considerations
  • Organic search
  • Content marketing
  • Lead nurturing


It helps to reach a large audience at a time by using various tools. It is cheaper than the traditional way of advertisement.

There are many advantages of digital marketing:

  • It is a cost-effective way.
  • It allows competition with bigger brands.
  • It is accountable.
  • It is easy to modify the content.
  • It is not age-appropriate. It involves people of all ages.
  • Quality and conversion rate can be improved.


Let Us Discuss Them Separately

(i) Cost-effectiveness:

It helps in the daily campaigning of the products. A few years back marketing was a luxury. The digital samples were very expensive. The digital business helped every type of business with varied budgets. It requires very little investment. These days it helps in new startups. Digital marketing is very helpful for small business that can’t afford to like big players but wants to sustain themselves. In this campaign, social media plays a vital role.


(ii) a large number of People Involved:

Several people can see the advertisement at one time. Hence on a bigger platform audience can be involved. This is one of the remarkable advantages of online marketing. Simultaneously, a similar type of audience is targeted and reached. This audience can be targeted through different channels of e-commerce. Health-conscious people are also targeted. Through data-driven and digital analytics, the audience is gathered. Mainly youngsters are attracted towards it. Certain parameters can also be measured. These parameters are customer relationship, flexibility integration, etc.


(iii) Return on Investment (ROI):

One main factor is the return on Investment. Digital marketing is more effective than physical marketing. It costs less and has the potential to track much return on investment. It has compatibility to set business goals and allocate the exact resources. There are numerous digital means through which the campaign is initiated. Various digital market tools are also initiated.


(iv) Involving and maintaining customer relationships:

Online marketing has the potential to reach thousands of customers in no time and build long relationships. Social Media like Instagram, Facebook & and Linked In have the environment to immerse directly in a company with their customers. Companies can build strong relationships with customers. Questions, answers, and queries can be solved.

It can be done within no time and exertion. It also helps to build trust. Apart from social media Email marketing is another way to immerse with the audience. It has given various companies that provide Email marketing facilities with easier ways and bulk data can be sent in no time. Maintaining customer relationships through digital marketing is a comprehensive process. Long-term relationships with clients can be maintained.


(v) Accountable and Data-driven Results: The data-driven results are measurable. Unlike traditional marketing methods, online marketing gives robotics results.GA4 and Adobe Analytics are platforms where one can gather data on various metrics and find traffic. It provides real-time monitoring. One can monitor up-to-date data on digital platforms.


What Are the Roles/Responsibilities of Digital Marketing in Business?

Role /Responsibilities of Digital Marketing in Business

Increase in Digital Marketing jobs:

COVID-19 has created digital or online marketing jobs. The demand for professionals has also increased. In 2023 not only the world market but also India alone will be creating lakh jobs. With low
economic growth, the online marketing industry is flourishing all over the world.

The Role of a digital marketing strategy:

A person who maintains marketing campaigns for various brands. A marketing professional does market research, strategizes policies, and creates campaigns. There are different job roles in digital marketing. Being a digital marketer is a marvelous career where various strategies are planned.

Key Responsibilities:

1) Develop marketing that matches the organization’s business goal.
2) Measure ROI.
3) Do market research & and analyze data.
4) Collaborate with the team, and create content and web development.
5) Keep growing with the latest knowledge of digital marketing strategies and


What Are the Top Reasons to Pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool?

Top 5 reasons to study digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

(i) Gain a degree from a prestigious university.
Studying in Liverpool means gaining a degree from a renowned and prestigious university that is approved all over the world with value.
(ii) Learn from Masters: School management is also a part of the business
schools that have gold standards throughout the world. Research is their primary

(iii) Be a global part: During studies become a global part and get ample opportunities and connect with employers.
(iv) Discounts & Scholarships: Discounts and scholarships are awarded to eligible students.
(a) When a student pays Full payment the discount will be 5%.
(b) When an Alumni wants to pursue a course the discount will be 10%.
(c) There is an Executive Scholarship also for Online MBA & Management MSc award.
(d) Regional scholarship will be 4%.
(e) Corporate Discount is also there to help Organizations
(v) Liverpool is an Easy going study place
Postgraduate programs are designed in such a way that they can be studied from anywhere. The study material is interactive. It includes study material, discussions, and a library of e-books and journals.


Institutes Conducting Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool



IIM SKILLS has been conducting professional courses for the past 5 years.  It is the institute that conducts one of the best digital marketing courses. It has a placement facility also. The entire course is divided into different modules. The modules are based on practicals that aid in the skill development of the student. These modules are further divided into content. There is one main module and the other is a special module.


The course content of the Digital Marketing Course is as follows:


Modules Covered




1. Core or Main Modules








2. Special Modules



(i)    Content Writing And Blogging
(ii) Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
(iii)Social Media Marketing
(iv)Search Engine Marketing
(v)Penetrating Marketing
(vi)Email Marketing
(vii)Web Analytics

(i)WordPress Development
(ii) Digital Marketing Strategy
(ii)Online Reputation Management
(iii)Content Writing And Blogging
(iv) Media Buying
(vi) Performance Marketing.
(vii) Video Advertising
(viii) Cross-channel marketing
(ix) Infographic Digital Resume Preparation






Below are the details:

Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course in Liverpool
Course Duration – The duration of this course is 3 Months and the internship is two
months. The internship is paid.
Course Fees – The fee for this course is GBP 319 (approximately) or 33,584.03 INR.

Placement Facility: The placement facility is also available here. Students are sent to
various big companies. A strong internship is provided here. A stipend is also
provided during the internship.
Here are some big organizations that depend on digital marketing:


These are a few of the big companies where digital marketers are used from IIM SKILLS.

Course Pinnacle:

  • This course is of 5 months in totality which includes 2 months of sure shot internship. A stipend of INR 6000 is provided during the internship.
  • Students learn here practically with Live Projects. There are 15 live projects.
  • There are case studies also. The number of case studies is 10+.
  • It is a great opportunity to get IIM SKILLS Certification and also to appear for 13 other certifications.
  • Here one can learn to use various tools like Landing Pages, Modal Popup, Canvas for Infographics, Mail Chimp for mailing, and Social Media Channels for penetrating marketing.
  • Students learn to use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Ads WP Migrator, Page Builders, and more as part of online digital marketing strategy.
  • It has also discovered how to use Cloud Flare for the content delivery network.


2. University of Liverpool

This is the oldest university in England. The Department of Marketing conducts this course here. This University is famous for its research-based curriculum. So the curriculum taught here is also based on research with companies. This curriculum maintains the balance between students and the companies with its latest knowledge, increasing demand, and at a reasonable cost of course.

The marketing class is lectured with leading digital media partners. Proficient persons
discuss day-to-day demands in e-marketing with students. Hands-on experience is also
provided to the students. That is why a student when she/he comes in the market quite
well aware of the demand of the market.


Course Content:

The entire course is divided into 2 semesters & 1 Summer Term.

Semester 1:
Modules covered this Semester are as follows:

(i) Cross-Culture Behaviour: As the name suggests this module teaches international

(ii) behavior of the clients. Planning marketing strategies for international
companies are taught.


Semester 2:

(i) Marketing Research in the Digital Age: Market analysis is taught in this module. It provides deep knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data.

(ii) Strategic Digital Marketing: Various strategies of digital marketing are taught.Their
curriculum, online tools, development, and implementation are included in this module.


Eligibility: At least a second-class honors degree in marketing is required.

Language Requirement: International students and those who don’t have English
as their native language require a 6.5 IELTS score.


Experience: Not mandatory.

Fee Structure:
For native students: 15,400 Pounds
For International students: 25,100 Pounds
A scholarship facility is also available.


3. Liverpool John Moores University:

This university offers an M.Sc course in Digital marketing whereas traditional marketing techniques and new techniques with online marketing tools are merged. This university is equipped with talented staff. Course content is of market standards. Practical knowledge and practice are given. As the digital economy is increasing all over the world. LJMU is preparing students on the cutting edge.

The curriculum framework is structured in such a way that it produces marketing professionals. It enables the students in all respects of digitization. Another feather in its cap is that this university is a member of AACSB – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools
of Business. The AACSB is a partner of 1,500 organizations from more than 90 countries globally.

International students are also welcomed at this university. There are separate policies for international students. Visa policies are considered.


• Experiential Marketing in the Digital Era
• Digital Marketing Communications
• Data Analysis and Application
• Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
• Digital Consumer Psychology
• Research Methods for Digital Marketing
• Research Project
• Digital Industry Clinic


The course fee is as follows:

7950 Pounds per year for natives.
16,100 Pounds for International students.
Separate policies are there for International students.


Recommended Reads:


4. M training:

This institute was founded by leading marketing consultant Martin Woodfield. Its specialty is that it provides 1 day or 2 days workshop training in business. Regarding faculty, the same here is that Expert faculty is here. There are two types of courses provided here:
(i) Online Course
(ii) Offline courses.


Besides trained faculty, there is a subject matter expert. These experts have a direct connection with the market so they train the students practically.

The courses offered by M Training are:

2-Day Digital Marketing Training Course in Liverpool
Search Engine Optimization Course
• Google Analytics
• Mailchimp Training Course
• Social Media Training Course
• Advanced SEO Training Course
• Email Marketing Training
• Facebook Training Course
• Website Design Optimisation Course
• Blogging Training Course
• The Essentials of Copywriting Course
• Instagram Course


The Course Highlights are:

1. They provide online courses in various cities in the UK.
2. The size of the group is also very small.
3. Their courses are according to the needs of customers and the market.
4. The syllabus in the Online course and in the Offline course is the same.
5. PDF of notes of various courses is also available.
6. Students are certified with a certificate after completing the course & 3 months of online
support is provided.


5 . Social:

It was established in 2008. It provides all kinds of e-commerce solutions to their clients. It conducts online as well as offline courses. International students are also welcome here. In the Digital Marketing field:

Digital Marketing Online Training
• Digital Marketing Masterclass
• Google Analysis – Beginners & Advanced Level Course and more

It provides a Master’s degree also. The e-marketing tools are used here. It produces the masters here which are required for the industry.

The course Highlights are:
1. It provides strong strategies for marketing.
2. New marketing and decision-making skills are taught.
3. These courses are online as well as Offline.
4. Course material is very interactive and student-friendly.


The modules of the Course are:

• Create a digital marketing strategy
• Measure and analyze digital marketing success
• Create engaging content
• Learn to use social media effectively
• Paid advertising
• E-mail marketing
• E-commerce


Following are the factors one should keep in mind while pursuing the Digital Marketing courses in Liverpool:

It should provide up-to-date knowledge.
(i) Every topic, tool, and plugin should be taught.
(ii) Internship should be provided so that students should have hands-on-experience.
(iii) The course fee should be reliable.
(iv) Placement facility, doubt-clearing sessions, and career guidance facilities should be


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool


Q1 How do you get admission to the Digital Marketing courses in Liverpool?

Ans- There are no eligibility criteria for admission to this course. Basically, 10 +2 is required for writing, and reading English. Whereas a graduate degree is required for a Postgraduate degree in this course.


Q3 Name the institutes that are providing digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

Ans- These courses are in high demand in Liverpool. Various institutes provide digital marketing courses in Liverpool:
(ii) University of Liverpool
(iii) Liverpool Moores University
(iv) M training
(v) Social


Q4 What are the eligibility criteria to pursue Digital Marketing courses in Liverpool?

Ans. Usually, 10 + 2 is required for this course but no formal degree is required.


Q5 What is the earning of a digital marketer?

Ans The earning of a digital marketer is 26,134 Pounds.


Conclusion: Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool

The entire information regarding digital marketing courses in Liverpool is provided here. These courses are getting popular after COVID-19 as every company whether big or small wants to target a large audience at a time with low cost. Right choices for the career can be made by choosing the right course according to the need of an hour. The demand for Digital courses will increase in the coming days ahead.

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