Top 10 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Ahmedabad

Are you looking to hone your skills in accounting and taxation? The Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) courses help in understanding the basics of business accounting and taxation, as well as developing multi-level skills that are highly beneficial in the industry. For any organization to compete in the long run, tracking their income and expenses and creating budget projections is vital. And who do you think helps in these important matters?  This course is designed to make you think logically and in a problem-solving manner to solve industry-related problems. In this article, you are going to learn about some business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad, so that you too can be at the top of the game.

List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad

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Why should you study business in Ahmedabad?

Top 10 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Ahmedabad

  • Online institutions offering Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Ahmedabad
  • Offline institutions offering Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Ahmedabad

Benefits of studying Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Ahmedabad

Job opportunities for business accounting and taxation degree

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should You Study Business in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad, which is the fifth most populous city in India has reached the top in the Industrial and Economic sector. The city features areas like Virangram, Sanad, Dholka, and Daskroi which are bustling with major industries.

There has been an increase in the housing and construction industries and is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in India. Aside from being Gujarat’s commercial hub, Ahmedabad displays several tourist destinations.

This means you get to study business accounting and taxation courses, as well as enjoy the beautiful cultural attractions and tons of fun activities for the experience. What’s better? It’s cheaper for the cost of living and other expenses.

The city features a vibrant and lively atmosphere, making it a great place to focus on studies and still have fun. Also if you’re looking for festivities, you’re in for a treat because there is plenty of it.

There’s plenty of delicious food to be tasted and restaurants, markets, and malls to be explored! You also get a variety of good universities and colleges to choose from. So, if you’re pursuing business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad, the final decision rests in your hands.

Check These Top Courses in Ahmedabad:


Top 10 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Ahmedabad



Since its inception in 2015, IIM SKILLS has been the top ed-tech firm and has helped thousands of students bridge the gap between job requirements and skill development.

The online institution offers a wide range of courses to choose from and each provides in-depth knowledge from industry leaders.

The ed-tech institution has reached more than 35,000 students across Asia and other countries worldwide including Dubai. And for the BAT Course, it is guaranteed to provide you with hands-on experience.

Some Important Features of the Business Accounting and Taxation Course Are:

  • Easy doubt clarification by the teachers for an in-depth understanding of the subject.
  • The course is constructed in a way that helps me understand accounting and taxation skills, along with professional skill development.
  • Certifications for the Master BAT course are accredited globally.
  • When the course is purchased, students can get lifetime access to it, along with all resource materials and session recordings.
  • There is instant 24*7 online support by the team behind the BAT course.
  • Practical learning is given importance and you will be given weekly assignments and tasks.
  • The tools that are covered include – Tally, Quickbooks Business Accounting Software, GST, and Excel.

Course Details:

Course Fees– 9,900 INR (+18% GST)

Duration– 4 months


  • Accounting Basics and Accounting in Tally
  • GST Basics and GST in Tally
  • Income Tax along with Tally
  • Advanced Excel along with MIS Reporting
  • Payroll with Tally

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2. EduPristine

This institution was founded in 2008 and is a leading provider of courses like Business Accounting and Taxation, ACCA, CPA, and CMA. EduPristine has an active online presence and a strong network of classrooms across India.

The PG program on Business Accounting and Taxation is designed by industry leaders and professional chartered accountants, and aimed to make you industry-ready. This course is ideal for fresh graduates, individuals with a maximum of 2 years of experience, or individuals willing to master essential accounting tools.

Features of the Course:

  • Training is provided by industry professionals and experts.
  • All content that is taught during live classes is exam-oriented.
  • Mock tests are conducted for the preparation of exams.
  • Dedicated discussion forums and after course doubt clarification.
  • Training provided for practical and experimental applications, soft skills and overall experience makes you job-ready.
  • Career guidance is provided to students as per their capabilities.
  • Placement assistance is provided.

Details of the Course:

Total Fees– 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs range

Duration– 3 to 6 months.

Syllabus Modules

  • The Basics of Accounting and Accounting in TallyPrime
  • GST basics and GST in TallyPrime
  • The basics of Income Tax along with Income Tax in TallyPrime
  • Basics of Payroll and its components
  • MS Excel for Accounting and MIS
  • The finalization of financial statements
  • Busy Software and GST reports
  • SAP and other soft skill

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3. Institute of Account and Taxation Training

IATT is another great institution for studying Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Ahmedabad. It has its center located in Ahmedabad and is considered one of the best institutes for practical training in the field of Accounting and Tax Compliance.

You can expect yourself to be provided with career-oriented skills that are highly demanded in the current market. The course also focuses on training catered by professionals and has career support and placement opportunities.

Features of the Course:

  • The most important topics are routinely covered.
  • Professionals take it upon themselves to provide training to students.
  • Comprehensive training is provided to the students, from basic-> advanced.
  • The basic level module is specifically designed for beginners.
  • Topics like direct and indirect tax compliances, and factory and company accounting are covered.
  • Students get to involve themselves in case studies and practical projects.

Details of the Course:

Fees– 15,000 INR

Duration– 3 months (Mon-Sun from 8 am)


  • Accounting and Corporate Accounting
  • Finalization
  • GST Return
  • Income Tax
  • MIS Report

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4. Munimji Training and Placement Pvt.Ltd

Munimji is an institution in Ahmedabad that specializes in formal and practical training in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation. It aims to provide skilled resources for the industry and contribute towards creating trained professionals. It has provided its courses to more than 10,000 students.

The institution offers its courses on both offline and online platforms, breaking down the courses into modules like Practical Accounting, GST, Tally ERP 9, Finance, Income Tax, USA Taxation, and USA Accounting. When choosing this institute, you’re also getting access to its special courses like Certified Corporate Accounting and Certified Corporate Professional.


  • You can get a chance to learn from industry experts and hands-on practical training.
  • The course materials are updated as per the latest research and studies.
  • Regular assessments are conducted to evaluate performances.
  • The modules are divided based on the needs of the students.
  • The practical areas of accounting and taxation are discussed in-depth for better understanding.
  • Certification is provided after the course.
  • Job placement assistance is provided

Other Details:

Fees– 24,000 INR

Duration– 5 months


Modules of CCA

  • Personality Development and soft skills
  • Accounting Fundamentals and Tally
  • Income and Direct Tax
  • Banking and Auditing

Modules of CCP

  • It covers all topics in CCA
  • MIS Reporting and Overview of SAP
  • Company law and Export/Import

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5. Six Sense Skill Development Institute

This is another great place to study Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Ahmedabad if you’re seeking industry-relevant skills. It is reputed for being one of the leading accounting and finance course institutions and has trained over 1,800 accountants since 2015. As an alumnus, you can get opportunities for placements in high-ranking companies.

The business accounting and taxation courses focus on skill upgrades and concepts that have practical implementation. Six Sense Skill Development also offers other finance and accounting courses along with their Certificate Course in Professional Accounting (CCPA).

Features of the Course:

  • The course has a total of four detailed modules covering all important aspects.
  • Pursuing professional accounting courses like these has benefits like business appeal, growth opportunities, better pay and global opportunities.
  • You will be able to develop further growth in the industry.
  • Any graduate or undergraduate is eligible, as well as individuals working as tax practitioners and accountants.
  • It prepares you in a way so that you’re knowledgeable about financial statements that comply with appropriate standards.
  • You can analyze tax-related data for further tax planning.
  • Certificates are provided with the courses at these institutions.

Other Details:

Total Fees– 15,000 INR

Duration– 2 to 4 months

Syllabus (modules)

  • Accounting Fundamentals and Tally ERP9
  • GST Tally
  • Direct Tax or Income Tax (TDS)
  • Payroll, Professional Tax, PF and ESI



It is one of the leading educational institutes in India which has its branches spread across the country, including Ahmedabad. It has courses with a systematically designed curriculum and focuses hugely on making its students competent enough to secure a job in this industry. Complete job assistance is also provided.

The institution has appealing course structures making it a great choice for you to study business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad. Since the prospective career paths are quite demanding, the institution provides their students with practical skills like evaluating and decision-making to make them job-ready.

Features of the Course:

  • Theory as well as practical classes are covered.
  • Schedule and batch timings are flexible.
  • Students are provided support when starting as business accountants and tax professionals.
  • There are in general more practical classes than theory classes.
  • Certificates are provided.

Other Details:

Fees– 45,000 INR (+GST)

Duration– 6 Months

Syllabus (6 modules)

  • Module 1: Accountancy
  • Module 2: Goods and Services Tax
  • Module 3: TDS/TCS
  • Module 4: Tally ERP 9 with GST
  • Module 5: Income Tax
  • Module 6: Auditing


7. Tally ERP9 Training Institute

Another important institute in Ahmedabad is the Tally ERP 9 Training Institute. It actively helps students acquire the skills to operate in the Report generation, Taxation aspect, and Tally accounting package. To date, they have approximately 500 student enrollments with 5 daily batches.

The institution has tie-ups with at least 300 large organizations in India and has successfully placed 350 students in such companies.

They mainly provide courses on Finance and Accounting like Certified TALLY ERP 9 (with GST), Tally Prime, and Basic Computer courses. These courses are of good quality and recommended by professionals.


  • The course includes business accounting concepts
  • The Inventory Sessions and detailed sessions on GST, Return filling and Taxation are touched upon.
  • You’ll also get to know the ways of finalizing books of accounts.

Other Details:

Fees– 6000 INR

Duration– 2 months approx


  • Business Organization
  • Purchase and Sales
  • Tally Fundamentals
  • Accounting, Statutory reports, and Inventory
  • Management and Control Systems
  • Reporting and Generations
  • Finalization of Accounts


8. The Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA)

The course, offered by IPA, provides students with plenty of benefits. Many companies and individuals have recognized the need for tax filing and record keeping and thus, business accounting and taxation have evolved their methodologies over time.

The institute is leading in job-oriented professional courses and the use of various software. They are committed to improving the knowledge and employable skills of students and professionals.


  • The course consists of 10 modules and offers 5 projects to their students.
  • They guarantee 100% placement assistance after course completion.
  • Experienced faculty with a CA background will help students learn the practical aspects.
  • The Diploma certificate is recognized by industry experts.

Other Details:

Fees – 55,000 INR + GST in four installments

Duration – one-year diploma course


  • Industrial Accounting
  • Income Tax
  • Accounting Software (Tally ERP)
  • Auditing
  • Stock Market and Capital Market
  • E-commerce and Banking
  • Provident Fund Labour Laws
  • Matters on company laws
  • GST (Online GST Return Filing)


9. Institute of Technology, Accounting and Advertising (ITAA)

The institute was founded in 2016, specializing in both Recruitment and Accounting and aiming to bridge the gap between academic roles and market requirements. They started their journey addressing the skill gap and preparing students for a rewarding career.


  • Their courses are on par with industry demands.
  • They try to bring about a positive impact by conducting their courses across the country.
  • They have provided placement solutions to many students over the years.
  • With their Accounting course, you can learn Tally, GST, Market Practices, and so on.
  • It includes live video sessions and field projects.

Other Details:

Fees – 10,000 INR

Duration – One and a half months (50 hours)


  • Tally Prime
  • Business Accounting
  • GST and Taxation
  • Value Added Topics


10. Henry Harvin

Established in 2013, Henry Harvin is a popular ed-tech firm that offers both offline and online certifications, and diploma and degree programs to its students. The institution has worked as a training partner and provided education in various fields.

Thus, explaining its worldwide customer base of over 300,000 students across the globe. The Business Accounting and Taxation course by Henry Harvin provides the basics of knowledge on GST and Income Tax, as well as other topics like Business Income, and concepts of Indirect Taxation.

The course itself is self-paced therefore you can benefit from the perks of learning and understanding the concepts as per your time.

Salient Features:

  • Training provided by experts.
  • Post-session doubt clearing for students is available.
  • Certification after the course is available and 100% placement assistance is provided.
  • Internship opportunities with the institution or its partner firms are available.
  • The flexibility of classes and support and 24*7 lifetime free upgrade of course.

Details of the Course:

Total Fees– 34,500 INR

Duration– 12 months of live classes

Syllabus Modules

  • GST Practitioner Course
  • Income Tax Specialist
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Tally
  • Excel Advance for Accounting and MIS
  • Human Resources Payroll

Benefits of Studying Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Ahmedabad

If you have prior knowledge of this industry you might know that this sector is very important to the business. Courses related to business accounting, taxation, and finances can be very beneficial for developing relevant skills. Here are some benefits of the business accounting and taxation course, listed below:

  • The Business Accounting and Taxation courses can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge, that can help you reach the top of this industry and master all the essential traits for business ownership.
  • Most commerce-related fields are very popular among students, and BAT courses are always in high demand. Its syllabus is generally designed to cover important topics like Tally, GST, Excel, etc. Thus, it has some value in the market and can provide ample work opportunities.
  • Many institutions in Ahmedabad provide their students with professional certificates after completion of the course. These can help you immensely with career growth and other opportunities. In most cases, placement and support are presented to the students which is another great reason to study business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad.
  • With a business accounting and taxation course along with other modules, you’re guaranteed to get higher-paying jobs. You’ll be able to comprehend the complexities of management and accounting more easily and qualify for jobs offering massive pay scales.

Job Opportunities for Business Accounting and Taxation Degree:

As a student of the commerce stream, you will have multiple opportunities for career growth laid down for you, and an accounting and taxation degree is no exception. Here, are some potential careers for your future:

Accounting Manager– As an accounting manager, your day-to-day activities would include overseeing and guiding a company’s accounting department. Additionally, your tasks include reviewing financial statements, delegating tasks to accountants, preparing reports, and establishing accounting policies. Your job is very essential for fostering agency-client relationships, as it helps to understand the needs of the company’s client base.

Finance Managers– This is another well-paying job that you can pursue after your business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad. Although the role of financial managers is very complex and they’re liable for the company’s finances, it’s still a popular career choice. As a finance manager, you’re required to analyze the financial situation, invest, monitor cash flow and perform risk management. The finance industry is dynamic and keeps rapidly evolving, thus this career has a plethora of opportunities for interested individuals. It can be deemed rewarding to those who can tactfully navigate through the complexities with their talents.

Revenue Agent– The job of revenue agent has plenty of opportunities and benefits. They are responsible for appropriate assessment and prompt collection of municipal taxes. They conduct independent field audits for income tax returns, and they may also participate in cases with other agents to hear out appeals. This job is also lucrative and requires certain soft skills like taking risks, decision-making, and analytic ability.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Business Accounting and Taxation?

Business accounting and taxation (BAT) is one of the professional courses in the commerce stream that covers industry-relevant topics and develops multi-level skills among students. The course is designed in a way that cuts down the complexities of finance, taxation, and accounting for everyone’s understanding. Thus, anybody can opt for this course without a background in commerce or prior knowledge about the related subjects.

Q. How much is the salary after business accounting and taxation courses?

As you may already know, BAT courses have some highly rewarding career paths for its students. On average, this degree is highly demanded in many companies and can earn you between 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs INR, which is a really good start for anybody working in this industry. Business accounting and taxation certified candidates can work both in private and public sectors as they have the essential skills and knowledge.

Q. What are the average fees for business accounting and taxation courses?

The fees for this course can vary between institutions. For business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad, the average fees can be around 55,000 INR and the diploma courses can go up to 2 lakhs. As mentioned in this article, several online and offline institutions offer business accounting and taxation courses like IIM SKILLS, EduPristine, IATT, NIFM, and Six Sense Skill Development Institute. Therefore, you can get some absolute choices before settling for one that will benefit you the most.

Q. What is the eligibility for business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad?

Most professional courses do not require a highly qualified candidate and are not very demanding in the first place. Therefore, you can easily apply for a course in business accounting and taxation as long as the basic qualifications are checked. Some institutions ask for a minimum education of 10+2 while others can require minimum graduation. Other than these, you should have definite skills of your own like a problem-solving attitude and good calculation ability.


In the above blog, we have listed all the top business accounting and taxation courses in Ahmedabad. Hope we provided you with the necessary information which will help you in selecting the best suitable platform for your professional goal in business accounting and taxation.

Thank You!

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