Top 4 GST Certification Courses in Coimbatore With Placements

Understanding how Goods and Services Tax functions in our country is crucial. As of 1 July 2017, all the indirect taxes like VAT, excise duty, or services tax have been taken over by GST, which has become the only domestic indirect tax law as of the present moment. So, learning about this is essential, and hence we need to look up the GST certification courses in Coimbatore, which will, in turn, help us to understand how the taxes function and what to make out of these specialties in the job market.


List of the top GST certification courses in Coimbatore


Since its inception, the goods and services tax has been an extremely controversial topic to discuss, especially on social media. In the year 2000, our then prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, set up a committee to study GST, and in the year 2004, the task force announced that GST must be enforced to improve the current structure. Finally, in 2006, our finance minister gave the order to introduce GST from 1 April, but it wasn’t that easy.


Our constitution needed to be amended, so from 2011, the amendment started, but in 2012, the committee was unable to combat clause number 279B, and we had to drop the idea. In the year 2014, the finance minister reinstalled the GST idea, and we have been at work ever since, though the bill passed the Lok Sabha in the year 2015 but wasn’t able to get itself cleared in the Rajya Sabha of the Indian parliament and thus could not become a law.


In 2016 GSTN became the talk of the town, and in 2017, after the previous year, GSTN passed in both houses of the Indian parliament, 4 other supportive bills were passed. And as of 1 July 2017, GST, we all live under its shadows.


What Was The Reason for Implementing GST?


  • For starters, everyone wants to have as much amount their savings account can hold and preserve it all with every inch of their existence. Similar is the case with the introduction of GST. It lowers the prices, contrary to popular opinion. It can implement what it wanted to enforce by implementing the fact that new taxes will only be added each step of the way only if there is value addition in the chain of supply.
  • It has promoted small business owners by making them aware of the prominent market and selling their products at their rate without another party’s influence.
  • As we all live in a digital world and everything can happen with just one click, GST has greater transparency for all the e-commerce activities, which boosts the statistics and logistics understanding if someone who isn’t from a commerce background wants to understand taxes.
  • The percentage of honest taxpayers in our country was lower than expected, mainly because the knowledge of taxes, or even the term “tax,” has a weird ring because of lack of awareness and information. But GST will help in bridging the gap between the actual numbers and the expected numbers. Thus, it helped in reducing fraudulent activities.


GST Certification Courses in Coimbatore


1)     IIM Skills


  • The learning that happens here is practical, cost-efficient, and not time-consuming, and it is undoubtedly the best institute that offers GST certification courses in Coimbatore. As they offer a 16-hour live classroom, feel about learning GST sitting in Coimbatore, at the comfort of your house. In addition, they have a structure to help all the applicants with freelance opportunities and internships for a guaranteed period.
  • The GST course offered by IIM Skills allows you to have a great understanding and helps in practically implementing the knowledge. The lifetime access to LMS and 24×7 online and technical support is what makes this place special.
  • The course aims to impart knowledge about laws and how they impact our daily lives and businesses, the entire structure, and how registration works within the government, invoicing, and rules and regulations.
  • The IIM Skills website has also provided the ratio and percentage of all the different and diverse variety of students who enroll. For example, 47% of them are students and freshers coming in to gain preliminary knowledge of the subject, along with 33% and 12% of accounting professionals and business owners, respectively.


There are plenty of benefits of this course. The outcome to investment ratio is also pretty significant because they charge Rs 2900 for the course and allow lifetime access to the LMS and 100% placement support. Learning about TDS compliance and strategizing the company growth and pricing is included in the course, along with managing standard taxes, which is a great incentive for any citizen as it allows us to know the perks and benefits of money and fund savings.


  • The upcoming batches start from 3 October 2021, and this is a weekend batch held only on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • Another weekday batch is also available on Wednesdays, but it is only through an invitation.
  • They have a policy of 100% cashback; if a student doesn’t like the content after attending the first session, they can appeal for the money back.
  • Unique and exciting offers never leave the person’s sight once they land on the IIM Skills page, and there is a 10% discount policy if 3 or more people join together as a group.
  • IIM Skills’ media mentors are top-rated organizations like The Times of India, India Today, The Statesman, DNA magazine, Mid-Day, and Prime Time.


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IIM SKILLS offers other professional courses such as the following:

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course


2)    ACTE Training 


  • Live instructor-led training on an online platform, taught by certified teachers, offers beginner and advanced classes for learners. In addition, the institute offers popular GST certification courses in Coimbatore.
  • Apart from lifetime access to LMS and recorded video lectures and notes, they also provide a questionnaire with questions from multinational companies about their interview process and answers.
  • They provide 40+ hours of online training and more than 3 live projects so that students can get the hang of what they learned and apply it practically. They also provide students with more than 25 different projects to help them learn and grow better.


Their learner’s outcome section provided the statistics on how this course has helped people. According to the website, 60% of students have gone out and taken the initiative to start into a new career field altogether, and 40% of the students, who were already working professionals in the field of accounting and taxations, claim to have gotten a significant raise in their professional life. As the pandemic has practically allowed us to live a double life, work from home is a cherry on top. Hence your perfect home in Coimbatore can have a perfect GST certification companion course.


  • Though most courses don’t require any prerequisite knowledge, as this platform provides beginner and advanced courses, they have mentioned that anyone with a B BTech or BSc, even BE and any person with little knowledge of IT or computer, is suitable to join this course.
  • Their teachers and mentors are experts certified, and they also provide Lab facilities for formal learning, which aid in resume making and interview cracking.
  • Their authorized partners are huge giant companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and oracle, and they provide placement support.
  • Enrolment is open now for people to join.


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3)    Genesis Tally Academy


  • They help their students become better at all things accounting at an affordable and highly effective rate and offer one of the best GST certification courses in Coimbatore.
  • Their introduction to GST is a program that provides the students with a GST certification course completion certificate (Coimbatore as well). It covers all the things regarding GST under India. Tally provides the certificate, and it is verifiable as well.
  • The course duration is 20 hours, and the best part is that it is made and put together by working tax professionals. All this, along with online assessment and actual, live teaching, is provided to the students.
  • This course offers the material right from the introduction and the preface of the laws. It covers business-like value supply, invoice, input service distributor, and lots more in the middle.
  • More information is available on the website, and phone numbers and email ids for more contact information. Newsletter publications and other useful links are also well covered on the website page for a clean, thorough read.

Apart from these courses, Genesis Tally Academy also conducts 2 other courses, and I would urge you all to look for them on their website.


IIM SKILLS Coimbatore GST course Demo invite


4) Henry Harvin:


It is one of the most popular GST certification courses in Coimbatore.


  • They offer a 9 in 1 course, which has a 32-hour online live tutoring and offers projects in GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A, etc. along with that, an internship is also offered to those who are willing to learn more.
  • They offer 100% placement support and a year-round constant companionship for anyone who needs help in getting placed.
  • Their Bootcamp and hackathons are an exciting way to encourage people to join the course. Moreover, as it’s an online class, you benefit from pursuing good GST certification courses in Coimbatore from your home.


They claim their teachers have been on platforms like Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other media platforms, professing their expertise to a larger audience, more like a pan-India audience. They have also been invited to more than 200 events as speakers.


  • There are no prerequisites to join the course. Still, having a thorough read-up about tax laws and indirect tax implications, accounting knowledge, even a fundamental one, always helps you get a little leverage.
  • They also offer other courses like content writing and digital marketing, but as GST is a little bit of a technically advanced course, the time frame of this course will naturally be longer, so this is a 32-hour course and will probably last a month (just the teaching aspect of it)
  • This course is fully available with all the previously given information and one-year access to placement help. All this is in the package of Rs. 12500/-
  • If there is an emergency, like internet issues or power cuts, recordings of the previous classes will be available on the LMS platform. Hence, there isn’t that added panic if you tend to miss an hour or two.


Career Options After Completing GST Certification Courses in Coimbatore:


Almost all industries require to keep a check on their tax and taxation policies. That is where the expertise of a GST practitioner comes in handy, be it any industry for that matter, manufacturing, textiles, and even school and most educational institutions for that matter. Other than being a practitioner, one can also go ahead and be a consultant. They add immense value to the firm and the well-being of the employees.


  • Salary of a GST practitioner: After 2017, GST has provided more than 1.2 million people with more jobs because of their accounting background and taking extra courses like a GST practitioner course. As we are, on a global level growing digitally at an exponential rate, e-accounting has increased rapidly, creating more jobs for students of courses like these. For example, the tax consultants can easily make up to 5.14 LPA, while tax accountants, tax analysts, and tax associates can make between 3.8 to 4 LPA. But as they become more efficient in this field and regularly perform well, they gain experience to become a tax manager. As a result, they can earn up to 12 LPA.


  • How to become a GST specialist: The government conducts a test, and candidates need to score a minimum of 50% to clear the exam, and the result is usually declared within a month or two. Though the number of attempts does have a glass ceiling, there are plenty of chances available in the next two years right after the enrollment confirmation. Anyone who knows the basics of law and accounting can surely crack the exam.


  • Eligibility to undertake the GST practitioner exam: Any retired person, an officer, who worked as a tax specialist in central or state offices is eligible to take the exam. Anyone who has done undergraduate or/and post-graduation studies in any discipline regarding the law, banking, or commerce background is eligible. An advocate, as well as a CA, are eligible to take the exam. They are the study areas that coincide with the abilities that a GST practitioner is required to possess.


  • Government GST certification courses in Coimbatore: Central board of indirect taxes and customs is a government website on which GST training accreditation programs are conducted. As mentioned in the circular issued by the government, the objective is to provide high-quality and authoritative GST practitioner courses feasible to all public as part of the government of India’s trade outreach program.


The mentioned training will be mentored by Accredited GST Trainers (AGT), and several study modules and practice sets will be provided by NACEN for the enrolled students to study better. People who have experience in fiscal and indirect tax training are eligible for this course offered by the government of India. For further information, kindly click here.


  • Syllabus of the exam: The most important aspect of a students’ life is the syllabus and the strategy to go forward and apply to crack any exam or fulfill the requirements of any course they have enrolled in. The same thing goes with the GST courses. The syllabus contains all the related acts of 2017, which the government passed. A few examples would be the union territory goods and services tax 2017, the integrated goods and services tax 2017, etc., along with the notifications and circulars regularly published on either PIB or any other government portal accessible to students.


IIM SKILLS Coimbatore GST course Demo invite


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the best GST certification courses in Coimbatore?

You can pursue the GST certification courses offered by IIM Skills because they are the leading course provider nowadays.


  1. What job option can I get after pursuing GST certification courses in Coimbatore?

You can start your career as a renowned tax consultant and tax analyst.


  1. Are there any eligibility criteria for pursuing GST certification courses in Coimbatore?

If you have studied finance or accounting and want to build a tax consultant or analyst career, you can opt for the courses. All you need is just a basic understanding of laws and systematic practicing.



As the market grows, more jobs are available, and specific jobs require certain levels of expertise, so taking up and enrolling in a GST certification course in Coimbatore, that too in an online medium, is a great way to start. I hope this article helped you narrow down choices while also providing specific information that can make you decide whether to do your research further or pick an institute to sign your name for a class already!


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