Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh With Placement

Chandigarh, a renowned, well-planned, and developed city, is home to a number of top-notch IT companies. Besides being the hub for IT and outsourcing companies, it is regarded as one of the best places to take technical writing courses in Chandigarh. Any writing pertaining to technical topics is considered technical writing. If the subject interests you, must read the full guide. 


List of best technical writing courses in Chandigarh


A technical writer carries out technical writing, which is the process of creating and disseminating technical information in a professional environment. You can hone your writing abilities and receive guidance on the technical writing process by taking online courses. In this article, we take a look at the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh to build a strong technical career.


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is the creation of technical content with a focus on occupational contexts, notably in relation to industrial and other applied sciences. Technical writing is a type of communication where professionals communicate about specialized issues using technical writing as a type of communication.

A technical writer might create writing that outlines technical concepts in relation to environmental regulations, computer programs, or medical procedures. This type of writing entails the creation of short, unambiguous documentation that presents technical knowledge to a particular audience.

It entails writing about complicated topics in a straightforward and understandable way using specialist language and writing styles appropriate for the desired audience, such as engineers, software developers, or medical experts.

Technical writers typically produce user manuals, training materials, white papers, online help systems, and other sorts of documentation that assist users in understanding how to utilize a product or service. The purpose of technical writing is to make sure that readers can understand complex subjects with ease and apply the knowledge they gain to their work efficiently.

The process of writing entails assessing the information and presenting it in a way that anyone reading it, including someone who does not have much familiarity with the field, can understand. This is because many of the details offered by technical writers are complex.

Therefore, technical writing requires the simplification of highly technical phrases into easily understandable ones for an average reader.


Types of Technical Writing:

A technical writer is frequently entrusted with producing many types of papers, such as project documentation, basic business writing documentation, such as forms, templates, presentations, bid documentation, marketing collateral, and training materials.


The different types of technical training are:

1. User manuals and guides: These are the documents that provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to use a product or service.

There are many different types of user manuals and guides

  • Instruction manual
  • Product Manual
  • Repair manual
  • Policy Manual
  • Training Manual


These documents are created under the presumption that the reader lacks technical expertise or does not comprehend the technical jargon used to describe the subject.


2. Technical reports: Technical issues like scientific research, engineering, financial analysis, and project proposals are explained in-depth in these documents. For instance, an annual report is a detailed technical report that a firm provides to its shareholders to outline its operations from the previous year. The official document usually contains a report from the chairperson and CEO of the business, together with corporate information, a mission statement, etc.


3. White papers: A white paper is a report or how-to that provides readers with clear information on a complicated subject and outlines the issuing body’s perspective. It is intended to support readers in comprehending a topic, resolving a dilemma, or ending up in a decision. These are the documents that outline the advantages and applications of novel goods or technologies.


4. Business correspondence and emails: Emails and business letters fall under this category of technical writing and are utilized for both internal and external communication since they enhance performance and productivity, brand image, and employee engagement.


5. Policies and procedures: This particular style of technical writing is employed to record the policies and practices of an organization. A policy describes the protocols and expectations for conduct for a particular scope, such as a business, a product, or a project. It includes specifications needed for the business, item, or project to be successful. A company’s cybersecurity policy could serve as an illustration.

When describing policies, the technical writers instead of relying on jargon, attempt to utilize simple language Keeping in mind that the reader should have no trouble understanding the document.


6. Bid documentation: Bid documentation, which is used to request proposals, consists of technical documents that outline the components of a building project. Plans, specifications, and estimates are examples of project elements. The information needed to submit a bid is provided to bidders or suppliers.


7. Academic papers: These are documents written to convey scientific theories, research findings, and experimentation.


8. Marketing Collateral: Marketing collateral is a type of marketing communication that demonstrates why your business, product, or internet service is the finest on the market. It’s not usually technically oriented, although it can be if you’re talking about technical topics like software or hardware. E-books, case studies, and white papers are examples of marketing collateral.


9. API Documentation: API documentation serves as a guide for utilizing and integrating the application programming interface (API). It is geared toward technical users who desire to advance their software development. It exchanges specialized information as well as task-specific schemas for software programs.


Importance of Technical Writing:

Every business uses technical writing. It’s utilized in workplace policies and procedures, proposals for your next potential clients, directions on how to use your new presentation equipment and any other document where you transform technical knowledge into something that a reader can understand.

A technical writer can assist by converting technical data into insightful explanations. There will always be a need to explain new knowledge to others due to the constantly evolving nature of technology and business practices.


There are several reasons why technical writing is vital:

Let’s start with the most common justification: it’s a decent career and employment. Technical writing can be your best option if you’re an author looking for work in a field with high demand and higher income than many other writing specialties. Because of this, it ought to be significant to you as a writer.

The second reason is that technical writing is highly valued in today’s society due to its reliance on the creation, exchange, and usage of goods and services. The question “How is this done?” is commonly asked in a wide variety of occupations and industries.

Someone needs to provide straightforward instructions on how to use gadgets and systems in a world where goods and services become increasingly high-tech and sophisticated every day. These people assist with these works as technical writers.

Technical writing is relevant philosophically as well. Without technical writers, millions of users would begin to make expensive, potentially fatal mistakes, waste a lot of time and money, and even risk losing limbs, while attempting to use systems and carry out routine chores.

Therefore, enrolling in one of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh would be a wise choice. Such a course is required if you want to support yourself and help you make the correct decisions moving forward in your life.


Scope of Technical Writing:

Technical writing is a type of writing on a particular subject that calls for direction, instruction, or explanation. This writing style has a particular goal and, as a result, differs significantly from other styles of writing, such as creative writing, academic writing, or business writing, in terms of both qualities and functions.

Designing and producing technical documents like administration manuals, installation manuals, quick reference guides, and training manuals fall under the category of technical writing. The scope has no limitations. With the rapid advancement of electronics and technology, there should be an increase in demand for the services, particularly among those who are accustomed to evolving technology.

The future of technical writing in India is currently not looking too promising. Before the 1990s, there was no such thing as technical writing. Technical writing, which is already about a decade old, does not currently have many experts involved, but it is gradually gaining ground.

The profession of technical writing will benefit from the trend’s continuation. Corporations should step up and hire untrained technical writers while also providing training.


Careers in Technical Writing:

The career options for a technical writer are:

  • Content developers.
  • Content writers.
  • Documentation specialists.
  • Information designers.
  • Information developers.
  • Manual writers.
  • Policy writers.
  • Technical communications specialists.


Technically proficient writers may find this job choice rewarding because it gives them the chance to employ technology. They might also like the flexibility that many of these occupations provide because it allows them to frequently work from home.

People may also build a brilliant career in this field if they strategically decide to enroll in one of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh because it will enable them to succeed in their work.


What kind of pay should be anticipated for this career?

Technical writers produce texts that convey complicated technical knowledge in an easy language. In India, a technical writer is able to make an average yearly pay of INR 4.97 lakh. The salary range for this position spans from INR 2.29 lakh to INR 10 lakh per annum, including bonuses and shared profits. The top technical writing positions can earn up to $157,500 annually.


Responsibilities of a technical writer:

  • Create educational materials.
  • Disseminate straightforward scientific facts to a non-technical audience.
  • Technically accurate user documentation should be written.
  • Develop system information after close collaboration with subject-matter experts and competent staff.
  • Aid other authors in creating supporting materials.
  • Ability to enhance both present and future content
  • Create straightforward versions of complex texts for a variety of audiences.


Other best courses in Chandigarh:


Best 5 Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh:



IIM SKILLS is a prominent online educational platform that offers multiple courses, including a technical Writing Course. They also offer courses in finance, advanced SEO, content writing, and digital marketing. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the techniques required to become a professional technical writer.

With its ground-breaking features, such as a specialized placement cell, a one-month internship, 60+ hours of practical projects, 20 hours of lectures, and course content that is Google-aligned, IIM SKILLS’ technical writing program ranks at the top. This institute is one of the top choices for people looking for the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh.

The goal of the IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course is to produce competent technical reports, white papers or journals, API documentation, conversational writing, and medical writing. Its lifelong free access to the course materials, session recordings, and all premium tools is among its top features.

After completion of the course, they give a master certification which is accepted globally. They offer you 100% placement support and assist you in developing your portfolio for employment or freelancing.


Course Duration – 5 Weeks

Course fee – Rs 14900+GST


Individuals who wish to develop their writing abilities or those who want to start a career as a technical writer might consider the IIM SKILLS technical writing courses in Chandigarh. The course gives students a competitive advantage and equips them to face a variety of technical writing issues.


Contact: +919580740740,


Rank #2 Techedo Technologies:

Techedo is a software IT company that provides technical education and training to job seekers who wish to learn and advance their technical talent to increase their employment opportunities. They provide software training for cutting-edge technologies by utilizing top professionals and subject matter experts who deal with global brands.

Additionally, they offer one of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh. In addition to six months of industrial training for chosen students, their training program also offers paid internships. They provide lifelong free membership and the lowest prices for their elite courses.

Industry professionals with years of experience in the relevant field run all of the courses and training sessions. Once the course is over, you will also receive a valid certification. Their internal placement cell supports and aids all job seekers in landing positions with prestigious companies like L&T, HCL, Microsoft, etc. in the Indian job market.

Techedo Technologies also offers courses in HRM, cloud computing, mobile application development, digital marketing, network security, website design, software development, and more. They offer courses both in online and offline mode in addition to providing a 24*7 doubt-clearing service.




Rank#3 Udemy:

Udemy is another self-directed learning platform, which provides one of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh. To meet everyone’s unique demands, this platform provides a wide range of courses. The available courses cover a wide range of topics, including business, marketing, advertising, and digital marketing.

Each course that is being given is taught to students using pre-recorded videos that share insights on the tools to be used, how-what-whys, etc. answered, articles to read, etc. An exam will be given online after the course is finished. One might leverage the certifications they have acquired by including them on their resume.

Depending on the needs and rising expectations of the industry, professionals and industry experts provide technical writing courses on Udemy. Beginners to professionals looking to expand their skill set can all benefit from these courses.


Rank#4 ECT:

The technical writing program offered by ECT is one of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh. The only training facility designated as a startup by the Indian government is the ECT (Education and Career Times Institute). They also provide courses in content writing, communication skills, personality development, and digital marketing.

They have 2 options available for their course. For entry-level and middle-level positions as technical writers, their technical writing course (Option 1) is sufficient. The course lasts for three months and consists of 50 hours of online learning materials with 32 hours of classroom lectures.

For the purpose of gaining practical experience, their live and interactive courses contain 6 assignments and 6 live projects. Additionally, they offer 100% placement aid after training and internship options. However, big tech firms like Facebook, Google, and Amazon hunt for technical writers with some knowledge of technology for senior-level positions.

Technical Writing Course (Option 2) is an advanced and suitable option for these. You will earn a certification that is widely recognized once you have finished the training. The Technical Writing Course (Option 2) is identical to Option 1, with the exception of the curriculum, which includes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The course lasts three to six months and includes 100 hours of online learning videos in addition to 96 hours of in-person instruction. By participating in their 18 assignments and 18 live projects, you will gain practical experience. You will receive four internationally recognized certificates after completing their technical writing courses, which will enable you in finding a well-paying career.


Option 1 – 3 months Technical writing course

Fees: INR 16,949 plus GST of 18%

Option 2—3-6 months Technical writing course+(HTML+CSS+Javascript)

Fees: INR 33,898+18%GST


Many candidates have received ECT support in order to land promising positions with reputable Indian and international organizations.


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Rank#5 Webtech Learning:

Webtech Learning Institute offers a variety of courses in Chandigarh in both online and offline formats, including technical writing and digital marketing, all of which are ISO certified. Their pupils learn how to write technical content that is both user- and search-engine-friendly. They support workshop-style instruction that emphasizes active participation from the students.

Candidates can participate in internship programs where they work on real projects, and placement cell makes it easier for you to land your ideal career at reputable companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Chandigarh University, etc.

All candidates receive a variety of certificates from the institute, including the paid Facebook Ad certificate and the self-certified course completion certificate from Webtech. As one of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh, Webtech benefits from all of these elements.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh:


1. Why is technical writing unique compared to other types of writing? 

Technical writing involves writing to a specific audience and giving instructions on how to use, install, and maintain a certain product. Technical writing is distinguished from other types of writing by its purpose, audience, and writing style.


2. How much does technical writing coursework cost?

A technical writing course typically costs between INR 5,000 and INR 40,000. Offers are typically made by independent training and certification organizations.


3. What kind of education do you need to become a technical writer?

To work as a technical writer, one normally needs a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, having knowledge in or experience with a technical field, like physics or engineering, is advantageous.


4. What is a good illustration of technical writing?

An example of technical writing is a user guide that explains how to operate a particular piece of computer software or electronic equipment. Its aim is to make sure that people are aware of and adept at using the product.



In conclusion, technical writing courses are important because they help people express technical knowledge more clearly, become more professional, support enterprises, and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. One should make an effort to pursue technical writing courses in Chandigarh in order to achieve these abilities. Technical writing exposes one to a wide range of technologies and markets.

The market has seen a notable increase in demand for competent technical writers as a result of how quickly technology is developing each day and the constant influx of fresh technology from around the globe. Due to organizations beginning to rely more on content for the products and services they provide, technical writers play a critical role in the branding and marketing of the firm or business they work with.

Anyone who has a passion for technical writing can, therefore, start their career in part-time technical writing, gradually build their profile and portfolio, and then, when the time and chance are appropriate, change their career to full-time technical writing. Technical writers are responsible for converting difficult technical jargon into a language that is accessible to laypeople Since there is a growing need for technical writers, we hope that this article has assisted you in finding the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh as well as knowledge about the position’s responsibilities and potential for advancement.

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