Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Patna With Placements

You are probably familiar with the term GST! If the concept is not that clear, let me shed some light on it. GST is the acronym for Goods and Services Tax, which is a pretty important thing in the world of taxes. This is quite similar to VAT, but it replaced existing multiple taxes like excise duty, service tax, and sales tax imposed by central and state govt. In this article, I am going to assist you in learning about some top GST certification courses in Patna, India, so that you may understand the ins and outs of GST and boost your career prospects by choosing one.


List of best GST certification courses in Patna


So, GST was introduced to simplify things and create a unified tax system. In India, GST was welcomed in parliament on 29 March 2017 and came into action on 1 July 2017. Consequently, the demand for GST specialists grew higher in the business world, and accompanying the trend, many professional certification courses were launched in India. These courses are specifically designed to help learners become pros in all GST-related things. They provide specialized knowledge and skills that are in demand in today’s business account world.


Benefits of GST Certification Courses

So, it’s necessary to know what exactly these GST certification courses are and how they benefit learners! Well, if you want to be a hotcake in the taxation industry, it’s inevitable for you to master the details of GST, like tax structure or filing returns. You need to know the navigation of GST software as well. And these courses help you with those points!

On the other hand, having a GST certificate demonstrates your expertise in tax laws and regulations and, therefore, positions you as an important asset in that realm. Since GST plays a significant part in the economy, businesses are actively seeking experts in this area. So you may hit your fortune by achieving credentials with your expertise.

So, why pursue GST certification courses in Patna? Well, Patna is a thriving business hub, and pursuing GST certification courses there can contribute a lot to local job prospects. Besides, the top institutes providing GST certification courses in Patna can help learners achieve their dream jobs by acquiring the necessary skills in this field.

The best part is that these courses are designed to be accessible to everyone. Whether a student, a working professional, or someone looking to switch careers, they can easily avail of GST certification courses in Patna. Besides, flexible timings and online options enable learners to learn at their own pace and convenience.


Other best courses in Patna:


Popular GST Certification Courses in Patna

There are various institutes and organizations in Patna to offer these certification courses. Experts have curated the programs to train aspiring professionals with the necessary skills. These courses cover the ins and outs of GST and give a practical insight into the subject. Let me list up few popular GST certification courses in Patna in this article so that you might find them helpful in your decision-making phase.


1. GST Practitioner Certification Course – IIM SKILLS

To enlist the top GST certification courses in Patna, the first name comes with IIM SKILLS, a leading Ed-tech company based in New Delhi, that has expanded over 33 countries. This government-recognized company is rapidly growing by offering various educational and skill development training courses on writing programs, finance programs, marketing programs as well as competitive exams.

With a mission to empower and cultivate a skilled and productive generation, IIM SKILLS serves up a feast of world-class education at affordable prices. Following the trend, IIM SKILLS provides an online certification course on GST, submerged in cutting-edge tools and techniques. Let’s explore the highlights and modules of this course below:


GST Certification Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive online sessions on GST with hands-on training.
  • Up-to-date curriculum and effective teaching methods aligned with GST advancements.
  • Learn from industry experts, explore case studies, and engage yourself in practical learning.
  • Gain clear concepts and practical insights into GST applications.
  • Master GST returns, perform business health checks and prepare for emergencies when needed.
  • Real-time doubt resolutions through discussion forums for clear understanding.
  • Receive certification upon completing the course to showcase your skills.


Course Curriculum:

To leverage the skills of learners in the best possible way, IIM SKILLS has split the course curriculum into nine modules covering every inch needed to master this sector. The modules are:


Module 1: The Origins of GST, Its Concept, and Its Effect on Businesses

  • Acquaintances with Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Types of GST
  • How to determine GST liability
  • Who is eligible for GST
  • Threshold limit for GST registration
  • Who should register for GST
  • GST rate slabs
  • Due dates for all GST returns
  • What does not fall under the GST’s purview

Module 2: The GST Framework and Structure

  • GST Goods and Services Definition
  • Meaning of supply in GST
  • The taxable event in GST
  • Time of supply
  • Place of supply
  • Valuation of Supply

Module 3: Criteria and Instructions for GST Registration

  • Online Registration
  • Process of registration
  • Issued registration certificate
  • Amendments in Registration
  • Surrender of registration.

Module 4: GST Invoicing: Rules and Regulations for Invoicing

  • Raised invoice and charged GST
  • GST invoice
  • Bill of supply
  • Debit Note / Credit Note
  • Payment Voucher

Module 5: GST Return Filing

  • Return form types and deadlines
  • Process flow of return filing
  • Sales outward supply return for GSTR1 return (plagiarism)
  • GSTR2A Reconciliation – Inward Supply Return for Purchase
  • GSTR3B return filing
  • GSTR9/9B return filing

Module 6: Composition Scheme under GST

  • Limitation and registration of composition scheme
  • The tax rate under the composition scheme
  • Return form in composition scheme

Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

  • What is RCM
  • Taxability under RCM

Module 8: E-way Bill under GST

  • The requirement for E-way bills under GST
  • Who is in charge of releasing an E-way bill
  • Issue E-way bill

Module 9: Credit for Input Tax and GST Payment

  • Offset GST liability
  • How do we claim ITC
  • Modes of Payment
  • Electronic Liability Ledger
  • Electronic Credit Ledger
  • Electronic Cash Ledger



  • Registered Certification with MSME
  • Practical Learning and Assignments
  • Weekly Assessments
  • Lifetime Access to Live & Recorded Lectures at No Extra Cost
  • Free E-Books, Invoicing Tools & Software
  • 24×7 Online Support
  • Problem-solving sessions
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to professionals at different career stages
  • Beneficial for students, fresh graduates, and professionals in accounting, finance, law, and related fields
  • Suitable for those looking to switch careers to taxation
  • Relevant for working professionals in finance, including CA/CS/CMA and legal professionals
  • Ideal for business people, including CEOs, CFOs, tax directors, and SMEs
  • Helpful for individuals starting their own agency/consultancy in GST filing assistance


Mode: Online

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fee: INR 2900+18% GST


Phone: +91 9580 740 740


Hope, now it has become far easier for you to make up your mind about a quality GST course. Let’s explore more options.


2. ICA Edu Skills Kankarbagh

This is another popular institute in Patna that has Goods and Service Tax (GST) courses boosted with hands-on training classes, professional mentors, and all required tools and techniques. The curriculum is based on 90% practical training and 10% theory helping the learners become job-ready in the real world.


Course Highlights:

  • Important Goods and Services Tax Act definitions
  • Government Goods and Services Tax payment
  • Passes allowing entry into the Goods and Services Tax
  • Computation of the taxable value of services
  • Calculation of Goods and Services Tax payable



  • 100% Guaranteed Placement
  • Presence in over 100 Cities
  • Regular Seminars and Grooming sessions
  • Expert CA Faculty
  • Practical Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • (ICA-NSDC, SAP, Microsoft Office) Triple Certification
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Any Time Job Card
  • 70000+ Registered Employers
  • 30+ Placement Offices
  • 22+ Years of Educational Excellence



This short-term course includes 8 lectures covering all the needful.

  • Lecture: 01 Basic concepts of GST
  • Lecture: 02 Levy and Tax Collection
  • Lecture: 03 Valuation
  • Lecture: 04 Payment of Tax
  • Lecture: 05 Returns
  • Lecture: 06 GST using Tally
  • Lecture: 07 Practice on GSTN
  • Lecture: 08 Project on GST


Eligibility: 12+ / Graduate

Mode: Online

Course Duration: 27 hours


Course Fee: Rs. 8999/-

Phone: 9472405951



3. Tally Brains

Another noteworthy GST training provider institute in Patna is Tally Brains which claims not to be an institute but a chain of skill centers. Apart from the traditional education method, Tally Brains follows a different methodology of using tally to leverage skills through different training courses.

Their main focus is the lower middle class who are quite unable to pursue a quality course to reign in the competitive world of skills. A group of Tally professionals with over 5 years of work and research experience run the institute. The trainers focus more on practical aspects of learning and train the students for overall skill development for India’s wealthy secure future.


GST – Tally with Accounting is the course name which is basically divided into two portions; i) Tally Prime Basic with Accounting, ii) Tally Prime GST.


Course Curriculum:

Tally Prime Basic with Accounting

  • Basic Accounting (especially for non-accounting Students)
  • Download And Installation of Tally
  • Masters
  • Inventory
  • Daily Entries – Contra, Receipt, Payment, Sales, Purchase, etc.
  • Printing And Backup, etc.
  • Report, Advance Report
  • Banking And Related Terms
  • Assignment, Projects


Tally Prime GST

  • Introduction to GST
  • GST Law
  • HSN, SAC, Supply, Registration, E-Way Bill and so on.
  • Practical and Invoicing of GST Using Tally
  • Setup And Automation Entry
  • GST R1, R2, R3B, and other reports.
  • GST Returns
  • GST For Service


Eligibility: Standard 10TH


Mode: Hybrid

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Course Fee: Rs. 10,000/-

Phone: +91-8349 333 666




One of the worthwhile GST certification courses in Patna is provided by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) formerly known as The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI). This is a government-registered company and it works to promote, regulate, and develop the profession of Cost Accountancy.

From its inception, it has been continuously contributing to the growth of the industrial and economic climate of the country. This is the only recognized statutory professional organization and licensing body in India specializing exclusively in Cost and Management Accountancy. To this continuation, ICMAI has introduced two types of GST courses – i) Certificate Course on GST, and ii) Advanced Certificate Course on GST. The curriculums and other short detail for these courses are as follow:


Certificate Course on GST Curriculum:

  • Concepts of GST and GST definitions, as well as the GST’s constitutional background.
  • Classification, HSN, SAC
  • Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC
  • Records and Returns
  • Payment and Refunds
  • Demands
  • Penalties and Prosecutions
  • Job Work
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  • Application of TDS and TCS under GST and Return Filing
  • The taxable event, supply location, and timing, Works Contract, Exempted Supply, Composite & Mixed Supply
  • Valuation under GST, Valuation rule
  • Basic Procedures: E-way Bills, Invoices, Bills of Supply, etc.
  • Annual Return and Assessment
  • Adjudication and appeal
  • Advance Ruling and Anti-profiteering
  • Case studies on specific Chapters with real-life scenarios and Miscellaneous Provisions


Mode: Online

Course Duration: 72 Hours

Course Fee: Rs.10,000 +18% GST [Excluding Exam Fee]

Exam Fee: Rs.1,000 +18% GST


Advanced Certificate Course on GST Curriculum:

  • Introduction
  • Taxable Event and Type of Supply
  • Location and Period of Supply
  • Classification & HSN and SAC
  • Valuation Rule
  • Analysis of GST’s TDS and TCS
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  • Electronic billing and job work reconciliation
  • Analysis of Annual Return & Assessment
  • Analytical Approach of Registration, Invoice, Bill of Supply, E-way Bill
  • Practical Analysis of GST Returns
  • Demands, Adjudication and appeal, Penalties and Prosecutions
  • Analytical perspective on anti-profiteering and advanced ruling
  • Case studies on specific Chapters with real-life scenarios and Miscellaneous Provisions


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Qualified Cost & Management Accountants (Members)
  2. Other Professionals (CS, CA, MBA, M. Com, Lawyers)
  3. Executives from Industries and Tax Practitioners
  4. Students who have obtained or are pursuing CMA certification


Mode: Online

Course Duration: 40 Hours

Course Fee: Rs.14,000 +18% GST [Apart from Exam Fee]


Exam Fee: Rs.1,000 +18% GST

Phone: 1800110910



Must Read:


5. Henry Harvin GST Practitioner Course

Henry Harvin, a government-recognized institute, was 1st to launch a formal GST practitioner course in India in Dec 2016. Award-winning GST speakers deliver the course and they demand to train 14,265+ GST Professionals through this institute till today. Covering GST Registration, return filing, input tax credit, refunds, and other trending topics, this course provides comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of GST.


Course Highlights:

Clarify practical GST issues through focused FAQ sessions.
Computer-based practical training.
Updates on recent amendments and their challenges.
Clarify GST-related doubts during and after the training.
Free study material worth INR 500.
Real-life cases and experiences shared by GST experts.
industry-recognized GST certification highlighted by prestigious publications like Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, Pioneer, India Today, Business World, and Mail Today.



Training: 32 hours of interactive, real-time, online training
Projects: Feasibility of participating in projects like GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, and additional areas
Internship: Assistance in obtaining internships for practical training
Certification: Certification as a GST Practitioner from Henry Harvin®, a recognized and award-winning institute by the Government of India
Placement: Complete support for placement for a year upon course completion
E-learning Access:  GST Practitioner LMS and E-Learning site access for one year
Masterclass: There will be ongoing masterclasses for the upcoming year
Hackathons:  Free entry into #AskHenry competitions and hackathons
Membership: 1-year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Accounts Academy for the GST Practitioner Course


Course Curriculum:

For a better learning process, the curriculum is divided into five modules. These are:

Module 1: Introduction to GST
Module 2: GST Concepts and Basics
Module 3: GST Registrations and Provisions
Module 4: GST Invoicing and Returns
Module 5: Litigation Management


Eligibility Criteria:

Final-year students or graduates in any related field from an authorized institution
Professional seeking further knowledge of GST and related fields
Should be a Citizen of India
should not be considered bankrupt
Cannot have a conviction for a crime carrying a two-year minimum sentence.


Mode: Online

Course Duration: 32 hours

Course Fee: RS. 12500/-

Phone: +919891953953



Scope and Salary of a GST Specialist in India

For a long, you have been exploring the names and curriculums of top GST certification Courses in Patna, now here comes the juiciest part of the entire piece! Once you complete the course and become a worthy GST specialist and also the prestigious certificate is in your hand, then you will find a number of doors open in front of you leading to the roads of gold mines! There are several posts in the taxation industry such as Tax Consultant, Tax Accountant, Tax Analyst, Tax Associate, Tax Manager, Reconciliation Specialist, Tax Lawyer, and so on.


A salary chart for a few of the posts is drawn below:


Job Profile Average Salary
Tax Consultant INR 514,314
Tax Accountant INR 338, 398
Tax Analyst INR 349,285
Tax Associate INR 390,981
Tax Manager INR 1,337,537




What is GST and why is it important? 

  • GST stands for Goods and Services Tax and is a unified tax system that has replaced several taxes such as excise duty, service tax, and sales tax. This is important because it simplifies the tax structure, creates a unified tax system, and promotes tax transparency. GST is an important part of the economy and companies are actively looking for professionals with GST knowledge.


What are the benefits of getting a GST certificate? 

  • Becoming GST certified demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in tax laws and regulations, making you a valuable asset to any organization. This will improve your career prospects and job opportunities, especially in accounting, finance, and taxation. Since GST is an important part of the economy, a GST certificate can give you an edge in the job market.


What are the most popular GST certification courses in Patna? 

  • Some of the popular GST certification courses in Patna are: the GST Practitioner Certification Course by IIM Skills, the GST Practitioner Course by Henry Harvin, GST Courses offered by ICA Edu Skills Kankarbagh, the GST course offered by Tally Brains, the GST Certified Course and GST Advanced Certificate Course by ICMAI. Beyond this, there are numerous further alternatives. You can explore different websites.


What are the eligibility criteria for GST courses? 

  • Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the course and institute. Generally, GST courses are open to individuals at various career stages, including students, recent graduates, and professionals in accounting, finance, law, and other fields. They are also suitable for those who want to change careers to taxation or start their own office/consultancy in the field of GST assistance.


How long are GST certification courses in Patna usually and what is the format? 

  • The duration of GST certification courses in Patna may vary. Some courses can last 4 weeks, while others can be 32 hours or more. The learning method can be online or hybrid, allowing learners to learn at their own pace and pace. It is best to check the course duration and study formats with the respective institutes.



In conclusion, I can say now your backpack is full of a number of names on “GST certification courses in Patna”. The lights on GST, its scope, and salary might have motivated you if you were already in the queue to enter the door of the GST universe. But while choosing a course, don’t forget to focus on some points so that your time and money don’t go to waste. Always study the popularity of the institutes, go through reviews, and compare the materials they provide. Give importance to practical learning over theoretical learning. And obviously, prioritize the financial aspect so that it may result in a win-win situation. So, grab a course, boost your skills, and obtain a worthy certificate. Be a Hercules in GST. Happy Learning!

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