Top 6 Online Technical Writing Courses With Placements

How will you cope if everything everywhere is led by technology and science? Due to advancements in technology, humankind has to interact with new gadgets, software, and hardware. No Doubt technology and science make human life easy but to become friendly with them first, we have to perceive them. To help with this here comes a technical writer. Yes, Technical writers, who make our job effortless with convenient writing. In this article, you will learn about the top Online technical writing courses in India.


List of best online technical writing courses


Are you an Engineer, doctor, from the educational field, or finance and looking to build a career in technical writing? So first you have to realize that technical writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with proper course and learning method, it is probable, therefore this article is built in such format that will help you what are you seeking.

Technical writing is extremely in demand due to the thriving industries in India. Every sector of industry needs a professional and creative technical writer. Passionate about working in this lucrative industry. Here is a list of online technical writing courses for you; you can choose as per your comfort and move ahead.



  1. What is Technical Writing?
  2. Why Technical Writing?
  3. Top 5 Online Technical Writing Courses in India

     3.1 IIM SKILL

     3.2 Udemy

     3.3 Coursera

     3.4 Symbiosis

     3.5 Henry Harvin

     3.6 ECT

  1. Job Opportunities after pursuing online technical writing courses.
  2. Work Place for Technical Writer.
  3. Skill requirement as a technical writer.
  4. Commonly Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a way of converting complex formats into simple forms. It is a way of communicating with the audience in simple language on a specialized topic. A piece of information that is delivered in a precise and sophisticated manner is accessible by technical writing.

Technical writing is restrained in the technical and operational world, such as digital word, finance, robotics, electronics, computer software and hardware, forestry, engineering, architecture, and many more.


Types of Technical Writers:

Here is a list of some types of technical writers

  1. White paper
  2. Business plan
  3. Case Studies
  4. Technical Proposal
  5. API/ SDK Documentation
  6. Technical Manuals
  7. Project Plans
  8. Corporate Reports
  9. 9.RFPs & proposals
  10. User Guides/ User Manuals


Why a Technical Writer?

Technical writers convey ideas, technology, and procedures in simple and precise language; the art of writing is different from other writing forms. The role of the designer and developers is to develop and design the product. Nevertheless, the documentation created by the developer is only understandable to their associates. But to reach a larger audience, we need a technical writer.

The target audience for technical writers is the user, not the developer. The main object is to make non-technical users understandable. Whether it is a book, practical manual, product description, electronic manual, hardware manual, or software manual, all we see around us is technical writing. The quality of language, ease, and understanding are the roles of technical writers.

As technical writing is an emerging profession, every company is concerned about technical writing, from online marketing and e-commerce companies to educational fields, IT, finance, medicine, and others.


Other best online courses:


Top 6 Online Technical Writing Courses in India



IIM SKILLS is a well-known ed-tech institute based in Delhi, India. One of the preeminent institutes for distant learning. No doubt, they offer you multiple courses. If you’re looking for online technical writing courses then no doubt IIM SKILLS is a wonderful choice for you. Learning online, while sitting at home, at your convenience is a great option for you. Let’s have an overview of the courses.


Name of the course: Master Technical Writing Course

Course Duration: 5 weeks of online training

Internship: 1 Month Guarantee Internship

Course Fee: INR 14,999 + 18% GST


Batch Day and Time:

Weekdays (Tuesday and Thursday)

8:00 – 10:00 PM (IST)


Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

10:00 – 2:00 PM(IST)


The module of the Course:

The course covers all the topics in depth; the following is just a brief overview. It encompasses many subtopics.

  1. Introduction.
  2. How to write?
  3. Constructing your content.
  4. How to build a technical report.
  5. Learn how to write a white paper and technical report.
  6. What is Conversational writing?
  7. DDLC and Versioning.
  8. How to review and publish.
  9. API Documentation.
  10. Proof Reading.
  11. Styling and preparing the datasheet.
  12. Medical Writing.
  13. Case study, and many more.


This is not all; in addition, you will also get:

  1. Lifetime access to courses and support from mentors are the best things about IIM skills if we compare them to other competitors.
  2. Expertise and support to build a portfolio for jobs and freelancing.
  3. Guidance about how to Publish your technical blog
  4. Course curriculum in development under industry experts
  5. Help in publishing erudite articles and book chapters.
  6. After completion of the course, you will receive an international certificate and global placement compensation.
  7. Live Interaction with mentors, 60+ Hours of Practical Assignment.
  8. 8. You will consolidate and get to know about various software tools throughout the course that is the main domain of technical writing, such as Ms Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, Canva, Powerpoint, and many more.



Online training, 24*7, any time help support.

Although training is online, you will get hands-on learning experience.

Since 2015, we have trained over 15,000 candidates.
Reasonable fee structure


Contact Support: +91 9580740740

Email ID:


2. Udemy

Udemy is an online platform for learners looking for technical writing courses. One of the acknowledged sites for both novice and Professional candidates willing to enhance their skills and knowledge is Udemy, which is certainly a great place to do so.

The courses provided by Udemy are useful and deliver great affirmation to candidates. Once you reach out on the Udemy site, you will spot various technical writing courses. You can figure it out as per your choice for the course.

The course will help you cope with the requirements that every industry is searching for, such as documentation writing, report writing, and public relations. Also, if you are interested in learning engineering reporting, business writing, or API documentation, Udemy offers courses to help you prevail.


What will you learn from Udemy:

  • Technical documents that meet the demands of readers
  • What selection of resources will help you write with more assurance?
  • Learn a selection of words.
  • How to write compellingly
  • Learn how to figure out the best technical writing style.
  • How to Add graphics to documentation
  • arrangement of documents more professionally
  • Learn what elements to include in different types of technical writing styles.
  • Proofreading and Editing documents more impressively and easily
  • Tips and training from the trainer and feedback from the subject matter expert.


Course Fee: INR 2,999 (INR 499 on offer)

Course Duration: Depends on the Course you Select.

Course Time:  Flexible

Internship: Not Mentioned

Certificate: After the completion of the course digital certificate is offered.


3. Coursera:

Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms for learners across the world. Offers prominent online technical writing courses from reputable institutes. The course is well structured and meets all the necessary criteria of the individual looking for it. Going through the website, you will come across the top 10 institutes that offer technical writing courses.

Additionally, the best part is that the course available here is available in numerous languages and subtitles. You can download the course and resume it at your convenience.

Each course’s times and fee structures are different. You have the option to select your level of proficiency, such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced based on your own assessment of your abilities.


4. Symbiosis

Are you looking for a full-time online diploma course in technical writing? Here is one of the chosen institutes for you: Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is one of the known institutes offering a postgraduate diploma in technical writing program that is endorsed by AICTE.

This is a two-year course divided into four- semesters with the aim to equip learners can qualify for both theoretical and practical facets of technical writing.


Module Covered in all four Semesters:

  • Introduction
  • Information Development Lifecycle 1 and 2
  • Technical Writing Style and Editing
  • Tips in English Grammar
  • Application of Software Tools for Technical Communication
  • Modern Concepts in Technical Communication
  • Technical Communication and Project Management
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Introduction of Business Communication
  • Instructional Design for Business Communication
  • Creative Writing in Business Communication
  • Advance Documentation
  • Research Method
  • Project and Assignments


Course Fee:

Category A single time full payment 1st Payment 2nd Payment
Open  INR 58,000/-  INR 35,000/-  INR 28,000/-
Defence  INR 55,000/-  INR 35,000/-  INR 25,000/-
International $1645 $1151 $660
SAARC $1300 $900 $600


Career Opportunities after completion of the course:

  1. Technical Writer
  2. Online Technical Writer
  3. Technical Web Writer
  4. Business Writer
  5. Informational Designer
  6. Usability Tester.


Contact Information:

Phone No: 020- 25211 111

Email Id:


Recommended Reads:


5. Henry Harvin

A well-known facilitator who facilitates online technical writing courses in India and Internationally. With a great vision to sharpen individuals and train them in technical writing, Henry Harvin is one of the leading organizations. Looking for the best online technical writing courses? Certainly, going with the Henry Harvin Learning Institute is a good decision.


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: What is Technical Writing

Module 2: Documentation Process

Module 3: Process in Technical Writing

Module 4: Grammar and Editing

Module 5: Know about Software used in Technical Writing

Module 6: Learn How to Create Technical Templates

Module 7: Techniques Used in Technical Writing

Module 8: Components of Technical Writing

Module 9: Formats of Technical Writing

Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Tools

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skill Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume and Portfolio Development


Tools Enclosed during the course:

  • Ms Word
  • Notepad+++
  • Google Docs
  • Snipping Tools
  • Tech smith Snagit
  • Fire Shot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot
  • Grammarly
  • org
  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshoot
  • Macromedia
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • Powerpoint
  • Photoshop
  • DITA Tool
  • API Documentation
  • XML


Career Benefits

  1. Upon completion of this course, you will become eligible for Writing a Perfect Quality Thesis, Research Paper, become Online Technical Writer or Technical Content.
  2. Job Opportunities Abroad.
  3. Eligible for High-Paying Position.
  4. Solid Foundation in Technical Writing.
  5. After completion, you will earn Rewarding Certificate.


What you will achieve from this course:

  1. This is a live online session comparing 36 hours and a 6-hour writing assignment.
    2. Live projects and internships will help you gain experience.
    3. Get a government-recognized certified certificate from Henry Harvin and the award-winning Institute.
    4. Offer 100% Placement support even post-completion of the course.
    5. Access to video tutorials, study material, and software tools and techniques.
    6. Access the masterclass anytime to learn soft skill development.
    7. You will receive a one-year golden membership.
    8. Anytime support and help from Henry Harvin after the completion of the course.


Course Duration: 3 Month session (30 + hours Live online two-way lecture and 6+ Hours Assignment Writing)

Internship: 3-month Paid Internship.

Course Fee: INR 20K – 1 Lakh per Month

Contact Information: +91 9015266266

Email Id:


6. ECT

Become a certified, trained technical writer from a government-recognized Educational and Career Times institute that is based in Delhi, India. Excellent platform for anyone looking for an online technical writing course.


The course comprises a total of 12 modules. The duration of this course is a total of 3 months, which includes 32 hours of live classroom instruction on top of that 52-hour eLearning video.


Modules Covered

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing

Module 2: Grammar and Styling

Module 3: Information Architecture

Module 4: Master a Markdown Language

Module 5: Learn XML

Module 6: Learn JSON

Module 7: Learn DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)

Module 8: Document Authoring Tool

Module 9: Technical Authoring Tool

Module 10: API Documentation

Module 11: A Documentation Strategy

Module 12: Future of Technical Writing

Module 13: Contributing to Open-Source Projects

Module 14:  Beginner-Friendly Tools


Course Fee: INR 14,696 (18% GST)

Course Duration: 3 Months  +91-7827916060

Internship:  Unpaid Internship

Certificate:   Earn Government-recognized Digital Certificate.



As an advanced technical writer, if you are looking to work with companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google in a senior position, then ECT provides one more course of technical writing where they will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Working with such well-known companies, one should have basic knowledge of coding.

The duration is 3-6 months. 96-hour Live session Where you have to complete 18 projects and assignments and also go through 36 Quizzes to test your knowledge.



Module 1: All modules from option 1

Module 2: Introduction to Web Development

Module 3: Learning HTML 5

Module 4: Semantic HTML

Module 5: Learn CSS

Module 6: Introduction to JavaScript

Module 7: Learn JavaScript Module

Module 8: Website Building

Module 9: HTTP Requests and Async JavaScript


Course Fee: INR 33,898 (18% GST)

Course Duration: 3-6 Months

Internship:  Unpaid Internship

Certificate:   Earn four Government-recognized Digital Certificate.


Why ECT? 

  1. Government-recognized certificate
  2. 6 Assignments throughout the course
  3. 6 live project experience
  4. Internship Opportunities
  5. 12 Quizzes to groom your skill
  6. Placement provided.
  7. Interactive session


Contact Information:

Phone No: +91-7827916060

Email Id:


Job Opportunities After Pursuing Online Technical Writing Courses:

  1. IT Sector Job: In the IT sector, a technical writer works in collaboration with developers on manuals, software documentation, or technical content. Documentation includes such things as Code diagrams and API references. For this role, a technical writer must have a science or engineering background.
    Here, the technical writer’s role is to build high-quality manuals that fulfill users’ needs. They also do proofreading and editing.
  2. Pharmaceutical Industries: Here the technical writer is responsible for creating procedures, preparing clinical reports, and preparing procedural documents. Prepare health care manuals for professionals, training manuals, and user guide manuals.
  1. Ed Tech Industries: Here The technical writer’s role is to produce educational material for educational institutes. Writing journals, textbooks, and manuals that teachers can relate to and that are precise and simple for students too. Preparing curricula, developing user guides, etc. are the roles of technical writers in academic institutions.


 Workplace for Technical Writers:

Nowadays, technical writers can approach any area. The doors are open for them; from small companies to big companies, every area is searching for technical writers. For Example,

  1. Aerospace and Defence
  2. Financial and Insurance Services
  3. Information Technology
  4. Agriculture
  5. HR and Staffing
  6. Personal Consumer Service
  7. Transport and Logistics
  8. Management and Consulting
  9. Government and Public Administration
  10. Telecommunication
  11. Construction and Maintenance
  12. Healthcare etc


Skills Requirement as Technical Writer:

  1. Some jobs require coding skills such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python.
  2. Proficient in writing, proofreading, styling, and editing.
  3. Good Communication skills.
  4. Skill to distill complex writing in a simple form.
  5. Leadership Quality and Team Work
  6. Research Quality
  7. Dedication towards work and work field.
  8. In-depth knowledge of product and user needs


Commonly Asked Question


1. What is the salary of a technical writer in India?

Answer: The wages earned by a technical writer are contrasting. Every company offers different payment scales as per the experience and Position. But the estimated Average Annual salary of a technical writer in India after completing online technical writing courses would be 5-6 LPA.


2. Is it wise to pursue a technical writing course?

Answer: Yes, if you have an interest in writing and want to build a career in technical then pursuing technical writing is not a waste of time. It is a promising career as industries and the world are moving toward technological advancement, and the requirement for writers will increase.


3. What are the prerequisites for becoming a technical writer?

Answer: A bachelor’s degree in a specific domain is enough. After that, you are eligible to pursue a diploma, postgraduate, or certificate course in technical writing at your choice of institute.


4. What Age is required to become a technical Writer?

Answer: As such, there is no age; one should be interested in writing and technology. To fill the gap between humans and technology, technical writers enter the market. Real dedication and time are accepted because sometimes jobs become time-consuming. One needs to undergo training and gain experience, and also keep learning which is essential to succeed in this profession.


5. What are the tools used in technical writing on a daily basis?

Answer: During the course, you will go through various tools and their applications used while technical writing. Institutes will cover all topics and tools that one should be aware of such as,  notepad+++, snipping tool, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Git, CopyScape, TechSmith Snaglt, and many more.



I hope the above article will be beneficial for someone who is searching for online technical writing courses. Above, we almost have covered the top-ranking online platforms in the educational domain. Going Through the article, you may realize what is a good suited for you. Due to the booming IT industries, not only IT but every sector of industry needs professional technical writers; therefore, the requirement for technical writers has heightened. A degree is not only important to succeed as a technical writer, but good soft skills, training, and practical experience are also mandatory to survive in the market for technical writing. Therefore, this article is built to meet the fundamental requirements of the individual who is seeking online technical writing courses. You can also do your research for more detailed information, if possible, on the institute’s particular website.

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