Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Surat With Placements

The word ‘Technical Writing’ sounds like serious business. But is it really difficult? Think about the user manuals that accompany every purchase made today. It does not sound very scary now, does it? A user manual will typically include simple language, active voice, clarity of thought, and logical flow of information including diagrams and flowcharts. Anyone with a technical bend of mind, the language skills to communicate complex procedures in simple terms understood by a layman, and a rational thought process can aspire to become a technical writer. However, you will require to go through a training process as technical writing follows a rigid format. This is where the article steps in. We will identify the top technical writing courses in Surat for you to choose from.


List of best technical writing courses in Surat


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a specific form of writing that enables you to be the communicator between the product manufacturer/service provider and the end user. Technical writing is different from creative writing as it needs to be clear, concise, correct, and complete.

It involves explaining how to use a product and its features to consumers precisely and effectively in very simple language. This could relate to a physical object or a concept. In a nutshell, any product or process that requires explanation, instructions, or guidance, will involve technical writing.


Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing is broadly associated with user manuals of electronic items. This unfortunately is a misconception. Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Service Level Agreements (SLA), API Documentation, Software Installation Guides, Press Release, Case Studies, White Papers, Company Documents, Request for Proposal (RFP) Business Plans, and Annual Reports all fall under the technical writing umbrella.

This is an extensive field of work serving multiple purposes and can be broadly categorized according to the audience addressed.

  • End-user documents are the most commonly used form of technical writing. These are written to educate consumers on the use and special features of products they buy, and some basic troubleshooting techniques. Besides this, legal disclaimers, SLA, etc. fall under this category.
  • Research summaries, research-oriented white papers, and legal documents are technical writing by domain experts addressing industry-specific issues.
  • Technical writing for internal communication within companies to ensure standardization of procedures and practices. HR policy-related internal communication documents like employee handbooks are an example of this type.
  • B2B marketing material used by companies to drive brand awareness and educate distributors and dealers to promote their products and services would be instances of technical writing for marketing and communications.


All these technical writing groups follow different formats and structures and address diverse audiences, requiring specific writing skills.


Role of a Technical Writer

A technical writer plays varied roles dependent upon the industry and sector. However, the basic job structure remains constant. To summarize, here is what a technical writer’s job entails.

  • Researching the target audience to get a clear understanding of who is being addressed and their level of understanding of the subject matter
  • Access to exhaustive material covering all key elements, and knowledge of the subject of communication. This will involve research, multiple conversations with all stakeholders, and interactions with subject matter experts if needed. Accuracy of information is key to developing comprehensive and precise documents.
  • Identifying the format to be used or creating an outline of the document in case no format is specified, guaranteeing nothing important is missed out. Any inaccuracy or omission of critical information can have serious repercussions for the organization.
  • Writing content in simple everyday language using direct short sentences. Formatting the document (when not using standardized format) with headings and subheadings, adding links and hyperlinks, and CTA (Call to Action) when writing for the web.
  • Using visuals and tools like Google Docs, Grammarly, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio, and Adobe Design. Snipping Tool, Word Press, Notepad++, Copyscape, Snagit, Confluence, Oxygen XML editor, Whatfix, Document360, etc. to augment the clarity and precision of writing.


Career Scope in Technical Writing 

Technical writing as a lucrative career emerged post the invention of the computer. It is as recent as 1980 that technical writing was given industry status by the USA. In India, technical writing gained momentum in the last decade and its future is quite exciting. We owe this to the advances in technology and its impact on our daily lives. Though technology is all pervasive in society, not everyone is tech-savvy.

This has created the need for technical writers to harness and leverage the potential of technology for the common man.  AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data will continue to grow in leaps and bounds and disrupt existing norms.  Given this scenario, demand for technical writers is unlikely to diminish in the near future. Technical writers are now in a unique position to shape and transform human interaction with technical content.

The IT sector is the largest employer of technical writers. However, various other industries need and hire technical writers. Pharmaceuticals (Medical and Healthcare), Engineering, Science related fields (Biotechnology, Research), Consumer Electronics, Management and Consulting Firms, Education, Advertising and Marketing, and Media just to name a few.

Technical writing career follows the standard vertical growth path as most other occupations. You begin as a trainee or analyst, move to a supervisory role, then a managerial role, and finally move up the corporate ladder to senior management positions. However, as in any other career, factors like industry, organization size and structure, location, hiring and promotion policies, experience, aptitude, and attitude are variables that will influence career growth.


Skills Required for Technical Writing.

Technical writing requires intense concentration, comprehension, and meticulous planning, besides generic and specific writing skills. The first as always is communication skills. Command over the language (English or Vernacular), a good vocabulary, and grammar are critical for technical writing.

The ability to customize and explain in chronological order, intricate processes and procedures in terms that resonate with the target audience (B2B or B2C) is a must. Clear and cohesive text composition, and brief sentences without missing out on any critical element of communication are imperative.

Hence, it is important to invest the time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the product features and functions to plan the chronology and writing accordingly. This requires patience and planning. Interpersonal skills come into play here as multiple interactions with teams and subject matter experts will be needed to ensure access to accurate information and understanding of processes to draft detailed and precise communication.

Conflict management, problem-solving, and decision-making skills come in handy during this phase. After the collection of data follows the research to identify and understand the target audience. The demographics, and technical expertise of the end user, are crucial elements to be researched as it provides valuable insights to determine the tone and texture of the document.

A vital skill for a technical writer to possess is knowing what to say and how to say it. Confidence is key, but the management of tonal quality is just as significant. Confident, neutral, and non-patronizing is the recommended writing style to adopt for most technical writing.

Besides the above, the fundamentals of any kind of writing include proofreading, editing, and some knowledge of design. Interest in technology and the desire to keep abreast with the latest developments and innovations in the technical universe are prerequisites. Though formal education in technology is not mandatory, it is an added advantage.


Benefits of Technical Writing Course

A technical writing course will hone and upgrade your writing skills. It will teach you the various formats required for different types of technical writing be it user manuals, press releases, business reports etc., and the presentation of content in a logical, sequential order.

Converting difficult technical and industry jargon into simple language that your target audience will understand is an ability you will acquire and polish. It ensures you keep up-to-date with new technical developments which is essential in this field. There are a variety of tools at the disposal of technical writers to improve their output. You will be introduced to the best writing tools, including visual aids, and their usage, improving the quality of your work and competence.

Proofreading and editing are required to ensure error-free, coherent content. This is a basic requirement for any kind of writing. More so in technical writing. An error could change the context of a sentence or paragraph, leading to legal and/or financial consequences for the company. Hence, it is vital to sharpen these skills.

Gaining expertise in various facets of technical writing will enhance your resume and improve your employability. For employed individuals, brushing up on your skill set can boost growth opportunities.


Why Top Technical Writing Courses in Surat

Besides being famous as the diamond processing center of India, Surat has emerged as a technology hub in Gujarat post the pandemic. It hosts over 150 start-up IT companies engaged in web and software development, web design, UI/UX design, digital marketing, and branding, besides a strong oil, petroleum, and energy sector.

The under-construction GIFT City (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) in Gujarat will lead to the movement of larger technology and other conglomerates to this center.

All this corporate activity will increase the demand for technical writers in Surat. This blog is intended to assist technical writers to capitalize on these emerging opportunities by enrolling in one of the top technical writing courses in Surat.


Other best courses in Surat:


Top Technical Writing Courses in Surat.

We will now proceed to list the courses along with their unique propositions. The basic eligibility criteria for taking up this course at all these institutes are aptitude in language and communication, a basic understanding of the internet, and a graduate in any stream with an interest in technology.


1) IIM SKILLS – Technical Writing Master Course

IIM SKILLS claims the top spot on the top technical writing courses in Surat as it is one of the best in the business of EdTech. It has built a formidable reputation in this sector over a very short period. The salient features of this Technical Writing Course are:

  • Short 5-week duration, 20 hours of live instructor-led interactive classes plus 60 hours of practical assignments with weekday and weekend options, ideal for all types of students working or otherwise.
  • A comprehensive curriculum designed in accordance with industry standards and top MNC recruiters like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Adobe, Cisco, etc.
  • Additionally, tools like Robohelp, Creative Design, Github, XML, DDLC, DITA, FrameMaker, Markdown, Creative Design, Versioning, and Referencing are part of the course material.
  • One-month guaranteed internship, placement support, portfolio building, lifetime consulting, and technical support, are great extra benefits of this course.
  • Industry-recognized certificate issued after successful course completion.


2) Udemy – Technical Writing Courses

Deserves a spot on this list of Top technical writing courses in Surat on the sheer strength of its reputation in the skilling and training field and offers content in multiple languages. It also has a unique methodology for the delivery of the courses.

There are multiple mini-modules addressing a specific area of technical writing available to choose from depending on your requirement. They offer some detailed programs as well. Let us look at the most popular program ‘Professional Technical Writing’ to identify its salient features.

  • Over 6 hours of content with 110 hours of downloadable resources
  • It covers the basic principles of technical writing including types of documents, writing and editing techniques, usage of graphs, charts, tables, etc.
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate on completion of the course.


Though this may seem limited in scope, however, you have the option of adding mini-modules according to your learning needs.


3) Coursera – Modules on Technical Writing for Various Streams. 

Coursera is renowned for its training and skilling programs for individuals and corporate entities. The expertise and collaborations with universities across the world earn this course a spot on this list of top technical writing courses in Surat.

  • Some of the prominent courses in technical writing are:
  • Writing and Editing
  • Technical Communication
  • Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders
  • English Communication for Tech Professionals
  • Technical Managerial Written Skills
  • Technical Support Fundamentals
  • Short-duration courses range between 4 weeks to 3 months
  • E-learning videos and experiential projects and assignments are part of the curriculum.
  • Subject-relevant concepts and tools are covered in the syllabus
  • A certificate is issued at the end of course completion by the affiliated university that has developed the course.


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4) ECT (Education and Career Times) – Technical Writing Course

This is a must-have on any listing of top technical writing courses in Surat as it is the only training institute recognized by the government of India as a start-up. The key features of this course are:

  • The short course duration is 3 months of live interactive sessions.
  • Exhaustive curriculum including 50 hours of e-learning videos and experiential learning with assignments, projects, and quizzes. Course modules consist of grammar, technical writing styles and architecture, a Markdown language, XML, JSON, DITA, Oxygen XML editor, MadCap Flare, API Documentation, Agile Documentation Strategy, Contributing to Open-Source Projects, and various other tools.
  • Provide personal attention and feedback with internship opportunities.
  • The certificate is issued at the end of course completion.


5. Henry Harvin – Certified Technical Writing Course with Gold membership

Grabs the second spot on the list of top technical writing courses in Surat as it is the top-ranked technical writing course in India by The Tribune and is one of the leading providers of training and advisory services. The salient features of the Henry Harvin Certified Technical Writing Course are:

  • 36 hours of two-way interactive instructor-led online classes with a flexible schedule.
  • An integrated curriculum designed by domain experts in collaboration with industry experts to deliver job-ready individuals. Focus on experiential learning that includes projects and hackathons.
  • Tools covered are MS Word, Notepad++, Google Docs, Snipping tool, TechSmith, FireShot, Greenshot, Lightshot, Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Snagit, Grammarly,, Microsoft Word, Macromedia RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Ms. Visio, XML, etc.
  • Besides internship placement assistance and lifetime support, additional benefits include 1 Gold Membership that offers E-Learning Access through recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies, over 50 sessions for soft skill development, weekly job opportunity offers, and experiential industry projects during the training.
  • The industry-recognized certificate is issued on successful course completion.




What should be the criteria for choosing from the top technical writing courses in Surat?

The credentials of the institution, its affiliations, and the qualifications and experience of its faculty are of utmost importance when choosing a course. Testimonials of past students are a great barometer to gauge the quality of teaching and methodology. Besides testimonials, tracking the companies past students are working with and their career progression is a good benchmark to assess quality and industry adoption and endorsement of the institute.

Evaluate the conceptual, technical, and soft skills gaps you need to fill to improve your job prospects in this field and review the curriculum of each institute carefully and match it with your requirements. Experiential learning with hands-on projects and assignments plays an important role in your learning outcomes, so make sure you check these out.

Platforms for interaction with industry leaders and experts are a bonus and you should look out for them. Find out what placement assistance, placement partners, and mentoring facilities are provided by the institute. The list of top technical writing courses in Surat, in this article is created based on the above-mentioned criteria. This should help you in picking the one that fulfills your learning needs.


What are the prerequisites for enrolment in the top technical writing courses in Surat?

Most of the top technical writing courses in Surat are postgraduate certificate courses. They require knowledge and command of the language and grammar, a good vocabulary, communication skills, comfort with the internet, and an interest in technology to qualify for admission.


What skills will I acquire by enrolling in one of the top technical writing courses in Surat?

You acquire a plethora of skills on completion of a technical writing course. Some are listed below.

  • Upgrading and polishing writing skills.
  • Formats required for different types of technical writing like user manuals, press releases, business reports, etc.,
  • Presentation of content in a logical, sequential order using simple language that your target audience will understand.
  • New technical developments and tools that are used in technical writing including visual aids and their usage.
  • Vital proofreading and editing skills.


What are the career opportunities in technical writing?

Technical writing is a growing field with plenty of entry-level opportunities. As a fresher, you start as a trainee or writer and will be involved in creating user manuals, web pages, business documents, etc. using everyday language for the common man. The objective is to translate complex technical content that resonates with the end user. You could also work on designing and enhancing technical content with illustrations etc. to improve comprehension and understanding by the target audience.


Which tools are important for technical writing?

Google Docs, Grammarly, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio, and Adobe Design. Snipping Tool, Word Press, Notepad++, Copyscape, Snagit, Confluence, Oxygen XML editor, Whatfix, Document360, etc. However, it is not mandatory for you to know all of them.


Final Thoughts

We have been surrounded by technology for quite a while and it continues to occupy more and more space in our daily lives. The millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z are consumed by it. Dealing with advancements in technology has created a significant demand for technical writers who are the mediators between manufacturers and consumers. IT companies and other businesses are being incentivized to move to tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

Surat in Gujarat is one of the cities that is reaping the benefits of this migration with emerging job opportunities for its youth in the IT and technology sector. Technical writing is a critical function in the IT and technology industry, wherein lies the significance of a technical writing course and the listing of top technical writing courses in Surat.

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