Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Thane With Certificates

In this era of advanced technology and innovation, technical writing has become essential for simplifying complex processes, topics, and technologies. It helps deliver information about a product or service to customers or users in a simple manner. This article provides an in-depth explanation of the technical writing field to help you establish a successful career as a technical writer. It will help you understand the various types of technical writing and their scope. You will also get a detailed review of the top 10 technical writing courses in Thane.


List of best technical writing courses in Thane


What is a Technical Writing Course?

A technical writing course teaches you to write technical documents such as scientific papers, user manuals, assembly manuals, technical reports, research papers, SOPs, step-by-step instruction manuals, etc. The main purpose of technical writing is to explain a complex topic to the audience in layman’s language.

Thus, a technical writer must have good writing, communication, and research skills. A technical writing course helps you create technical documents that are comprehensive, well-structured, and accurate. Technical documents are specially used in industries like IT, software, electronics, automobiles, engineering, healthcare, finance, aerospace, etc.

Businesses hire technical writers to guide users on how to assemble and operate a product or to explain a procedure or a process. These documents have a good mix of text, diagrams, visuals, and drawings to make it easy for the readers to understand the instructions, processes, etc.

Documents are framed after considering the level of expertise and understanding of the target audience. For example: a tech-savvy audience requires less explanation of technical terms as compared to others. Thus, a technical writer should have a good understanding of the terms related to science and technology.


Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing involves drafting a wide range of documents. Some of them are explained below-


●      Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs are documents that outline how to carry out routine tasks safely and correctly as per all applicable laws. It may also be called a ‘how-to’ document. SOPs provide a set of guidelines for new employees in a company. It also provides information about a standardized production process in the manufacturing industry.


●      Product Assembly Manual

Product assembly manuals provide step-by-step explanations about assembling a product. It includes text along with diagrams, videos, etc. to bring clarity to the users. You can find these manuals in products like gadgets and electronics, furniture, toys, etc.


●      Repair Manual

A repair manual explains the process of repairing an automotive part, home appliance, or other mechanical goods. These manuals help save time and money in case a product starts malfunctioning. However, some background knowledge is required to self-repair the product using these manuals.


●      Catalogues

Catalogs are a great marketing tool that is used by businesses to tell customers about the products and services they offer. It describes product details such as price, images of the products, features, etc. A catalog can influence the buying decisions of customers. So, catalogs are written in a manner that engages the customers and helps build a good connection with them.


●      Technical Reports

A technical report conveys information about the process and findings of scientific research. There is a standard format for these kinds of reports. A technical report is divided into different sections. Each section provides different levels of information. It also includes data and graphs to support the findings.


●      Press Release

A press release is an official announcement or a written statement that a business sends to media outlets for distribution to the public. It is generally used by businesses when they have something exciting to announce, say an event, a new product launch, a partnership or funding announcement, etc.


●      User Guides

A user guide tells users how to use a product or service in a simple language. It includes all the required information and graphics to use a product. It is also called an instruction manual, product manual, or user manual.


●      White Papers

A white paper is a type of research-based document that provides solutions to a problem. Organizations and businesses use it to convince clients, customers, and stakeholders to purchase their products or services. It makes use of statistics, and expert analysis to persuade the customers that a company’s particular product or service can solve their problems.


●      Technical Proposals

A technical proposal is a business document that persuades the client that the proposed project is worth considering. Businesses use these proposals to get new contracts and clients. In a technical proposal, an organization showcases its ability to solve a client’s problem and also provides an implementation plan. It also states various other details such as the estimated cost of the project, duration of the project, resources required, etc.


●      Medical & Scientific Papers

It includes writing research papers on medicine, science, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. These are used by researchers to describe their research process and findings. These scientific papers are then published in journals and newsletters for the general public and other subject matter experts. This type of writing requires a high level of accuracy and compliance with standards and guidelines.


Scope of Technical Writing Courses in Thane

With the exponential growth of the IT and software industry in India, the demand for technical writers is bound to grow rapidly. According to the estimates of the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the job opportunities for technical writers are likely to rise by 7% between 2022-32, greater than the average growth rate in other fields.

In the earlier days, technical documents were written by the product designers and developers. However, with rising workloads and deadlines, they can’t prepare documents that are elaborate and user-friendly. This has led to a rise in demand for technical writers in various industries – science, technology, health, education, business communication, etc.

Businesses in these industries are hiring technical writers to communicate with their target customers and to explain the technicalities of their products and services. Since very few people have good technical knowledge and the ability to explain this type of information in an easy language, technical writing is emerging as one of the highest-paying jobs.

If you have the necessary skills, it is an excellent career choice with a lot of growth opportunities. The best way to develop the necessary skills for a career in technical writing is to enroll in a technical writing course. A technical writing course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge. Also, a certification course can increase your reliability and job prospects.

These courses guide you on various aspects of the technical writing field- drafting technical documents, communicating with the target audience, sourcing accurate information, etc.

The next section provides a list of the top 10 technical writing courses in Thane. It provides a brief explanation of each course including course fee, eligibility, course curriculum, duration of the course, mode of delivery, etc.


Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Thane


Rank #1. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

1.     IIM SKILLS – Technical Writing Master Course

IIM SKILLS provides one of the best online Technical Writing Courses in Thane. You’ll get five weeks of live online technical writing training and more than 60 hours of assignments. You’ll also get one- month month-guaranteed internship along with support for portfolio development.

This technical writing course will help you develop skill sets like FrameMaker, Markdown, XML, DITA, Creative design, technical documentation, Robohelp, DDLC, Versioning, and Referencing. You will become an expert in various forms of technical writing like technical reports, white papers, medical writing, API documentation, etc. Training will also be provided for technical writing tools like MS Project, Git, MS Visio, Scribus, etc.


  • Course Name – Technical Writing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 5 weeks
  • Course Fee – ₹ 14900 +18% GST
  • Eligibility – No prior experience is required. However, you need to have basic internet knowledge and good communication skills.


Course Modules

  • Introduction
  • How to Write
  • Creating your Content
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers/ Journals
  • Conversational Writing
  • DDLC & Versioning
  • Reviewing & Publishing
  • API Documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Study – Application notes from Texas


Rank #2. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

2.     Alison – Technical Writing Essentials

This free technical writing certification course will teach you the basics of communication and technical writing. After completing this course, you’ll be able to write specifically to meet the needs of your target audience. You’ll learn to write technical descriptions, instruction manuals, etc.


  • Course Name – Technical Writing Essentials
  • Course Duration –5-3 hours
  • Course Fee – Free
  • Eligibility – No prior experience is required


Course Modules


  • Basics of Technical Communication

This module helps you understand what technical communication is and also covers writing processes.


  • Professional Style

In this module, you’ll learn to communicate with precision and to write persuasive content.


  • Document Design

In this section, you’ll learn to integrate figures and tables, headings, and lists in your writing. It will also provide tips to enhance the readability of your content.


  • Research Methods

It covers topics like defining the scope of a project and presenting research in a lab report.


  • Common Document Types – Part One

It covers technical descriptions, writing instructions, oral and visual presentations, etc.


  • Common Document Types – Part Two

In this module, you will learn about proposals, progress reports, and long reports.


  • Module Assessment


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Rank #3. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

3.     Google Technical Writing Course

Google provides various free technical writing courses. It currently offers three courses: Technical Writing One (basic topics), Technical Writing Two (intermediate topics), and Tech Writing for Accessibility. Each of these courses includes online pre-class material and virtual live sessions that are conducted over Google Meet.


  • Course Name – Google Technical Writing Course
  • Course Duration – 2-2.5 hours each
  • Course Fee – Free
  • Eligibility – These courses are designed for software engineers, computer science students, and people engaged in other engineering roles.


Rank #4. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

4.     Udemy – Tech Writers Master Class

In this technical writing online course, you’ll learn to write technical documents, format the documents, proofread, and edit the documents. It will help you understand the different styles of technical writing. It will also provide tips on writing the best technical documents and the kinds of graphics to use in your documents.


  • Course Name – Tech Writers Master Class
  • Course Duration – 6 hours
  • Course Fee – ₹2,999
  • Eligibility – Suitable for all levels of experience


Course Modules

  • Introduction
  • Analyzing Your Readers
  • Getting Ready to Write
  • Writing with Style
  • Choosing the Right Words
  • Writing Powerful Sentences
  • Write Paragraphs that Flow
  • Adding Graphics to Your Documents
  • Document Design
  • The Anatomy of Great Technical Documents
  • Making Your Documents the Best They Can Be


Rank #5. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

5.     Technical Writer HQ – Technical Writing Certification Course

This online self-paced course covers the basics of technical writing and the ways to write technical documents. It also provides training on interview preparation. You will get lifetime access to the course along with 10+ downloadable templates for technical writing. This course also provides access to future content even after completion of the course. It will help you build your technical writing portfolio and you will also work on a capstone project that will be reviewed by the instructor.


  • Course Name – Technical Writing Certification Course
  • Course Duration – 10 weeks
  • Course Fee – $299
  • Eligibility – No prerequisites


Course Modules

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Writing Great Technical Documentation
  • Formatting Your Technical Documentation
  • Editing and Readability
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Verification, Communication, and Workflow
  • Landing a Technical Writing Job
  • Interviews
  • Technical Writer Certification Exam


Rank #6. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

6.     Henry Harvin – Technical Writing Course

Henry Harvin provides a live technical writing online course that teaches you to write a thesis, research proposals, research papers, etc. You will also get a 3-month paid internship and a 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy. This membership will help you get access to e-learning material like videos, projects, etc.


  • Course Name – Technical Writing Course
  • Course Duration – 36 hours + 3-month internship
  • Eligibility – No prior experience is required


Course Modules

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Components of a Technical Document
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • How to Create a Technical Document Template
  • Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Advanced Technical Writing tools
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing


Rank #7. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

7.     Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning – Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management

This diploma course in technical writing covers both theoretical and practical aspects. This course is unique as it teaches you technical writing with a special focus on business. This course is suitable if you are planning to get a full-time job in the technical writing field. However, since this is a distance learning course, you will not be able to get time-to-time feedback from the instructors.


  • Course Name – Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management
  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Course Fee – ₹ 58,000 + ₹ 1200 application fee
  • Eligibility – Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university


Course Modules


Semester 1

  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Information Development Life Cycle – I
  • Information Development Life Cycle – II
  • Technical Writing Style and Editing
  • English Grammar


Semester 2

  • Technical Communication Software Tools
  • Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication
  • Technical Communication Project Management
  • Principles and Practices of Management


Semester 3

  • Business Communication
  • Instructional Design for Business Communication
  • Introduction to Creative Writing in Business Communication
  • Advanced Documentation Types & Processes


Semester 4

  • Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Research Methodology
  • Project


Rank #8. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

8.     Nano Science & Technology Consortium – Scientific and Technical Writing Program

This distance learning program will help in improving your technical communication skills. You’ll learn to write scientific and technical documents that are clear and according to the requirements of the industry. Guidance and support will be provided by instructors throughout the program. To complete the technical writing program, you have to submit mid-term assignments and clear the final online exam.


  • Course Name – Scientific and Technical Writing Program
  • Course Duration – 9 months
  • Course Fee –10,300
  • Eligibility – No prerequisites


Course Modules


  1. Introductory Technical Writing and the Writing Process
  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Technical writers- who are they and what do they do
  • Technical Writing: Application Areas, Jobs and Positions
  • Primary Documents
  • Secondary Documents
  • Tertiary Documents
  • The Writing Process: Stage 1- Prewriting
  • Stage 2- Writing
  • Stage 3- Rewriting
  • Task Analysis


  1.  Nuances of English Usage in Technical Writing
  • Elements of Style
  • Types of Words
  • Punctuation
  • Types of Text, Choice of Words and Phrases
  • Lesson 1: Sentences
  • Lesson 2: Paragraphs
  • Lesson 3: US and UK English


  1. Structured Description, Structured Layout & Introduction to Important Tools in Technical


  • Structured Description- An Introduction
  • Components of Structured Description
  • Creating a Structured Description
  • Structured Layout
  • Letter Writing- Components of a Letter
  • Letter Formats
  • Types of Letters
  • Important Tools for Technical Writers


  1.  Document Design Aspects and Writing Technical Descriptions
  • Document Design Aspects
  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Special Notices
  • Graphics
  • Technical Description


  1. Writing Technical Documents & Ethics in Technical Writing
  • Instructions
  • User Manuals
  • Software Requirements Specifications
  • Electronic Mail
  • Online Help
  • Websites
  • Ethical Norms, Rights and Permissions


  1.  Introduction to Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) and Technical Editing
  • Introduction to DITA
  • Tips for Writing Clear and Useful Procedures
  • Why do I need to Chunk Information?
  • Content Reuse
  • Concept Maps in DITA
  • Introduction to Copy editing
  • Copy editor’s Symbols
  • Using a Style-sheet
  • Copyediting newspaper articles
  • Magazine Copy-editing
  • Copy editing your work


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Rank #9. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

9.  Learning Tree International – Technical Writing Course

This online technical writing certification course provides a detailed overview of techniques for planning, writing, and editing technical documents. It also provides an emphasis on determining the target audience, choosing the best document formats, and making effective use of graphics and visuals. After completion of this course, you’ll gain the ability to accurately and concisely communicate complex subject matter and produce informative and useful content for readers.


  • Course Name – Technical Writing Course
  • Course Duration – 4 days
  • Course Fee – $2,990
  • Eligibility – None


Course Modules

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • The Writing Process
  • Ensuring Clarity and Readability
  • The Mechanics of Writing
  • Structuring Information for Better Understanding
  • Designing Your Document
  • Developing the Look of Your Document


Rank #10. Technical Writing Courses in Thane

10. Coursera – Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders by Rice University

This free technical writing course will help you write quality documents. It will also help you make your writing structured, clear, and concise. This course is designed to improve the communication skills of engineers.


  • Course Name – Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders
  • Course Duration – 16 hours
  • Course Fee – Free
  • Eligibility – Requires an engineering background


Course Modules

  • Specialization Introduction – Communication for Engineers
  • Course Introduction – Writing Skills for Engineers
  • Things to Know Before You Begin
  • Developing Paragraphs and Writing Reports
  • Clarity and Conciseness
  • The Finishing Touches




●      Is Technical Writing in high demand?

Technical writing is one of the highly sought-after skills. As the use of technology in every industry continues to grow, so is the demand for technical writers. Every business uses various types of technical documents for marketing its products and services. They hire technical writers to help them effectively communicate with their target customers.


●      Is a Technical Writing course worth it?

A technical writing course can help you develop the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed to become a professional technical writer. A reputable certificate course acts as proof to the recruiters that you have a certain level of technical expertise and skills. Nowadays, technical writing courses also provide a good amount of practical experience. You get to work on capstone projects that you can showcase in your resume.


●      How do I start Technical Writing?

A background in engineering, computer science, or information technology will be advantageous if you are seeking to build a career in technical writing. However, if you don’t have a technical background, then you can enroll in any of the technical writing courses listed above. These courses provide foundational knowledge of technical writing along with advanced-level skills. They also help you build a portfolio that you can present as proof of your skills. In addition to this, building your technical and scientific vocabulary will also be beneficial. You must also keep yourself updated about innovations and technologies by subscribing to relevant blogs, newsletters, podcasts, etc.


●      How hard is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a challenging field but it is not hard. You need the right combination of technical knowledge, communication, research, and writing skills to build a rewarding career. If you have a technical background, then it may be easier for you to grasp technical concepts. If not, then you may need to work hard to be able to understand technical terms. A good understanding of technical terms will help you draft documents that are simple to understand.

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