Top 10 Online Google SEO Courses in 2022

Every day, we search for different things on the web. We constantly rely on search engines like Google to help us figure out solutions to our problems. So if your today’s online venture is about figuring out the role of SEO in the digital world, then keep reading. This article is about the top 10 Google SEO Courses you can take up to start a successful career in SEO through Google SEO training.


List of best Google SEO courses


What is SEO?


Today, with digital marketing and online businesses gaining fame among people, only effective SEO strategies can help companies flourish in online businesses. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a single term that refers to a collective set of procedures and techniques people follow to present content online.


It is the process of reaching out to potential online audiences by getting ranked on the first few results pages of search engines like Google. This kind of approach towards channeling the online audiences to online websites is called organic traffic. Organic results are closely related to SEO strategies.


The whole reason behind companies and people emphasizing effective SEO strategies in curating a website is to drive organic traffic. Some spend money to get featured on the top results pages of Google, but effective SEO strategies augmented with unique content can rank your website as an organic result without squandering your resources.


Why Google SEO?


Now, we know what SEO is, but what about Google SEO? Google is a  search engine that constantly impresses people with its accurate search results. Google keeps changing its algorithms to deliver top-notch service to people and win its top place in the market.


So given the popularity and a vast number of users it has throughout this world, one must always consider sharing content through Google to reach out to the masses. Google SEO is a set of methods people use to top their content ( through websites and blogs) on the top results pages of Google.


Therefore, from this point onwards, we will focus more on Google SEO and the sources that offer Google SEO training to help you gain knowledge in it. Even though the whole story about how Google ranks content is still a mystery, Google has been kind in helping people to build effective SEO strategies for their websites.


Google has its own Google SEO starter guides and other related guides like Webmaster guidelines to help people curate websites and share them with users. There are also other SEO guides on the web to learn  SEO basics.


Types of SEO:


SEO is of many types, but here we will have an outlook about only two types of SEO.


On-Page SEO


(On-Page SEO includes the steps you can take to change the title, keyword research and usage, quality content, meta description and, many more in your website.)


Off-Page SEO.


(Off-Page SEO refers to the methods you follow to build links and promote your website.)


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Insights on employing the right SEO strategies:


An effective SEO strategy can do wonders to how your content gets valued on the web. While choosing the right kind of SEO strategy can steal the limelight of getting featured in the top result’s pages of Google and improve user experience in all devices, choosing the wrong  SEO strategy can make Google penalize you.


In the worst cases, Google can ban you from sharing content. Following White hat SEO is the right approach towards building an effective SEO strategy. Remember that opting for Black Hat SEO strategies is like choosing a dark alley for yourself. So, to find out the right SEO strategy, you must have outstanding SEO skills.


Chasing the trail of thought to enroll in Google SEO Courses:


Knowing about SEO has become crucial today to share content online. However, if your mind got captivated by the idea of choosing SEO as your profession and if it is pondering over the idea to take Google SEO courses to hone your SEO skills, then make sure to remember the following points before signing up.


Before signing up for the course, check the curriculum design, fee structure, timings, Placement, and Internship opportunities provided ( if you are a fresher trying to learn Google SEO, Placements can help you gain experience ).


Have a tab on the SEO tools they teach in the course. Having expertise in using these appropriate SEO tools can help you land a well-paid job. Check the reviews of the Google SEO courses you have decided to take up before arriving at the right decision.


SEO from a career perspective:


Generally, the whole objective behind taking up Google SEO courses is to hone the SEO skills and eventually carve out a successful career out of it. This part of the article will focus on SEO from a career point of view. The strategies involved in finding effective SEO techniques to rank on Google keep changing constantly.


As mentioned earlier, in recent times, digitalization and online marketing have gained momentum among people. And effective SEO strategies are needed for companies to be successful in business. Therefore, if you want to venture into digital marketing as an SEO expert, you must get trained and gain expertise in using SEO tools.




Earning a bachelor’s degree in fields like computer science, business, and marketing can be helpful to you in becoming an SEO professional.  Signing up for Google SEO courses can also add weightage to your profile while applying for SEO-related posts.


Required skills:


Some of the skills in the skillsets of SEO professionals are listed below:

  • Well-versed knowledge in using various SEO tools like Google Tools for SEO, Moz, Ahrefs, Spyfu, Semrush, etc.
  • Programming skills related to HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.
  • Updated knowledge about current SEO trends and search algorithm changes.
  • Analytical and critical skills.
  • Prudence in doing keyword research, link building, research, and competitor analysis can come in handy.


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The responsibilities of an SEO-related professional will be around Website designing, keyword researching, Optimizing the client’s website, content generation, and many more.


SEO-related roles:


SEO is a vast field that involves various job titles. When you go on a quest to find out SEO-related jobs, here is a list of roles you can take up:

  • SEO Manager,
  • Digital Marketer,
  • SEO analyst,
  • Content marketer,
  • SEO Writer, etc.


All these roles require SEO knowledge and SEO skills, but to secure the job that you need, you must hone additional skills to stand out.


Future Scope:


With the expansion in the number of websites that provide online content through Google and other Search engines inclining every passing day, the world will always need well-trained and talented SEO professionals to help people with user-friendly and SEO-friendly online content.


Therefore, brace yourself with updated knowledge and training from good google SEO training programs to make a long-run SEO career successful. Now, we have reached the most significant spot in this article.


Top 10 Google SEO Courses:


Today we can find numerous e-learning platforms and Universities coming forward to provide outstanding Google SEO courses for people. Therefore, to help you pick out the right Google SEO training program for yourself, here is an account of the top 10 Google SEO courses.


1. IIM Skills


Advanced SEO Course offered by IIM Skills is one of the best Google SEO courses. The framework of the course curriculum consists of 9 Modules.


Fee: Rs. 14,900+ 18% GST

Course Duration: 4 weeks of SEO Training Course with 8 Weeks paid Internship


Salient Features:


This course includes 16 hours of engaging live sessions with the best professionals from IIM Skills. The Google SEO training provided aims at making students gain expertise in using numerous SEO tools like  UberSuggest, Google Search Console, KWFinder, Speed Test tools, and many more.


This course has assignments, assessments, Hands-on activities to keep up the thrill of learning SEO. Placement Opportunities, career guidance, and lifelong access to resources are notable benefits you will enjoy. After the course completion, you can get a Master Certificate from IIM Skills and start a stable career in SEO ahead.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


Other courses 


2. Coursera


This specialization course offered by UCDavis in Coursera focuses on tracing the whole story about Google SEO and various segments involved in constructing effective SEO strategies.


Course Duration: 5 months with a pace of 6 hours a week( as suggested by Coursera)

Course fee: Requires subscription to access the course materials.


salient features:


This specialization course is an integral course of 5 different parts clipped together. The learning modules of this specialization course aims to take learners on the road of Google SEO from SEO fundamentals to building strong SEO skills through hands-on activities and projects.


The course Package includes course videos, readings, Practice Quizzes, assignments, and programming assignments. After completing every course in this specialization series, after finishing every hands-on activity and project, you can get a shareable course completion certificate from Coursera.


3. Hubspot


SEO Certification course offered by Hubspot Academy focuses on building the SEO-related knowledge of learners by giving them insights into constructive SEO strategies. The time duration of the videos offered is around 2:21 hours.


Fee: You can access the course materials by signing up in Hubspot Academy. It is a free certification course.


Salient features:


With 6 lessons, 24 videos, and 5 quizzes, the SEO Certification course aims at incorporating the concepts of SEO in the minds of learners through real-life success stories of effective SEO strategies.


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4. Semrush Academy


Semrush Academy is an e-learning platform created by the Semrush company to share numerous resources and online courses in digital marketing and SEO.


Salient Features:


The free SEO courses offered by Semrush Academy aim at providing deep knowledge about SEO and the secrets of creating effective SEO strategies. With 20 SEO-based free courses focusing on different aspects of SEO, all the courses aim at providing valuable knowledge to hone your SEO skills. These courses also focus on teaching ways to gain expertise in using Semrush SEO tools.


5. Yoast SEO Academy


Yoast SEO Academy offers multiple online SEO training courses for people to enroll. These SEO training courses come in two versions. A few of the SEO courses are free to take up, while some of the SEO courses need a premium subscription to get access.


Fee: $99 per year for the premium subscription.


But irrespective of the course version you choose, the learning strategy devised in the curriculum follows the following objectives: building SEO skills beyond theoretical cognizance, Quizzes, step-by-step guides to gain insights on real-life SEO strategies.


Salient Features:


The Premium subscription can give access to many courses on SEO and SEO skills. The subscription also gives you access to many templates and the Yoast SEO Premium plugin.


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6. Simplilearn


This SEO course offered by Market Motive (an internet marketing training Company from the Organization Simplilearn) has two different versions of SEO training. Online Boot Camp and Self-Paced Learning.


Fee Structure:


Fee payment for Self-paced Learning: Rs. 15900

Fee payment for Online Boot camp: Rs. 20900


Salient Features:


The course curriculum revolves around Keyword Research and management, On-Page and Off-page Optimization, and SEO Analytics. Some of the target audiences for this course include Content writers, Marketing and Sales professionals, Marketing Managers, and many more.


This course aims to teach the secrets of getting ranked on the top Results of Google constantly. Obtaining a course score of above 85% and securing a minimum score of 60% in simulation tests with completion of 3 Projects can fetch you a certificate.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

They suggest you take the SEO Foundation Course before this advanced SEO course. The pre-requisite checklist for this course includes a prior understanding of MS Office, HTML, search engines.


7. Moz Academy


We all know that Moz has remarkable fame in providing SEO-related tools and numerous online resources on SEO. This SEO Course, The Beginner’s Guide to SEO, offered by the Moz Academy, aims at teaching the fundamentals of SEO for beginners for free. Signing up for this course is not difficult as it is free and informative.


If you want to take other SEO courses from Moz Academy, they are available as a spectrum of paid and unpaid courses on their website.


8. Udemy


Offered by Udemy, this course is one of the best Google SEO courses you can take to hone your skills in building links. The contents of this course comprise of many benefits like 26 visuals of recorded sessions with device friendly approach towards delivering the classes. You can have lifetime access to the study materials offered. At the end of course completion, you can get a certificate from Udemy.


Fee: Rs.3200


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9. LinkedIn Learning:


LinkedIn Learning provides many informative courses in various domains. It has many SEO-based courses covering different aspects of SEO.


We will discuss two courses in detail.


  • SEO Foundations by David Booth


This course covers the fundamentals of SEO and traces the role of SEO in online business. It aims at teaching long-term SEO strategies to expand the reach of your website to different audiences. One of the objectives of this course is to teach the art of analyzing links to determine SEO effectiveness.


  • Marketing Tools: SEO by Sam Dey


This course is about the necessary SEO tools you must know. The course focuses on teaching tools like Semrush SEO tools, Google Webmaster tools, Keyword Planner, and many more.


Reason for suggesting these two courses:

Taking up these two courses will give you a deep knowledge of SEO fundamentals and insights into SEO strategies and tools.


10. Skillshare:


Skillshare is an e-learning platform that offers a variety of courses for everyone.  There are many SEO courses on their website.  We will focus on the Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneur for discussion. This SEO training aims at teaching methods to optimize and present content through effective SEO strategies.


Hands-on Projects and assignments are a part of the curriculum. Now, it’s time for you to calm down and choose the Google SEO courses program you want to attend from the list of top 10 Google SEO courses enlisted above.




1.  Is SEO a good career?

Of course, SEO is a promising career path. If you have decided to pursue a career in SEO,  you must practice being patient in tracking your progress in this field. It takes time and updated knowledge about current SEO trends to analyze whether the SEO strategy you have applied is working or not.

With an updated knowledge of Google search algorithms and SEO tools coupled with your research skills, you can always make SEO your successful career path. People and companies will keep building online pages, websites, and online services to offer them to people who need those. Therefore we will always need SEO professionals to optimize the website for organic traffic.


2. What makes someone an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a professional person who keeps tinkering with websites to rank them in the top results pages of search engines like Google, Bing. In short, an SEO expert has profound knowledge in SEO, programming skills, and successful SEO strategies. They have strong research skills, analytical skills, marketing skills, expertise in handling  SEO tools, and can do wonders in ranking a website in Google SERPs.


3. Why is keyword research important in SEO?

SEO is all about finding ways to drive organic traffic to a website by ranking it on top SERPs of Google. The content from different websites gets ranked on google based on search queries by people. Now, since the whole online journey for a person looking for answers through Google starts with keywords, we will focus on keyword research and usage while creating content on the web. Therefore, keyword research is the most fundamental step for constructing an effective SEO strategy.


4. Is White hat SEO illegal?

White hat SEO refers to the SEO practices that align with the rules and guidelines given by Google. Following White hat SEO can be benevolent to both your website and users. Therefore, White hat SEO is legal and healthy for your website.

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