Top 7 Technical Writing Courses In Goa With Placements

With technological innovations taking place at a faster pace than ever before, the demand for technical writing is on the rise. Technical writing acts as a medium between the producer and end-user to dispart knowledge and makes technology simpler. Goa is one of the forefront states in making high usage of technology. Hence the demand for technical writing too is rising here. There are a huge number of institutes providing technical writing courses in Goa.


List of the best technical writing courses in Goa


What Is Technical Writing?


Technical writing refers to the writing which conveys information or instructs about the usage of a product or service. The main aim of technical writing is to simplify the complex process involved in technological usage. The author of the technical writing is called a technical writer.


Technical writing is written on several topics involving science, engineering, aeronautics, biotechnology, and so on. Technical writing is nothing but technical documentation. Technical writers make use of illustrations, diagrams, or flowcharts to make it look simple and easily understandable to the audience.


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Importance Of Technical Writing


In everyday life, we come across a situation where we need some directions to execute work. For this, we look for manuals or instructional booklets. This is where technical writing comes to our help.


Technical writers are in high demand in almost all types of industries. There is an equal demand for technical writers in developed and developing countries. Not only big corporate houses even small business firms need a technical writer.


Technical writers play a very important role in the company’s growth. Firms trust their technical writers because they are a bridge between the company and its customers. Companies want to convey all the industry-related information to the targeted audience clearly and crisply to sustain in the market and keep the target audience intact.


Proper documentation is very necessary when the company comes up with new equipment or policies. Technical writing helps in all the technicalities.


Different Forms of Technical Writing


Technical writing covers different styles of writing and genres. Its form of writing is dependent on what type of information you want to provide and your target audience. Below are the examples of different forms of technical writing :


  • Technical Reports – It provides information and analysis on different topics conducted by the company or the writer himself. The report mentions minute findings after deep analysis. The report is unbiased and its only work is to provide information.


  • User Manuals      –  It guides you on using certain products or services. It shows the way to operate them. The user manuals could come up with diagrams or illustrations to guide them. It acts as a troubleshooter if the person doesn’t know about an electronic product, software or medical equipment, etc.


  • Product descriptions – We see this form of technical writing a lot on e-commerce websites. When we want to buy a certain thing, we read the detailed product description available on the website. The product description mentions the size, color, type of material used in the product to make. This helps the customer in making a good choice.


  • Case Studies – It is an experience of a person while working on software or hardware or any other technical equipment.


  • Proposals: The technical writers send proposals for the installation of a product or service in a workplace with an estimated budget.


  • White Papers: White papers provide in-depth reports on an issue or problem and solutions needed to solve the same. For e.g, if a firm faces some technical issues the white paper provides a solution on how to overcome them.


  • API Guides: These guides are for explaining application programming interfaces.


Other than above, technical writers are also responsible for writing websites of the companies and describing the company and their products. In a press release, the technical writers are responsible for writing the product launch, its features, usage, and benefits to the audience.


Who Can Become A Technical Writer?


Technical writing is specialized writing. The person who wants to become a technical writer needs to know the field he is going to write about. It’s not necessary that a person should have a decade-long experience but should possess a slight idea.


Many companies prefer candidates with a graduation degree in the technical field. Few don’t look for that but prefer a graduation degree in any other field. But what is important is a high command of the language you are going to write.


Able to put complicated information in very simple and understandable language. You should have the basics of MS office and the making of manuals, documentation, etc. Any official degree for technical writing is not necessary but one can take up technical writing courses from various institutes to master the skill of writing.


Why Do We Need Technical Writing Courses?


Although writing is a skill if we get proper guidelines to master the skill there would be a plethora of opportunities. There are several institutes all around the country that offer technical writing courses. The benefit of enrolling ourselves for the technical writing courses is that we get insights into the trends and learn faster. It helps us introspect our writing in a better way and make changes accordingly.


An employer always looks for a good technical writer who could rightly deliver the work. To become a good technical writer one should work on all the corners. Certain techniques are needed for writing technical documentation.


A technical author has the huge responsibility of taking care of the right content, the target audience, and the information he provides must be accurate. He is himself a subject matter expert or needs to collaborate with subject matter experts to get into detail about the topic he is going to write to ensure that whatever he is writing is authentic.


Slight incorrect information has several repercussions. With the help of these technical writing training institutes, one could get a good hold of these techniques. Apart from teaching us how to write concise, error-free writing they also teach us how to research from extensive resources and which are reliable. For all these reasons, technical writing courses are helpful.


Top 7 Technical Writing courses in Goa


There is a growing demand for technical writing courses in Goa. Goa offers too many opportunities for aspiring candidates to make their future in the technical writing field. Below are the top institutes offering technical writing courses in Goa


1.    IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the most popular option for technical writing courses in Goa. It is also the leading provider of content writing courses in India. It is the best choice to improve your skills of technical writing.


Anyone can enroll for the technical writing courses of IIM skill as the institute did not set any qualifications for it. This leading institute constitutes of professionals and technical writing experts to guide you. The course offered by the institute is through online mode which offers you immense flexibility.


Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Course Duration: 5 weeks online

Course Fee: Rs 14,900 + GST


Highlights of the Technical Writing Course


The course is designed by top technical experts who ensure you that you learn different forms of technical writing and master them at the same time. It gives a glimpse of writing a white paper, medical writing, scientific writing, API documentation, etc. You can choose what form of technical writing you want to choose after you have completed the course.


The training is held through Zoom sessions. IIM Skills provide 24*7 support for its students. The staff is just a call away for your help. You will be able to earn certification after completing the course and passing the examination. The institute also has internship classes for technical writing. The internship is worth taking. It helps in sharpening your writing skills. Simultaneously it improves your research skill. It helps to build your profile for the job. It provides lifetime access to its resources like access to recorded sessions and other support.


Its curriculum for the course is vast and covers all the important topics for becoming a technical writer. The following topics are covered :


  • Introduction to technical writing and how to write
  • Writing of Technical Reports
  • API Documentation
  • Datasheets
  • User Manuals
  • Conversational Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • White Papers and Journals
  • How to do Scientific Research
  • Use of Flowcharts, Schematics, Diagrams, Infographics, Blogs,etc


Many of the students taking the course from the institute are working in the most prestigious companies such as BMW, IBM, Genpact to name a few. If you are wishing for a career in the technical writing field then IIM Skills offers the best technical writing courses in Goa.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2.    ECT- Education and Career Times


ECT is well-known for being the only content writing institute to be officially recognized by the Government of India. ECT is ranked in the top 7 technical writing courses in Goa. The institute provides online courses. The technical writing course comes with two options.

Technical Writing Course ( INR 19,999 including taxes )

The course includes live training of 32 hours, e-resource learning for 50 hours. It also includes assignments and projects for assessment and a certificate.

Technical Writing Course+HTML+CSS+ JavaScript (INR 39,999 including taxes)

The course is between 3 to 6 months time period. It has 4 days of classroom training and e-learning videos. You will earn 4 certificates. It helps you in landing jobs at big tech companies.


Highlights of the Courses

Like courses of other institutes, it too provides internship opportunities, personalized attention, and feedback with interactive sessions. If you opt for the first option of the course, there are 14 modules in which you will be taught:

  • Markdown language
  • Extension Markup Language
  • JavaScript Object Notation
  • Darwin Information Typing Architecture
  • Oxygen XML Editor
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • API documentation and other important things related to technical writing


And if you opt for the second option of the course there are a total of 36 modules including 14 of the first option. Adding further you will learn,

  • Web Developmental Fundamentals
  • HTML – Elements and Structure, Forms, Tables, Semantics
  • CSS
  • JavaScript – Conditionals, Functions, Scope, Arrays, Loops, Objects, Iterators, Errors and Debugging, Building Interactive Website with JavaScript.


The course is well-designed with all the tools and techniques required for writing good and perspicuous technical writing.


3. Udemy


Udemy is known for building a writing-related career. The online technical writing course offered by Udemy helps you to earn through your writing skills. The team of experts helps you throughout the course with their decade’s long experience on how to write attractive content.


There is not a single particular course for technical writing. It offers different courses on technical writing by different instructors you can choose which suits you best. The duration for different courses is different. Udemy offers these courses at much lower prices available in the market and with huge discounts hence it is one of the most sought technical writing courses in Goa. But it charges for the certifications.


Highlights of the course

  • The course offered by it are online
  • Certification is awarded after the completion of the course
  • Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fulltime access if you enrolled for the course
  • The online classes can be accessed through mobile and TV


Udemy could be a better choice if you are searching for a technical writing course in Goa.


4. Coursera


It ranks amongst the top training institutes for offering the best online technical writing courses in Goa. The course is offered by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. It has fabulous instructors who are an expert in the field of professional technical writing. Over time of course you will develop technical writing skills where you can easily put information and explain clearly.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Course Duration: Approximately 19 hours

Coursera provides financial aid for those who cannot afford the fees.


Highlights of the course


The course comes up with flexible deadlines where you can reset the deadlines. The course offered is in English but subtitles are available in other languages. One can access recorded sessions of the course. In this course, you will be taught writing


  • Consulting Reports
  • Research Reports
  • Design and Feasibility Reports
  • Progress Reports
  • Lab Reports etc

5. Google’s Technical Writing Course


Google’s name in the list of technical writing courses in Goa cannot be left unmentioned. Google too offers high-quality technical writing training to its customers. It comes with two courses :


  • Technical Writing One  – In which you will learn all the basics related to technical writing. This course is for those who did not take any other course for technical writing earlier. The course teaches you the fundamentals of technical writing. In this course, you will learn,
  • How to make use of different terminologies
  • About active voice and passive voice and differences
  • To develop strategies for writing more clearly and engagingly.
  • To identify the target audience
  • To create effective sentences in the paragraph and how to shorten the sentences
  • To make proper use of commas, semi-commas, the difference between bulleted lists and sub-bulleted lists, etc


  • Technical Writing Two  – In this, you will learn intermediate topics. This course is for those who have completed Technical Writing One and who would like to know more about technical writing. This course will help you to,
  • Use different techniques to detect mistakes in the writing
  • Write a proper figure caption
  • Organize large document
  • Make use of different documentation types
  • Describe any topics given to you
  • Create sample codes
  • Create technical illustrations etc


Google created the course focussing on the following audiences :

  • Software Engineers
  • Software Engineering and Computer Science students
  • Other than engineers such as product manager


Both the courses offered by Google are free of cost. The online training can be taken up through Google Meet. Little knowledge of coding benefits you for clearly understanding the course.


 6. Tech-Writer Certification


The next course earns you a certificate from an accredited university for technical writing. The faculties are qualified and have rich experience in the tech industry. Tech-Writer Certification provides certificates for different technical writing courses.


  • Basic certificate in Technical Training
  • Certificate in writing for a current technical writer, editors, and designers
  • Comprehensive career builder certificate in Technical Writing
  • Certificate in Professional Technical Communication
  • A Certificate course for Technical Documentation


7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another institute providing good and helpful technical training. It is another important ed-tech institute and is one of the best institutes offering technical writing courses in Goa.


This institute offers a cutting-edge course to familiarize you with all the technical writing processes. It has divided its course into 10 modules. It offers online training. The online classroom session is followed by the internship course too. The certification offered by the institute would stand as a benefit for your future endurance.


Course Name: Certified Technical Writer

Course Duration: 32 hours of live classroom session

Course Fee : Rs 15,000


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Highlights of the Course


The course is delivered by senior experts who have more than 10 years of experience. The course teaches you about different types of technical writing as well as information about different software tools needed for technical writing like


  • User Guide Manuals
  • Market requirements document
  • Software Development Kit Documentation
  • API documentation
  • Adobe FrameMaker software
  • Snag IT tool
  • MS Visio tool


This course also provides a Complimentary Module like


  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing


By enrolling in the course you get the benefit of lifetime membership with access to all the e-resources learning, brush-up sessions for up to 1 year, and access to job opportunities every week. Its clients range from big corporate houses like NTPC, NIIT, IBM, Bajaj Finance, etc to top colleges of the country. Also, the certificate earned has global recognition which highlights your profile amongst others.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Are technical writing courses really helpful?

Many of the candidates who underwent training for technical writing courses termed it as extremely helpful. The course introduces many software tools and writing hacks that were not known to them before.


2.    Is there any eligibility criteria to become a technical writer?

There are no clear or mandatory qualifications for becoming a technical writer. Some prefer candidates from a technical background and some prefer from any background. But what should be the most important thing is that the candidate should have a passion for writing, should be able to understand complex technologies and put them into words in a simple manner.


3.    How much do technical writers get paid?

As per reports from various platforms, the average salary of a technical writer is about 6 lacs per annum in India.


4.    Do technical writing institutes ensure a job guarantee?

Few technical writing training institutes do not give a job guarantee but they help you in getting a good job. Few institutes provide 100% placement assistance and job guarantee too. They provide access to different networks for job opportunities.


5.    What should I do to become a technical writer?

To become a technical writer you have to keep working on your writing. Reading is as important as writing. Take a technical writing course and write on various platforms to sharpen your skills and get noticed simultaneously.




The demand for technical writing courses in Goa has been rising exponentially in recent times. As there are good jobs prospects for technical writers, hence it’s quite necessary to get better guidance to know in detail about technical writing. There are several online technical writing courses in Goa, but the mentioned above 7 are most preferred for the technical writing courses on Goa. The institutes excel in every manner in imparting the best technical education.


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