Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Due to technological advancements and innovations, the technical writing field has become prominent and is growing at a fast pace. Now, its not necessary to have a particular bachelor’s degree to become a technical writer, all thanks to the various technical writing courses in Bangalore through which you gain a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience to pursue a career in technical writing. Through this article, lets understand everything from what is technical writing to the best 5 technical writing courses in Bangalore.

List of best technical writing courses in Bangalore

What Do You Mean by Technical Writing?

Technical writing refers to presenting deep and complex technical information in a written form that is easy to comprehend i.e. which can be understood by a layman for various fields like medical and healthcare, consumer electronics, aeronautics, computer software and hardware, and engineering among others.

The primary role of a technical writer is to make content that clearly explains complex technical jargon and concepts or to provide instructions about how to use a particular technical product, for eg, how to operate an air fryer.

Technical writers write instruction manuals, software installation guides, product descriptions, business proposals, case studies, textbooks, medical reports, and job descriptions among others.

Along with strong writing skills, you need to have strong prior technical knowledge to become a technical writer.

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What Are the Different Types of Technical Writing?

  1. Case Studies: A case study is an in-depth study and exploration of an individual, particular subject, or issues in real-world settings. It is a form of technical writing that is used in healthcare and medical industries, and business among others. It is a detailed study of a product, service, company, or situation.
  2. White paper: A white paper is a form of technical writing that involves a report that presents the audience with information regarding a complicated and complex problem or issue. There is another type of white paper which is a technical informative document published by a company to promote its products or services.
  3. Software Development Kit Documentation: Software development kit documentation consists of tools for software development which is used to develop apps that can be operated through devices.
  4. Technical Manuals: Technical manuals are user manuals that use easy and simple language to provide instructions about how to use a technical product. For eg, a user-friendly manual for a grinder, pressure cooker, washing machine, chimney, etc.
  5. Repair Manuals: Repair manuals provide information about how to repair an electric appliance, technical product gadget, etc.
  6. Technical Reports: A technical report is a report that conveys information about the whole process and outcome of scientific research. It also consists of information about concluding and recommending parts of a research.
  7. Policies & Guidelines: Companies and businesses across the globe have some guidelines, procedures, and policies for their employees and organizations to follow. These policies, procedures, and guidelines are written by a technical writer.

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What Are the Skills That a Technical Writer Should Possess?

  1. Good Writing Skills: The job of a technical writer is to provide information or explain technical concepts in an easy and simple-to-understand language. The language should be such that it could be easily understood by a layman. To be able to do this, a technical writer needs to have a strong command over his writing skills.
  2. Technical Skills: Along with good writing skills, a technical writer needs to have an interest in technology and science to be able to write about technical products. A technical writer works for industries like healthcare, medicine, engineering, and aeronautics among others.
  3. Communication Skills: Technical writers are sometimes required to communicate with their clients and colleagues regarding the content that they are supposed to write. Good communication skills will ensure that you are successfully working with them to write about technical gadgets or products.
  4. Research Skills: In-depth research about technical products or gadgets is required on the part of technical writers for them to be able to write thorough instructions. Some basic information is provided by the client but additional research is conducted by a technical writer to better comprehend the technical concept.
  5. Proofreading & Editing Skills: A technical writer is required to sometimes make changes in their content through editing, proofreading, and formatting, in order to improve the quality of their content.
  6. Teamwork: Technical writers are required to work with colleagues from other departments as well to create quality content for their prospective audience. A technical writer should have the ability to function effectively and efficiently in a team.

What Are the Career Prospects After Doing Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore?

The field of technical writing is constantly growing. With the coming of machine learning & artificial intelligence, the demand for technical writers has increased. Considering a career in technical writing can be a good option as this field pays you well.

After choosing among various technical writing courses in Bangalore, a candidate can take up job profile as follows:

  1. Technical Communicator
  2. Information Developer
  3. Technical Content Developer
  4. Policy Writer
  5. Technical documentation Specialist
  6. Documentation Writer
  7. Technical Editor
  8. Information Engineer
  9. Documentation Specialist
  10. Content Developer
  11. Content Designer
  12. Tech writer

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What Are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Technical Writer?

The roles and responsibilities of a technical writer have been discussed below:

  • Conducting research and collecting technical information: Conducting research about the technical product or gadget assigned is one of the responsibilities of a technical writer. The client only provides basic information regarding a technical product, how to clearly and deeply provide instructions on that product is the role of a technical writer.
  • Identifying project requirements: Identifying project requirements is another responsibility of a technical writer. What would be the most appropriate medium and formatting chosen by a technical writer?
  • Proofreading & editing the content: In order to improve and ensure a good quality of his content, a technical writer makes changes in his content through editing and proofreading.
  • Simultaneously managing other projects: At the same time, technical writers sometimes work on various projects. A technical writer should understand the importance of time management to effectively and efficiently utilize his/her time to meet deadlines.

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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore


Rank #1. Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore


About the Institute:

IIM SKILLS is a leading institution when it comes to providing training to corporate professionals, students, fresh graduates, undergraduates or postgraduates, and homemakers who are looking to restart their careers.

IIM SKILLS was built in 2015 & its head office is located in New Delhi. This is an institution that focuses more on practical learning than theoretical learning.

This institution provides 24×7 support through an active staff of over 2000+ members & lifetime support (technical & consulting). IIM SKILLS can be a perfect choice if you are looking at technical writing courses in Bangalore.

Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A graduate in any field who has an interest in writing & technology
  • Good command of language & communication skills
  • Basic knowledge about how to operate the internet.

Duration of the Course: 5 Weeks Course ( 80 Hours)

Mode of Training: Online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to technical writing
  • Module 2: How to Write
  • Module 3: Creating Your Content
  • Module 4: Technical Reports
  • Module 5: White Papers/Journals
  • Module 6: Conversational Writing
  • Module 7: DDLC & Versioning
  • Module 8: Reviewing & Publishing
  • Module 9: API Documentation using XML
  • Module 10: Datasheets, User Manuals, & Application Notes
  • Module 11: Effective Writing
  • Module 12: Medical Writing
  • Module 13: Case Study- Texas Application Notes

Course Offerings:

  • 5 Weeks Course
  • 80 Hours of Training (20 Hours of Lecture & 60 Hours of Assignment)
  • Lifetime Support (Technical & Consulting)
  • 24×7 Support from Technical Staff
  • Become a Master of Tools
  • 1 Month Guaranteed Internship
  • Development of Portfolio for Freelancers & Job Seekers
  • Publish your very First Article
  • Publish a Book Chapter or Scholarly Article
  • Publish your First Technical Blog for the Times of India
  • Assistance from Placement Cell
  • Lifetime Access to Recordings of all Sessions and Other Resource Materials
  • Master Certification
  • Practical Learning

Fees of the Course: Rs 14,900 + 18% GST

Contact Details

Email Id:

Contact Number: +91 9580740740

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Rank #2. Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore

2 Udemy

About the Institute:

Udemy is one of the most trusted and eminent websites that offers various educational courses and programs. This institution offers various skill development courses and successful training to students, fresh graduates, undergraduates or postgraduates, corporate professionals, homemakers, etc.

Udemy provides business writing & technical writing immersion courses through which the students will be able to apply a systematic writing process that works in all situations and will be with them throughout their lifetime.

Name of the Course: Business Writing & Technical Writing Immersion

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Should know Basic English Language
  • From a Recent Undergraduate to an Experienced Professional or anyone in between

Duration of the Course: 4.5 Hours On-Demand Video, Self Paced Course

Mode of Classes: Online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Analyze Purpose
  • Module 3: Analyze Audience
  • Module 4: Writing the Purpose Statement
  • Module 5: Writing the Sentence Outline
  • Module 6: Writing the Draft
  • Module 7: Revising Content & Organization
  • Module 8: Editing for Coherence
  • Module 9: Editing for Clarity
  • Module 10: Editing for Economy
  • Module 11: Editing for Readability
  • Module 12: Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Course Offerings:

  • 5 hours on Demand Video
  • 66 Downloadable Material Resources
  • Accessible on both Mobile & TV
  • Lifetime Access to the Videos, Content, and Study Material
  • Completion Certificate
  • 38 Video Modules
  • Lifetime Support of the Author & his Support Team

Fees of the Course: Rs 3,099


Rank #3. Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore

3) TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd

About the Institute:

TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd is one of the few institutions that offer e-learning services and professional technical documentation. As per the claims by their official website, they provide the organizations with the finest training expertise & consulting through their technical writing courses.

They have a team of experts who have many years of experience in mentoring & training candidates and professionals to break into this field.

They offer various courses in technical writing like certification courses in technical writing, crash courses in technical writing, full-time certificate courses in technical writing, mastering technical writing tools, etc. You can definitely consider this institute if you are looking for technical writing courses in Bangalore.

Course Name: Certification Course in Technical Writing

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any graduate from any field
  • Candidates with IT Experience
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Content Writers, Editors, And Proofreaders
  • Business & Content Analysts
  • Research Writers/ Associates
  • Test Engineers/ Quality Analyst
  • Process Trainers & Lecturers
  • Instructional Designers
  • No Age Limit

Duration of the Course: 1 Month Course

Mode of Training: Online Instructor-Led Sessions

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Software Development Life Cycle
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Document Delivery Life Cycle-DDLC
  • Module 5: Document Deliverables
  • Module 6: SME Interviews & Project Planning
  • Module 7: HTML & XML Intro
  • Module 8: Writing Skills
  • Module 9: Style Guide & Standards
  • Module 10: Grammar
  • Module 11: Technical Writing Tools
  • Module 12: Microsoft Word
  • Module 13: Adobe Robo Help- Help Authoring Tool
  • Module 14: Adobe Frame Maker
  • Module 15: Snag It- Image Capturing Tool
  • Module 16: MS Visio- Graphic Editor
  • Module 17: PowerPoint – Presentations
  • Module 18: Photoshop
  • Module 19: Reviews, Delivery & Publication
  • Module 20: Resume Preparation & Certification

Course Offerings:

  • 1 Month Course
  • Live Online Instructor-Led Sessions
  • Sessions Conducted by Highly Qualified Instructors
  • Hands-on learning
  • More Focus on Practical Learning than Theoretical Learning
  • Flexible Timings
  • 1 Year Access to Learning Management System

Fees of the Course: Contact the institute for more information

Contact Information:

Email Id:

Contact Number: 09663015166


Rank #4. Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore

4) TechnoKraft India

About the Institute:

TechnoKraft was established in 2003. It is a learning institute which is based in Bengaluru. This institute offers a variety of courses like technical writing,  data science, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, SQL, UI UX design, & instructional design.

This Institute conducts corporate training, placement services & documentation work for big companies like Accord, Dell, Wipro, Ericsson, Prime Focus, Oracle, etc. This institute also provides internship & placement assistance.

It can be a good option to consider if you are looking for technical writing courses in Bangalore.

Course Name: Technical Writing Training

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A graduate from any field
  • A person who has a passion for writing
  • A person who has some knowledge of technology
  • Dedicated & hardworking person
  • A good Listener

Duration of the Course: Contact the institute for more information

Mode of Training: Online

Course Curriculum:

  • The curriculum is such that it focuses on the usage of the English language and grammar.
  • At the end of each module, assignments are given to evaluate the progress of a trainee. Assignments are as per industry standards.
  • Trainees are required to make a presentation on any given topic with an aim to enhance the presentation & public speaking skills of the trainee.

Course Offerings:

  • Assignments are given at the end of each module to evaluate the progress of the trainee
  • Presentations are created by trainees which will enhance their presentation & public speaking skills
  • Mock Interviews are conducted so that the trainee gets prepared for future job opportunities
  • Study material is given after the completion of each module
  • An evaluation exam is conducted to assess the learning of trainees and qualify the trainees for the certification
  • A certificate of completion is provided after the exam.

Fees of the Course: Contact the institute for more information.

Contact Details:

Email Id:

Contact Number: +91 9845316974


Rank #5. Technical Writing Courses in Bangalore

5) Henry Harvin

About the Institute:

As per their website’s claim Henry Harvin has been ranked no. 1 by The Tribune in the technical writing courses list. Henry Harvin has been popular in the internet world for offering various courses under certification programs, post-graduate programs, university programs, and job guarantee programs.

Henry Harvin was established in 2013. This institute has trained over 46000 + candidates and has 210 + corporate partners. The institute has offices across approximately 13 or more cities in UAE, UK, India, US among others.

The technical writing course offered by Henry Harvin is mentored by the famous author Chetan Bhagat. Considering Henry Harvin can be a good choice if you are looking for technical writing courses in Bangalore.

Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Eligibility Criteria:

  • No specific eligibility criteria
  • Passion for writing technical content
  • Some knowledge of technical language, concepts, and jargon is an added advantage

Duration of the Course: Self-Paced

Mode of Training: Online

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Grammar & Editing
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Module 6: Parts of a Technical Document
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques
  • Module 8: Technical Document Template Creation
  • Module 9: Outline of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

Course Offerings:

  • Online Live Sessions of 36 Hours
  • Projects based on Practical Knowledge
  • Assistance for Internship
  • Certified Technical Writing Course Certification by Henry Harvin
  • 1 Year 100% Placement Guarantee Support
  • Access to various Tools and techniques, Session Recordings, Assessments, etc
  • For Essential Soft Skills Development and Access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions
  • 1 Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy.
  • Access to Hackathons & Competitions
  • 9 in 1 Course
  • Flexible Timings
  • One-on-One Training
  • Tailor Made Training
  • Access to Unlimited Live Batches with No Extra Cost
  • Access to Premium Placement Drives

Fees of the Course: Contact the institution for more information

Contact Details:

Email Id:

Contact Number: +91 8287514699

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much is the salary of a technical writer after pursuing technical writing courses in Bangalore?

The field of technical writing is a well-paying one. The salary of a technical writer in Bangalore is between 5 -12 Lakhs per annum.

Q What are the qualifications required to become a technical writer?

The individual is required to earn a bachelor’s degree in a field like journalism or technical communications. Along with that, you should also have a good knowledge of fields like engineering, data science & computer. Post this you should enroll for a technical writing course from any renowned university or institution. The next step is finding a specific niche followed by a mentor who can assist you well. After this build a professional network and learn more technical skills and lastly create a portfolio featuring your work.

Q Is it necessary to have a prior knowledge of technological concepts to pursue a technical writing course?

It’s not necessary to have a prior knowledge of technological concepts but if you have then it would be an added advantage.


The field of technical writing is growing at a fast pace and is increasing day by day due to its high demand. If you have a flair for writing and are interested in technology, then this field is for you. Go ahead and enroll yourself in a technical writing course.

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