Top 7 Online Business Accounting And Taxation Courses

Accounting professionals are the backbone of a company’s financial state and well-being. If you are reading this article, it might not be a mistake to assume that you could be from a commerce education background and are currently looking to sharpen your abilities post your graduation. BAT programs are online business accounting and taxation courses that could be just the expertise you are seeking in order to enhance your financial proficiency.


List of best online business accounting and taxation courses


Taxation is a government mandate that every citizen is liable to. Basic knowledge of accounting and taxation is present in almost all working individuals. However, expertise is required when a candidate is looking to make a fruitful career in the financial sector.

After you are done reading this article, you will be gaining a better understanding of the scope of taking online BAT courses while also getting more information about the suitable course provider.


What is Business Accounting and Taxation?

In textbook terms, business accounting is the process of calculating, classifying, measuring, processing, recording, and reporting a company’s financial situation to the board of authority and the end users. Accounting is said to be the language of business.

It supports firms in keeping track of their earnings, costs, assets, obligations, and equity so they may make wise financial decisions. It is a highly growing and demanding industry. Analyzing the organization’s economic condition is business accounting. 

Taxation is the term used for the imposed payment of a percentage of your gross income to the national government. Tax is levied on every money-earning individual indefinitely. Direct taxation and indirect taxation are the two kinds of taxation.

Property tax, income tax, tax on assets, and some more are called direct taxes. This is the amount paid directly to the government by a company and or a tax-paying individual. Indirect taxes are imposed on the consumer according to the buying pattern. For example GST, customs duty, entertainment tax, vat, etc. 

The online BAT courses comprehended certification program that instructs and prepares the candidates with the thoroughly applied sciences and makes you industry ready with the varying concepts. Taking this course will only enhance the professionality of an accountant as there is a complete breakdown of important concepts and in-depth training.

It is usually a 6 month-long training program designed for both offline as well as online education platforms. The course creates a strong financial foundation for an individual, guiding you to incorporate your knowledge accurately. 


Business Accounting and Taxation Course: Top 7 Institutes Available Online 

Acquiring practical and professional apprehension in the finance field is crucial in order to support a company’s growth and development. Choosing the right institute or course provider among the vast pool online could be a time-consuming task.

This article could help you choose the suitable academy you are looking for while saving you some long research time. Here is a list of the best institutes currently offering online business accounting and taxation courses:



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading online training and education platforms that provide various courses in the sectors of digital marketing, financing, and analytics. This institute is primarily concentrated on digital skills. This institute aims to offer the candidates accurate industry-relevant and practical training to help students, professionals, and entrepreneurs enhance their learning.

They assure the students with interactive sessions and one-to-one guidance. This organization has a learning management system that gives you access to learning materials, paid tools, assignments, and certification. They also guarantee to give placement support and lifetime guidance. 

They also have a money-back guarantee in case the candidate is not satisfied with the course. The business accounting and taxation course, or BAT program offered by IIM SKILLS in online business accounting and taxation courses is a 4 months-long self-study training program, claimed to be recognized by the Indian government.

It is combined with 120+ hours of live online lectures, 60+ hours of practical assignment training, and a hands-on learning experience. The BAT program by IIM SKILLS is suitable for commerce graduates, tax experts, finance professionals, entrepreneurs, MBA aspirants or professionals, chartered accountants, company secretaries, and for startups.

The certificate that you will be awarded is claimed to be acknowledged and accredited globally. You will be qualified to apply for a position in any organization as a junior accountant after successfully completing the BAT course by IIM SKILLS. The course enhances the user experience with weekly tasks, assignments, and various case studies. 


The Modules Presented to You in the BAT Course:

  • Accounting and Accounting in Tally (25 hours)
  • GST and GST in Tally (22 hours)
  • TDS and TDS with Tally (20 hours)
  • Payroll and Payroll with Tally (12 hours)
  • Income tax with Tally (23 hours)
  • Advanced Excel and MS reporting (18 hours)


Other best online courses:


2. EduPristine:

EduPristine offers various practical and comprehensive courses. It is an education platform that carries out both online and classroom training pertaining to different professional fields. They offer online business accounting and taxation courses. Primarily, the courses offered by EduPristine focus on finance, analytics, and marketing.

Founded in the year 2008, EduPristine has undoubtedly grown to be a well-known education and training institute. This institute provides a PGP-BAT program ie A post-graduate program in Business Accounting and Taxation conceptualized to guide and drive interested candidates toward attaining the perfect skill set and theoretical training required in order to become industry-ready professionals.

It is a 200 hours program and is self-paced. Live online training is conducted by industry expert faculty with years of experience. Their experiential and practical hands-on training focuses on real-time financial projects and case studies. Certification is provided with assistance in job placement at the end of your course. 


The Syllabus Structure Looks Like This:

  • Module 1: Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Licensed version of TallyPrime
  • Module 2: Basics of GST and GST in the Licensed version of TallyPrime
  • Module 3: Basics of Income Tax and IT in Licensed version of TallyPrime
  • Module 4: Payroll and its Components
  • Module 5: Excel for Accounting and MIS
  • Module 6: Finalisation of Financial statements
  • Module 7: BUSY practicals
  • Module 8: SAP
  • Module 9: Soft skills


3. Leverage Edu:

Leverage Edu is a web-based learning platform that primarily focuses on personalized training and mentoring. They provide guidance and information on higher education, career prospects, and academics with skill-set training. They also provide scholarship programs.

They provide various graduate and post-graduate diplomas and certification programs instructed by industry experts and experienced professors.

Leverage Edu is known for its impeccable mentorship, career counseling, exam preparation, assistance for college admission, assistance for abroad higher education, and skill development. Their online business accounting and taxation courses are termed CBAT which is a 6 months-long course. 


The Syllabus and Contents Include:

  • Module 1: Financial Reporting Using ERP Software- Types of accounts and double entry accounting system; generally accepted accounting principles; the flow of transactions; expense and purchase process, etc. 
  • Module 2: Direct Taxation- Tax deducted at source (TDS); accounting for TDS; income tax returns; filing TDS return, etc.
  • Module 3: Payroll and its Components- Registration and returns for payroll components; understanding payroll components; payroll in tally, etc.
  • Module 4: BUSY- Introduction to busy; transaction posting; extraction of GST reports; creation of ledgers, etc.
  • Module 5: Finalization of Financial Statements- Preparation of financial statements with notes; understanding and computing various financial ratios; preparation of trial balance; best practices in auditing, etc. 
  • Module 6: SAP Module (Simulation-based)- Vendor and customer management; delivery and invoice management; liquidity management; cash and credit management.
  • Module 7: Excel and MIS Reporting- Introduction to Excel; lookup function- VLookup and HLookup; advantages and objectives of MIS; MIS reporting using Excel, etc. 
  • Module 8: Goods and Services Tax (GST)- Refund of tax; Input tax credit; Applicability of GST; tax invoice; preparation of and E-filing GST return, etc.


4. Finprov Learning:

Fivprov is an online education platform that aims to provide informed financial and accounting education to its students by curating the best courses feasible. This financial training website was designed by expert chartered accountants. With more than 38 years of experience in the industry, Finprov intends to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

This website offers online business accounting and taxation courses that is termed CBAT. It is a 6-month long rigorous certification program that will shape you into an ideal accounting or tax professional. CBAT is a course that offers 100% placement support and assistance to the enrolled candidates.

Finprov claims to be availing of tech-enabled learning, real-life case studies with hands-on experience and training, exposure, and career assistance. What you will be learning once you enroll in a business accounting and taxation course:

  • Preparation, Finalization, and Analysis of Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • GST including Returns filing
  • Self-preparation and Cash budget and MIS Reporting
  • Latest versions of Tally Prime and Quickbooks
  • Income Tax with TDS, Advance Tax, and all Heads of Income
  • Corporate laws, ESI, and PF computations


5. Synergy Business School:

Synergy School of business skills is a division of the CADD center. This institute is one of India’s largest networks of management training. The organization has over 70 training centers in the country. Synergy focuses on project management professionals, certifying over 10,000 candidates in different fields.

They provide a course on business accounting and taxation using all the tools necessary. The training facilities at Synergy include executive classrooms, advanced computer laboratories, a library with top-notch course and reference materials, and a placement cell that helps with industry-institution collaborations, internships, projects, and employment.

The online business accounting and taxation courses offered by Synergy is a 120 hours training program. This course is suitable for newly graduated candidates who are looking to kickstart their careers in the field of accounting and taxation.

This course could be taken by Bcom, BBA, Mcom, MBA, or any commerce graduate, as well as accounting professionals. Synergy offers certification that is recognized nationwide and a 100% placement guarantee.


Course Contents:

  • Practical Accounting
  • Advanced Excel
  • Payroll
  • Goods & Service Tax
  • Income Tax 


6. Udemy:

Udemy is found among the most popular rapid e-learning websites. It was founded in the year 2010 and has only gained fame and success ever since. It is an education platform that offers courses that are provided by instructors all over the world.

The courses presented to you by Udemy can be accessed through the web and mobile applications. The instruction is usually carried out through videos. The study materials are available for download once you enroll in the course.

Quizzes are conducted and assignments are allocated to the students to make the learning experience worthwhile. An instructor on Udemy offers completely revised online business accounting and taxation courses which costs about INR 3,000 or less.

The course is created by Mr. Urs Ravi from Vedanta Education Academy. An insight into the concepts that you will be learning if you choose to purchase a course from Udemy: 

  • Tally prime 
  • MS Excel
  • Income Tax & TDS 
  • Double Entry Accounting Systems I Elements I Steps I Structure Explained 
  • Tally – Introduction, History, Advantages
  • Golden Rules of Accounts 
  • Basics of Accounting
  • GST and GST Portal Concepts


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7. Henry Harvin:

The online business accounting and taxation courses offered by Henry Harvin is a 172 hours intensive certification program. Henry Harvin is an education and training organization focusing primarily on the field of marketing, financing, and data analytics.

They have an all-time goal to fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical abilities by providing the demographic with the best, personally curated, industry-oriented training programs.

The BAT course offered by this institute covers crucial accounting components like GST, income tax, balance sheet, tally, excel, HR payroll, and more. All of these are very important for a successful finance professional in a company. They offer curated career prospects and maximize your chance of getting employed with an attractive package.


The syllabus for online business accounting and taxation courses by Henry Harvin includes:

  • Module 1: GST Practitioner Course
  • Module 2: Income Tax Specialist
  • Module 3: Financial Statement Analysis
  • Module 4: Tally ERP9
  • Module 5: Advanced Excel for Accounting and MIS
  • Module 6: HR payroll
  • Module 7: Simulated Accounting & Taxation Project


The Benefits of Pursuing An Online Business Accounting and Taxation Course:

Taking online BAT courses can lead to various advantages and benefits. It can prove to be a great opening for your career path and lead to big opportunities in the financing field. After completion of your online BAT course, you will be advancing in all of the required aspects, as it is a stepping stone toward your professional career. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Accounting and taxation skills are currently in high demand. Accounting professionals are greatly sought after in today’s corporate world. After taking a BAT course, you will definitely be gaining expertise in practical as well as applied financial knowledge. You can enhance your chance of getting employed and securing a long-term job in the finance, tax, and accounting departments of any company.
  • After you complete your business accounting and taxation course, many diverse options of career choices and opportunities to choose from will open up for you. You could choose to work as an accountant, auditor, tax consultant, analyst or senior associate, assistant or senior manager, accounts executive, deputy general manager, lecturer financial analyst, or even start your own accounting practice. The knowledge and skills acquired during the course can help you excel in various accounting and finance roles.
  • The online business accounting and taxation courses mostly always focus on providing practical knowledge to the candidates and the skills that are relevant to real-world accounting and taxation requirements. You will gain expertise in tax laws and regulations, principles of accounting, financial statements, bookkeeping, auditing methods, and other essential components of accounting and taxation. All of these are going to assist you in kickstarting your career in finance. 
  • Business accounting and taxation courses may be recognized or accredited by some professional accounting entities. Once you complete such a course, you will find that the training has contributed towards satisfying the educational requirements for professional certifications such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). These certifications will be giving your career a big push towards growth as well as your future career prospects and earning potential.
  • After your knowledge base and foundation in the field of financing get stronger, you can consider starting an accounting or tax consultancy firm of your own. This will make it easier for you to deliver services to small businesses, individuals, or other organizations that will require accounting and taxation expertise.
  • Even if you are not someone who is intending to pursue a career in the accounting and taxation field, the knowledge that you gain from such a BAT course can be useful for managing your personal finances and understanding tax mandates and processes, while making smart financial decisions.


FAQs: Online Business Accounting And Taxation Courses


What is Business Accounting and Taxation?

Online BAT courses are post-graduate diploma or short-term course that is all about finances, money management, and government-mandated tax. Accounting in a business is the art and science of recording, summarising, analyzing, and reporting financial modes of exchange and data to higher-level entities. Taxation is simply an implied sum of the amount paid to the nation’s government. 


What is the role of Taxation in a business?

Businesses are taxed in order to bring in money for the government to pay for infrastructure and public services. Businesses pay taxes, which go towards a nation’s overall tax intake. Taxation can also be used to help solve social or environmental issues, encourage economic growth, and influence company performance.


What is the average salary for an accounting or taxation professional?

The initial salary for an Accountant in India is around 2.7 lakhs rupees (almost 22.5 thousand rupees per month). The minimum experience required as an accountant is two years. The average yearly salary for a tax accountant in India is 3.3 lakhs, with incomes ranging from 1.1 lakhs to 11.8 lakhs.


What jobs can I apply for after completion of the BAT course?

Once you have completed your online business accounting and taxation courses and received certification, you will find employment in no time as the skills and knowledge you acquire open a big door of career opportunities for you. You can start working as a junior accountant, auditing assistant, accounting assistant, tax accountant, finance accounting executive, taxation assistant, and more. 


Conclusion: Online Business Accounting And Taxation Courses

The financial sector and the accounting employment market are currently under the impression of a huge increase, as is the rest of the country. However, there are not many qualified and skilled accountants around. Thus, exclusive online BAT courses were created and developed. The candidate who seeks to go beyond competence in business, accounting, and taxation, this training is apt for them.

At first, this BAT course appears to be a no-brainer for, BBA, and other commerce graduates interested in a career in accounting. For graduates and working individuals with a background in commerce, the BAT course is the best option because it is driven by a professional understanding of accounting, taxation, and essential financial policies. This thorough certification BAT course provides a remarkable entrée into the field of business management and operations for newcomers. If a person works as a professional in a particular field, let’s say finance, they can benefit from this program to expand and enhance their understanding of business and taxation.

The BAT course will provide you an advantage in the job market and enable you to get high-paying positions in any renowned MNCs. Above all, the advanced Excel and Tally training will give you an advantage when trying to win over top MNC employers. Combined online BAT courses are a prerequisite for becoming a qualified accountant and competing against CAs and MBA graduates. It is important to understand the different features found in the different institutes available that offer online business accounting and taxation courses. 

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