Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Surat With Placements

There are various Data analytics courses in Surat available for candidates interested in pursuing a career in it. Data Analytics transforms available data into something more meaningful and can enable problem-solving. So, with the help of a little math, statistics, and computers you can be a troubleshooter. Promising candidates looking for a career, or to hone analytical skills, get yourself certified and make yourself employable. This is one of the most in-demand skills that companies are looking for. You can make informed decisions for them. So, make yourself a career.


List of best data analytics courses in Surat


Top Data Analytics Courses in Surat



IIM SKILLS is an educational tech provider that offers the best online training with a varied number of job-oriented courses that promote skill development and are in great demand in the market. They offer government-organized Data Analytics Courses in Surat including practical training and have an Up-To-Date curriculum including excellent study material.

The learning hours are flexible and the team of experts present to clarify and mentor learners around the clock is an added advantage. The institute acts as a feeder for organizations because of the highly skilled professionals that pass out from this institute. The employability chances are very high. The faculty subject experts and the industry experts join hands in designing a curriculum to bring out trained professionals.

Students are mentored well in advance to choose the profession and the company that is best available. The course includes Basic and advanced Excel, Visual Basic Application, SQL and SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Power B I, Data Analytics Using Python, Tableau, R for Data Sciences, and Alteryx. The course is for 6 months and an additional 2 months internship and the fee is Rs 49900/- plus taxes. Freshers Graduates and Postgraduates can apply!


2. Indian Institute of Hardware Technology

This Institute based in Surat is a leading educational Institute, established in 2007. It has many courses to offer like Python, Web Designing, Cloud Computing, and, so many others. But the Data Analytics Course it offers has a fixed time schedule and is helpful for amateurs, those who know a little, and even for experts who wish to get certified.

The syllabus has been designed in consultation with industry experts to know the needs of the hour. By equipping yourself with knowledge and skill you can use it to improve business.

This Institute is ranked at the top of the charts among the available Data analytics courses in Surat. Students can choose from two Data Analytics courses – Data Analytics with R Training program and Data Analytics Visualization Training program along with data visualization. Let me introduce both Programs.


Data Analytics with R Training Program

The aim of the Data Analytics with R Program is to develop the analytical skills of learners through different methodologies and algorithms and enable them to discern and use these criteria for practical purposes. Learners will be able to process data and observe patterns to predict outcomes regarding various data sets after the full completion of this program.

Textual information and its application will help the learner use analytics to gauge continuous data in varied settings. This program Data Analytics with R equips you to analyze, clean, transform, and model information, through inferences, and reaching solutions.


The Program covers:

  • Time of 45 hours- 50 hours
  • The Basics of the program, to advanced training in Python techniques, followed by comprehensive practical analytics training
  • At the end of every class, tasks with practical projects are provided with deadlines.
  • Get hands-on experience with online assignments to be completed and submitted


Data Analytics and Visualization Training Program 

The Indian Institute of Hardware Technology (IIHT) ‘s Data Visualization and Analytics course enables the student to master data analysis through the use of various techniques and algorithms by comprehending and using these characteristics for practical purposes. After finishing the IIHT’s Data Visualization and Analytics course, the learner will be able to analyze data using a series of methods and identify relative trends to predict outcomes for diverse data sets.

The students are equipped to analyze data with faculty and industrial experts in the field. This also includes certification and insights into data that enable decision-making and problem-solving. The student gets mastery over how to clean, change, and transform data according to the requirement. By the end of the Course, a student is able to create data and discern what suitable data is to be used and administer methods. He can comprehend by applying numerous regressions, correlations, and testing situations.


Other best courses in Surat:


3. Tops Technologies

This is an IT Training and placement Centre in Surat. It offers Data analytics courses in Surat among several other courses. The Course includes online and classroom teaching. Learn from experts to collect and analyze data. The basic trends of Data analytics will be learned. The course would be of a duration of 6 months to 1 year. A salary of about 7- 8 lakhs per annum will be the emolument in Surat depending on the company.

Tops Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an institute that provides training and placement in various subjects related to IT in Surat. The institute teaches different courses including Data Analytics. Classes are conducted on an online and offline basis. Experts in the field of data analytics share their knowledge. Fundamentals of Data analytics will be taught.

The course can extend from 6 months to 1 year. Data analytics courses in Surat are one of the most sought-after courses by aspirants in the field of IT. Hence, they opt for investing in top-quality courses in the field of Data analytics which offers them certification and placement in trusted companies.

The data analytics course offered by Tops Technologies Pvt Ltd. ensures a successful career in the field of Data analytics. The curriculum combines theoretical and practical knowledge together. A career guidance facility is provided.

The TOPS Data Analytics Course for Beginners introduces students to the fundamentals of Data Analytics. Freshers in the field can benefit from the tailor-made course. Students who have basic to little knowledge of the topic can learn a lot from the curriculum. The curriculum caters to those who want to learn the basics as well as advanced knowledge.

Freshers and professionals in the field of data analytics can benefit considerably from the course. Tools and practical techniques will be taught. Case- studies from the practical world of Data analytics will be taught. The course is designed to meet the challenging demands of the Data analytics industry. Topics like Processing, analytics, predictive analysis, and data description will be covered. The institute offers courses in Vadodara, Surat, Nagpur, and Rajkot with certification and 100% placement.


4. Creative Design and Multimedia Institute

CDMI or the Creative Design and Multimedia Institute in Surat is a reputed institute that offers several courses like IT, Software, Mobile App Development, Video Editing, Game Design, Game Development, and Data analytics courses in Surat. One of the popular courses is, is the Advanced Data Analytics Course.

The learner is provided with hands-on training for a duration of eight years. CDMI has an advanced data analytics course that teaches data analytics and concepts like data transformation, data mining, data extraction, data collection, data exploration, creating prediction models, data integration, feature engineering, data visualization, and also introducing learners to problem-solving techniques.

While doing the advanced data analytics course the learner hones his skills and acquires tools like Machine Learning, Text Mining, Predictive Modeling, Hypothesis Testing, Statistical Analysis, Regression Modeling, Tableau, R, Fundamentals of R Studio, Basics of Natural Language Processing and courses including Hadoop, and Spark.

The institute’s training program includes well-equipped faculty, industry experts, 24-hour support, pre and post-counseling, and all the required support with placement by corporates. Guidance regarding projects and conceptualization of task completion will be given. An actively functional placement cell with a tie-up with over 650 corporations, will make interviews not a cause for fear but a field for participants’ sense of success and achievement.


5. Fingertips

Fingertips is an institute that was established to cater to the requirements of the data analytical industry’s progressing technology. It has become synonymous with triumph and perseverance. It offers one of the best Data analysis courses in Surat. The founding team which comprised of experts. They subsequently worked towards becoming one of India’s premium benefactors of premium solutions for data analysis.

The aim of the institute is to deliver premium training in data analytics. Its effort towards establishing a reputation as a trusted institute makes it a suitable institute for learning Data analytics courses in Surat. The curriculum includes personalized mentorship. Small-sized classes ensure an increase in interaction among teachers and students.

Mentors will review sessions on a daily basis. Online assignments and projects will be allotted to students for practical knowledge. Training will be held on a one-to-one basis. Experienced faculty will conduct classes to resolve the doubts of the students. The institute team will conduct checks and comprehensive tests and examinations. Projects, exercises, and assignments will be conducted on a live basis.

Services for career guidance are provided. Experts in the field of digital analytics will train students to attend interviews. Assistance will be provided for mentoring networking and making profiles. The institute offers assistance in placement services. 300+ partners have collaborated with the institute to hire suitable candidates.

Projects that cater to the needs of the current industry are provided to students. Cases on a national and international level will be analyzed. Capstone projects are allotted to the students. The institute focuses on effective communication strategies among students and reputed personalities from the field of digital analytics.


6. Clarent Institute of Technology

This institute is ranked 6 as an IT Training Institute in offering Data analytics courses in Surat. Those professionals who have both skill, knowledge, and aptitude are the focus of Clarent Institute. It is on top of the charts for the all-round development required in education to become a Data analytics professional. It has courses in Information Technology and software training and has one of the best data analytics courses.

The institute’s comprehensive courses in data analytics in Surat will demonstrate the fundamentals of analyzing data, the basics of Python, the use of basics of Python for analyzing data, and the fundamentals of probability studies and statistics studies.

Additionally, students will understand how to analyze data explore data analysis construct replicas for forecasting unknown data, and study models of clients. Students get opportunities to create projects to attain hands-on experience in the data analysis industry.


7. Intellipaat

Intellipaat and CCE IIT Madras offer an in-depth Advanced data analytics course that equips students through Data analytics courses that will enable students to arm themselves with skills in PySparks, MS Excel, Python, Tableau, MLOps, and many others. The institute provides Graduate and Post Graduate Data Science and analytics with recognized certification.

The curriculum will include case studies, practical data analytics training, and projects. The course includes Language Examination and its uses, Data visualization with the usage of Tableau, Data Analysis projects, analytics, and recommender systems, Procedures of analysis, experimentation, assignment deployment Data analysis, assignment life cycle, and Data Science in the real world, Storytelling, GIT, Microsoft Excel for data conversion and data analysis, Machine Learning algorithms, Data Science at AI with the usage of TensorFlow and Scale with the usage of PySpark, Analysis segmentation with the use of clustering and the procedure of prediction.

The course duration is 50 live online classes over a period of 7 months, 218 hours of Self-paced videos, 200 Hours of Self-paced Practice Sessions, counseling by top IIT Madras Professors and Industry Experts on a one-to-one basis, at least three interviews, and clock assistance.


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8. iClass Training

iClass is an institute that offers the best Data analytics courses in Surat. The institute mainly focuses on subjects related to Computer software and hardware. It also teaches subjects related to Data analytics in Surat. The main topics that are taught include courses in Data Science, Communication of Data using Visualization of Data, and analyzing major data.

Data science involves scientific processes and techniques for extracting non-structured and structured data. Data analytics involves topics including the collection of data, fundamentals of cluster analysis, databases, and IT.  iClass offers training on an offline and online basis. The institute offers courses in data science including basic to advanced levels.

Students opt for data analytics courses for better job prospects. The institute offers placement services. Faculty include professionals from the field of data analytics. The course offers certification and hands-on experience in the industry. The institute offers training on a 1:1 basis with online assistance. Classes were conducted on an online basis during the COVID-19 pandemic for the students to complete their courses on time. Students can opt for both online and offline classes once the fee is paid.


9. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an institute that offers the best data analytics courses in Surat. It offers courses in Data analytics on an advanced level. Simplilearn is the largest online institute that offers topics including marketing on a digital platform, fundamentals of quality management, and basics of cyber security.

The students will be taught to use tools such as Python, Spark, Tableau, and Hadoop. Faculty include experienced professionals from the data analytics industry. The institute has collaborated with the multinational software company IBM. The institute provides exposure to Artificial Intelligence and Data science studies. The students will gain hands-on experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics. They will get a dual- certificate from Simplilearn and IBM.

The course offers IBM platforms which comprise computer applications including IBM Watson. The master’s industry in data science has been accepted by the data analytics industry. The students will be allotted 25+ projects and capstone projects. Multinational companies including Amazon, Walmart, and Mercedes Benz offer projects and placements to the students.


10. ExcelR

ExcelR is an international player, offering technical and management training in 40 nations. It announces and impacts the achievement of both the self and the company by including courses that hone both your practical skills and your knowledge of theories and concepts.

This educational institute can boast of excellent training services with the help of its expert faculty with aesthetic leanings with an end result of problem-solving that pleases the candidates’ desires for need-based learning. The Business Data Analytics Program includes in the curriculum Tableau, Power BI, R, Python, Excel (Basic & Advanced), and MySQL approved by students as very effective in the final feedback.

The introduction of Agile for business analytics is to introduce current trends to enrich students. This course provides interaction with professionals in the field, projects that enhance practical know-how, counseling regarding placement, e-learning facilities, and placement at the end.

This Data Analysis Course was floated in Surat by ExcelR rising to the growing need in consultation with a growing technological powerhouse, IBM.  Those learners who succeed in the examination conducted at the end of the Program receive certificates of merit, certified by IBM. There is a growing demand for data analysts especially in recent years.

This Course has opened doors to several learners who have completed the course with flying colors, thanks to ExcelR. Organizations have felt the need to analyze their data, especially the global players in the market.

These companies make good their analytical insights for bringing lucrative business. The brand ExcelR has created a name for itself in the field because its curriculum has fulfilled the needs of the growing demands in Data Analytics, and creating highly skilled professionals in the field. ExcelR is popular for its excellent customer service and well-designed curriculum. The faculty as a part of mentoring guides learners in making good choices.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the chances of finding a job after I complete my course in select Data Analytics courses?

There are more jobs with growing digitalization. And Data analysts are in great demand. Very few people have this skill of collecting data and analyzing it. You can make informed decisions. Become a professional now as a Data analyst and you will be whisked away by companies to trigger decision-making for them. Data analytics courses will help you achieve this goal.


Q2. Explain what is meant by Data Analytics.

Information today is processed as data. From expenditure to logistics to statistical information everything becomes meaningful data. To many, numbers and figures can be very stressful and not welcomed. But there are persons gifted, who enjoy playing with numbers, data, and information. They sift what is good from what is irrelevant and use data effectively for everyone’s best interests. Often this can be pre-empted and solutions can be reached in no time. This is the role of a data analyst who uses data, analyses them, and brings forth meaningful data to help companies make effective decisions for the future. There are many certified Data analytics courses in Surat.


Q3. Mention the best Institutes that offer Data analytics courses.

There are many data analytics courses available in Surat but few reputed ones. Some of them are mentioned above. Information regarding the curriculum, the fees, the duration, and the mode of teaching are mentioned. Kindly go through all the details and make a wise decision. Hope that all your queries are answered and you will join a course and become a professional.



Data Analytics and Data Science are getting popular and anyone with this skill is in great demand in these times. If you are good with numbers and figures become a professional in Data Analytics. Data analytics courses in Surat will help you achieve your goal. The course will help you have a deep insight into resolving issues, and make strategic changes to check roadblocks and bring success to yourself and the company you work for. Organizations are looking for personnel with this skill to whisk them away to be part of their workforce.

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