Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Greece With Placements

Are you passionate about writing? Are you thinking about where to start your journey as a writer? And what course and institute to go for? We’ve got you covered. Enroll yourself in the technical writing courses in Greece and kick-start your writing career. Get recognized by numerous industries worldwide.


List of best technical writing courses in Greece


Technical Writing

Technical writing is a form of writing that explains complicated/complex information in a simple language to people who have no knowledge or prior experience with particular data. Professionals like doctors engineers and analysts think that it is important to convey such baffling information simply in the form of: –

  1. Instruction manuals
  2. Reports
  3. Product descriptions
  4. Business proposals
  5. White papers
  6. Documents

Technical writing is very different from the other types of writing. This specific type of writing is mainly used in industries like

  1. Engineering
  2. Computer software and hardware
  3. Robotics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Finance
  6. Consumer electronics
  7. Forestry
  8. Aeronautics
  9. Medical and healthcare
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Electronics
  12. Digital Electronics
  13. Environmental regulations.

Because some topics and procedures would be complex or very critical to understand and perform. Therefore, technical writers are hired in such organizations to make the information understandable, carry out discrete tasks, and accomplish goals.


History of Technical Writing

  • Technical writing has been in use for a few centuries.
  • The earliest technical writing belonged to Aristotle (384-322 BC)
  • Archeologists would be able to discover his technical writings, including dictionaries that contain philosophic terms and the summary of the doctrines of Pythagoras.
  • Therefore, Aristotle’s writing is known as the earliest form of technical writing.


Difference Between Technical Writing and Creative Writing.

  1. Creative writing – As the word says “creative” means writing with great imagination, creativity and something innovative and entertaining to the readers, Creative writing captivates the readers and makes them spellbound, creative writing is used in books, novels, poetry, movie scripts, and stories.
  2. Technical writing – Technical writing is about writing technical information for readers who have less understanding of a specific product. As time goes by technology is becoming more and more complex to understand. Therefore, it is not feasible for the consumers to learn about everything in depth. technical writers make the information to the point and keep only the relevant content that is useful for the readers.


Components of Technical Writing

Why is technical writing different from our traditional style of writing?

  • Clear – Technical writing should be clear, so the information conveyed to the person is fully understandable.
  • Straightforward – all the facts and figures should be presented on point without leaving room for any confusion due to excessive text.
  • Precise – Technical writing uses terminologies to precisely describe the objects and procedures.
  • Easy to understand – technical writing is all about making complex and perplexing information simple and easy to understand.
  • Denotative –Technical writing focuses on definitions. So that people can avoid misunderstandings caused by the connotations of words.
  • Detailed – Technical writing leaves no room for elucidation. Not everything will be explained in detail like textbooks or an encyclopedia.
  • Structured – Technical reports, documents, manuals, etc. are written in a very structured way so that people can follow instructions step by step.
  • Easy to skim – Technical writing is done by keeping “skim ability” in mind. So the people could scan and get through the content written in the document. There is usually a descriptive heading and a table of contents is given.
  • Problem-solving – Documents are written to solve the problem that consumers might face with any specific object.


Who is a Technical Writer?

You can imagine a technical writer as a wordsmith. Who is talented and creative. Whose job is to put all the critical and complex information in a very simple format so that the consumer can consume the information with ease.

Technical writers create simplified documents, user manuals, product manuals, guides, journal articles reports, etc. that make technical facts and figures easy to understand.

Technical writer’s responsibility is to clarify the complexity and uniqueness to get their readers including consumers, engineers, developers, and workgroups.

Apart from the above technical writer is also responsible for the following tasks such as:-

  1. Collect the technical information from their company or from other businesses or institutions whom they would like to write as a freelancer.
  2. Plan on how the client wants the information to be how he wants the information should be presented and in what format.
  3. Sort the information as per its importance and significance.
  4. Create the document, edit, and proofread it to check the quality or any typo errors or irrelevant information.
  5. Make copies of it and put it in a database for its security.
  6. Have a detailed glossary of technical words.

Technical writers have two important things to do

  • Subject matter research
  • Technical document planning.


Skills Required to Be a Technical Writer in Greece

Apart from some obvious skills like general writing and copy editing, one should keep up with the changing trends and technology. It is necessary to keep up with the new updates to stay in the industry and stay ahead of competitors. Technical writers must level up to the changing requirements and become key business contributors.


Some essential technical writing skills every technical writer must develop

Writing – writing something as a technical writer means writing engaging and immaculate content. The key responsibility of a technical writer is to write grammatically correct sentences and use simple vocabulary that is easy to read and understand by the readers.


Clear understanding and knowledge of the product- The writer should know everything about the product for which he is writing. They should know about the product’s features, specifications, components, and design aspects. In some cases, the writer needs to know some hardware interfaces and software APIs that the product has.


Technical knowledge – To be successful in writing technical things the writer must possess knowledge about the topic or subject about which they are writing. Several technical writers choose to work on a particular area and develop knowledge and understanding of the particular field. With changing trends and technology. A writer must be updated with current information. Be it a different writing style or new tools available in the market.


Knowledge about the product industry- Any technical writer must know about the product industry. E.g. – if one writer has been working on a specific type of software for a year and a half and has all the experience and knowledge about it. One day a writer stumbled upon a new opportunity to work at a medical management software company. The person has to learn about that software thoroughly which helps the writer to work effectively and efficiently.


Research Skills – Technical writers do in-depth research about the topic or product on which they write. to make the writing simpler and easier for the consumer so they study the subject comprehensively. So they could use appropriate and relevant information to put in a document.


Communication – Communication skills are essential to interact and express your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and information professionally and effectively. As a technical writer one of the responsibilities could be to communicate with people or professionals on various levels to plan and create your documents properly. You can get in touch with these professionals on calls, emails, text messages, or video conferencing, a lack of communication skills can lead to miscommunications, doubts, and misunderstanding. Therefore, it is better to develop good communication skills.


Editing and proofreading – everybody wants an immaculate piece of writing that has precise and accurate details and information. When it comes to technical writing everything needs to be taken into account before delivering the final result. Nowadays, many technical writers are aware of editing tools and techniques to improve their writing. They are also able to proofread their work to check if everything is relevant, accurate, and grammatically correct.


Focus on user persona – Consumers come in various forms. While writing technical documentation let’s say a document of a smartwatch. The person required to read the instructions can be a manufacturer, the programmer, or the tester to see whether they were able to fulfill the requirements of the organization. Also, the product that is deployed commercially on a large scale has many readers of technical documents, be it installation engineers or service technicians. Many technical writers in companies work as user experience engineers who possess knowledge about installation, deployment, execution maintenance, and B2B and B2C user profiling. B2B users have in-depth knowledge about the product. B2C are the laymen for whom the product is just a black box. So product documentation comes into the picture for the intermediaries.


Empathy – This is understandable that not everyone is in the technical field and doesn’t possess much technical knowledge. A technical writer must empathize with the people to understand their experience with information. Which is provided to them to understand how much information they can take in or use for their work.


Knowledge of writing tools – With so much advancement in technology modern technical writers are aware of so many technology tools to help them write effectively and efficiently. There are software and applications that help to create visual elements, check for grammatical errors, and much more. These tools help the writer to save time and work with high proficiency.


Teamwork and working with others – working individually or working in a team both are good. But working with a team has additional advantages. Teamwork helps better communication with the programmers’ developers and other concerned people to get the right knowledge about the product. Meeting deadlines becomes much easier while working with a team.


Difference Between Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and Other Forms of Writing.

  1. Creative writing- As the word explains “creative” means writing with great imagination, creativity, and something innovative that is entertaining to the readers. Creating writing captivates the readers and makes them spellbound. Creative writing is used in books, novels, poetry, movie scripts, and stories.
  2. Technical writing- technical writing is about writing technical information for readers who have less understanding of a specific product. As the time is changing so rapidly, technology is also becoming more complex to understand. Therefore, it is not feasible for the consumers to learn about everything in depth. Technical writers make the information precise and only keep the relevant content that is useful for the readers.


The Career Path of a Technical Writer

  1. Technical writing as a career is a good opportunity to earn a decent amount and living. A technical writer is required in industries like aerospace, defense, legal services, financial services, IT, healthcare, etc. because these industries are critical and difficult to understand. Therefore to make things understandable and simple technical writers come to the rescue and help the people to do their job with ease. The one important thing a technical writer must do is be updated with evolving times.
  2. If you wish to become a technical writer. You do need not to get a specific degree or any special education, though a little knowledge of science, IT, and English would be recommended.
  3. You can join online/offline technical writing courses or join the community of technical writers. But what is required is that you should know what technical writing is, what are the components of technical writing, tools available in the market. You can also join a short internship to get hands-on experience and training in technical writing. So that you can ace in this field.


Career Choices as a Technical Writer

  1. Junior technical writer
  2. Technical writer
  3. Senior technical writer (experience required)
  4. Technical writer-editor (experience required)
  5. Documentation manager ((experience required)


Salary After Doing Technical Writing Courses in Greece

The average Salary of a technical writer in Greece is 2,090. It ranges from 1,020 EUR to 3,260 EUR. The annual average salary of a technical writer in India ranges from 3LPA to 6.2LPA.  In the U.S. it ranges from $6,497 to $11,895.


Other best courses in Greece:


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Greece



IIM SKILLS is a well-known and trusted brand. It is a trusted online learning platform known by millions of students and working professionals. They offer multiple courses to the students and the curious learners to bring change in the working cultures and their personal growth and development.

It is the no.1 ED-tech platform for beginners and working professionals or any individual who wants to kick start their career journey just by enrolling in Technical Writing Courses in Greece. They provide valuable technical writing courses in Greece. Since it is an online learning platform, you can sit and learn in the comfort of your home.

This incredible learning platform and the highly educated faculty help to achieve goals without any fuss. They provide weekend and weekday batches which makes learning not only comfortable and interesting but also flexible.

Upon the completion of the course, one can also get the chance to do an internship program which helps you to create your portfolio and strengthen your resume. They have a dedicated placement cell that helps you to find the best career options and opportunities.


What will you get

  • Live online classes
  • 20 hours lecture
  • 60+ hours of practical assignments
  • Hands-on experience with software tools
  • Internships
  • Dedicated placement cells
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Free Consultation
  • Publishing your articles and books


For more information visit –


2. Udemy

Udemy is also a very popular Ed-tech platform which is known globally by millions of students and other professionals. Like many other education-oriented platforms Udemy offers hundreds of courses like development, Business, finance and accounting, marketing, lifestyle, music, and whatnot. Teachers, trainers, and many other people from various fields and expertise share their knowledge, learning, experience, and best practices from which you can learn and upskill yourself.

If you are someone who is looking for the best technical writing courses in Greece then don’t forget to check out Udemy as it covers all aspects and domains of technical writing like what is technical writing, how to develop technical writing skills, how to become a professional technical writer, how to build a portfolio, and how to get a job in technical writing.


What will you get

  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Access on mobile and T.V
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information visit –


3. Coursera

If you are living in Greece and looking for the best technical writing courses in Greece from a well-reputed university then you can check out Coursera. Coursera is also a well-renowned and recognized platform by millions of individuals from all over the globe. Coursera offers easy-to-understand, practical, and flexible courses.

They have plenty of topics related to technical writing to choose from. You can have top–quality learning and flexible access to the course. They have plenty of topics related to technical writing to choose from. You can have top–quality learning and flexible access to the course, budget-friendly learning, and globally accepted skills.


What will you get

  • Duration – 4 weeks
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • 24*7 Access
  • Sharable certificate
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Beginners level
  • Flexible schedule
  • Learning at your own pace.


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4. Alison

Alison is undoubtedly the world’s largest education platform. Which offers numerous courses of all types, castes, races, genders, and financial statuses for free. Alison believes in equality and equity. The mission and vision of Alison is to empower people from all over the globe and to make education, knowledge, and wisdom possible for people who are deprived of education and knowledge for various reasons.

With Alison, anyone from anywhere and at any time can study and gain information for free. You can choose from hundreds of courses according to your interests. Top-class faculty help you to understand the concepts clearly and precisely. On completion of the course, you will get a certification or a diploma. Alison is one of the best sources to learn technical writing courses in Greece.


What will you get

  • 5 to 3 hours of learning
  • CDP Accreditation
  • Final Assessment
  • Recorded videos
  • Certificate or diploma on completion
  • Easily accessible
  • Learn anytime and anywhere


5. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is one of the best and most recognized ed-tech platforms for technical writing courses in Greece. This learning platform is recognized by 100 top corporates and was ranked No.1 by Training 360. This institute offers various courses to people who are amateur or working experts who want to upskill themselves in technical writing or creative writing. Upon completion of this certification course. You will get guaranteed internship and job support.


What will you get

  • Live online sessions
  • 32 hours of interactive sessions
  • Live projects
  • 24*7 access to the LMS platform
  • Hands-on experience with software tools
  • Internship
  • Dedicated placement cell.


Frequently Asked Questions: Technical Writing Courses in Greece


Q1. What qualifications do I need to have to enroll in technical writing courses in Greece?

Answer – There is no need to have a specific qualification to become a technical writer. But a bachelor’s in English or computer would be recommended. You can enroll yourself in technical writing courses in Greece and get an authentic certificate or diploma.


Q.2 What skills do you need to become a technical writer?

Answer – the skills you need to become a technical writer are good communication skills, immaculate writing skills, and technical skills and one should know the industry requirements in terms of technical writing.


Q.3 How can I clear technical writing interviews in Greece?

Answer – To clear the interview of a technical writer in Greece, you should start preparing for it in advance by doing your research about what technical writing is. One should opt. for relevant certification courses or diplomas. develop your portfolio and strengthen your skills.


Q.4 What one should get to learn from technical writing courses in Greece?

Answer – You will learn about the fundamentals of technical writing. You will learn about whitepapers, factsheets, technical journals, etc.


Q.5 What are the average fees to do technical writing courses in Greece?

Answer- Normally the fee for doing technical writing courses in Greece is 193.63 EUR.



Greece is a country in southern Europe with numerous picturesque islands. Greece is famous for its Western civilization, the Olympic games, and its majestic and glorious temples. Greece is a very famous tourist destination known for its beaches, the black sands of Santorini, and the party places of Mykonos. Greece is not only a famous tourist destination but also a place of quality education. Several institutions provide excellent knowledge and wisdom to students.

The literacy rate is also high in Greece but there might be chances that you don’t get the desired certification or diploma courses in Greece or even if you get one it might not be precisely what you want. for this reason, online courses and Ed-tech platforms solve this problem. Ed-tech platforms are very versatile, flexible, easy to understand, affordable, and valuable. Students or any individual who is looking forward to upskilling themselves or want to get some knowledge about any particular field can enroll themselves and see if it is of any use or not.

Today’s world is highly competitive, so you don’t want to be left behind in the race to become successful in life. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, what is your gender or what is your financial status. You can always find resources for yourself and start your journey of becoming a big cheese. In this article above you can choose any of the online platforms and best technical writing courses in Greece by the world’s best instructors and get rolling.

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